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Fraud and white-collar crime Tier 2

JahaeRaymakers represents a range of major clients in fraud and corruption proceedings, alongside assisting with internal investigations, many with international reach. Clients include businesses and individual employees. The practice is jointly led by Jurjan GeertsmaThom DiebenHan JahaeCarel Raymakers, and former President of the Dutch Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers Dian Brouwer, who joined the firm in January 2019.


The team is exceptionally good in high-profile white-collar defence matters.

Stand-out team of practitioners who are all on the top of their game.

Mr. Jurjan Geertsma stands out because of his ability to listen carefully, ask the relevant questions and to make a straight forward analysis, combined with up to date knowledge of his field of expertise. Besides that, it is pleasant to work with Jurjan as he is an amiable person.

High quality criminal lawyers with very good connections at the DA office and Amsterdam bar association.

Carel Raymakers is an absolute pleasure to work with. Personable guy with huge experience and strong legal skills. Jurjan Geertsma is a super expert when it comes to AML prevention and compliance/investigations. Very nice guy, good under pressure, won’t let go.’

The firm has a balanced team of lawyers, in terms of seniority and experience. They are very dedicated and know exactly how to serve their clients.

Partner Jurjan Geertsma is very motivated to reach the max. result for his clients. He does not take no for an answer and knows how exactly to deal with all parties involved, e.g. court and prosecutors.

The team is exceptionally good in high-profile white-collar defence matters.

Han Jahae is one of the best white-collar experts in The Netherlands. He has spent his whole career in the field. I always turn to him for complex matters. Tom Dieben is a rising star in the field. He is extremely responsive.

The team is very professional, hands-on and a perfect combination of different skills.

It is a well-composed team of experienced lawyers with a good reputation. Nice to work with.

Specialised fraud and white collar crime firm. Because of their specialisation most of the time no conflict of interest (with other departments in the firm). Dedicated, focused and partner-led.

Jurjan Geerstma combines high standard advice and a very practical approach.

The firm: JahaeRaymakers was established in 2015 by Carel Raymakers and Jurjan Geertsma, previously of Boekel, and Han Jahae of Jahae Advocaten. It advises companies and individuals in criminal cases, investigations and sanctions-related matters.

Areas of practice: JahaeRaymakers is a leading niche firm, specialising in the law of economic sanctions and the international law of sanctions, as well as risk and reputation issues. Its lawyers act as trusted advisors for a wide range of public authorities, (listed) companies, museums and their directors, and high-profile and other private individuals. They have detailed knowledge, a wealth of experience and an excellent international network.

Trust, discretion, quality and determination are paramount in the often sensitive cases handled by JahaeRaymakers. The firm’s aim is to adequately solve all cases. Whenever possible, it looks to take action before problems occur, preferably in the background and out of court. Where necessary the firm does battle in court to achieve the best possible outcome for all its clients.

Department Name Email Telephone
Risk and reputation management Carel Raymakers
Risk and reputation management Jurjan Geertsma
Anti-fraud, corruption and money laundering Jurjan Geertsma
Anti-fraud, corruption and money laundering Han Jahae
Disciplinary law Carel Raymakers
Disciplinary law Jurjan Geertsma
White-collar crime Han Jahae
White-collar crime Dian Brouwer
Administrative investigation and enforcement (labour, environmental law) Jurjan Geertsma
Administrative investigation and enforcement (labour, environmental law) Han Jahae
Proceedings before the ECtHR, HRC and Dutch Supreme Court Thom Dieben
International mutual legal assistance proceedings (extradition, EAW etc) Thom Dieben
Asset tracing & recovery Cathalijne van der Plas
Asset tracing & recovery Jurjan Geertsma
International Judgement Enforcement Cathalijne van der Plas
Photo Name Position Profile
Prof Mr Dian Brouwer  photo Prof Mr Dian Brouwer Partner at JahaeRaymakers. Dian advises and represents companies, institutions and individuals involved…
 Thom Dieben  photo Thom Dieben Partner at JahaeRaymakers. Practice areas: (cross-border) corporate/ white collar crime, complaint procedures before…
 Jurjan Geertsma  photo Jurjan Geertsma Partner at JahaeRaymakers. Practice areas: (cross-border) corporate/ white collar crime, Asset Tracing &…
 Han Jahae  photo Han Jahae Partner at JahaeRaymakers. Practice areas: (cross-border) corporate/ white collar crime, European and International…
 Tomasz Kodrzycki  photo Tomasz Kodrzycki Associate at JahaeRaymakers. Practice areas: financial criminal law, compliance and international trade…
 Mitchell Paardekooper  photo Mitchell Paardekooper Associate at JahaeRaymakers. Practice areas: white-collar crime defence and sanctions law.
 Oscar Pluimer  photo Oscar Pluimer Trainee at JahaeRaymakers.Practice area: (financial/economic and tax) sanctions law.
 Carel Raymakers  photo Carel Raymakers Partner at JahaeRaymakers. Practice areas: (cross-border) corporate/ white collar crime, Dispute Resolution, Disciplinary…
 Luce Smithuijsen  photo Luce Smithuijsen Luce joined JahaeRaymakers as an attorney in 2018. Luce Smithuijsen lends legal…
 Madelon Stevens  photo Madelon Stevens Associate at JahaeRaymakers. Practice areas: financial/economic and tax sanctions law. Madelon advises…
 Cathalijne Van der Plas  photo Cathalijne Van der Plas Partner at JahaeRaymakers. Cathalijne conducts an international practice that consists for the…
Number of lawyers : 11
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