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Healthcare and life sciences Tier 2

Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law offers a unique medical law focus, advising professional bodies, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers on their day-to-day activities and strategic planning, including clinical trials, public procurement for medical products and equipment and medical malpractice. Recent work includes advising a client on a patient support programme in a first-of-a-kind for Bulgaria. Name partner Petya Murgova has built a 15-year bank of experience in this sector, and co-leads the team with senior associate Alexander Stoimenov.

Practice head(s):

Petya Murgova; Alexander Stoimenov


‘The team at Murgova & Partners is staffed with motivated and competent lawyers, eager to help any client in the best possible way. The team researches in deep detail any issue, goes to the root of the problem and provides rock-solid ground for taking informed case-solving decisions. The competency of the team in covering a wide range of topics stands out, with leading members for each direction (healthcare, GDPR, IP rights, tax, etc.). For each case type there is leading expert in-house – this provides Murgova & Partners with top-edge expertise and very solid back-up for each case they defend in the court.’

‘Individual staff members in Murgova are encouraged to develop and specialise in specific sectors and this way become a valuable internal resource for the law firm. The client is met by competent and well-acquainted people and as result, the issue is analysed quickly and down to the very detail.’

Nice to talk to these lawyers. They are motivated and have deep knowledge.’

‘We have been in cooperation with Murgova & Partners since the establishment of our company in 2017. From then on, we have assigned the firm with all our cases which require legal expertise, without any exception. This refers either to our day-to-day activity related to drafting or supervision of complex commercial contracts, conducting negotiations with business partners or third parties, labour cases, etc., or to specific projects with significant impact over our company (including compliance projects, restructuring, etc.). Regardless of the assignment in question, the Murgova & Partners team has constantly been proving that they are equally capable of covering all our specific needs. ’

‘I would single out the managing partner Petya Murgova as a highly professional lawyer. She is extremely responsible and has an extensive experience in legal practice in healthcare. We can trust Petya in our daily business activity as a hospital. She manages to support us with appropriate legal advice in order to be fully compliant. During our cooperation Ms. Murgova has been constantly demonstrating her leadership and professional skills which we highly appreciate. Besides the managing partner, we would like to recommend Simeon Krastev, who proved to be a highly-effective, confident and well-prepared professional.’

Key clients

Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation

SAT Health

Vitania VR

Digital Health and innovations Cluster Bulgaria

Dispute resolution Tier 3

Managing partner Petya Murgova at Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law leads an in-demand disputes practice, which boasts its own mediation and conciliation centre. She is assisted at the helm by Alexander Moskov, while Silvana Dzharkova-Aleksandrova was promoted to partner in 2020 and also plays a key role. The team is 'highly motivated'.

Practice head(s):

Petya Murgova; Alexander Moskov

Other key lawyers:

Silvana Dzharkova-Alexandrova


‘The practice of Murgova & Partners is exceptional with a timely and thorough resolution of each case. The team is made up of experienced lawyers exceeding the number of teams in some other Bulgarian legal offices.’

‘Nowadays I personally work with the managing partner attorney Petya Murgova, partner attorney Alexander Moskov, attorney Simeon Krastev, attorney Elisa Joneva and attorney Yordanka Chakarova. Each of them is distinguished by their high professionalism. I appreciate their striving to resolve any dispute through mediation and negotiation between the parties.’

‘Murgova & Partners are a team of legal professionals who manage to provide high-quality legal services. When we first established contact with them we were unsure if they would agree to undertake our case due to the very short deadlines which had to be met. On the contrary, they undertook the case and worked hard in a very limited time window. It was a difficult assignment as it involved very specific construction works and our claim had to be well presented in court. Despite the very short deadlines they managed to file the claim in time. This only showed us that they were well aware of what they were doing and that they can be trusted.’

‘ We could define the team of the firm as highly motivated in achieving positive results, professionals last but not least. ’

‘We have been cooperating with Murgova & Partners for over five years and we could definitely say that with each passing year the team proves that we have made the right decision by choosing them for our entrusted advisor in the field of dispute resolution. We have assigned the most significant commercial claims of the company to the firm and have entrusted them with labour cases with former employees of the company. Despite the fact that each case differs, for all of them we could say that they are both notably complex and with a high importance to our reputation. Taking this into consideration, we have no doubt that Murgova & Partners managed to achieve the best possible outcome, always being beneficial for our company.’

‘Our cases are handled by the partners in Murgova & Partners. The managing partner, Petya Murgova, is managing the dispute resolution team in the practice in an excellent manner. Her in-depth theoretical and practical skills in litigation and during negations bring positive outcomes to our cases. Her colleagues, Aleksander Moskov and Silvana Dzharkova-Aleksandrova, are also key members of the team, with solid practice and very adequate reactions in each unexpected situation. They are very easy to communicate with and provide us with business oriented advice in accordance with the applicable legislation.’

‘We could define the entire team of the firm as serious professionals, highly motivated on achieving positive results. First of all, we could point out the managing partner, Petya Murgova. Due to her continuous practical experience, negotiation skills and vast expertise she is capable of adequate reactions in each unexpected situations which arise within the court cases. Other team members we could recommend are Alexander Moskov and Silvana Dzharkova–Aleksandrova. Both of them stand out as extremely prepared practitioners, always very responsive and providing advice strictly on time, which adds a great value to the provided legal services and assistance.’

Key clients

Active Sofia

Palms Mercure Casino

Fobos Auto

Unique Estates

ET Gena Gospodinova

Simonas cards

Property Assets

22 Vek ltd

AS-M 2016

SOD 2004

IMAG Engineering


Real estate and construction Tier 3

Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law has a steady practice of mid-sized real estate transactions, advising domestic construction companies, investors and and other purchasers of real estate, as well as some overseas clients investing in Bulgarian land and property. Managing partner Petya Murgova leads the practice and the majority of mandates and is assisted by Alexander Moskov.

Practice head(s):

Petya Murgova; Alexander Moskov


‘Managing partner Petya Murgova is extremely experienced in the area of real estate and especially on restitution procedures. Due to her vast experience and knowledge she is particularly strong in identifying potential risks and offering efficient strategies. Secondly, we would also like to point out Alexander Moskov and Juliana Tsankova, both of them proven to be highly effective members of the Murgova & Partners team. Due to the team’s in-depth knowledge of the applicable regulations, they have delivered thorough legal opinions which allowed us to make well-educated management decisions on the case. ’

‘As we worked with Murgova & Partners for over six years, we entrust in them all our legal cases, including those in the field of real estate and construction. The team has long-term experience in this field, being consultants to numerous successful projects.’

‘We have been working closely with the managing partner Petya Murgova who has always been readily available. Ms. Murgova is extremely experienced in the area of real estate and construction procedures and has always offered to us effective solutions. Due to her vast experience and knowledge of the applicable national legislation and practices, she is particularly strong in identifying potential risks and offering efficient strategies. Another team member we were working with is Simeon Krustev, who has been providing us his legal support on complicated and large-scale real estate cases and proven to be considerably effective.’

‘We have used the services of this law firm since the beginning of 2015. The team of Murgova & Partners support us with legal advices and analyses concerning the whole portfolio of properties owned by us. This work also includes research and investigation of real estate history and drafting contracts for construction works that are being done at the sites. In addition, they participate in the tender procedures for conclusion of purchase and sale, lease agreements and performance of construction and installation works. We consider the team as highly professional. The legal services they provide could be defined as very accurate and timely. They answer in a timely manner which facilitates our operational every day activities.’

‘We would single out the managing partner Petya Murgova as a highly-professional lawyer and hard working. She has broad experience in real estate deals and transactions and she provides us with appropriate legal advice concerning potential risks. We can trust Petya in our daily business activity. We would also recommend Simeon Krastev as being particularly responsive whenever we have any question and issues to discuss related to properties of the company. He is actively taking part in the tender procedures as well as coordination and assistance in relation to the conclusion of lease agreements, purchase of real estates, construction works etc.’

Key clients

Duev 90

Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation


Fobos Auto

PIM Haskovo

DMT 2010

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law has a successful practice advising local and international companies on company formation, transactions and everyday commercial matters. Petya Murgova is a registered mediator as well as a corporate lawyer, and is highly praised for her communication skills and expertise. She co-leads the team alongside Alexander Moskov.

Practice head(s):

Petya Murgova; Alexander Moskov

Other key lawyers:

Silvana Dzharkova-Aleksandrova


‘I am new in Sofia with no knowledge of Bulgaria. I needed legal advice to start my own company and dealing with Poland as my supplier. Murgova & Partners were always available, whether it be via email, WhatsApp, Zoom or a call. They are professional at all times and we managed to conclude my agreement with Poland.’

‘Petya Murgova, although a senior partner, was always available when I needed her. Always pleasant, polite and professional.’

‘It is a very reliable team, and very professional. We have been collaborating with them for more than six years now. Professionalism, flexibility, accuracy.’

‘Strong expertise, very good availability, even on short notice; strong internationally. They are competent, friendly, up-to-date and knowledgeable.’

‘Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law have shown the great level of professionalism and cooperation. Petya Murgova has shown professionalism, expertise and excellent communication skills during our cooperation.’

‘I have worked with Murgova and Partners for over 14 years now. The firm has assisted me in all aspects of my business in Bulgaria, which has grown significantly over the years. The firm has provided full legal services related to all corporate and commercial matters concerning our business activities. They have assisted on all major corporate transactions and I highly value their expertise and legal advice. A special service that they offer that is definately worth mentioning is mediation. The service is carried out with high professionalism and compassion. Taking into account our long-term partnership and on-going projects, I can say that their assistance and legal skills are invaluable to my business and I would highly recommend them. ’

‘Through the years, I have been consulting with the managing partner Petya Murgova. I trust, follow and count on her legal advice. Her knowledge of the legislation is far beyond everyday matters and she has always been able to provide working solutions on even the most tangled cases. Her corporate law analysis and proposed structures have always sought to protect my business.’

‘Very proactive, keep a close connection to the customer. Highly professional, loyal, with swift reactions in every situation.’

Key clients

PIM Haskovo

Internet Corporated Networks (ICN)

Simonas cards

Property Assets

Lemi Trafo


Innovative Product


Viber Media Bulgaria


DM Services

Balkan services

Mars Armor

Unique Estates

VI Architects

Go Grill

White water

The firm: Founded by the managing partner, attorney-at-law Petya Murgova at the beginning of the 21st century Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law has rapidly grown and earned the reputation of a leading law firm due to its professional expertise, high quality of the services provided and the personal commitment of the team members towards the profession and each particular client. At present the legal team consists of 12 legal experts – energetic individuals with vast experience in various areas of Bulgarian and international law.

Apart from its proficiency in the main areas of corporate and commercial relations, the firm has developed to provide and offer the full scope-legal service to corporate clients in the sectors of M&A, corporate and commercial, public procurement, real estate and construction, administrative and civil litigation and commercial arbitration to name a few.

The firm’s exclusive partnership with globally renowned companies, specialised in sectors such as corporate finance, accounting and audit allows Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law to offer integrated and overall solutions to clients. The firm believes that these areas are inevitably linked with the spheres of legal practice and such cooperation allows it to provide a full one-stop shop service.

The firm’s ultimate goal is set in offering professional, flexible, prompt and top-quality legal services, which provide the client with working solutions to his day-to-day or perspective business decisions. The firm has been engaged in legal representation of major local and foreign clients in real estate, commercial and administrative law dispute resolutions.

Further to the above, Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law established an independent mediation and conciliation centre in Bulgaria. The managing partner Petya Murgova is also one of the founding members and chairperson of the Balkan Association for Dispute resolution – an NGO uniting legal experts from nine countries.

Areas of practice: Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law is a full-service legal firm, offering its clients a wide range of legal services. The firm strives to provide result-orientated and personalised legal advice of an exceptionally high standard in a time and cost-efficient manner.

The legal team of Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law has provided legal services to international and local clients from various economic sectors, including automotive, IT, logistics, manufacturing, real estate and construction to name a few. The firm’s services include but are not limited to:

Full-scope corporate and commercial legal services, LDD, including corporate, real estate, HR and commercial aspects.

Analysis and development of merger and acquisition deal structures and strategies. Post-merger and acquisition legal services.

Legal advice, assistance and analysis on investment incentives and procedures available to the client under the Bulgarian Investment Promotion Act.

Full day-to-day legal services to corporate clients.

Asset (real estate properties or limited property rights) acquisitions and dispositions.

Legal representation and advice in negotiations, contract structuring and regulatory issues.

Legal advice and assistance related to credit facility agreements, restructuring and securities.

Consultation and participation in public procurement procedures. Elaboration of tender documentation and legal representation in Protection of Competition Commission procedures.

Research and advice on concentrations and pool agreements, abuse of market power, vertical and horizontal agreements.

Civil, administrative and commercial litigation, arbitration, ADR, pre-assessment services, insolvency proceedings.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and commercial Petya Murgova
Corporate and commercial Alexander Moskov
M&A, company restructuring Petya Murgova
M&A, company restructuring Silvana Dzharkova
Banking and finance Petya Murgova
Banking and finance Stanislava Gurdjieva
Real estate and construction Petya Murgova
Real estate and construction Alexander Stoimenov
Public procurement and competition Petya Murgova
Public procurement and competition Silvana Dzharkova
Intellectual property Petya Murgova
Intellectual property Silvana Dzharkova
Administrative law, tax and administrative litigation Petya Murgova
Administrative law, tax and administrative litigation Silvana Dzharkova
Employment and labour Petya Murgova
Employment and labour Alexander Moskov
Regulatory compliance Petya Murgova
Regulatory compliance Stanislava Gurdjieva
ADR and mediation Petya Murgova
ADR and mediation Alexander Stoimenov
Civil litigation and dispute resolution Petya Murgova
Civil litigation and dispute resolution Alexander Moskov
Number of lawyers : 12
Hungarian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce
International Association of Lawyers (UIA)
Russian speaking Lawyers Community
BADR - Balkan Association for Dispute Resolution - certified mediators' alliance

“Murgova and partners” attorney at law and our team members are engaged in and support a number of charities and NGO organizations. Amongst others, we strongly support organizations which focus on human rights, children and women. Our managing partner Ms. Petya Murgova is a member of the Board of directors of the non-profit organization “Ladies Forum” which supports the rights of women professionals. Through our non-profit collaboration with renown artists we have on a number of occasions promoted and sponsored auctions, the profits from which are donated.

Our firm also provides pro bono services to clients based on our internal policy rules. We are always willing to provide our professional legal services under pro bono terms as it is our strong belief that justice and professional legal assistance should be accessible to all.

In a different sphere, “Murgova & Partners” Attorneys at Law established an independent Mediation and conciliation center in Bulgaria.

The managing partner Ms. Petya Murgova is also one of the founding members and Chairperson of the Balkan Association for Dispute resolution – an NGO uniting legal experts from nine countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

The fundamental objective of the Association is the establishment of mediation as ? preferred out-of-court method for internal and cross-border dispute resolution. The mission of the Association, uniting lawyer-mediators from all over the Balkan Peninsula, is to develop and establish mediation as an out-of-court procedure for dispute resolution in each State represented in BADR. Another primary goal of BADR’s members is to contribute to the improvement of the national legislation of member states and adoption of mediation as an absolute prerequisite to court procedures.

The Association also has an educational purpose: to organize national and international seminars, trainings, mediation competitions and round tables. BADR will establish and maintain contacts and work in close cooperation with Bulgarian and international organizations as well as individuals who share the same values.

The philosophy of BADR is to aid and assist disputing parties to change their way of perceiving a conflict; to cooperate with them in order to achieve an amicable solution, avoiding court proceedings and thus the intervention of a third party.

CLIENT: Mars Armor ltd

COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: The firm’s team has always proved to be efficient and of top quality, always available to provide a working solution and adequate legal opinion. We find the overall level of the legal services provided by M&P excellent. Our assignments usually require short response times but in-depth analysis as well – a requirement which not all legal advisors on the market can meet.

CLIENT: BDO Bulgaria

COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: We also use the company’s services for BDO’s commercial and corporate legal work and we have been more than satisfied with the results. Murgova and partners have assisted us in the drafting and completion of numerous BDO directly related corporate and commercial issues with 100% positive outcomes. The entire team of Murgova and partners is considered to be deeply dedicated to their client’s cases. As a result we have no doubt that we can rely on them anytime.

CLIENT: Viber Media Bulgaria (part of the Viber group of companies)

COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: Murgova & Partners have greatly helped us to successfully setup our operations in Bulgaria. They have provided high-quality, timely and proactive legal advice, which has incorporated their vast professional experience, deep understanding of the local context and high professionalism. We look forward to working with them while we expand our business activities in CEE.

CLIENT: Specialized Hospitals for Rehabilitation – National Complex Ltd

COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: We consider “Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law” team as highly professional. The legal services they provide could be defined as very accurate and timely. They answer in a timely manner which facilitates our operational every day activities. Furthermore having in mind the scope of activity of the company (providing healthcare services to the public) which requires sector specific knowledge and devotion we can confirm they meet these criteria.

CLIENT: Palms Mercure Casino

COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: It is complicated to find a strong team in litigation. We can defiantly point “Murgova and partners” Attorneys at law as a team of very experienced lawyers in the area of litigation. The members of the team have proved that they are qualified professionals, who take each case with their best responsibility. Each step is very clear to us as clients.

CLIENT: Internet Corporated Networks ltd. (ICN)

COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: I have worked with several law firms for the past 10 years I believe that Murgova & Partners are the best choice so far. I would not recommend any other firm I have worked with. Comparing to all other firms I have used Murgova & Partners has the best knowledge and response time which is critical for us.


COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: The legal services provided by “Murgova & Partners Attorneys at Law” are highly professional. The provided advice was essential for taking next steps on real estate transactions, it was very business oriented. The work on investigating the legal risks in this connection was done timely and in detail

CLIENT: Simonas cards ltd

COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: Our company has used the services of the firm for over 6 years. They have assisted us in a number of our projects and have been very efficient in providing strategic legal advice in some of the most complicated disputes our company has faced during the past years. We highly value the achieved results and we currently use the firm’s legal advice on a day-to-day basis. We would put top marks on the legal expertise of “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law.

CLIENT: Balkan Services ltd

COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: In the period of our long-standing partnership, the team of “Murgova & Partners – attorneys at law” has always shown exceptional professionalism and high quality of work. They deal with each given case in a responsible and correct attitude, and as a result, the fulfillment of the assignments is always within the specified time. We are confident that we can rely at any time on their expertise.


COMPANY/FIRM: “Murgova and partners” attorneys at law

TESTIMONIAL: We are working with them the past two years. Their knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company on track from the establishment and through the whole process of structuring the company. I feel confident in recommending Murgova & Partners services. They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

“Mobility Package” – a new European regulation with unclear consequences for the environment and for

After several years of discussing the pros and cons and despite the pandemic situation in Europe, about a month ago the European Parliament finally adopted the so-called "Mobility Package", including the following regulations: