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Michailopoulos & Associates is a boutique law firm specialising in the preparation and implementation of investment plans and co-financed projects. The team has substantial expertise in the construction, energy, and real estate spheres, and routinely works with government agencies on contentious and litigious matters. The ‘excellent expert’ Gregorios Michailopoulos leads the Athens-based team, focusing on public finance and public procurement law issues, whilst Marios Markatos and Eftychia Pournara consistently advise multinational and local businesses.

Practice head(s):

Gregorios Michailopoulos

Other key lawyers:


‘The individuals who stand out, including Grigoris Michailopoulos and Eftychia Pournara, have extensive experience in co-financed projects within the framework of public contracts, as well as in NSRF management issues.’

‘They are very competent and solution-oriented. They help you understand difficult legal issues for non-lawyers, providing trustworthy technical expertise and focusing on the best possible result for our organisation. The team is accessible, applies short decision-making processes and works with a high degree of responsibility.’

‘Gregorios Michailopoulos is an excellent expert in public procurement law matters. He has high level of competence, is very reliable and always adapting to the needs of the public sector authorities. He is proactive and combines the legal point of view with political and economic aspects.’

‘Michailopoulos and Associates Law Firm possesses a profound understanding of public procurement law and co-financed projects. They excel in addressing complex issues and offering innovative, tailored solutions. Their thorough research, timely responses, and adaptability are commendable, making them a competent and flexible choice.’

‘Gregorios Michailopoulos is a highly accomplished legal expert, a dedicated advocate for his clients, and a consummate professional. If you are seeking legal representation of the highest quality and exceptional legal counsel, Gregorios is the lawyer you want in your corner.’

‘Marios Markatos is a brilliant lawyer known for his meticulous attention to detail and extensive experience in public procurement law, as well as project and privatisation matters.’

‘Gregorios Michailopoulos is an outstanding authority in matters of public procurement law and project finance. He exhibits an elevated level of expertise and consistently maintains a high degree of reliability while adeptly accommodating the requisites of public sector authorities.’

‘They have a diverse approach to our very demanding field as the procurement law and they have always been as accurate as we wished. We appreciated their ability to instantly realise the special necessity of any query we faced so far and their promptly response, no matter what level of difficulty any issue would have to be dealt with.’

Key clients

Special Secretariat – General for the Management of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility – Ministry of Finance

Special Secretariat – General for the Management of the European Social Fund Programmes – Ministry of Development and Investment

DIADIKASIA S.A. Business Consultants

Managing Authority for the Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development (EYD EP YMEPERAA)

NOISIS Development Consultants S.A.

Hellenic Organization of Cultural Resources Development (H.O.C.RE.D.)

National health service provider organization (EOPYY)

National Central Authority for Health Supplies (CPBHS)

Work highlights

  • Provide legal advice and support to the Special Secretariat – General for the implementation of the projects funded from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility, falling within the sectors of Spatial Planning and Environment and the sectors of Employment, Skills, Social Welfare and Security and the respective Pillars 1 (Green Transition) and 3 (Employment, skills and social cohesion), amounting to approximately EUR 11 billion.
  • Provide legal services to the Managing Authority for the Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development regarding the implementation of major infrastructure projects under the “Environment and Climate Change Programme” with an estimated value of approximately EUR 2 billion.
  • Represented the Central Purchasing Body for Health Supplies (CPBHS) before the Supreme Administrative Court, ensuring the rejection of all administrative and judicial remedies and the timely conclusion of the award process of a framework agreement of great economic value of EUR 95.507.800,90.

The firm: Michailopoulos & Associates is distinguished for its commercial and public finance law practice. The firm provides cutting-edge legal support to corporations, organisations and private clients, by combining in-depth local knowledge with an international outlook.

Michailopoulos & Associates was created by well-established lawyers driven by the common desire to form a boutique law practice that is dynamic, innovative in its thinking and result-oriented.

Michailopoulos & Associates is specialised in public finance and business law and holds a strong position among full-service law firms. Its compact structure and focus on specific practice areas and business sectors make a competitive edge.

Michailopoulos & Associates is appraised for its:

Focus: the firm expertise allows it to deliver excellence and pave paths where the competition stops. Its compact structure guarantees that all cases attract close personal attention by a senior partner.

Entrepreneurial thinking and result oriented approach: the firm shapes innovative and pragmatic strategies on each case that combine the legal with the business perspective. The firm aims at result-oriented services, with an emphasis on proactive legal consulting.

Business ethos and flexibility: the firm acts with integrity and treats its clients with openness, honesty and prompt responsiveness.  It combines the quality standard of an international law firm with the agility of a boutique practice, offering flexible fee structures and swift decision-making processes.

Department Name Email Telephone
Public Procurement Greg Michailopoulos gm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
EU Law & State Aid Greg Michailopoulos gm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Regulatory and Compliance Greg Michailopoulos gm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Dispute Resolution / Litigation Marios Markatos mm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Co-financed projects (NSRF, RRF EU Funds and Institutions) Greg Michailopoulos gm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Project Finance/Financial Instruments Greg Michailopoulos & Nick Stylianidis gm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Real Estate Eirini Stamatopoulou ems@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Marios Markatos mm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Education & Vocational Training Marios Markatos mm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Tourism Greg Michailopoulos gm@gmlaw.gr +30 211 770 0 670
Number of lawyers : 17

TESTIMONIAL: “They are leaders in the niche market of legal support to co-financed projects by EU Funds. They have an unparallel experience when it comes to the preparation and implementation of co-financed projects and investment plans. In depth knowledge of the incumbent legislation, sharp perception of the management rules, but also awareness of the modus operandi of the public upper and lower administration.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Greg Michailopoulos is a public procurement expert with in-depth and hands-on experience. He invests the time to listen and thoroughly understand not just the legal issues, but also our position and business goals. He speaks the business language and provides solutions from a legal and a business perspective.”

TESTIMONIAL: “What stands out the most about Michailopoulos & Associates is that they are quick to respond and to provide high quality services, even when there is a tight deadline to meet. That is a testament to the team’s deep knowledge of the subject and their legal expertise in their specialty areas.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Their attention to detail is truly outstanding. They know the importance of understanding the full picture before acting. That results in the matter being resolved quickly, efficiently and most beneficially for the client.”

TESTIMONIAL: “We have a long-term cooperation with Michailopoulos & Associates and we are very satisfied by the way they handle our cases. They are accessible, practical and direct.

TESTIMONIAL: “Their legal advice is indispensable for us as far as public projects are concerned. This boutique firm is truly an authority in its field.”

Diversity in the workplace is not only a moral imperative but also a business necessity. It encompasses a variety of characteristics that are not limited to, age, race, disability, nationality, and gender, but also include socio-economic status, religious or political beliefs and marital status. To celebrate diversity is to appreciate and value distinct personalities and capabilities.

In Michailopoulos & Associates, we believe that a workforce diverse in background, life experience and cultural perspective is worth fostering. Each and every one of us is capable to draw from his uniqueness and contribute in his own special way to the solution of a problem or a case. That is the reason why our law firm is open to diversity and will give every individual an equal opportunity to succeed. We are committed to creating a fair and equitable working environment for all indiscriminately. At Michailopoulos & Associates we have an equal ratio of male and female lawyers and staff, we have excluded nepotism, as there is no kinship between any member of our team, and we encourage the diversity in the political beliefs of our members.

Diversity is of paramount importance to our firm, as we believe that strength lies in differences, in the plethora of ideas and perspectives that can highlight the various aspects of a matter and lead to the best possible results. Consequently, we encourage and respect the expression of our associates’ uniqueness. We make sure that everyone has a voice and that each voice is given its fair weight and is considered of value. Embracing diversity and fostering inclusiveness gives us the opportunity to create a team that is unique and unified in its enthusiasm to practice the law and to provide high quality services to our clients. Embracing diversity for us at Michailopoulos & Associates is a matter of principle that incarnates the Heraclitus basic cosmic doctrine, the harmony of opposites, which is also the basic principle of dialectical method and, thus, of democracy.