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The firm: Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners was founded in 2010 by its current partners, Oleksandr Peremezhko and Yuriy Palshyn. The firm’s main areas of practice at the time were litigation, international arbitration, corporate law and intellectual property.

Since the time of its formation Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners has more than doubled in size and currently is one of the leading law firms that provides a full range of services on the Ukrainian legal market.

Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners offers comprehensive legal assistance to clients in all areas of the economy. The firm’s active work spreads to representation in international arbitration and court proceedings, providing professional legal advice in the areas of commercial, civil, corporate, tax and criminal law, and protection of IP rights.

The fast development of the firm’s practice substantially depends on the selection of a highly motivated team of professionals who have proved themselves as leading experts in the various areas of law and have extensive work experience in both the private and public sectors.

Areas of practice
Tax and customs: consultations on all aspects of tax and customs issues; comprehensive assessment of tax and customs risks of various projects and transactions; optimisation of taxation in international trade; representation in tax and customs disputes; challenging legislative acts of Ukrainian customs authorities.

Dispute resolution: representation during the negotiation stage; extensive experience in resolving disputes in all areas of law; challenging the acts of state and local authorities; challenging orders of customs and tax authorities; representation in criminal cases; representation in international commercial arbitration proceedings; representation in cases brought to the European Court of Human Rights; recognition and enforcement of foreign courts’ decisions and arbitral awards in Ukraine.

Intellectual property: providing the full range of services and support of projects in the IP sector, inter alia, drafting agreements on the transfer of IP rights; legal protection against infringements of IP rights; registration of IP rights; patenting inventions, utility models and industrial designs.

Corporate law and M&A: incorporation, restructuring and liquidation of companies; establishing multilevel holding structures (inter alia, in foreign jurisdictions); full assistance during M&A transactions, including merger clearance.

Commercial and contract law: representing the interests of clients throughout the process of negotiation, structuring, preparation and implementation of various transactions; legal analysis and assessment of risks associated therewith; full legal support of the clients’ day-to-day business activities; consultations in the areas of international trade and maritime law.

Land, real estate and construction: full legal support during the negotiation, preparation and implementation of complex land and real estate transactions; legal assessment of risks associated therewith; state registration of titles to real estate; comprehensive legal support of construction projects.

Labour and employment: optimisation and restructuring of personnel; legalisation of foreign employees; drafting employment contracts, regulations, instructions, orders and other bylaws; advising on wide range of employment issues, including employment compliance; representation in employment disputes.

Criminal law: providing legal consultations and assistance in criminal matters, inter alia, in the field of business activities; legal assistance at all stages of criminal proceedings; representing clients before the law enforcement authorities.

Litigation and arbitration Oleksandr Peremezhko
Litigation and arbitration Evheniy Usyk
Litigation and arbitration Lidia Sokolova
Tax and customs Oleksandr Peremezhko
Tax and customs Bysko Maria
Intellectual property Oleksandr Peremezhko
Intellectual property Valentyn Bazhanov
Commercial and contract Oleksandr Peremezhko
Commercial and contract Lidia Sokolova
International trade Oleksandr Peremezhko
International trade Valentyn Bazhanov
International trade Lidia Sokolova
Private international law Oleksandr Peremezhko
Private international law Valentyn Bazhanov
Corporate and M&A Yuriy Palshyn
Corporate and M&A Lidia Sokolova
Corporate and M&A Oleksandr Peremezhko
Bankruptcy and liquidation Yuriy Palshyn
Energy and natural resources Oleksandr Peremezhko
Real estate and construction Oleksandr Peremezhko
Real estate and construction Maksym Zubets
Labour and employment Yuriy Palshyn
White-collar crime Evheniy Usyk
Competition Lidia Sokolova
Lidia Sokolova photoMs Lidia SokolovaSenior Associate
Number of lawyers : 20
INTA - International Trademark Association

Arbitration, Litigation, Enforcement & ECHR proceedings

As lead international counsel we successfully represented Carlton Trading Ukraine LLC and Carlton Trading Ltd. in two arbitration proceedings at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce that were commenced by our Clients under the Agreement on Conducting Joint Investment Activity with the Participation of a Foreign Investor. The Arbitration Institute estimated the value of claim at more than USD 14,000,000.00. Both proceedings resulted in arbitral awards rendered in favor of our Clients.

The case was made more complex by the parallel proceedings in Ukrainian courts initiated by the defendant in breach of the arbitration agreement. Due to the severe violations of the due process during the court proceedings in Ukraine, we also filed a claim with the European Court of Human Rights.

Notwithstanding the constant obstructions created by the defendant, we have successfully recognized the arbitral award and are currently acting as a legal counsel of Carlton Trading Ukraine LLC and Carlton Trading Ltd. during its enforcement.

Tax litigation

Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners led the advice to B&H, Ukrainian film distribution company, in a tax dispute with the approximate value of USD 3,000,000.00, and in the course of criminal proceedings succeeded at proving that fiscal authorities had breached the law and tampered with the data at hand. As a result, we were able to establish that the fiscal authorities’ conclusions were not based on the facts of the case and, subsequently, won the case before the administrative courts of Ukraine.

Due to the failure of the tax authorities to refund the overpaid VAT in accordance with the court decision, the firm continues to lead the respective case in the administrative court.

Alongside the above-mentioned proceedings, our team represents the interests of the client in the criminal proceedings commenced against the officials of the state tax inspection for exceeding their official authority, which led to such unlawful taxation of our client.

IP litigation
Trip Advisor LLC v. State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine and private individual:

successfully defended the interests of TRIP ADVISOR LLC in the case concerning the rights to the trademark TRIPADVISOR. Thanks to our team’s efforts the dispute was settled amicably by signing the settlement agreement.
Melvo GmbH v. State Intellectual Property Service and private individuals:

successfully defended the interests of Melvo GmbH in a case concerning the rights to the trademark SALAMANDER.
?esco Stores Ltd v. State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine and Sela Ukraine LLC:

successfully defended the interests of ?esco Stores Ltd in a case concerning the rights to the trademark F&F.
ASOS PLC v. State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine and Anson’s Herrenhaus KG:

successfully defended the interests of ASOS PLC in a case concerning early termination of the ANSON’S trademark belonging to another international company.
Wolverine Outdoors, Inc. v. State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine and private individual:

successfully defended the interests of Wolverine Outdoors, Inc. in a case concerning early termination of the MERREL M trademark owned by a Ukrainian national.

CLIENT: Olena Globa, Head of Legal department

COMPANY/FIRM: Lactalis-Ukraine

TESTIMONIAL: We have been cooperating with Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners for over 3 years. Their comprehensive understanding of complexities of tax regulations in Ukraine have proved to be extremely useful on numerous occasions. Their advice is distinguished by being clear and straight to the point.

CLIENT: Sergiy Drobyshev

COMPANY/FIRM:Bershka Ukraine LLC

TESTIMONIAL: Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners successfully represented the interests of Bershka Ukraine LLC in a high value tax case and consulted us on a number of other issues. The firm’s team impressed me with its in-depth knowledge of the subject, analytical skills, responsiveness and commitment to delivering the best outcome.

CLIENT: Ivan Yurchenko


TESTIMONIAL: I would like to thank Oleksandr Peremezhko and Partners for the successful and effective cooperation throughout the real estate project. Their professional and flexible approach to problem solving was much appreciated.

CLIENT: Andriy Dyachenko, Director

COMPANY/FIRM: Ukrainian Film Distribution

TESTIMONIAL: Over the years we have been working with this law firm, Oleksandr Peremezhko and Partners has without a doubt proved to be a right choice and a reliable business partner. What sets the firm apart is its extensive experience and deep understanding of the film industry, as well as the ability to develop and apply complex and effective legal strategies. We appreciate the high quality of their services, cost efficiency and dedication to achieving the best possible result.

CLIENT: Andriy Sakhno, CEO


TESTIMONIAL: Oleksandr Peremezhko and Partners delivers integrated and practical legal advice while adhering to the highest standards of quality, ethics and professionalism. It has a strong and responsive team, is business friendly and ensures value for money.

CLIENT: Dmitry Belinski, CEO

COMPANY/FIRM: Panama Grand Prix

TESTIMONIAL: Oleksandr Peremezhko & Partners are truly the specialists in the area of intellectual property protection providing the top-quality services and offering creative approach to each case. The firm’s lawyers deserve high praise for the breadth and depth of their knowledge and experience.