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EU regulatory: Food Tier 1

DALDEWOLF 's 'excellent' practice garners praise for providing 'sound advice in Belgian and EU food law'. Practice head Aude Mahy, a recently promoted partner who joined from Loyens & Loeff in May 2019, is 'the star of the food regulatory team, well-versed in specific Belgian law issues and at the same time has a deep command of the European regulatory framework'.

Practice head(s):


Aude Mahy is an outstanding food lawyer.

Aude Mahy is an exceptional attorney with fantastic knowledge of EU food regulation, particularly related to labeling and claims‘.

Industry focus: Food Tier 1

DALDEWOLF's 'very responsive and business savvy' food law practice group attracts praise for its 'in-depth knowledge of the food business, gained through years of experience', and was significantly strengthened by the arrival of practice head Aude Mahy from Loyens & Loeff in 2019. Mahy has notable experience in the food sector and advises on contentious and non-contentious regulatory and commercial matters; she is also able to leverage the firm's multidisciplinary expertise to advise on employment, real estate and antitrust issues.

Practice head(s):


Aude Mahy is an exceptional attorney with great knowledge of the matter and great understanding of the problem and an amazing capacity to find a solid solution.

You certainly do not get the answer to your query from text books, but based on daily experience and up-to-date knowledge.

Aude Mahy is a very good lawyer, highly specialised and very responsive.

Aude Mahy is the expert par excellence in the field of food law in Belgium. Her expertise is absolutely outstanding. Her good contact with the competent Belgian authorities is indispensable for the successful handling of cases.

Key clients


Competition: Belgian law Tier 3

DALDEWOLF's practice, which is led by Pierre Goffinet, offers clients a combination of competition, economics and regulatory expertise across a wide range of issues. Active in the full range of matters, the group is particularly knowledgeable about issues with a nexus to regulated network industries, such as postal services, energy, telecoms, health, rail and insurance, among others. State aid expert Carole Maczkovics is representing a client in court litigation concerning the provision of a tax reduction to a competitor.  In another matter, Goffinet acted for a client as a third party in matters before the European Commission, the Belgian Competition Authority and the Belgian regulatory authority over the potential anticompetitive effects of a merger. Thierry Bontinck is another name to note.

Practice head(s):


Pierre Goffinet stands out because of his knowledge, immediate feedback, ability to put difficult concepts into understandable words, and clear and challenging questions

Pierre Goffinet is able to review economic data in depth and simplify it

Dispute resolution Tier 4

DALDEWOLF's 'very thorough' team has established strength in arbitration, and also has strong capabilities in litigation; commercial disputes, often with an international flavour, are prominent in the team's workload. Arbitration expert Marc Dal shares leadership of the practice with Thierry BontinckPatrick Van Leynseele, who has extensive expertise in mediation; and managing partner Patrick De Wolf.


Marc Dal knows the ins and outs of the courts and has a reliable sense of judgment. Knows when to be pragmatic and when to be aggressive. A real ally for any general counsel‘.

Industry focus: IT and telecoms Tier 4

With regulatory, competition and commercial expertise, DALDEWOLF’s IP and IT team advises high-profile clients in the telecoms and technology sectors. The group has been particularly active assisting clients with copyright matters, The group also handles contractual and contentious IT issues, which are key areas for Sari Depreeuw; and advises telecoms sector clients on competition law matters, for which ‘EU and Belgian competition law expertPierre Goffinet is a key name to note.

Practice head(s):


Strong team that is able to think with you while still providing the best legal advice. They go the extra mile.

They offer business-oriented solutions and the ability to handle complex procedural files and sharp deadlines.

Sari Depreeuw is always my go-to for any IP/IT legal advice.

Tax Tier 4

At DALDEWOLF, department head Olivier Bertin has extensive expertise in a broad cross-section of direct and indirect taxes. His wide-ranging practice covers areas such as corporate tax, income tax, and international tax, as well as taxes on non-profit and public sector entities. Bertin works with VAT and real estate taxation specialist Yaël Spiegl. Under his leadership, Bertin's team advises on the tax aspects of corporate and M&A transactions, real estate development projects, usufruct and bare ownership schemes, and tax relocation, among other matters. Contentious work is another key source of mandates, with the group representing clients in all administrative and civil proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


The partners in the tax team are solution-oriented and communicate clearly to business entrepreneurs

The team is able to provide a complete answer to complex and multidisciplinary tax issues

Olivier Bertin stands out in litigation

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 5

The 'excellent and professional' corproate and M&A and commercial teams at DALDEWOLF offer 'reliability, speed and good billing rates' to its diverse client list, which ranges from Belgian start-ups to international companies. Group head Patrick De Wolf handles a range of corporate matters and is active in Africa, especially the Democratic Republic of Congo, while Dominique Bogaert has notable experience advising non-profit organisations. Laurent Haverbeke departed to an in-house position at Exphar.

Practice head(s):


Dominique Bogaert is very skilled and talented, and fluent in several languages.

DALDEWOLF is an independent premium business law firm based in Brussels, with strong international ties. Over 40 lawyers provide a national and international client base with sensible, value-added and quality legal services in targeted areas of business law. The firm has a branch in Kinshasa (DRC) and has developed strong relationships with high quality law firms throughout Europe, Africa, Asia. It is actively involved in international networks, in particular GGI (Geneva Group International), an international alliance of prominent law firms, accountancy and consultancy firms.

DALDEWOLF is organised in expert teams. It strives to achieve the highest legal standards within each team (several partners are university professors or hold time positions as judges and our lawyers regularly contribute to specialised law journals and seminars), while eliciting thorough understanding of the business needs of our clients. Many of our lawyers have specific experience acting as counsel or director in various institutions and companies.

Dispute resolution: DALDEWOLF has a high-standing reputation for assisting its clients in complex litigation. The firm’s partners frequently act as counsel or arbitrators in national and international arbitral proceedings (CEPANI, ICC, UNCITRAL and ad hoc). The firm has also always been at the forefront of developments of ADR, both in Belgium and in cross-border disputes.

Corporate: The firm’s corporate team is vastly experienced in M&A and restructuring. Its corporate lawyers assist and conduct due diligence investigations, negotiating and drafting legal documents such as share purchase agreements, shareholders and subscription agreements, options on shares and all financial documents required.

Commercial: DALDEWOLF offers a full range of services in business law, advising, negotiating and drafting contracts. The firm has a specific expertise in the field of commercial intermediation (distribution, agency, franchising) and fair market practices. It assists companies in complying with the regulatory aspects linked to their activity (food law, medical devices, travel agencies, aesthetic care, etc.).

EU and competition: The firm’s EU and competition team handles competition law and regulatory cases, in both Belgian and European law (disputes before the authorities and the courts). We assist clients facing investigations, as well as with audits and compliance programmes. We have also developed a strong State aid practice, whereby we help clients restoring a level playing field when competition has been distorted by public intervention, before the European Commission, the national and the EU Courts. We further assist clients securing their public funding. Our lawyers also handle single market issues. With some of the firm’s lawyers being economists, we can offer in-depth understanding of economic issues.

Public law: The team combines experience in various areas of public economic law giving it a unique expertise of public law matters, in advising and representing clients before administrative authorities or courts in Belgium and at EU level: public procurement, PPPs, restructuring of public entities, legality of royal decrees, constitutionality, etc.

Tax: The firm’s tax department offers a wide range of services covering all branches of tax law, including corporate and individual income taxes, VAT, registration duties and inheritance taxes, local taxes – including gaming taxes – and customs duties. DALDEWOLF’s tax team is especially recognised for its technical skills and expertise in VAT and its experience in tax matter disputes. The team also represents taxpayers in disputes with the tax authorities at all stages of administrative and legal proceedings (including proceedings before the Council of State, the Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union).

Intellectual property and information technology: DALDEWOLF’s intellectual property and information technology team deals with all matters related to intellectual property rights (copyright, patent, trade mark, design law and protection of trade secrets) and information technology (digital law, including protection of personal and non-personal data, IT contracts, e-commerce). The IP/IT team assists clients with strategic advice (IP strategy), contracting and litigation.

Real estate: DALDEWOLF has developed a strong experience in construction and engineering projects (turnkey, office, industrial, residential, multipurpose projects, etc.). It also advises clients on matters such as leases and other occupation rights (long-term lease, right to build, concession, etc.). The real estate team can further assist clients in the negotiation, preparation and execution of sales and acquisitions of real estate properties, focusing on the contractual framework which is the most convenient and appropriate: asset and share deals, sale and lease back operations.

Africa desk: DALDEWOLF has a recognised expertise on the African legal markets with an office in Kinshasa (DRC).

China desk: DALDEWOLF supports its clients with their China IP and market access legal issues and help them benefit from the many opportunities China has to offer while tackling the risks that go along. We negotiate complex contracts, litigate our client’s IP rights, provide support to adapt and strengthen often incomplete Chinese IP portfolios, and provide strategic advice on how to best deal with this promising but challenging market.

Italian desk: Thanks to the language skills of some of its partners, DALDEWOLF also frequently is involved in out- and inbound work relating to trade and business between Belgian and Italian companies.

US desk: DALDEWOLF frequently works for US clients and with US law firms. Several partners graduated from major US law schools (Duke, NYU) and worked for US firms. Three lawyers of the firm are members of the New York bar. Thanks to this US background, DALDEWOLF assists its US clients in the most efficient manner.

Startitup: The firm assists start-ups and scale-ups, covering all aspects of the life of a company (from incorporation to capital raising, business contracts, IP as well as informatics law and tax law issues).

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Olivier BERTIN +32 2 627 10 10
Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Frédéric COUVREUR +32 2 627 10 10
Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Georges-Albert DAL +32 2 627 10 10
Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Marc DAL +32 2 627 10 10
Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Patrick DE WOLF +32 2 627 10 10
Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Fabian TCHÉKÉMIAN +32 2 627 10 10
Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Xavier VAN der MERSCH +32 2 627 10 10
Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Patrick VAN LEYNSEELE +32 2 627 10 10
Economic Law Dominique BOGAERT +32 2 627 10 10
Economic Law Thierry BONTINCK +32 2 627 10 10
Economic Law Raphaël GEVERS +32 2 627 10 10
Economic Law Xavier VAN der MERSCH +32 2 627 10 10
Corporate and Financial Law Romain BATTAJON +32 2 627 10 10
Corporate and Financial Law Marc DAL +32 2 627 10 10
Corporate and Financial Law Patrick DE WOLF +32 2 627 10 10
Corporate and Financial Law Fabian TCHÉKÉMIAN +32 2 627 10 10
Corporate and Financial Law Xavier VAN der MERSCH +32 2 627 10 10
Corporate and Financial Law Patrick VAN LEYNSEELE +32 2 627 10 10
Tax Law Olivier BERTIN +32 2 627 10 10
Tax Law Yaël SPIEGL +32 2 627 10 10
Labour Law Xavier VAN der MERSCH +32 2 627 10 10
Real Estate & Construction Frédéric COUVREUR +32 2 627 10 10
IP - Digital Valentin de le COURT +32 2 627 10 10
IP - Digital Sari DEPREEUW +32 2 627 10 10
European Law & Competition Thierry BONTINCK +32 2 627 10 10
European Law & Competition Pierre GOFFINET +32 2 627 10 10
European Law & Competition Carole MACZKOVICS +32 2 627 10 10
European Law & Competition Emmanuel van NUFFEL d'HEYNSBROECK +32 2 627 10 10
Food Law Aude MAHY +32 2 627 10 10
Estate & Family Law Frédéric VELDEKENS +32 2 627 10 10
Regulated Professions Thierry BONTINCK +32 2 627 10 10
Regulated Professions Georges-Albert DAL +32 2 627 10 10
Regulated Professions Marc DAL +32 2 627 10 10
OHADA Desk Romain BATTAJON +32 2 627 10 10
OHADA Desk Patrick DE WOLF +32 2 627 10 10
OHADA Desk Fabian TCHÉKÉMIAN +32 2 627 10 10
China Desk Valentin de le COURT +32 2 627 10 10
Italian Desk Dominique BOGAERT +32 2 627 10 10
Italian Desk Patrick VAN LEYNSEELE +32 2 627 10 10
US Desk Marc DAL +32 2 627 10 10
US Desk Xavier VAN der MERSCH +32 2 627 10 10
US Desk Patrick VAN LEYNSEELE +32 2 627 10 10
StartItUp Sari DEPREEUW +32 2 627 10 10
StartItUp Yaël SPIEGL +32 2 627 10 10
StartItUp Fabian TCHÉKÉMIAN +32 2 627 10 10
Photo Name Position Profile
 Romain BATTAJON  photo Romain BATTAJON Partner
 Dominique BOGAERT  photo Dominique BOGAERT Partner
 Olivier Bertin photo Olivier Bertin Partner
 Thierry Bontinck photo Thierry Bontinck Partner
 Frédéric COUVREUR  photo Frédéric COUVREUR Partner
 Marc Dal photo Marc Dal Partner
 Valentin De Le Court photo Valentin De Le Court Partner
Mr Patrick De Wolf photo Mr Patrick De Wolf Managing Partner
 Sari Depreeuw photo Sari Depreeuw Partner
 Raphaël GEVERS  photo Raphaël GEVERS Partner
 Pierre Goffinet photo Pierre Goffinet Partner
Mrs Carole Maczkovics photo Mrs Carole Maczkovics Partner
 Aude Mahy photo Aude Mahy Partner
 Yaël SPIEGL  photo Yaël SPIEGL Partner
 Fabian TCHÉKÉMIAN  photo Fabian TCHÉKÉMIAN Partner
 Xavier VAN der MERSCH  photo Xavier VAN der MERSCH Partner
 Frédéric VELDEKENS  photo Frédéric VELDEKENS Partner
 Patrick Van Leynseele photo Patrick Van Leynseele Partner
 Emmanuel van NUFFEL d’HEYNSBROECK  photo Emmanuel van NUFFEL d’HEYNSBROECK Partner
Number of lawyers : 49
at this office : 42
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