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Cyprus > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

PYRGOU VAKIS LAW FIRM is a well-established practice that frequently conducts legal due diligence for various M&A deals, commercial sales and on proposed investments. It has also been busy providing debt advisory and restructuring advice, as well as compliance and regulatory work. Melina Pyrgou, Demetris Vakis and Georgia Papa lead the ‘hands on, knowledgeable and responsive team’. The firm is known for being ‘experienced in international transactions, which makes the difference’.

Practice head(s):

Melina Pyrgou; Demetris Vakis; Georgia Papa

Other key lawyers:

Evelyn Ioannou


‘Reliability, speed of work. Melina Pyrgou is a person with great personality, trustworthy, well-educated and knowledgeable and committed to the excellent delivery of work ’.

‘Experienced in international transactions, which makes the difference’.

‘Accessibility and personal attention of the partners as well as their practical approach to resolving matters’.

‘Ms Melina Pyrgou has our highest respect for her integrity, practical mind, strength of opinion and professional expertise. The lawyers are able to explain things in simple and effective English – Ms Georgia Papa. Melina Pyrgou and Georgia Papa are very talented lawyers with a deep understanding of the issues they are working on’.

‘Reliable and speedy service – personal relationship. We mostly work with Georgia Papa from the corporate department. We have always received clear, tailor-made and goal-oriented advice from her’.

‘Mr Vakis is our company lawyer for years now. His strengths are his experience in the field, understanding of our company’s needs and he is always available to communicate, to advise and to find the best solutions for our company ’.

‘Lawyers always respond on time, they are aware of the industry and they give us appropriate advice/support to our related legal cases. Melina Pyrgou and Demetris Vakis are knowledgeable and willing to take the extra step in order to assist their clients. They are dependable and serious about their work, while always ensuring that the client feels that they are getting personalised attention’.

‘Evelyn Ioannou was my main contact, she was always able to answer the legal questions in a timely manner and showed a good expertise in this type of transactions. She was also pragmatic in her approach, always keeping the occurrence of the closing and the client’s interest in mind ’.

‘Firm is responsive and highly competent in corporate and commercial matters. Georgia Papa is a very capable lawyer who has an attentive approach to the sensitive needs of the client and is always in touch, ready to provide feedback on any issues and quick to respond. Evelyn Ioannou is very responsive and is always ready to help ’.

Cyprus > Banking and finance Tier 4

Debt restructuring, loan agreements and banking litigation are core components of the banking and finance practice at PYRGOU VAKIS LAW FIRM. It acts for an array of national and international clients on multi-jurisdictional matters. Heads of team Melina Pyrgou, Demetris Vakis and Georgia Papa are highly skilled practitioners.

Practice head(s):

Melina Pyrgou; Demetris Vakis; Georgia Papa


‘Team is accessible, knowledgeable and very efficient. It proposes specific solutions to problems and does not shy away from taking the responsibility for its position. As a customer I felt that I was treated with respect and always felt that I was a priority’.

‘I have worked closely with Demetris Vakis. He was always available, knowledgeable and clear about his opinion and advice, something that you do not often get in the legal spectrum. I think his experience adds a lot to the firm and the value provided to the customers’.

‘Apart from the fact that Melina Pyrgou and Georgia Papa are very talented lawyers, who have experience and a strong understanding of the issues, they are ready to help any time you need’.

‘ I was very impressed with PV’s responsiveness, level of knowledge and its wide network within regulatory community’.

‘Demetris Vakis has a very professional yet personal approach to working with others. I also enjoyed working with and meeting Melina Pyrgou’.


Cyprus > Dispute resolution Tier 5

PYRGOU VAKIS LAW FIRM provides a full range of civil litigation services to its clients and is skilled at handling local and international commercial litigation. Areas of expertise include advising on banking and finance disputes, injunctions and interim relief as well as the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in addition to advising on mediation. Heads of team Despo Andreou, Demetris Vakis and  Nota Pelekanou are all well regarded.

Practice head(s):

Despo Andreou; Demetris Vakis; Nota Pelekanou


‘The high quality of litigation services provided. Nota Pelekanou is very professional and experienced on banking cases. The level of expertise and specialisation in debt recovery is high’.

‘Professionals -competent -punctual -polite -supportive -knowledge -professionalism -on time’.

‘The most common means of dispute resolution in Cyprus is litigation. The members of the team are very thorough in all the pleadings, and extremely knowledgeable and helpful of every aspect of their legal work. Also, the team can help you claim and safeguard your interests through alternative means of dispute resolution, even when there is no judge involved in this procedure’.

‘People I work with are all professionals and whatever are their duties they are very good at it. Act immediately and always are next to us ’.

‘We have worked with Pyrgou Vakis LLC for many years. Pyrgou Vakis LLC has always represented our firm in the most professional manner. Its ethics are of the highest standards. Its friendship, courtesy, knowledge and honesty have become very important to us during our day to day cooperation. Pyrgou Vakis LLC is a law firm with a rare combination: it consistently exhibits great skill and knowledge with a friendly, direct approach. The staff are always personable and of high integrity’.

‘The practice is unique when there is understanding and respect between different generations! Each personality gives its best and becomes better by learning from each other. Team’s strengths is powered by believing in its capability and its experience on the subject. Honesty is not something you can buy ’.

‘Demetris Vakis is a person I can trust not only as a lawyer but also as a real friend. With Nota is a twin I don’t wish to have them against me at court ’.

The firm: Pyrgou Vakis LLC is an established law firm in Cyprus with an impeccable track record linked to uncompromising professional standards. Its clients range from small local companies to multinational organisations who rely on it for first-class legal guidance related to Cyprus, including cross-border activities: offering services from its offices in Nicosia and Limassol; broad expertise to cover the needs of its corporate and individual clients; extensive international network of corresponding firms; member of EuropeFides, an accounting, audit, tax and legal association; member of Telfa Trans-European Law Firms Alliance; awarded with ISO9001:2015 and IQNet certifications; listed in Global Law Experts 2015-Awards Winner; listed in The Law Reviews 2016 – Expert Panel; listed in The Legal 500 (EMEA) 2016 and 2017.

Client-centered,result-oriented: Every client and every case is different. The firm offers collective expertise of a team of approachable and resourceful professionals with the necessary experience to resolve challenging, complex legal issues. With an eye on the big picture and attention to detail, it aims for the most favourable outcome that serves its clients’ purposes. The firm’s assigned lawyers will take the time to listen to clients at length and consult the team as necessary; to record the facts and make a sound and objective professional assessment; to analyse, present and explain all the options to them; to recommend the most favourable course of action for each case individually; to manage the risks; to deliver the agreed services on time.

Lawyers on their team: The firm is always proud to introduce its talented and competent team of lawyers who have the knowledge, drive and work ethic that define the firm. Their diverse backgrounds, skills, and insights enable them to always act in their clients’ best interest.

Dynamic support: Whether liaising with clients or working behind the scenes, the firm’s multilingual administrators and management professionals provide the hands-on day-to-day support that allows them to perform efficiently and effectively.

Areas of practice: The firm’s clients benefit from its expertise of its versed and versatile members. By keeping abreast of current issues and exploring further challenges, they are well positioned to understand their concerns. A thorough analysis of all available options is the key to its service approach; advertising and marketing; banking law; commercial law; constitutional law; corporate law; employment law; environmental law; family law; immigration law; intellectual property; labelling; property law; trusts; wills and estates; company administration in Cyprus and other jurisdictions.

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Advertising and marketing
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Company administration and compliance
Data protection services
Employment law
Environmental law
Family law
Immigration law
Intellectual property law
Legal services
Property law
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Wills and estates
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Pyrgou Vakis Law Firm opens office in Limassol city

Pyrgou Vakis Law Firm now operates under 2 offices, Nicosia and Limassol.

Pyrgou Vakis acquires IQNet and ISO9001:2015 certifications

Pyrgou Vakis Law Firm acquires updated certification from IQNet and achieves ISO9001:2015 Certification