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Data privacy and data protection Tier 1

Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen KB’s digital practice has top-flight data protection and data privacy expertise through practice heads Daniel Lundqvist and Johan Kahn, and senior specialist Martin Brinnen. Ongoing instructions pertain to cross-border and third-party data sharing work, data processing contracts, GDPR compliance matters and privacy issues related to digital outsourcing and cloud-based computing mandates. The group's client roster is broad, comprising financial institutions, insurers, public sector bodies and corporate entities. Value-add lawtech innovations are driven by dedicated legal technology officer Staffan Malmgren.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Lundqvist; Johan Kahn

Other key lawyers:

Martin Brinnen; Staffan Malmgren


‘A big team of lawyers only focusing on IT law is unique and hence there will be an experienced team looking into your IT law issue – this is excellent. Strong willingness to deliver modern advice and always on time.’

‘The team has unique expertise in the area. They are responsive and always balancing risks vs business value. They stand firm on what they believe is important but at the same time are creative in finding practical solutions.’

‘Johan Kahn and Daniel Lundqvist stand out. The are available and responsive and extremely competent in the area and always find solutions on issues at hand without waiving legal requirements. They always act very professionally and pedagogically.’

‘I consider Kahn Pedersen as the leading firm for data protection matters in Sweden (and also for IT). Since the advent of the GDPR, a number of law firms and other consultants of all sorts are claiming to be experts in the data protection field. However, only a few firms are actually solid and can add something to our internal expertise and that is why we choose to work with Kahn Pedersen and no one else. Several of the leading Swedish data protection lawyers are found in Kahn Pedersen.’

‘We have worked with Johan Kahn for a long time and consider him without doubt the number one lawyer for data protection and IT in Sweden.’

‘Daniel Lundqvist should be recognised as one of the foremost data protection and IT lawyers in his generation. We specifically appreciate his great legal skills together with his commercial understanding.’

‘Martin Brinnen is arguably the leading data protection lawyer in private practice in Sweden.’

‘Staffan Malmgren is unique with his solid technical knowledge and deep legal proficiency within the data protection field.’

Key clients

Länsförsäkringar Group

Getswish AB

Invidem AB

Fortum Group

Vossloh Group

Willhem AB

Akelius Residential Properties AB

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv)

Munters AB

DRT Solutions AB

IT and telecoms Tier 1

Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen KB’s digital practice head Johan Kahn works closely with the firm's top public procurement team to handle high-value IT outsourcing projects for corporate buyers, public sector clients and financial institutions. Recent deals involved digital infrastructure services, software platforms and cloud-based data management services. The team provides regulatory support on Internet of Things connectivity and machine learning processes, and leverages the Industry 4.0 taskforce, which is designed to assist industrial companies with large-scale digitisation and automation projects, a key area of expertise for Daniel Lundqvist. Legal technology officer Staffan Malmgren spearheads the development of bespoke lawtech and digital client tools, and Christian Hybbinette  and his team joined from AG Advokat in 2021.

Practice head(s):

Johan Kahn

Other key lawyers:

Staffan Malmgren; Christian Hybbinette; Daniel Lundqvist


‘In-depth knowledge and understanding of both the legal and the business requirements meaning that they are able to find a practically viable solution to a legal matter.’

‘Johan Kahn is a genius at contract drafting and negotiations, in complex financial outsourcings.’

‘Kahn Pedersen is a modern, cutting-edge law firm, which has always delivered excellent results for us. Agile, pragmatic and responsive, the team is very pleasant to work with.’

‘I have worked mostly with Daniel Lundqvist, who I regard as a star within the field. He offers a complete skill-set – contract drafting, analysis, strategy, negotiation and the ability to quickly grasp complex issues and provide precise advice.’

‘Christian Hybbinette is very knowledgeable on the standard contracts that apply to our business, a very strong and unique competence in commercial contracts in Sweden.’

‘Christian Hybbinette, with his wide-ranging of experience towards industry players, is unique in the business. His key capabilities within industry contracts and knowledge of the paper industry cannot be found at any other firm in Sweden.’

Key clients

Länsförsäkringar Group

Getswish AB

Sandvik Group

Tekniska verken i Linköping AB

Fortum Group

Invidem AB

Handelsbanken Liv

Academic Work AB

ISS Facility Services AB

Willhem AB

Public procurement Tier 1

Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen KB is a stand-out name for all aspects of procurement work, and advises first-class clients from a number of sectors on the full range of the procurement process, from strategic advice and tendering issues to disputes. Kristian Pedersen is one of the most experienced procurement litigators on the market, and has acted in a substantial volume of disputes before the Supreme Administrative Court. Erik Olsson has advised leading companies in the transport and infrastructure sectors on all elements of the bidding process and execution of contracts, and associate Olle Lindberg assists with many of the firm's most significant mandates.

Practice head(s):

Kristian Pedersen; Erik Olsson

Other key lawyers:

Olle Lindberg


‘Pro-active and modern solutions within a field of law that is generally seen as quite ‘static’. We truly appreciate their innovative angle to complex legal issues.’

‘Kristian Pedersen is calmly presenting complex problems in a “simple” way with words that business people can also understand. Focus is not on long memos but rather on the usefulness of the advice – that is outstanding.’

‘Very high customer service! Young and modern approach. Always available and fast response. Extremely high delivery.’

‘KP’s approach to the client differs from other law firms in several ways, which I believe is contributing to the better quality of their deliveries and which definitely makes the end result more useful to me as client: 1. KP appears to have a genuine interest in the client’s business, and manages to apply the knowledge they collect in this respect to their deliveries. 2. KP think out of the box when it comes to the end product. By considering alternatives and being interested in making the end result useful for me as client, I get additional value.’

‘Kristian Pedersen is skilled, has the ability to adapt the deliveries to the client’s scope and is great to retain both for ordinary law firm assignments and when you seek advice from a business partner with legal skills. This is a rare combination.’

‘Excellent adviser in public procurement, can often provide practical and professional advice adapted to our business quickly.’

‘Kristian Pedersen is the best public procurement adviser we have encountered. Accessible, with great knowledge who offers practical solutions to complex problems. Not afraid to advise against appeals if the case has low merit, even if this means less work in that particular case for the firm.’

‘The team at Kahn Pedersen has an unsurpassed ability to handle public procurement law. They apply creative thinking and can find new ways of handling cases.’

‘I would like to mention Erik Olsson for his dedication and grate knowledge in public procurement law. He can always see a case from another angle and thus be successful.’

Key clients


Fortifikationsverket (the Swedish Fortifications Agency)




Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems AB

Vossloh Rail Services AB

Stockholm Exergi


Compass Group

VAFABmiljö kommunalförbund


Motala kommun


Pilatus Aircraft Ltd


Skellefteå Kraft

HBV Husbyggnadsvaror Förening


Tekniska verken i Linköping AB

Nodra AB

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IT-related law and commercial contracts
Public procurement
Dispute resolution public contracts
Commercial administrative procedure
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