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Poland > Private client Tier 2

CRIDO boasts a multi-disciplinary team of corporate, investment fund, employment, and immigration lawyers which supports high-net-worth individuals and family businesses. Its offering is broad ranging and encompasses advice on succession planning, formation of family foundations, reorganisations, citizenship and residency, and divorce and separation agreements. Corporate expert Mateusz Baran spearheads the department with a ‘vast reservoir of knowledge across multiple legal disciplines’. He is ably supported by head of the litigation department Katarzyna Witkowska and Michał Klimowicz, who made counsel at the beginning of 2023.

Practice head(s):

Mateusz Baran

Other key lawyers:

Katarzyna Witkowska; Katarzyna Żółcińska; Michał Klimowicz; Agata Kiełczyńska


‘Crido’s team, driven by Michał Klimowicz and Mateusz Baran, is tailored to empower businesses to operate with freedom and confidence. In an ever-changing world, they ensure that while we pivot and innovate in our domains, the legal foundations remain unshaken.’

‘Businesses require agility, and Crido guarantees that by handling the intricate legal aspects that could otherwise impede quick business decisions. Their commitment to us and providing solutions to achieve our business goals, combined with innovative spirit, is what sets them apart in the legal landscape.’

‘Katarzyna Żółcińska is widely esteemed for her outstanding legal acumen and her ability to tackle intricate legal issues with finesse. Her dedication to delivering customised legal remedies, coupled with her extensive knowledge in the field, places her in a league of exceptional legal professionals within the industry.’

‘One of the most defining traits of Michał Klimowicz is his seamless blend of vast legal and business knowledge. What sets Michał apart from many of his peers is his unique communicative style. Legal jargon, often a barrier in understanding complex legal nuances, is never an obstacle with him. His approach redefines the client-lawyer relationship, making it more of a partnership than a transaction.’

‘Mateusz Baran is the embodiment of versatility in the legal profession. His vast reservoir of knowledge across multiple legal disciplines ensures that clients never find themselves in uncharted territory. Regardless of the complexity or nature of the legal issue at hand, Mateusz’s response is swift, accurate, and effective.’

‘Crido has consistently demonstrated a high level of service quality and a remarkable ability to collaborate effectively within their legal team.’

‘Mateusz Baran is highly regarded for his exceptional legal expertise and his adeptness at navigating complex legal matters. His commitment to providing tailored legal solutions, combined with his deep knowledge of the field, makes him a standout professional in the legal industry.’

‘Very good work organisation. Clear and concise analysis of legal problems.’

Key clients


Work highlights

  • Advised a private client on diversifying risks and consolidating his various independent ventures into a holding organisation.
  • Advised a family on adjusting its group structure.
  • Advised a client and his company on a comprehensive corporate reorganisation and the establishment of a family foundation.

Poland > Real estate Tier 2

The ‘highly experienced and knowledgeable’ team at CRIDO excels across all real estate sectors, from offices, retail and logistics, to student housing, serviced apartments and farmland. Clients commend the team’s ‘delivery of solutions that are both tailored to the circumstances and effective in solving legal problems’. Leading the team is Jakub Ziółek, and supporting him is Joanna Winter-Szymańska, whose ‘mastery of real estate law never ceases to amaze’. Tomasz Artaszewicz-Zawisza is another notable member of the team, who brings additional expertise in construction law to the group, guiding clients through the entire process of their investments.

Practice head(s):

Jakub Ziółek


‘CRIDO’s specialists have established themselves as absolute professionals in their field, known for their openness, creativity, and the delivery of solutions that are both tailored to the circumstances and effective in solving legal problems. The projects we worked on were complicated and required high-level management skills, and Crido have not once fallen short.’

‘CRIDO’s real estate department is a highly experienced and knowledgeable player in the Polish property development market. Their expertise spans a wide range of services, including due diligence, transaction advisory, and legal risk mitigation.’

‘Their exceptional team possesses a unique insight into the legal matters concerning the real estate industry. Transactions can be a daunting and weary task, definitely not for everyone. Nevertheless, with CRIDO’s assistance, they become a walk in the park. Their in-depth understanding of the legal environment ensures that every transaction is conducted with the utmost precision and that all risks are addressed. They are 100% committed.’

‘Jakub Ziółek impresses with his remarkable business intuition, offering clients a distinct advantage with his knack for identifying opportunities. Jakub truly stands out with his ability to see the bigger picture and anticipate future trends. Beyond his legal expertise, Jakub has a simply joyful demeanor in conversation. He is not just a legal expert: he’s a strategic thinker, a trusted advisor, and a delightful conversationalist who brings a unique and valuable perspective to any interaction.’

‘Joanna Winter-Szymańska is truly a memorable advisor. She epitomises professionalism and exceptional management skills. Joanna’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of work is truly commendable. She approaches every aspect of her work with meticulous attention to detail and her ability to efficiently manage complex projects may be a reference point to a whole generation of new lawyers.’

‘Joanna Winter-Szymańska is a rock star when it comes to negotiating lease agreements. Her abilities in drafting and negotiating are unrivalled. Her all-round knowledge ensures that every provision in an agreement is strategically crafted to not only secure our legal interests but also align with our financial and operational goals. Her ability to balance these numerous aspects of lease agreements is truly outstanding, making Joanna a one-of-a-kind lawyer.’

‘Tomasz Artaszewicz-Zawisza: he strikes me as an excellent legal professional, with exceptional knowledge and expertise in the realm of real estate law. Tomasz possesses a deep and extensive understanding of the real estate market and investment processes.’

‘Joanna Winter-Szymańska: her mastery of real estate law never ceases to amaze. Aside from profound understanding of legal matters, she also brings to the table remarkable speed and accuracy in handling complex matters. Joanna’s ability to navigate due diligence processes with swift precision is remarkable. She has this unique ability of distilling complex legal issues into clear and actionable steps, never leaving any space for uncertainty.’

Key clients

Panattoni Europe



CBRE Investment Management







Work highlights

  • Advised Panattoni Europe on multiple land acquisitions for its warehouse development projects.
  • Advising Heimstaden on issues relevant to the private rental sector.
  • Advised SPM on a sale and leaseback transaction.

Poland > Investment funds Tier 3

CRIDO‘s investment funds group, which sits within the firm’s corporate and commercial department, boasts ‘valued corporate experts working on complex restructuring projects’, in addition to regulatory issues. Its client base is broad ranging, and includes global corporations as well as local companies and private clients. Mateusz Baran chairs the group, and he is frequently involved in legislative work surrounding investment funds.

Practice head(s):

Mateusz Baran

Other key lawyers:

Katarzyna Żółcińska; Michał Klimowicz


‘The team is able to structure complex reorganisations and corporate transactions connected with reconciliation of debt. They are proposing different solutions with their clear recommendations. They analyse the issue not only from the purely legal perspective, but also business and tax aspects are taken into consideration.’

‘Valued corporate experts working on complex restructuring projects.’

‘The team’s strengths are knowledge and experience, engagement, availability, and communication.’

‘Good communication and high efficiency.’

‘Very good knowledge of the market and an ability to work in changing market circumstances.’

‘Commitment to ongoing projects, availability and engagement.’

‘Crido’s team has been capable of providing highly reliable, trustworthy and technically skilled support. Crido’s team is proactive, highly cooperative and aware of client’s needs. I might also add their business-driven approach and cross-disciplinary way of working, with the inherent holistic perspective over operations and transactions.’

‘Aside from technical and knowledge skills, Crido’s team members bring in a pleasant work environment and smooth engagement. They present a good balance between accuracy and efficiency.’

Poland > Tax Tier 3

Praised for its ‘extensive knowledge regarding transfer pricing’ the tax practice at CRIDO also handles international taxation issues, tax disputes and investigations, and matters relating to direct taxes and personal income tax. Clients span domestic and international companies, investors, traded entities and public sector companies. VAT expert Roman Namysłowski heads up the practice, ably supported by experienced litigator Andrzej Puncewicz and transfer pricing specialist Ewelina Stamblewska-Urbaniak.

Practice head(s):

Roman Namysłowski


‘Crido cares. The have the approach to everything that demonstrates they are really interested and dedicated and engaged. At all levels.’

‘They have a very practial approach which is still safe and absolutely professional. They do not sell “products” or “projects”, they do advise.’

‘The Crido team has extensive knowledge regarding transfer pricing.’

‘Ewelina Stamblewska-Urbaniak is the best expert in the area of transfer pricing.’

‘Very wide technical knowledge with the ability to apply to actual situcations.’

‘Very good listening skills, see the wider context, good knowldge of the transfer pricing environment.’

‘Great people, value for money, knowledge of the client’s business.’

Poland > White-collar crime Tier 3

The white-collar crime team at CRIDO focuses its practice on defence in criminal matters and protection against potential corporate criminal liability by implementation of compliance procedures. Led by Katarzyna Witkowska, the team is praised for its ‘insightfulness‘. Sebastian Zieliński is also a key member of the team and is well versed in advising on corruption, anti-money laundering and offences involving trading in financial institutions.

Practice head(s):

Katarzyna Witkowska

Other key lawyers:


‘Comprehensive approach, anticipating client needs, insightfulness.’

‘Katarzyna Witkowska and Sebastian Zieliński – ease of contact, availability, getting to the point quickly, conscientiousness, meeting deadlines.’

‘Very responsive and with a hands-on approach. No time lost with chitchat but cutting to the chase and ascertaining what needs to be done. Instructions are executed swiftly.’

‘It is safe to say about CRIDO that they are characterised by total commitment, a high level of service, very good cooperation within the team as well as with external parties. The cooperation with them was most successful.’

Poland > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

The corporate and M&A team at CRIDO supports Polish and foreign entities, and boasts international connections with law firms, tax advisors, and corporate finance boutiques, allowing the team to support clients on an international level. Company and corporate law expert Mateusz Baran heads up the corporate team, while Przemysław Furmaga takes a leading role in M&A mandates. Furmaga is also skilled in buyouts and corporate disputes. Mateusz Stańczyk is the name ro note for M&A tax law mandates.

Practice head(s):

Mateusz Baran; Przemysław Furmaga

Other key lawyers:

Mateusz Stańczyk; Katarzyna Żółcińska; Andrzej Dunikowski; Barbara Kwaśnicka; Aleksandra Czarnecka


‘I think that their knowledge of the industry and professional approach is very important. I know they are there for me and ready to support. They are always prepared and able to provide various options to resolve any given topic.’

‘Their knowledge and understanding of the topic made us feel comfortable and secure that our business in Poland will be compliant in all aspects. They are always available and engaged, very efficient in delivering what is required. Summary messages make the process very transparent. Everybody understands what needs to be done.’

‘Katarzyna Żółcińska has great legal competence, is reactive, proposes business solutions, and has very good communication skills.’

‘Knowledgeable, responsive, assertive, proactive and solution oriented. Ability to think outside-the-box and flexible as to the needs of the clients. Pragmatic and goal-oriented approach.’

‘Mateusz Baran has remarkable legal expertise and adeptness at navigating complex legal matters under Polish laws. He is proactive with high commitment to provide tailored legal solutions.’

‘Katarzyna Żółcińska is an insightful and experienced practitioner with strong technical knowledge of Polish laws. She is proactive, responsive and business oriented.’

‘Agile and very commercially oriented. Very flexible in meeting our demands on a very time sensitive matter. Small and very dedicated team.’

‘I am working primarily with Aleksandra Czarnecka and it is a pleasure for me to work with her. She is a very good negotiator and she had the right solution for every problem. She is an expert in the profession.’

Key clients





RelyOn Nutec


Dr Irena Eris


Jacquet Metals


Avenger Flight Group


MCI Capital

Work highlights

  • Advised iSpot Poland on the acquisition of competitor Cortland.
  • Advised Wielton on launching a new division named Aberg, incorporating new companies and negotiating transaction documents with new business partners.
  • Advised Saker on starting a joint venture with its business partners and opening a recycling plant.

Poland > Employment Tier 4

The employment practice at CRIDO is especially adept at assisting clients with mandates concerning the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employers. Another area of expertise for the team is advice regarding inflation and high employment costs. Practice head Edyta Defańska-Czujko has significant experience in employment restructuring, particularly employee outsourcing and group redundancies. The practice welcomed senior associates Karolina Kalinowska from Zawirska Ruszczyk Sp. k., and Agnieszka Anusewicz from Raczkowski in January 2023 and June 2023, respectively.

Practice head(s):

Edyta Defańska-Czujko

Other key lawyers:

Sabina Carbol-Majnusz; Karolina Kalinowska; Agnieszka Anusewicz


‘The team has different experiences and specialisations, so it provides case handling in several aspects – if needed. It presents the legal context in a way that is understandable to the client.’

‘Direct and fast accessibility, ongoing provision of information, great attention to detail, great human contact.’

‘We highly recommend Crido for their agility, depth of knowledge, and forward-thinking approach, qualities that have greatly benefited our partnership with them at our company.’

‘What sets them apart from competitors is their ability to integrate legal insights with practical business knowledge, making their advice not only legally sound but also commercially viable.’

‘In addition to their exceptional commitment and expertise, the team at Crido Legal is incredibly adaptable, often going the extra mile to accommodate evolving needs and urgent timelines. Their communication skills are exemplary, ensuring that complex legal jargon is translated into actionable insights.’

‘Edyta Defańska-Czujko’s leadership and expertise in labour law have been instrumental in guiding us through complex legal challenges. Her deep knowledge of the field and unwavering commitment to our cause set her apart from competitors.’

Key clients

iSpot Poland Sp. z o.o.

Dr Irena Eris S.A.

Foundation Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę [We Give Children Strength]

Work highlights

  • Advised on the employment aspects of iSpot’s acquisition of Cortland.

Operating since 2005, CRIDO is a full-service consulting firm. Currently employing more than 400 people, CRIDO supports multinational corporations, Polish companies, and entrepreneurs.

CRIDO provides a comprehensive range of legal services in strategic areas for all businesses, including:

  • Corporate / M&A
  • Employment
  • Real estate
  • Litigation
  • White-collar crime
  • Compliance
  • Private client
  • Energy law

We advise on domestic and international projects, including cross-border transactions, as well as provide day-to-day legal support for businesses, in particular commercial law issues.

Our clients entrust us with matters of particular importance to their business (including M&A, succession projects, financing and litigation).  Our team of more than 55 lawyers with in-depth knowledge and expertise advise on complex projects from various sectors.

We make every effort to understand the business context of each transaction and the details of every branch of business in which our clients operate. We draw on the rich experience, knowledge and support of our other CRIDO teams to ensure that our clients make the best business decisions possible.  Our cooperation within CRIDO means that our clients receive a comprehensive legal, tax and financial advisory service under one roof, both domestically and abroad, which is a unique solution on the market.

Our clients greatly value our professional attitude, attention to detail, and timely delivery of work. Our experience and extensive knowledge in the key areas of law allows them to focus on solving business issues and achieving their goals.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner, Head of Real Estate | Legal Advisory Services Jakub Ziółek +48 602 455 406
Partner, Head of Corporate Law Practice Mateusz Baran +48 883 314 807
Partner, Head of Litigation and White Collar Crime Practice Katarzyna Witkowska +48 538 819 930
Partner, Head of Energy & Infrastructure Joanna Bernat +48 532 560 902
Partner, Legal Advisory Services | Mergers and Acquisitions Department Przemysław Furmaga +48 883 846 214
Partner, Tax Advisory Services | Mergers and Acquisitions Department Mateusz Stańczyk +48 502 184 184
Managing Partner, Corporate Finance | Mergers and Acquisitions Department Artur Marszałkiewicz +48 539 541 152
Partner, Financial Due Diligence | Mergers and Acquisitions Department Jacek Ostrowski +48 502 184 184
Managing Partner, Head of Tax Litigation | Tax Advisory Services Andrzej Puncewicz +48 602 185 585
Managing Partner, Head of Indirect Taxes | Tax Advisory Services Roman Namysłowski +48 600 213 979
Managing Partner, Head of Real Estate | Tax Advisory Services Paweł Toński +48 602 652 152
Partner, Head of Transfer Pricing | Tax Advisory Services Ewelina Stamblewska-Urbaniak +48 795 193 121
Partner, Transfer Pricing | Tax Advisory Services Anna Wcisło +48 604 259 126
Partner, Transfer Pricing | Tax Advisory Services Mateusz Jałkowski +48 600 365 668
Partner, Head of Tax Governance | Tax Advisory Services Michał Borowski +48 795 197 912
Partner, Indirect Taxes | Tax Advisory Services Maciej Dybaś +48 538 819 927
Partner, Tax Litigation | Tax Advisory Services Anna Pęczyk-Tofel +48 785 850 858
Partner, Tax Litigation | Tax Advisory Services Jan Furtas +48 600 364 205
Partner, Human Advisory Services | Tax Advisory Services Michał Wodnicki +48 538 626 921
Partner, Corporate Taxes | Tax Advisory Services Tomasz Bartoszek +48 510 201 294
Managing Partner, Digital and Business Advisory Services Tomasz Loose +48 602 236 500
Partner, Digital and Business Advisory Services Michał Szwed +48 600 346 441
Photo Name Position Profile
Tomasz Artaszewicz-Zawisza photo Mr Tomasz Artaszewicz-Zawisza Senior Associate, Real Estate & Commercial
Mateusz Baran photo Mr Mateusz Baran Partner, Head of Corporate Law
Joanna Bernat photo Joanna Bernat Joanna Bernat is a partner and Head of Energy & Infrastructure at…
Aleksandra Czarnecka photo Ms Aleksandra Czarnecka Senior Associate, Corporate and M&A
Andrzej Dunikowski photo Mr Andrzej Dunikowski Senior Associate, Corporate and M&A
Przemysław Furmaga photo Mr Przemysław Furmaga Partner,  Head of M&A
Wiotold Gwizdek photo Mr Wiotold Gwizdek Senior Associate, Corporate and M&A
Agata Kiełczyńska photo Mrs Agata Kiełczyńska Senior Associate, White Collar Crime & Litigation
Michał Klimowicz photo Mr Michał Klimowicz Counsel, Corporate and M&A
Magdalena Pieńkowska photo Magdalena Pieńkowska Magdalena Pieńkowska is Senior Associate in the Energy & Infrastructure team at…
Justyna Solnica photo Ms Justyna Solnica Senior Associate, Corporate and M&A
Jacek Tuśnio photo Jacek Tuśnio Jacek is an attorney in the litigation team at CRIDO
Joanna Winter-Szymańska photo Mrs Joanna Winter-Szymańska Counsel, Real Estate & Commercial
Katarzyna Witkowska photo Dr Katarzyna Witkowska Partner,  Head of White Collar Crime & Litigation
Sebastian Zieliński photo Dr Sebastian Zieliński Senio Associate, White Collar Crime & Litigation
Jakub Ziółek photo Mr Jakub Ziółek Managing Partner, Head of Real Estate & Commercial
Katarzyna Żółcińska photo Mrs Katarzyna Żółcińska Counsel, Corporate and M&A

CLIENT: Elsa Gagnon – Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Avenger Flight Group
COMPANY/FIRM: Avenger Flight Group
TESTIMONIAL: CRIDO Legal advised Avenger Flight Group entering the Polish market and establishing a joint venture with Enter Air. The team was involved in this transaction from its beginning, namely from the negotiations on the terms and conditions, through the phase of structuring the joint venture, as well as preparing and negotiating the transaction documentation, to the close of the transaction and financing. We appreciate the support of Crido’s lawyers and advisers within this transaction. They demonstrated thorough knowledge and commitment in this project. Thanks to Crido, we had one adviser covering all tax and legal issues related to the transaction.

CLIENT: Tomasz Chojnowski, President of the Management Board and shareholder of Alfa Brokers
COMPANY/FIRM: Alfa Brokers
TESTIMONIAL: The CRIDO team supported us from the legal and corporate finance side in the process of acquiring a strategic investor. Thanks to their professional approach and high commitment, we were able to carry out the transaction smoothly and obtain satisfactory terms.