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The firm: Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership was founded by Nedim Korhan Şengün, Attorney at Law, in the city of Istanbul in 1990. Being a full-service law firm, Şengün & Partners provides high quality legal services  to its clients pursuant to its experience and knowledge it has gained due to the work it has carried out in various fields of law since its foundation.

While providing legal consultancy and advocacy services, Şengün & Partners aims to provide holistic legal support by presenting solutions to the most basic and specialized needs of clients. Şengün Attorney Partnership currently offers legal consultancy and advocacy services in a wide range of areas to many local and foreign clients with its offices in Istanbul, Izmir, London and Vienna working together with its strong solution partners both throughout the country and abroad, with an aim to carefully provide suitable legal solutions to its clients.

Areas of practice
Commercial and corporate consultancy: Şengün & Partners provides legal assistance to its clients in various commercial and business matters starting from the incorporation of a company, such as in performance of the daily legal transactions and actions which companies experience on daily basis, including carrying out of general assembly procedures, adopting of board of directors and shareholders assembly resolutions, carrying out of share transfers and conclusion of commercial agreements, and finally, company liquidation procedures, when necessary. Şengün & Partners acts with the principle of, “opening the way for trade” while providing its legal services in the field of commercial law to its clients in the most current and practical manner by following innovations and new practices brought by the changing commercial life.

Mergers and acquisitions: Şengün & Partners handles merger, acquisition and joint venture projects with experienced lawyers who act on the principles of time management and confidentiality. An experienced team of lawyers who provide support in many projects on labor law, lawsuits, intellectual property rights, environment law, real estate law, corporate law, IT and tax, carried out many projects on this field through all its stages. In this scope, our firm provides consultancy services on the sales and transfer of public and private company M&A, demergers, partial acquisition and transfer of a company or asset. Our team has provided services for large media and entertainment companies, construction companies, food and beverage supplier companies and transportation companies as the selling party and as the purchasing party in large acquisitions encompassing large international companies from an array of industries.

Foreign investment law: Şengün & Partners provides legal assistance to all transactions made in Turkey by foreign SMEs and large enterprises ready to invest in Turkey. Our law firm offers consultancy services to foreign investors, with its many years of experiences in business and transaction in the Turkish market, while taking part in many projects starting from the negotiating table in order to help foreign investors to invest in accordance to Turkish rules and regulations.

Collective and individual labor law: Şengün & Partners, within the scope of Labor Law, provides legal support on labor contracts, management contracts, non-compete agreements, drafting documents on workplace rules and on social security law. Şengün & Partners also provides legal support on collective labor agreements and if needed on the negotiations of these agreements. Our law firm has special knowledge and experience in collective labor law, representing unions and negotiations on collective labor agreements and their conclusion.

Banking, finance and capital markets: Şengün & Partners provides legal consultancy services to local and foreign public companies or those regulated under special banking, finance and capital market legislation in their daily business and transactions as well as in the matters of restructuring procedures.

Media and entertainment: Şengün & Partners provides legal consultancy services in television, radio, licensing, broadcasting (land, digital, cable and satellite), programming, sponsorship and advertisements. In this scope, our law firm offers services in protection of broadcasting rights of the media service providers against the administrative authorities, and their compliance with the administrative regulations. Our law firm represents the media service providers before Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council, Information and Communication Technologies Authority and other public institutions and assists in the settlement of their legal disputes. It offers preventive and compensatory legal services to the media service providers in their legal problems arising in relation to the advertisement board and consumer law.

Dispute resolution: Şengün & Partners provides advocacy and consultancy services pursuant to its experience throughout the years in the settlement of any kind of legal issues that local and international companies from different sectors face in their daily business life. Our lawyers who are experienced in litigation submit case files as well as pleas against filed cases to court all prepared in line with the their determined defense strategies, and ensure the follow-up of the case files at the courts of first instance as well as judicial authorities and courts of higher instances. Due to their experience and knowledge, our lawyers also develop solution-oriented solutions for the settlements of legal disputes without having to resort to judicial authorities. Many of our lawyers at Şengün & Partners have represented their clients in many arbitration cases with great success, and also represented their clients in national and international arbitration practices, institutional arbitration and ad hoc.

Commercial, Corporate and M&A Law Raife Güzin Şengün
CommerciaCommercial, Corporate and M&A Lawl Law Begüm İçten
Litigation Raife Güzin Şengün
Contracts Law Raife Güzin Şengün
Contracts Law Bengisu Çakır Özkaya
Labour Law Gazali Demir
Media, Communication and Press Law Raife Güzin Şengün
Criminal Law Begüm İçten
Foreign Investment Law Gazali Demir
Competition Law Gazali Demir
Insurance and Transport Law Raife Güzin Şengün
Real Estate and Construction Law Gazali Demir
İclal Demirtaş photoMs İclal DemirtaşHead of Technology Department
R. Guzin Sengun photoMs R. Guzin SengunMs. Sengun is the Managing Partner of Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership.…
Nedim Korhan Sengun, M.A. photoMr Nedim Korhan Sengun, M.A.Mr. Şengün is the Founding Partner at Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership…
Gazali Soysal  photoMs Gazali Soysal As the Managing Senior Associate, Ms. Demir’s practice focuses on legal consultancy…
Begüm İçten photoMs Begüm İçtenSenior Associate She works as a consultant in the fields of corporate,…
Number of lawyers : 25+
IBA (International Bar Association)
International Association of Lawyers (UIA)
Union of Turkish Bar Associations
British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
Deutsch-Turkische Industrie und Handelskammer
Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Contacts : Nedim Korhan Şengün, M.A.
Contacts : Raife Güzin Şengün
Other offices : Izmir
Other offices : Ankara

Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership; was founded by Nedim Korhan Şengün, Attorney at Law, in 1990 in Istanbul. Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership is henceforth under the control of the Şengün Group, which was created in 2021.

Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership offers legal consultancy and advocacy services to many local and foreign companies, start-ups, and organizations in a wide range of areas. It diligently works with its strong solution partners throughout the country and abroad to provide the most convenient legal solutions to its clients.

Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership keeps up to date with the evolution of the worldwide legislation and adopts various in-house and external training practices accordingly and uses these updated practices to settle the legal disputes of its clients. In this context, Şengün & Partnership Attorney Partnership has developed a new approach of providing legal services through an interdisciplinary perspective to promote technology for minimizing routine workload. Combining technology with its expertise boosts the firm to solve complex business challenges and identify new opportunities for its clients. This approach enables to build tailored solutions for its clients and businesses, taking advantage of the digital transformation.

In 2021, Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership developed its expertise in M&A, financial projects, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and antitrust Law in niche areas. In this regard, Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership, with its expert team, provides ESG services to enable businesses to meet the requirements of sustainability regulated in the European/international conventions. Şengün & Partners also assists its clients in preparing data protection projects and related documents and procedures.

In addition to this, Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership was the first launcher of the first alternative service provider (“Şengün ALSP”) in December 2021 to assist clients across various sectors, and jurisdictions get the most value with our tailored solutions and technical competencies. As a forward-thinking and innovative function, Şengün ALSP offer services for multiple budgets to people/businesses in need of client-oriented services, including individual clients/client companies, SMEs, companies, and organizations operating in a wide range of local or multinational industries, audit service providers, the legal departments of various companies, or organizations and entities that serve only as a law firm.

The firm continues to provide high-quality legal services to its domestic and international clients through its legal experience acquired in various fields such as Corporate Law, Personal and Collective Employment Law, Transport and Insurance Law, Law of Contracts, Commercial Law, Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Venture, Capital Market Law, Privatization Law, Foreign Investment Law, Banking and Financial Law, Criminal Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy (and Concordat) Law, Real Property and Construction Law, Tourism Law, Energy and Mining Law, Information Technologies Law, Press and Media Law, Consumer Law.

The ever-growing firm continues its client-oriented services by renewing its practice areas by evolving society to procure the perfect legal consultation.

Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership and offices in Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara have liaison offices in Vienna, Milan, and London. Şengün & Partners advises and assists national and multinational companies, public institutions, investment funds, start-ups, and entrepreneurs specializing in different sectors.


Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership offers exceptional, cost-effective legal consultancy and advocacy services to clients based or that aim to be established outside Turkey across the world. In this context, Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership has acted for a wide range of clients, which include:

  • A big automotive sealing system company in Germany
  • A big Danish Shipping Company
  • A big German Transportation/logistic Company
  • An Austrian Company specialized in Packaging, Paper and Recycling Industry
  • Various foreign start-ups


Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership adopts the appropriate measures, coherence, and logic to implement legal procedures and minimizes the risks that its clients may encounter with the assistance of its professional team consisting of lawyers who are experts in their fields analytical, solution-oriented, and reactive.

Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership is composed of a diverse team of lawyers who have solid international experience, who have excellent communication skills in foreign languages, in addition to Turkish languages, ​​such as English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic, and who are registered with foreign bar associations or who have a master’s degree abroad or have worked abroad such as France, UK, Africa, and Kazakhstan and professionals specialized in fields such as technology and communication. Consequently, Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership will be able to assist each of its clients with the support of the convenient professional taking part in its team.


Working with Şengün &Partners Attorney Partnership enables you to have access to its extensive and comprehensive international network of laws firms and corporations operating in various areas, including but not limited to insurance, media, investment, and automotive sectors. For this reason, Şengün &Partners Attorney Partnership is more than a law firm. It may help your business get more than legal services by providing tailored services to companies for their physical, sectoral, and commercial growth vast network.


The liaisons offices established in Vienna, London, and Milan intend to facilitate the establishment of companies in these cities and the relevant procedures following the incorporation. Besides, Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership aims to extend its global network worldwide due to its international department, which is still under negotiation with multinational law firms based in Egypt, Thailand, Russia, and other countries across Europe Middle East.

Our growth continues with the new office in Ankara

After our thirty years in law practice, as Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership we are proud to announce the opening of our fifth office in Ankara (capital of Turkey), following our Istanbul, Izmir, London and Vienna offices in three different countries. We understand the place and the importance of Ankara in the national and international business world. With this opportunity, we would like to release information on the addition of a new partner Av. Mustafa Nazım Pektaş, who will continue his practice mainly at our Ankara office. Şengün & Partners Attorney Partnership will continue to serve its clientele in Ankara and nearby cities more effectively and swiftly with its outstanding new partner and new office in the centre of Ankara.

Covid-19 and Our Offices

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