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Belgium > Real estate and construction Tier 2

Schoups is a 'go-to firm for construction' and its 'exceptionally committed' team is 'very knowledgeable of the Belgian construction sector'. Construction projects form a key pillar of the practice, and the firm is also strong in contentious and non-contentious public procurement work, as well as development disputes. The 'outstanding' and 'very professional' Marco Schoups leads the team, which includes 'very skilled negotiator' Kris Lemmens, PPP expert Maarten Somers and Siegfried Busscher, who is 'a highly responsive specialist in private construction law matters and a keen litigator'.

Practice head(s):

Marco Schoups

Other key lawyers:

Maarten Somers; Kris Lemmens; Siegfried Busscher


Marco Schoups and Kris Lemmens are at the top of the construction law professionals in Belgium‘.

Kris Lemmens always provides immediate and hands-on advice in matters of public construction law and public real estate‘.

Marco Schoups provides practical and clear advice‘.

Siegfried Busscher: The best lawyer I have worked with in construction law. Understands the matter and knows his files. Can talk with an engineer as if he is one‘.

Siegfried Busscher: hands on and very involved‘.

Marco Schoups: an excellent litigator‘.

Belgium > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Construction disputes are the bedrock of Schoups' practice, where the 'practical and pragmatic' team represents developer and contractor-side clients in a wide range of contentious matters. The department is led by Geert De Buyzer, while other key names in the practice include managing director and 'excellent litigator' Marco Schoups, PPP expert Kris Lemmens and the 'accessible and pragmatic' Siegfried Busscher.

Practice head(s):

Geert De Buyzer

Other key lawyers:

Marco Schoups; Siegfried Busscher; Kris Lemmens


The team has a very hands-on approach and outstanding value for money’.

They are very client friendly‘.

The attorneys at Schoups are easily accessible and provide a professional and high-quality service. They are flexible and always think in a solution-oriented way with their clients’.

Extremely motivated team. Personalized and tailor-made approach. Very approachable and always available. Very detailed knowledge of the market, the needs and the cases you bring. This team always gives you the idea you are their only client that matters’.

Siegfried Busscher: one of the most talented lawyers in Belgium in his field of practice. Knows the cases he works on inside-out and has an exceptional feeling of where you want to go with it‘.

Key clients


CFE Infra


Belgium > Environment Tier 3

Schoups' environment practice 'stands out with its dynamic, pragmatic and solution-oriented approach'. The team continues to advise longstanding client Carrefour on permit requirements connected with new retail opportunities in Belgium, and is representing the client before the Council of State and the Council for Permit Disputes in appeal proceedings concerning permit decisions. Kristof Hectors and Marco Schoups are the joint heads of the practice, while associates Céline Bimbenet and Rami Nasser are other names to note. In October 2020, Roel Meeus joined as counsel from Publius.

Practice head(s):

Kristof Hectors; Marco Schoups

Other key lawyers:

Céline Bimbenet; Rami Nasser; Roel Meeus


Kristof Hectors stands out in providing fast and clear hands-on advice‘.

Céline Bimbenet and Rami Nasser show extraordinary commitment to every case on which they lay their hands‘.

Key clients


Belgium > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 5

Schoups demonstrates strong capabilities in both Belgian and cross-border transactions. Although it particularly distinguishes itself acting for Belgian corporates and their owners on the sell-side of deals, its team also has extensive experience of acting on the buy-side. Its team's sector experience is particularly notable in areas such as retail, franchise and manufacturing. In 2019, the practice was strengthened by Christine Heeb's promotion to counsel and the arrival of Stefaan Wauman from Laurius. In a more recent development, counsel Liesbeth Truyens joined from Linklaters. Heeb and Wauman co-head the practice with Gwen Bevers.

Practice head(s):

Gwen Bevers; Christine Heeb; Stefaan Wauman

Other key lawyers:

Liesbeth Truyens


People do their job efficiently and with good practice knowledge, as usual! Keep it this way!

Schoups’ level of service is more than outstanding, not only in the field of legal knowledge and legal practices, but in every other field we have learned to know them over the past years. Their response time is excellent, often even faster and more accurate than expected or hoped for. Advice has always proven to be most accurate and appropriate, sometimes refreshing and innovative, but nevertheless always legally correct and indisputable.

The team has a good mix of hard-working specialists who are very dedicated and active.

Gwen Bevers and Christine Heeb are extremely concise and adequate in their legal professional support. Their explaining and translation abilities of contractual concepts into the actual business are beyond great. Extremely professional and adequate. Great language skills and international skills.

They are very punctual in all the paperwork that is necessary in order to complete a transaction. They make sure that the work stays with them and that the customer doesn’t have to worry about something.

We appreciate the fact that we are billed only on the time they need to spend dealing with our questions. We are not confronted with retainers or percentage-based fees. Compared to other firms this seems to me an important advantage as it allows us to work in a much more predictable and value-based relationship.

Very professional and friendly team. Quality advice, excellent customer service.

Key clients



Mentha Capital

Customs Support Group

Artoos Group


Insites Consulting


The firm: Schoups was founded in 1950. The firm currently has 68 lawyers and 18 members of staff with offices in Antwerp and Brussels.

We offer flexible and solution-oriented legal services tailored to your company. We work together with you to make the most of opportunities and to limit risks. We advise, negotiate, mediate and defend your interests in judicial proceedings, arbitrations and investigations.

Our dynamic team is composed of over 68 enthusiastic lawyers, each passionately interested in their specialised field. We are readily available and deliver professional, high-quality service.

We offer a wide range of services, combining the advantages of a niche firm and a full-service law firm. We closely monitor the latest legal developments and share them via events and newsflashes.

We have offices in Antwerp and Brussels. From these bases of operation we are ready to defend your interests wherever you need us.

Four overarching domains bring together the disciplines in which we are active: Construction & Real Estate, Business, Public and Social.

Construction & Real Estate: Schoups is a leader in the field of private and public construction law (including international construction contracts), real estate and project development.

Business: outstanding advice and assistance on all aspects of company and business law, such as M&A, distribution law, corporate law, insolvency and restructuring, privacy and compliance.

Public: unequalled knowledge and experience in public law, including public procurement contracts, PPP, energy law and environmental law.

Social: top-quality service on employment and social security law issues, including social obligations in construction and government personnel.

Department Name Email Telephone
Construction & Real Estate Marco Schoups
Construction & Real Estate Siegfried Busscher
Construction & Real Estate Els Op de Beeck
Construction & Real Estate Ewoud Willaert
Public Kris Lemmens
Public Maarten Somers
Public Kristof Hectors
Business Gwen Bevers
Business Dave Mertens
Business Geert De Buyzer
Business Benjamin Marchandise
Business Stefaan Wauman
Business Christine Heeb
Social Sara Cockx
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 Benjamin Marchandise  photo Benjamin Marchandise Benjamin focuses on domestic and international litigation (FR, NL and UK). His…
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