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The firm

Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership was founded by Nedim Korhan Şengün, Attorney at Law, in the city of Istanbul in 1990. The firm provides high quality legal services  to its clients pursuant to its experience and knowledge it has gained due to the work it has carried out in various fields of law since its foundation.

Şengün & Partners, which currently offers legal consultancy and advocacy services in a wide range of areas to many local and foreign clients while working together with its strong solution partners both throughout the country and abroad, aims to provide the most effective legal solutions to its clients in the most diligent way possible. The firm keeps close focus on national and international legal, political, economic and financial developments enabling its practices to remain up to date with the current state of affairs. An approach which prevents any argument arising out of abstract legal theories, enabling the firm to provide its clients the most practical and efficient  legal solutions.

The firm also analyses the changing legal world with various in-house and external training practices and utilizes these practices in the settlement of legal problems.

Having offices in Istanbul, Izmir, London and Wien greatly contributes to its domestic and international practice by enabling the firm to follow up on reforms and innovation within the legal system of continental Europe alongside domestic legal changes through numerous professional memberships and conferences. The ever growing firm continues its client-oriented services by renewing its various practice areas without any concessions from its main philosophy on perfectionist legal consultation.

Areas of Practice

Şengün & Partners provides high quality legal services to its domestic and international clients through its legal expertise acquired in various fields. As well as the commercial law that constitutes the core of the firm’s expertise, the firm also has a deep knowledge and experience in other fields of law, such as personal and collective labor law, law of contracts, media, communication and press law, transport and insurance law, banking and financial law, criminal law, competition law, intellectual property law, administrative law, tax law, enforcement and bankruptcy (and concordat) law, mergers, acquisitions and joint venture, capital markets law, real property and construction law, privatization law, foreign investment law, tourism law, energy and mining law, consumer law.

The firm also conducts litigation / settlement of disputes actively. The firm’s lawyers, who are experienced in litigation, submit the case files as well as pleas against the filed cases to the courts which are all prepared in line with the defense strategies they have determined. The lawyers ensure the follow-up of the case files at the courts of first instance as well as judicial authorities and courts of higher instances.

As a popular alternative form of settlement, the firm, through its mediators registered at the Registry of Ministry of Justice renders mediation services for all arbitrable disputes emerging among all private persons and entities, especially companies, and is present throughout all the steps both before and during litigation and execution proceedings and also in the later stages including the execution proceedings after the final verdict.

Department Name Email Telephone
Commercial Law Nedim Korhan Şengün
Commercial Law Yeşim Yetik
Commercial Law Mehmet Babür Alçı
Litigation Can Hasan Acılıoğlu
Litigation Göksun Ünal
Litigation Asya Erman
Contracts Law Raife Güzin Şengün
Contracts Law Yeşim Yetik
Labour Law Gazali Demir
Labour Law Gamze Yılmaz
Union and Collective Labour Law Nedim Korhan Şengün
Union and Collective Labour Law Mehmet Babür Alçı
Union and Collective Labour Law Asya Erman
Media, Communication and Press Law Raife Güzin Şengün
Media, Communication and Press Law Anılay Atay
Criminal Law Can Hasan Acılıoğlu
Criminal Law Batuhan Birtane
Mediation Gül Yanık
Foreign Investment Law Mehmet Babür Alçı
Foreign Investment Law Yeşim Yetik
Foreign Investment Law Gazali Demir
Capital Markets Law Nedim Korhan Şengün
Capital Markets Law Can Hasan Acılıoğlu
Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint-Ventures Raife Güzin Şengün
Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint-Ventures Yeşim Yetik
Intellectual Property Law Göksun Ünal
Intellectual Property Law Gamze Yılmaz
Competition Law Gazali Demir
Competition Law Mehmet Babür Alçı
Insurance and Transport Law Raife Güzin Şengün
Insurance and Transport Law Mehmet Babür Alçı
Administrative Law Nedim Korhan Şengün
Administrative Law Demeter Gülşen
Real Estate and Construction Law Can Hasan Acılıoğlu
Real Estate and Construction Law Anılay Atay
Banking and Finance Law Nedim Korhan Şengün
Banking and Finance Law Can Hasan Acılıoğlu
Enforcement Law Aslıgül Koçulu
Enforcement Law Anılay Atay
Enforcement Law Asya Erman
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Can Hasan Acilioglu  photo Mr Can Hasan Acilioglu
Mr Babur Alci  photo Mr Babur Alci
Ms Pinar Anil  photo Ms Pinar Anil
Ms Anilay Atay  photo Ms Anilay Atay
Mr B. Batuhan Birtane  photo Mr B. Batuhan Birtane
Ms Umay Buyukdag  photo Ms Umay Buyukdag
Ms Gazali Demir  photo Ms Gazali Demir
Ms Gulce Ekinci  photo Ms Gulce Ekinci
Ms Z. Basak Ergen  photo Ms Z. Basak Ergen
Ms Asya Erman  photo Ms Asya Erman
Ms Berfin Gultekin  photo Ms Berfin Gultekin
Ms Sulehan Isik  photo Ms Sulehan Isik
Ms Aslıgul Koculu  photo Ms Aslıgul Koculu
Ms Betul Onal  photo Ms Betul Onal
Mrs Raife Guzin Sengun  photo Mrs Raife Guzin Sengun
Mr Nedim Korhan Sengun  photo Mr Nedim Korhan Sengun
Ms Birgi Sucuer  photo Ms Birgi Sucuer
Ms Gul Yanik  photo Ms Gul Yanik
Ms Yesim Yetik  photo Ms Yesim Yetik
Ms Gamze Yilmaz  photo Ms Gamze Yilmaz
Number of lawyers : 25+
IBA (International Bar Association)
International Association of Lawyers (UIA)
Contacts : Nedim Korhan Şengün
Contacts : Raife Güzin Şengün
Contacts : Can Hasan Acılıoğlu
Contacts : Gül Yanık
Other offices : Izmir

Diversity, inclusion and social responsibility

Our priority is and always will be human rights while conducting our profession to which we are attached with love and respect. Any kind of discrimination against language, religion, race, gender, political view, sexual orientation or disability is not tolerated within our Firm. We attach great importance in working with individuals of different educational and cultural backgrounds. This has led to a team consisting of individuals who have been educated abroad or are familiar with different legal systems including Germany, Swiss, UK, USA, France and Italy.

We also believe every individual should be provided with an opportunity to be included into the society. We therefore put great emphasis on pro bono work and projects of social inclusion. Currently, we are assisting on the project named “Zihinsel Engelliler Korumalı İşyeri Projesi” (Project on protected workplaces for mentally disabled individuals). ZEKİ is a project originated to employ individuals, who have a certificate indicating mental disability for 40% or more, within an organized industrial zone and eventually bring them into the business world. We will continue to provide legal assistance in order to spread the project to majority of industrial zones and manufacturers.

We deeply believe that women should take more part in working life and that their career path should be diversified to actively achieve collective development and progress. It is an honor to declare that 82% of Şengün & Partners consists of women while most of the partners and upper management are also women in the workplace. We are fully aware that we are pioneers in the areas of diversity and gender equality and will always continue to put our best efforts in the issue.

N. Korhan Şengün, M.A. , Founding Partner

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Şengün & Partners from your competitors?

We believe that anything not based on philosophy cannot survive. Law is not only a compilation of rules; it is a living establishment that is affected by socio-economic and political developments. The logic of dealing with current global and local law is to take these developments into consideration. It has been observed that clients, when approached with this attitude, are enlightened to the widest extent and are able to gain an extensive perspective on the settlement of the legal issue.

We believe that it is vital for our attorneys to be specialized in their respective field through further development and training. Both in our country and across the world, as in everything else, law also undergoes continuous changes. We argue that each field of law constitutes an integral part within the changing world, thus, we emphasize that all our attorneys acquire knowledge and experience in other areas of law in addition to their current field of specialization.

Finally, we believe that each country has its own distinct culture, investment environment and different human relations. It would be illogical to assume local factors will not affect the application of law. Therefore, we are well aware of the social and political nature of our country and always aim to take actions accordingly in order to provide tailor made solutions to our clients in practice of law.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

In Turkey, the discussions regarding women’s rights, environmental awareness, energy generation, technology, protection of personal data and animal rights are becoming more important and developing. As a matter of course, artificial intelligence law has also been a new area of interest. Each country acts at a different pace in these matters. Globally speaking, China and the USA are leading the way in this respect. The gradually increasing gap between these countries will accelerate the drifting away of the cultures from each other, making people even more unfamiliar with each other’s cultures and lives. Right at this stage, legal professionals have many important duties. Indeed, persons obtaining legal education, which is an education that is full of challenges in every country, and practitioners as legal professionals will naturally be equipped with a higher level of education and competence compared to laypersons. As a result of these characteristics, lawyers are in a position to establish, improve and develop the relations between the people of their country and nationals of other countries, thus they also act as voluntary communication ambassadors.

I believe that the most important issue of the future will be communication. In a world where language translations are performed by artificial intelligence; even our profession will be effected by this era. The ones who are capable of building bridges between the old generation and the new will be the ones that are the most sought after. We believe that, lawyers will fill this communication gap by giving priority to psychological needs in their dispute management. As a team, we practice law based on this philosophy.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Since law can only be considered as a whole, all its counterparts should be in harmony with each other. Interpreting cases based on a single area of law or a single court decision by neglecting such connections will inevitably cause erroneous results. In order to pinpoint the most suitable and correct solution for each case, one is required to have knowledge and experience in each area of law rather than mere specialization in a single area. We attach importance to act as a team and to embrace our partners as well as any legal professional with significant experience and knowledge. This change enables our clients to comprehend their problems from all different points of view, enabling us to provide them with multi-dimensional and wide range of solutions focusing on every aspect, by using our experience and knowledge of over thirty years.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Although technology is crucial for us, we also put a lot of emphasis on confidentiality. Confidentiality is a sensitive area for both our clients and our Firm. Therefore, we are aware that technology may lead to exposures to cyber-attacks and that data may suddenly disappear or end up in wrong hands. Physical back-up and cyber security are essential to the Firm. We acknowledge the technological needs of our clients and act based on a principle of confidentiality to satisfy such needs, including teleconferences and all other platforms we use.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We are committed to holding meetings with our clients, listening to them personally, understanding their expectations, and establishing systems or improving their existing systems accordingly. Each client is unique and thus each client has different needs. Some of our clients attach importance to the establishment of a preventive law system, while some clients consider it important to inspect whether their existing system runs smoothly or not. We draft a specific roadmap for each client, support them during preparative processes and determine failing aspects of the system. This enables our clients to see their deficiencies and add value to their firms in terms of developing their businesses from the perspective of law.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Each client has a particular character or corporate culture and as a result, such factors change each client’s expectations. Indeed, changes may occur on both sides; either on the client’s side or on the Firm’s side. That being said, we are confident that we know each of our clients thoroughly and ensure that our clients stay in continuous communication with a particular attorney as much as possible. We also maintain and convey the organizational memory of our firm and commit ourselves to sustainability and stability of relations.

Strategic guidance on the other hand is something that each client expects from their lawyer. A skilled lawyer not only knows legal rules but also understands how a certain set of legal rules apply in a specific case. Establishing such connections could only be achieved by experience and extensive insight. Therefore, our law firm attaches importance to the complex and profound philosophy of the legal profession.

In the three year-time-period, our expectation is to meet more lawyers with knowledge and experience, and to ensure a gradual increase in the quality of service we provide to our ever-increasing number of clients. In addition, it is also important for us to improve corporate satisfaction of our lawyers. We know for a fact that if lawyers are not happy to work within the workplace, it will be less desirable for clients to work with the Firm. Our goal is to continue pursuing the same path by always respecting human effort and reflecting this view to other law firms in order to become a role model.


Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Şengün & Partners provides agile solutions in the full range of commercial, corporate and M&A matters including IPOs, private equity, corporate compliance, risk management and takeovers via its offices in Istanbul, Izmir, London and Vienna. The firm has provided services for large media and entertainment companies, construction companies, food & beverage supplier companies and transportation companies as both selling and purchasing parties in large acquisitions from an array of industries.

Operating through multiple locations greatly contributes to its domestic and international practice by enabling the firm to follow up on reforms and innovation within the legal system of continental Europe alongside domestic legal changes through numerous professional memberships and conferences. The ever-growing firm continues its client-oriented services by renewing its various practice areas without any concessions from its main philosophy on perfectionist legal consultation.

Şengün & Partners aims to follow the principle of “opening the way for trade” whilst providing its legal services in the field in the most current and practical manner by following innovations and new practices brought by the changing commercial life.