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Louwers IP Technology Advocaten
Innovation Powerhouse
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5651 CA Eindhoven

Industry focus: Information technology Tier 3

Louwers IP Technology Advocaten is recommended for its 'deep understanding of technology matters and its business attitude'. Huub de Jong is acknowledged 'as an experienced international lawyer with an exceptional service level and attitude who has the background of a very large law firm and the service orientation and personal service of a boutique'. Team co-head Tom de Wit also attracts praise 'for his in-depth knowledge and calm crisis-proof attitude', while Ernst-Jan Louwers 'is a bright lawyer who can think out of the box'. The team assists a diverse range of clients on various issues arising from e-commerce and data privacy matters; it has been assisting clients including Greetz, Cyclomedia, and Deloitte with these issues.

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Intellectual property: trade marks, copyrights and design rights Tier 5

Louwers IP Technology Advocaten is appreciated for its 'breadth of knowledge and to the point advice'. This IP and technology boutique is established in the Brainport centers in Eindhoven and The Hague and advises IT, technology, and emerging tech companies including Smart Photonics, which it assists on the management of its trade mark, copyright, and domain name assets. Ernst-Jan LouwersHuub de Jong, and Tom de Wit are the key names to note.


The firm


Ernst-Jan Louwers took the initiative in 2006 for establishing the niche firm Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten. The senior lawyers in the firm previously worked in large law firms.


Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten is a modern, no-nonsense niche firm in the field of IT/internet, privacy, intellectual property and innovation, especially at the intersection of law and technology. The firm is established in the design and technology region Brainport Eindhoven and the equally innovative region of The Hague.


Areas of practice


As fully qualified lawyers admitted to the Dutch Bar the firm represents clients’ interests in litigation, contracts, ad hoc or strategic advice, due diligence and more structural support like legal management, contract, IP and data protection management.


The firm assists market participants and (semi) government in the timely recognition and interpretation of developments in the field of IT, internet, IP, innovation and technology and proper control of their position and interests.


IP and innovation: The firm’s IP practice includes advice and disputes on trademarks, copyright, counterfeit products, plagiarism, database rights, patents, plant breeders’ rights, design rights, trade names, domain names, drafting licensing agreements and franchising. Read more on the firm’s website on intellectual property and innovation.


IT and IT outsourcing: The firm covers a broad range of IT related issues, such as contracting, negotiations, drafting, transfers, IT disputes, software protection, open source software, IT procurement, cloud sourcing and outsourcing of complicated IT projects. Read more on the firm’s website on IT and IT outsourcing.


Internet and eCommerce: The firm services clients on all internet and e-commerce related legal issues, including general terms and conditions, web design agreements, privacy policies, cookies, apps, copyrights and database rights, e-commerce consumer law and other aspects of internet law. Read more on the firm’s website on internet and e-commerce law.


Privacy and security: Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten is strong in data privacy and processing of personal data, in particular in the light of the new EU rules under the GDPR. The firm has particular experience with handling data leakages for clients from a legal perspective and data privacy related litigation. Read more on the firm’s website on privacy.


Commercial contracts: For more general commercial contracts you may trust on the knowledge and experience of the lawyers at Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten. Among others this includes innovation contracts, distribution agreements, agency, R&D and consortium agreements. Furthermore, clients can rely on the firm’s expertise and experience with commercial contracts such as agency and distribution agreements, and disputes about these subjects. These issues are often closely intertwined with the other areas of law covered by Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten.


Department Name Email Telephone
Intellectual property and innovation Ernst-Jan Louwers 0031 40 2393 203
Intellectual property and innovation Evelyn Peerboom-Gerrits 0031 40 2393 202
Intellectual property and innovation Eva van Groezen 0031 40 2393 206
Intellectual property and innovation Lisa Molenaars 0031 6 2156 4116
Intellectual property and innovation Frank Rutgers 0031 40 2393 204
Intellectual property and innovation Esmée Fonville 0031 6 8344 0502
IT and IT outsourcing Huub de Jong 0031 70 2400 836
IT and IT outsourcing Tom de Wit 0031 40 2393 209
IT and IT outsourcing Evelyn Peerboom-Gerrits 0031 40 2393 202
IT and IT outsourcing Annemarie Bolscher 0031 40 2393 208
IT and IT outsourcing Eva van Groezen 0031 40 2393 206
IT and IT outsourcing Lisa Molenaars 0031 6 2156 4116
IT and IT outsourcing Esmée Fonville 0031 6 8344 0502
Privacy and security Huub de Jong 0031 70 2400 836
Privacy and security Tom de Wit 0031 40 2393 209
Privacy and security Evelyn Peerboom-Gerrits 0031 40 2393 202
Privacy and security Lisa Molenaars 0031 6 2156 4116
Privacy and security Esmée Fonville 0031 6 8344 0502
Internet and e-commerce Ernst-Jan Louwers 0031 40 2393 203
Internet and e-commerce Huub de Jong 0031 70 2400 836
Internet and e-commerce Annemarie Bolscher 0031 40 2393 208
Internet and e-commerce Eva van Groezen 0031 40 2393 206
Commercial contracts Ernst-Jan Louwers 0031 40 2393 203
Commercial contracts Annemarie Bolscher 0031 40 2393 208
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Annemarie Bolscher  photo Mrs Annemarie Bolscher
Mr Ernst-Jan  Louwers  photo Mr Ernst-Jan  Louwers
Mrs Evelyn Peerboom-Gerrits  photo Mrs Evelyn Peerboom-Gerrits
Mr Frank Rutgers  photo Mr Frank Rutgers
Mr Tom de Wit  photo Mr Tom de Wit
Mrs Eva van Groezen  photo Mrs Eva van Groezen
Number of lawyers : 10
at this office : 7
Association of European Trade Mark Owners (MARQUES)
BMM (The Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law)
ECTA (European Communities Trade Mark Association)
INTA - International Trademark Association
ITechLaw Association
Other offices : The Hague