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ALZAYAT Law Firm is a leading international law firm with Swiss standards, and has been based in Egypt for almost 20 years. The firm works with both national and international clients, including corporations as well as individuals and provides various legal services, mainly but not limited to, legal situations of an international nature.

An international law firm with departments covering various legal fields, composed of the best Egyptian lawyers, attorneys, and solicitors in Egypt and from around the world. Our lawyers are more than ready and willing to work around the clock to provide strategic, knowledgeable, sophisticated legal assistance and advice, achieving all your legal goals in the most effective way. The hard work and commitment of our employees has succeeded in gaining the trust of our clients, as well as bringing new clients to the firm.

Connecting continents, and trying to be closer to our international clients, ALZAYAT Law Firm opened a branch office in  Switzerland in 2017; thus ensuring we are closer to our clients in Europe. Continuing our success, our firm further enhanced its global presence in 2022 with the establishment of a new branch in Brazil, thereby extending our services to clients throughout the Americas.

Through collaboration among our three branches, we are equipped to manage diverse cases and offer a wide array of services across various legal domains. This synergy has propelled our business expansion and enriched our expertise, enabling us to effectively guide both existing and prospective clients towards achieving their legal objectives.


Our main areas of practice include
Inheritance law:
Inheritance law is one of our main areas of expertise, and consists mainly of will and inheritance law, especially on matters of an international nature.

One of the most important services that Alzayat Law firm provides is estate confining, which is a very useful service in the event of the estate existing in different jurisdictions around the globe. We can also assist with the sale of property when real estate exists in different countries, or in the event of numerous bank accounts, our team can assist with liquidating these.

Our service consists of collecting all assets into one big pot, and then transacting the final sum to the inheritor-clients’ accounts,  without the need for them to even leave their residence. We make sure that every inheritor receives their exact full and fair share.

This is alongside extracting the inheritance certificate as well as all necessary documents to make sure our clients’ procedures are all in tact and on the right side of the law.

Our team is capable of assisting you to create an estate plan that explains how your assets should be distributed after your death. Our lawyers can craft a strategy to reduce estate taxes and help ensure the financial security of your spouse and children. Additionally, our attorneys can also guide estate executors through the probate process.

As for inheritance – in the case of the loss of a relative, we are available to assist by applying for a decree of distribution, provide advice on the way the inheritance can rightfully be divided, and even execute a will, if there is one.

Similarly, we can assist you in the event of a dispute between inheritors as to each individuals’ rights. In this case, we are able to solve the issue by mediation or through litigation, whichever is most convenient at the time.

Furthermore, our highly qualified team can provide you with full assistance in pre-emption and partition contracts issues should you desire to sell your part of the estate in the case of pre-emption.

Oil and gas: We help private and public sector oil, gas, and petrochemical industry participants around the world achieve efficient and innovative solutions to their legal, regulatory, and structural challenges.

A global network of integrated offices and decades of industry experience allow us to provide advice that builds upon and adapts successful practices to meet the commercial and legal requirements of today’s market.

Our energy practice includes the representation of publicly traded and privately held companies as well as financial institutions, private equity funds, sovereign governments, and national energy companies in their various roles as developers, issuers, underwriters, lenders, and borrowers.

Our team handles a wide variety of public and private equity and debt offerings and lending transactions; mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures; and structuring and implementation of direct investments across global markets.

Our oil and gas experience spans the value chain from exploration and production activity in oil and gas, power and oil field service, supply and equipment manufacturing companies, midstream ventures, transportation, refining and marketing, investor-owned utilities, and independent power developers to renewable energy investment.

We represent clients in all aspects of the development and financing of critical infrastructure projects and have particularly strong capabilities with oil and gas, power and mining projects, and toll roads.

We have a broad outlook in the sector. Our lawyers are able to handle all legal aspects of a project from inception to completion, including all the legal sectors related to the oil and gas sector.

Corporate, commercial law, M&A, and due diligence: Achieving success in business requires the correct alignment of many factors, ranging from capable leadership and skilled work forces to efficient operating processes, financial measures, and much more.

All these elements and commercial operations are insured and included by contracts, leases, employment agreements, and the myriad of other legal documents and texts that make business relationships work efficiently to produce the highest quality results with the least costs.

Alzayat Law Firm knows that even the best business operations can crumble when not based on an accurate understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. Our experienced business lawyers have a proven record of helping entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders, non-profit and charitable organizations, start-ups, franchises, and other business entities to ensure that they have perfectly prepared contracts, licensing agreements, commercial leases, and other arrangements in place and ready to achieve sustained competitive business results

Alzayat Law Firm after being the choice of many successful businesses for years, is heavily experienced in international corporate law, with a deep understanding of legal issues related to business and commerce, as it has assisted its corporate clients in special corporate projects involving mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, investments, and tenders and bids. Additionally, our team has executed due diligence services for a variety of corporate purposes, partnering with well-known foreign law firms and investment bankers.

We are proud of our reputation of providing clients with legal advice in accordance with their business needs, financial and tax know-how which is supported by our solid working relationship with governmental agencies and other organizations essential for business operations in Egypt. Such agencies include the Securities and Exchange Commission and other related administrative bodies such as the Department of Trade and Industry and the Board of Investments as well as finance and tax authorities.

Being an international law firm, we have a long and successful record of incorporating foreign corporations in Egypt and assisting them in choosing the best form of companies to achieve their business goals in accordance with the Egyptian Legal system and the provisions and conditions of the General Authority for Investment (GAFI).  For instance, Alzayat Law Firm is proud to advise on the incorporation of one the Russian companies constructing the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), as one of the most revolutionary projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt right now.

Family law: International family law in Egypt, and domestic relations issues are not just about laws and legal procedures, fundamentally, they are about families. Regardless of the geographic sphere, people from different cultures and backgrounds seek to live their lives with a sense of purpose in a community that mutually respects one another. Unfortunately, some circumstances may arise within families that can cause harm to its members as they go about their everyday lives.

When the worst occurs, Alzayat Law Firm is available with the knowledge and experience that will give you the best possible representation so that justice can be gained, and dignity restored.

We manage divorce by mutual consent when the parties agree, as well as more complicated forms of divorce in the event of a disagreement between the two parties.

International divorce is one of the primary services we provide at Alzayat Family Law Firm. In conjunction with obtaining your divorce, we also assist in determining spousal support, child support, child custody, and visitation, restraining orders, and whatever other issues apply to your case.

Our firm is more than capable of assisting you with issues concerning paternity and child custody, guardianship, alimony, and marriage dissolution ie, divorce, mainly of an international nature. Our team is competent in ensuring that divorce, as well as other family law procedures concluded abroad are recognizable in Egypt.

Today’s court system can be a labyrinth to the person who is simply trying to regain a sense of normality in their personal life after a tragic occurrence. With experience and an unquenchable desire to help people in distress, Alzayat Law Firm has a track record of successful litigation that will provide clients with peace of mind to move forward confidently within the legal system.

Our attorneys believe that family relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We fight to protect our clients and their families fiercely as we would our own. Our attorneys recognize that divorce, or child custody problems, generate a great deal of stress and represent crucial turning points in our clients’ lives.

With that understanding in mind we provide a comfortable office environment and take a hands-on, active approach to our client’s problems. Our goal is to help you complete a smooth and effective transition to the next stage of your life.

Whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, our lawyers provide highly effective client services to individuals and families in all of Egypt from different backgrounds and nationalities. We can start protecting your rights and planning the safest road map for your family’s future from the moment you contact us.

Contract law and international agreements: Contract law relates to making and enforcing agreements. A contract is an agreement that a party can turn to a court to enforce. Contract law is the area of law that governs making contracts, carrying them out, and fashioning a fair remedy when there is a breach.

Anyone who conducts business uses contract law. Both companies and consumers use contracts when they buy and sell goods, when they license products or activities, for employment agreements, for insurance agreements, and more. Contracts make these transactions happen smoothly and without any misunderstanding. They allow parties to conduct their affairs confidently. Contracts help make sure the parties to a transaction are clear on its terms.

At Alzayat Law Firm, our team provides you with many services, to draft and evaluate contracts, determine the law that applies to contracts, help you find solutions to issues like choice of law, jurisdiction for enforcement, and mandatory arbitration clauses. Practicing contract law means knowing how to draft a contract that’s enforceable and that also has terms that are acceptable and valuable to the client and provides you with a full legal service.

Civil law: According to one of its earliest practitioners, “It’s the thing that neither influence can affect, nor power break, nor money corrupt. And were it to be suppressed or inadequately observed, no one would feel safe about anything.” The Roman statesman Cicero uttered those famous words over 2,000 years ago. Today, more than 60% of the world’s countries have some form of civil law.

Civil law is different. Instead of focusing on the relationship between state and individual, it is concerned with private relations between members of a community. For example, libel, slander, and breach of contract are all civil matters.

And at Alzayat Law Firm, we provide you with legal assistance through your Civil matters.

Legalization services: Many Egyptians and foreigners who have work or education experience in the country would like to legalize their documents to be able to present them in other countries. In this case, Alzayat Law Firm’s team will intervene and finalize the legalization of the documents on your behalf. This assistance is also provided through coordination with our partners abroad.

If you have a document that you wish to have stamped from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or any Embassy existing in Egypt, call us now and we will finalize the procedures for you.

Litigation: The litigation team at Alzayat Law Firm is staffed with civil litigation attorneys who have excellent case management skills and are more than competent in handling every aspect of the case. Our team of skilled lawyers have superior advocacy skills and are expert at staying abreast of changes in both law and business updates that can affect case outcomes.

Our attorneys have the ability to effectively negotiate and represent client interests, to ensure the most successful trial outcome. This will be by providing advice on case evaluations and developing the most effective defense strategies.

Immigration services: Individuals are motivated to leave their countries, “migrating” to another, for a variety of reasons, including a desire for economic prosperity, avoiding political issues, seeking family reunion, escaping from natural disasters, or simply wishing to change surroundings, and aiming to have this new destination as a permanent resident and even aiming to be integrated as one of its citizens.

Our immigration team in association with our business partners and associates abroad are more than competent in providing you with the necessary information to start your new life abroad, in accordance with the laws and provision of the country of your choice. Each country has a different set of conditions to admit new citizens and deal with immigrants.

Our service includes, but is not limited to, acquiring different kinds of visas to enter your destination country. These include visas for work, study and tourism, as well as for migration purposes, and bear in mind the rules for different destinations and for nationalities wanting to enter those destinations.

Additionally, we can provide document legalization services needed in this field. Such as legalizing the document from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as any Embassy existing in Egypt.

Citizenship of Egypt: Our team can help with all your immigration legal needs with our 10+ years of experience and we are authorized by the Egyptian Government to help whoever wants to acquire Egyptian Citizenship.

Banking and finance: We provide advice on all issues that affect the financial industry: financial markets, financial institutions, and financial transactions.

Our law firm is equipped to provide all legal services to banks and any other financial institutions, including drafting contracts, providing counseling regarding negotiations, or any deal the company is planning to take.

Dispute resolution: Alzayat Law Firm is available to represent the company or individual’s dispute amicably through arbitration, mediation or conciliation, depending on the clients’ needs and what best suits the situation at hand.

The areas covered by the practice extend across all fields including corporate disputes, commercial disputes, regulatory disputes, tax disputes, national and international arbitration.

Tax law: Our service in this sector includes providing advice on the structure of a variety of commercial transactions, negotiating their terms, and assisting clients with tax-related controversies, including any that may arise out of those transactions.

Media law and IP: Alzayat Law Firm is experienced in the field of media law and protects all our clients’ rights that are of this nature.

Our services for cinema production companies include, but are not limited to, setting up and establishing all kinds of cinema production companies, extracting membership of the cinema industry chamber, extracting, or modifying cinema practice and art production license.

Additionally, we can help register stories, scenarios, and dialogue related to artworks in the general authority of artworks censorship, drafting contracts of artists related to art and cinema works., drafting contracts of technicians related to art and cinema works, extracting all permits from syndicate of cinematic works for the commencement of cinematic works, extracting all permits from syndicate of scenic professions for the commencement of cinematic works, extracting all permits from a syndicate of musical professions for the commencement of cinematic works, extracting all permits from the ministry of interior related to artworks photography all over the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Further, our team is competent in assisting in the notifying of security directorates and police stations existing in the area of artworks photography before work commencement, as well as helping with film registering in the Egyptian chamber of the film industry and extracting all permits for cinema displaying.

Our team helps the firm’s clients draft contracts of internal and external distribution of cinematic works, as well as contracts to register in the Egyptian chamber of the cinema industry.

As per intellectual property and dealing with the general authority of artistic works censorship, our team can assist you in registering stories, scenarios, and dialogue of artistic works registering songs and tunes, and registering radio program ideas.

All of the above ensure that your artwork is well protected by law and that you own every legal right arising therefrom.

Administrative law: The governmental authorities have their own and specific rules and regulations for individuals or companies who wish to benefit or enter into business with governmental authorities.  shall follow these rules and regulations, moreover, appealing any administrative authority decree requires also to exhaust all of the options provided by the administrative authority first.

Bankruptcy and restructuring: Alzayat Law Firm focuses on bankruptcy and restructuring corporate and business-related insolvency issues, representing business and individual clients in all transactional and litigation aspects of out-of-court workouts, bankruptcy, business reorganizations, and debtor-creditor matters. In these matters, we seek practical solutions that minimize risks and expenses for our clients, while maximizing their return.

Department Name Email Telephone
General Information in Egypt AlZayat Law Firm +201006549485
Founder and Managing Partner of AlZayat Law Firm Dr. Mahmoud ALZAYAT +201018408855
General Manager Mr. Sayed Mohamed +201007538818
Partner Mr. Mohamed Emad +201018288074
General Information in Switzerland Alzayat Law Firm +41 41 552 20 66
Photo Name Position Profile
Mahmoud ALZAYAT photo Dr Mahmoud ALZAYAT The founder of ALZAYAT Law Firm, and is currently the Managing Partner…
Ahmed Abdel Samad Farag photo Mr Ahmed Abdel Samad Farag Associate
Mohamed Emad photo Mr Mohamed Emad Partner and head of the Media Law Department.
Abdelrahman Emad photo Mr Abdelrahman Emad Senior Associate and a Team Leader at Alzayat Law Firm.
Gamal Mohamed photo Mr Gamal Mohamed Senior Partner and Team Leader
Sayed Mohamed photo Mr Sayed Mohamed Co-founder General Manager of AlZayat Law Firm
Mohamed Saeed Mohamed photo Mr Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Head Accountant
Ahmed Mohsen photo Mr Ahmed Mohsen Senior Associate
Zeinab Okasha photo Mrs Zeinab Okasha Senior Associate
Mohamed Samy photo Mr Mohamed Samy Senior Associate
Sherin Sherif photo Mrs Sherin Sherif Senior Associate
Mahmoud Alzayat : Managing Partner
Sayed Mohamed : General Manager, Senior Partner
Mohamed Emad : Media Law, Senior Partner
Gamal Mohamed : Team Leader, Specialized in Court of Cassation procedures
Abdelrahman Emad : Team Leader, Corporate Law
Zeinab Okasha : Team Leader, Family Law
Mohamed Samy : Team Leader, Sports Law
Ahmed Mohsen : Team Leader, Administrative Law
Kareem Seif Al-Nasr : Team Leader, Civil Law
Ahmed Mohyey : Team Leader, Intellectual Property Law
Sherin Sherif : Team Leader, International Contracts
Ahmed Abdelsamad : Associate
Ahmed Hisham : Junior Associate
Anne Magdi : Junior Associate
Mohamed Shamel : Junior Associate
Omneya Mohamed : Junior Associate
Mohamed Saeed : Head of Accounting
Egyptian Bar Association
IBA (International Bar Association)
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)
Arab Union of Lawyers

AlZayat Law Firm being an international law firm built on Swiss standards, diversity, and inclusion (D&I) are standards our firm are undoubtably committed to. We take pride in the fact that our team is composed from a vastly diverse team, more precisely, being diverse in gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion, nationalities, socioeconomic origins, in addition to including individuals challenging handicaps.

Our team believes that a comfortable workplace environment is now a serious asset, that any business can use, especially an international law firm to further grow and develop. Since that when employees feel comfortable and included in their workplace, they are definitely more likely to produce enhanced results and reach their fullest potential. That being said, diversity and inclusion is actually an essential part of the workplace environment, without which, in our opinion, productivity will downgrade.

Our firm is one who speaks English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, and Arabic, which shows our international approach, and makes cognitive diversity and inclusion a fundamental element of AlZayat law firm’s identity.

AlZayat Law Firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is inspired by our belief that it is actually the language and the very idea of international business. Where every single individual is included and accepted for who they are, and the only accepted for of discrimination is the one based on qualifications, not identity.

Which can be clearly observed by the inclusion and removal of obstacles for each individual in our corporation, and eliminating all forms of aggression, which shows our believe in diversity and inclusion. That goes beyond simply recruiting individuals who can be identified as minorities in a society. But actually, taking serious actions within the corporation to ensure these standards.

Measures that diverse from making the office place handicap accessible, maternity leave that exceeds legal durations, facilitating religious practices in the workplace, making sure everyone feels valued, embraced, heard, and offered and opportunity to express their opinion. And ensuring equality in promotions and other benefits that our firm offers to its employees. In addition to our firm’s equal opportunity policy that shows in its recruitment process.

Moreover, as a law firm, it is our believe that this particular field should never be one who favours certain races, genders, or nationalities. But one that only favours qualifications, honesty, hard work, and dedication.