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Restructuring and insolvency Tier 4

Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh is appreciated for its 'strategic approach and in-depth knowledge'. The team includes Richard le Grand, who is 'a pleasure to work with' and is a 'trusted advisor', along with Marcel Windt and Ruben Leeuwenburgh. The team takes on a range of R&I and corporate rescue cases and has a strong litigation arm. Recent work includes acting for Coface and Glencore in relation to the bankruptcy of Abengoa Bioenergy Netherlands, part of the Spanish multinational Abengoa.

The firm: Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh is a corporate law firm, based in Rotterdam, with seven partners specializing in transactions, litigation, IP and EU law, commercial contracts and restructuring. The firm’s main focus lies in assisting multinationals and large corporates in realizing their business targets. The firm has extensive experience in solving some of the most complex and escalated situations known in the Netherlands, including but not limited to financial crisis, state aid matters, corporate battles, shareholder disputes, large scale personnel reorganizations and in establishing (mid-market) M&A transactions. The firm’s litigators are involved in complex big ticket multi-jurisdictional litigation such as commercial contracts, corporate structures, sanctions, parallel (EU) import and Intellectual Property. The aim is to protect the client’s interests as a shareholder, buyer, director, trader, producer, supervisor, IP owner, partner; or as a member of an executive or non-executive board, finance party, fund, or government. Most international guides that chart the Dutch legal market rank both the firm and its lawyers as the top in their field.

Areas of practice: Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh provides legal services in the practice areas restructuring and insolvency, dispute resolution, IP-general, competition/European law and employment.

Restructuring and insolvency: A substantial component of the firm is its insolvency practice, acting as a curator and administrator by appointment of the Rotterdam District Court and the Amsterdam High Court Enterprise Chamber. Additionally, the firm has a glowing reputation for its ability to restructure businesses and thereby obtaining top end referral work (Oi Telecoms, Abengoa, Steinhoff) alongside high profile national work including CRO’s, banks and interim management examples include the restructuring of Varova (Sissy Boy, Open 32 and Tumble n Dry), Men at Work and a successful bid for AMST on Boeing/Airbus flight simulator business of Simteq.
Contact: Marcel Windt Tel: +31 6 5365 4222

Employment: Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh has a high quality personnel reorganization and labour law practice. The practice mostly acts for sizeable employers, such as national institutions like Erasmus Medisch Centrum, or for inbound crossborder work on claw back claims, governance and collective dismissals.
Contact: Peter de Waal Tel: +31 6 2269 3374

Dispute resolution: With five partners in corporate and commercial litigation, this is the largest and strongest section of the firm. Richard Le Grand is the all-round commercial litigator with an exceptional stronghold in the Dutch heavy lifting business and takes appointments from the Enterprise Chamber. Ruben Leeuwenburgh and Irene Tax lead complex commercial disputes and defend directors, investors and restructuring offers before the Enterprise Chamber and the civil courts. Partner Gerard van der Wal takes cases to the ECJ and industry veteran Bart Gerretsen captains some of the most substantial corporate and (international) commercial pending litigations and arbitrations.
Contact: Richard le Grand Tel: +31 6 4223 8259

IP-general: With the appointment of the young equity partner Timme Geerlof, the firm has further developed a sophisticated IP practice for its corporate clients, with a focus on parallel import/EU matters and specializing in medicine/pharma/repackaging issues. Senior Statesman Gerard van der Wal has been involved in most landmark cases before the CJ EU that have formed the current legal landscape.
Contact: Timme Geerlof Tel: +31 6 1335 3032

Competition/ European law:The firm has the privilege of housing Gerard van der Wal, a well respected and reputable figure in his area of work. Gerard van der Wal and senior associate Doortje Ninck Blok, a former legal advisor of the Dutch government in state aid matters, have teamed up at Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh to assist amongst other Dutch cities and counties vis-à-vis the European Commission in state aid matters. Since the introduction of the single market Gerard van der Wal, formerly residing in Brussels, has been involved in free trade matters before inter alia the EU courts.
Contact: Gerard van der Wal Tel: +32 475 418 532

Department Name Email Telephone
Insolvency & Restructering Marcel Windt
Insolvency & Restructering Richard Le Grand
Insolvency & Restructering Rien Hoogendoorn
Restructuring & Corporate litigation Ruben Leeuwenburgh
Banking & Restructuring Michiel Bindels
Intellectual property & Commercial litigation Timme Geerlof
EU law & Intellectual property Gerard van der Wal
EU law Doortje Ninck Blok
Corporate litigation Bart Gerretsen
Corporate litigation Irene Tax
Employement & Reorganisation Peter de Waal
Employement & Reorganisation Steven Palm
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 Michiel Bindels  photo Michiel Bindels
 Timme Geerlof  photo Timme Geerlof
 Bart Gerretsen  photo Bart Gerretsen
 Ruben Leeuwenburgh  photo Ruben Leeuwenburgh
 Steven Palm  photo Steven Palm
 Irene Tax  photo Irene Tax
 Marcel Windt  photo Marcel Windt
 Peter de Waal  photo Peter de Waal
 Richard le Grand  photo Richard le Grand
 Gerard van der Wal  photo Gerard van der Wal
Number of lawyers : 22

From the outset our firm has a certain cooperative, open-minded nature and focusses entirely on first tier quality of its corporate and litigation services as well as the legal work product for our clients.

In striving for these eminent services we do that with a team of female and male professionals, including management, support staff and partnership with various (international) backgrounds regardless of religion or ethnicity.