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Greece > Projects and privatisation Tier 2

Sagias and Partners Law Firm has been active in privatisation projects since they first emerged in Greece in the mid-1990s. It has experience of acting for the Greek state as the contracting authority, as well as private clients. Recent work included acting for HEDNO on a €5bn share transfer by PPC to a bidder. Ifigenia Vourdouni and Nikolas Sagias lead the practice. Senior partner Spyros Sagias is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Ifigenia Vourdouni; Nikolas Sagias

Other key lawyers:

Spyros Sagias; Athena Papikinou; George Tsoukalos; Olga Marinou; Rania Valta; Eleni Siouti


‘The Sagias Law firm approach is tailored made to the clients needs and special demands. They also have high negotiation skills. The diversification of their services is huge.’

‘Nicolas Sagias listens three times more than he talks. So at the end he delivers three times more. His advice is always welcome and most importantly he always listens to everyone and is able to handle any situation. His major advantage is that he understands and feels the economic and financial underlying factors of most business.’

‘Sagias & Partners Law Firm has extensive experience in projects and privatization and their team is in a position to efficiently assist their clients focusing on achieving the targets set. Their advice is to the point, practical and smart, addressing the clients actual needs and providing real solutions.’

‘The individuals we have worked with, particularly Mrs Ifigeneia Vourdouni, are very efficient, flexible and devoted to achieving the best result for their clients. We appreciated punctuality and the high level of response.’

‘The team is very well organized and delivers the requested Legal opinion and support on time with clarity in order to be used for the targets of the company.’

‘The individuals we collaborate with have exceptional personality and knowhow. They are characterized for their integrity, solid opinion and they are individuals that you can depend on.’

‘This is our second year of cooperation with Sagias & Partners’ law firm. The fact that we stayed with them during the pandemic means a lot: despite the difficulties and adversity, their staff managed to deliver a high-caliber legal product without any reduction in quality or speed of delivery.’

‘During our cooperation with Sagias & Partners law firm we work closely with Mrs. Eleni Siouti. Due to her multinational experience and solid academic background, Eleni is very punctual and productive in what she is doing. She was by our side every step of the way and is always happy to assist and explain to us even the most obvious details and information.’

Key clients

Piraeus Port Authority S.A.





Yperion Energy SA


TEKAT Hellenic Parliament Energy Renovation

Greek Payment Authority of Common Agricultural Policy (C.A.P.) Aid Schemes (OPEKEPE)

Union Star Ltd

ISV Architects S.A. (“ISV S.A.”)

Aegean Oil

Work highlights

  • Advised Piraeus Port Authority S.A. in various projects including the implementation of the privatisation program deriving from the Hellenic Republic PPA Concession agreement.
  • Advised SHRE/SHRI LLC on the awarding of the development of a casino and hotel, with a minimum value of €300m.
  • Advised HENDO on 49% shares’ transfer by PPC.

Greece > Dispute resolution Tier 3

The practice at Sagias and Partners Law Firm assists clients with both out-of-court procedures and negotiations and in litigation before the Greek and European courts. Its vast client base includes Hard Rock International, Benaki Museum and Ubiquity. Spyros Sagias has advised on various structural changes to Greek law. He leads the practice with Sotiris Perivolarakis, who has experience in civil and criminal litigation, with focus on financial crime cases.

Practice head(s):

Spyros Sagias; Sotiris Perivolarakis

Other key lawyers:

Athena Papikinou; Olga Marinou; Ifigenia Vourdouni; Nikolas Sagias


‘Sagias & Partners Law Firm are deeply experienced in litigation, particularly in the administrative courts, including the Council of State. During our collaboration, they efficiently contributed to defending the clients’ interest as a result of their extensive knowledge of Greek case law and court procedures.’

‘The individuals we have worked with, particularly Ifigenia Vourdouni, are knowledgeable, efficient and have a very good understanding of the particular needs of each case.’

‘The legal team that represented us showed an exceptional level of expertise in legal matters and great negotiation skills. They were available over the phone at all times, and web meetings with them were frequent and concise.’

‘Athina Papikinou is a brilliant lawyer. Her skills include her high level of knowledge of legal matters, responsiveness, proactiveness, availability by phone, Zoom and email, and overall exceptional performance in complicated legal matters.’

‘Sotiris Perivolarakis is an exceptional lawyer. His level of understanding of business matters is beyond that of other lawyers in the field. One of the very few lawyers around who will make your legal problems theirs. A great lawyer for negotiations.’

‘Nikolas Sagias is on a different level. He was the one guiding the legal process. He mostly listens to the clients interacting with the other lawyers and comes up with innovative ways to deal with legal matters. He always gives other perspectives and ways of resolving issues that always seem innovative and end up being the preferred method.’

Key clients






Dimitra Market




Philippos Tsitseklis


Benaki Museum

DELTA SCRAP Limited Partnership

Firma Kręglewscy Sp. z o.o.

Ferriere Nord S.p.a.

Work highlights

  • Advised SHRE/SHRI LLC on disputes concerning casino and hotel developments with a minimum value of €300m.  
  • Represented Pimana SA before the Greek State, the municipality of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands, and multiple individuals concerning the cancellation of a €14m purchase contract.
  • Advised former shareholders of Dimitra Market on a dispute arising from the transfer of shares, totalling €13m.

Greece > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Sagias and Partners Law Firm advises both Greek and foreign companies on day-to-day issues relating to their operations in Greece, as well as buyouts and M&A transactions. Procurement and corporate law specialist Nikolas Sagias co-heads the practice with Eleni Siouti; both actively advise clients including multinational groups on corporate and contractual matters.

Practice head(s):

Nikolas Sagias; Eleni Siouti

Other key lawyers:

Olga Marinou; Rania Valta; Spiros Sagias


‘Detailed approach to projects, no delays, and can work under time pressure to meet deadlines and protect clients’ interests.’

‘The team stand out for their professionalism, vast experience of the public and private sector, and their loyalty and discretion.’

‘Professional approach and good knowledge of local practices.’

‘Willingness to help clients achieve their goals.’

‘We work most closely with Eleni Siouti. Due to her long experience in commercial and corporate law and solid academic background, Eleni delivers very exciting results and a safe legal product to her clients.’

‘This is our second year of working with Sagias & Partners. The fact that we stayed with them during the pandemic means a lot: despite the difficulties and adversity, their staff managed to deliver a high-calibre legal product without any reduction in quality or speed of delivery.’

‘Eleni Siouti is very punctual and productive in what she does. She was by our side every step of the way and is always happy to assist and explain to us even the most obvious details and information.’

‘Apart from our extensive experience of working with Eleni Siouti, all the associates of the firm were available whenever we needed help with procedural issues and willing to inform us accordingly.’

Key clients








TEKAT Hellenic Parliament Energy Renovation



Work highlights

  • Advised Yeonama, part of the Emma Delta fund which owns 33% of the leading Greek gambling company, OPAP, on the amendment of the shareholders’ agreement.
  • Advised Piraeus Port Authority on issues relating to its day-to-day operation, including corporate and commercial, labour, tax and public law.
  • Advised Eleusis 2021 on various ongoing corporate matters.

Greece > Real estate and construction Tier 4

Sagias and Partners Law Firm particularly distinguishes itself acting for private investors targeting real estate investment opportunities on private islands or on the Greek mainland. It is acting for Pimana on the acquisition of land on the island of Zakynthos for the purpose of developing luxury tourism facilities. Spyros Sagias is the head of the practice.

Practice head(s):

Spyros Sagias

Other key lawyers:

Sotiris Perivolarakis; Eleni Siouti; Rena Michalopoulou; Rania Valta


‘Mrs. Eleni Siouti secured the client very good terms in both contracts, while other associates of the firm were constantly at our disposal.’

‘During our cooperation with Sagias & Partners law firm we work most closely with Mrs. Eleni Siouti. Due to her long experience in commercial and corporate law and solid academic background, Eleni delivers very exciting results and a safe legal product to her clients.’

Key clients





Union Star Ltd

ISV Architects S.A.

Work highlights

  • Assisted PIMA Group during the acquisition of 14.500.000 sq.m. on the island of Zakynthos.
  • Advised Citygate S.A. on various legal issues related to the operation of the Center as well as the commercial property.
  • Advised Var Management Ltd on the purchase of a five-storey building in the centre of Athens in order to be converted into a complex of buildings, while its use from commercial will be converted into residential.

The firm: On an international level, Law firm “Sagias & Partners” is a privileged partner of Dentons law firm and a member of the Dentons network. Our law firm is located in Athens, and has established offices in Brussels specializing primarily in EU and competition law. Our law firm has also a tax division and consults major foreign clients on complex Greek and Cypriot tax law issues.

We have been rendering legal services for about 40 years and we are bound to keep on excelling in advising our clients efficiently and reliably on most complex and challenging legal issues covering both public and private sectors.

Quality certification: We are the first ever law firm in Greece to have been certified in 2009 by ELOT with ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all fields of law, as an effect of high standards of diligence, specialization, expertise and calibre of our partners and associates as well as state-of-the art infrastructure in systems and procedures. ISO 9001 certification not only ensures that our clients receive top quality legal services but also that our law firm practices in a perfectly compatible and most advanced international system in this respect.

Projects and privatization: Our firm is considered a pioneer in this practice area and a leader in the Greek market, being involved in most of the important privatization projects on Greek territory since the emergence of the first privatizations in the mid-1990s, along with the adaptation of the Greek economy to the rules of the free European market. Our senior partner, Spyros Sagias, and our partner and head of the practice, Ifigenia Vourdouni, have been involved in numerous cases of privatizations, either on the part of the state acting as the contracting authority or as a counsel for the private clientele with their participation in the privatization projects.

The establishment of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund recently has greatly boosted this sector in Greece and our firm has been involved in many high profiled Greek privatization projects.

As major projects in recent years, we have assisted two major clients, Cosco Group of China and Mitsui & Co of Japan, in their efforts to acquire the majority of shares of the two major port authorities of Greece, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, the Greek partner of Emma Delta that acquired the Greek gambling company and the private equities that acquired the Greek horseracing organization.

Dispute resolution: Our law firm provides full services in matters of dispute resolution, both in out of court procedures and negotiations and in litigation matters before the competent Greek and European courts of every instance.

Sotiris Perivolarakis, managing director/partner, is a very experienced court lawyer, who have organized a high standard team to confront any such matter. Our very own in-house senior advisor, Prof Harissios Tagaras, who served as former President of Chamber, in the European Union Civil Service Tribunal provides the most useful and precise advice concerning major cases.

Commercial, corporate and M&A: Our law firm has provided a multidisciplinary support to Greek and foreign companies on a wide range of commercial and corporate issues arising from their business activities on the Greek territory. Our partners Mr Nikolas Sagias and Mrs Eleni Siouti have assisted in a consistent manner leading actors in the Greek market with day-to-day company issues and in parallel, represented them in an efficient manner in major transactions such as company buyouts, mergers and business deals.

We have been the major consultants during the last years of major international groups that control the port authorities of major ports of Greece, and have acted on behalf of them for the establishment and reformation of former state-owned companies so that they could meet the needs of the ever evolving financial environment.

Real estate and construction: Our law firm maintains a separate practice acting on multidisciplinary real estate legal matters, under the supervision of our senior partners, namely Mr Spyros Sagias and Sotiris Perivolarakis, who are assisted by our senior associate Ms R Michalopoulou, a highly qualified attorney in real estate legal consulting. We have a long history in the practice area since the inception of our law firm. In particular, we have represented private investors, willing to invest on the Greek territory namely on private islands or large properties located in the Greek mainland, in the legal evaluation of the real property on owned by major state organization in cooperation with international financial advisors. For instance, we have been involved in the legal evaluation of over 100 plots of the Greek Tourist Agency of Real Property and the property of the Greek railroad company, as well.

Projects and Privatization, Real Estate and Construction Spyros Sagias
European Law and Litigation Harissios Tagaras
Projects and Privatization Ifigenia Vourdouni
Projects and Privatization, Commercial, Corporate and M&A Nikolas Sagias
Dispute Resolution Sotiris Perivolarakis
Commercial, Corporate and M&A Eleni Siouti
Projects and Privatization Athena Papikinou
Real Estate and Construction Rena Michalopoulou
Projects and Privatization George Tsoukalos
Commercial, Corporate and M&A Ahina Pavlakou
Dispute Resolution Olga Marinou
Projects and Privatization Rania Valta
Dispute Resolution Eleni Mamai
Commercial, Corporate and M&A Regina Ibragimova
Dispute Resolution Sofia Katsouli
Athena Papikinou photo Athena PapikinouPartner
Sotiris Perivolarakis photo Sotiris PerivolarakisPartner/ Head of Dispute Resolution
Spyros Sagias photo Spyros SagiasPartner/ Head of Real Estate and Construction
Nikolas Sagias photo Nikolas SagiasPartner/ Head of Commercial, Corporate and M&A
Eleni Siouti photo Eleni SioutiPartner/ Head of Commercial, Corporate and M&A
Harissios Tagaras photo Harissios TagarasSenior Advisor
Ifigenia Vourdouni photo Ifigenia VourdouniPartner/ Head of Projects and Privatisation
Spyros Sagias : Head of Real Estate and Construction
Harissios Tagaras : Senior Advisor
Ifigenia Vourdouni : Head of Projects and Privatization
Nikolas Sagias : Head of Projects and Privatization, Head of Commercial, Corporate and M&A
Sotiris Perivolarakis : Head of Dispute Resolution
Eleni Siouti : Head of Commercial, Corporate and M&A
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