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Netherlands > Industry focus: Media and entertainment Tier 2

Visser Schaap & Kreijger's team is ‘not only highly skilled (excellent knowledge regarding IP law, litigation etc), but operates from a hands-on and pragmatic approach’. The firm is particularly experienced in defamation cases, format cases, Media Act matters, contract negotiations, production contracts and competition issues. The firm is increasingly active in the music industry, including antipiracy conflicts, music contracts, the neighbouring rights of producers and issues between music publishers and their artists. Jacqueline Schaap is ‘a giant in media & entertainment. The kind of lawyer you want on your side in times of crisis’. She co-heads the team with IP expert Dirk Visser.

Practice head(s):

Jacqueline Schaap; Dirk Visser

Other key lawyers:

Patty de Leeuwe


‘This practice is not only highly skilled (excellent knowledge regarding IP law, litigation etc), but operates from a hands on and pragmatic approach.’

‘Jacqueline Schaap: highly skilled IP lawyer and litigator, pragmatic approach. Jacqueline “thinks like a lawyer, but doesn’t act like one”; she always puts the client interests first and takes into account the interests of the opposition (in case of unlawful publication cases) as well, which often makes the difference. And even more importantly; Jacqueline is a very nice person and very nice to work with.’

‘Excellent firm, great team. My go-to address whenever I need assistance in media related litigation.’

‘Jacqueline Schaap is a giant in media & entertainment. The kind of lawyer you want on your side in times of crisis. She’s cool headed, calm and clear in her approach to complex media related litigation. Rising star within Visser Schaap & Kreijger is Patty de Leeuwe.’

‘Very pragmatic, highly knowledgeable of all developments, commercial thinking, knowledge of the industry and parties interests.’

Key clients

Endemol Shine Nederland

Talpa Network and Talpa TV

ITV Studios Netherlands

Stichting Brein

Singel uitgevers

DPG Media

NDP Dutch news Media Association







Work highlights

  • Started summary proceedings to defend Bellingcat from Russian allegations of malbehaviour and violating journalistic ethics, both verdicts in these proceedings were in favour of Bellingcat.
  • Represented Singel Publishers in various defamation and freedom of speech cases in relation to novels and non-fiction books published in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Advised the KNVB and represented the KNVB in various ambush marketing cases at the time of the European Soccer Championship in 2021.

Netherlands > Intellectual property: trade marks, copyrights and design rights Tier 2

A highly efficient IP boutique firm with great lawyers‘, Visser Schaap & Kreijger assists clients across all types of IP including trade marks and design rights but is especially well known for the depth of its copyright expertise. Its focus is on contentious matters; co-head of the team, Jacqueline Schaap is a noted litigator for both IP and broader media cases and has litigated a number of high-profile copyright and design cases. The hugely experienced fellow co-head Dirk Visser has handled cases relating to anti-piracy in the music and film industries and is an acknowledged expert in complex copyright contractual disputes. Paul Kreijger and Patty De Leeuwe are other key lawyers.

Practice head(s):

Jacqueline Schaap; Dirk Visser

Other key lawyers:

Paul Kreijger; Patty de Leeuwe


‘Visser Schaap & Kreijger is a highly efficient IP boutique firm with great lawyers highly specialised in IP Law.’

‘Jacqueline Schaap is an exceptional IP lawyer. Extremely responsive, straight to the point, with an in depth knowledge of IP law, a full capacity to adapt. She understands immediately the specifics of a case. She is really a brilliant lawyer. And, on the top of that, she has exceptional human and moral qualities. Jacqueline Schaap is the kind of lawyer you want to have on your side to defend the interests of your clients.’

‘The team is highly knowledgeable on all aspects of intellectual property, recent case law, upcoming new laws and practical aspects of legal conflicts, which enables them to provide us with the best suited advice.’

‘You can leave your legal lingo bingo cards at home as everyone is able to discuss legal subjects without talking like a lawyer.’

‘Great IP and media law knowledge and pragmatic advice.’

‘Dirk Visser is a very good lawyer. He is sharp and  able to explain complex situations easily. His knowledge about IP is really good. Dirk Visser also understands the commercial part of our job, which helps us a lot. Paul Kreijger is also a good lawyer, but more theoretical and scientific. He is precise and stays calm in most situations.’

‘Best team in The Netherlands for copyright, lead by Dirk Visser.’

‘Dirk Visser has it all: knowledge, expertise, swag and the team. He can be diplomatic and ruthless.’

Key clients




Nestle Nederland




Stichting Brein and MPA




Singel Uitgeverijen

Work highlights

  • Assisting Stichting BREIN with an educational warning campaign that aims to change the behaviour of frequent or long-term BitTorrent uploaders and reduce the illegal content available online.
  • Assisting Maisons du Monde, a company with over 300 furniture stores throughout Europe, with various cases against Dutch companies selling products that infringe upon the copyrights of Maisons du Monde with regard to one of its design buffet cabinets.
  • Advising Universal Music in various copyright contract law and neighbouring rights issues.

The firm: The firm’s partners have years of experience in legal practice. They have worked in major law firms and a leading Dutch niche law firm. The firm’s clients include producers, national and international broadcasters, publishers, designers, retail corporations, trade mark owners, advertisers and non-profit organizations at home and abroad.

The firm’s lawyers advise, mediate and litigate at all levels, from preliminary relief proceedings through to the European Court of Justice. They deal exclusively with the areas in which they specialize. They also advise other lawyers and give second opinions and legal opinions. In addition, they draft contracts in areas such as copyright law, trade mark law, image rights law, databases, advertising, media, agency and distribution.

Visser Schaap & Kreijger was founded in 2015 and is has its registered office in Amsterdam.

Dirk 20 723 8901
Paul 20 723 8903
Jacqueline 20 723 8902