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Dispute resolution Tier 2

LEGATE, s.r.o handles a range of litigation and arbitration cases for Slovak and CEE companies. Its experience includes construction, shareholder, IP, tax and administrative disputes. In addition, it is increasingly active in cyber security claims. Managing partner Peter Vrábel is a 'very efficient, attentive and client-oriented lawyer, who always keeps an eye on the important details'. Vrábel co-heads the practice with Michal Mistrík.

Practice head(s):


Peter Vrábel always provides very reliable and professional legal advice in  complex and industry-specific matters

The attorneys act as one team and this goal-oriented team has impressive strategic skills and delivers reliable and quick responses. We feel that the team is very engaged and well-connected

Peter Vrábel is an old fox litigator and therefore a tough negotiator, utilising not just litigation, but also international arbitration skills. He is capable to efficiently handle large and complex matters, which allows clients to confidently rely on him in long and complicated disputes

Michal Mistrík is an extremely dedicated litigator who evaluates situations accurately while being commercially minded, practical and constructive

This excellent team is widely respected for high-stakes commercial and corporate litigation and the team is genuine in combining the procedural knowledge of litigation with the experience of case law

Projects and energy Tier 2

LEGATE, s.r.o delivers a 'first-class service' in oil, gas and power projects, with a focus on downstream matters. The team is able to handle a broad raft of energy sector mandates, including EPC contracts, construction contracts, and related disputes; it has 'first-hand knowledge of the industry and address matters promptly and in a very astute and determined manner'. Peter Vrábel is a key figure.


The team provides competent and timely advice at short notice and we praise its generous support, timely advice and client-oriented approach

The firm’s oil and gas lawyers are knowledgeable, pro-active and available and as they are mandated by giants in this practice area; we consider them as one of highly-respected leaders in this space

Peter Vrábel is a true expert in this field who made his service very personal to the client; he is not only fighting the client’s corner, but he also thinks as though he is already in the client’s shoes. He is highly responsive and creative and impresses us with his excellent business acumen and strength-in-depth

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

The 'very engaged and well-connected' team at LEGATE, s.r.o is often engaged in domestic and cross-border M&A. Real estate, transport, IT, agriculture, retail and private equity are among the key areas of strength. Peter Vrábel and Michal Mistrík are recommended.

Practice head(s):


Peter Vrábel is an old fox attorney and he is able to efficiently handle large and complex matters, which allows clients to confidently rely on him in long and complicated matters. He is fully dedicated, pragmatic and perfectly perceives the modus operandi and business needs of the client

Norbert Havrila is a very reliable attorney, results focused and dedicated to the client’s case. He is highly professional and fully committed

Real estate and construction Tier 4

LEGATE, s.r.o's 'client-oriented' team is experienced in real estate and construction transactions in the agriculture, energy and natural resources sectors. It is also adept at handling residential development projects. Peter Vrábel heads up the practice.

Practice head(s):


A reliable partner with extensive experience in industrial investment projects

The lawyers are interested in having a full understanding of the client’s needs and consequently the team consistently enforces the client’s needs when negotiating

The team also has relevant experience in litigation related to investment projects

The firm: LEGATE has been operating in Slovakia since 2004. The firm was formed by Peter Vrábel, an experienced attorney registered within the Slovak Bar Association in 2000, who gained experience as an attorney and benefits from experience at a premium US law firm.

Since its formation, LEGATE has extended into a wide team of lawyers with complex and detailed knowledge of local distinctions applicable to the Slovak market. At the present time, LEGATE comprises seven attorneys, three junior lawyers, one paralegal and two assistants which ranks LEGATE as a medium-sized law firm within Slovak market.

The firm aims to keep clients satisfied and focuses on cost-effective services and tailor-made solutions with a flexible approach. The firm considers the client’s requirements and projects on an individual basis, first to understand the client’s model of operation (modus operandi) and afterwards to prepare alternative solutions in close co-operation with the client’s representatives. No single project is the same; the draft solutions are supervised by the managing partner or created in brainstorming meetings within the team of dedicated lawyers. This individual attitude attracts clients to form long-term professional relationships.

The firm provides its clients with a wide scope of legal support depending on specified requirements and demands of its clients. The legal practice areas of LEGATE comprise corporate, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, industry and energy, antitrust and competition, banking and finance, construction, employment, public procurement, real estate, restructuring and insolvency, taxes and transport regulation, data protection and intellectual property law.

Areas of practice: LEGATE’s main legal practice areas are: mergers and acquisitions, energy, employment, litigation and arbitration, insolvency and restructuring , public procurement, projects and taxes.

LEGATE primarily renders its legal activities in the following industrial sectors: engineering and energy projects; transport, civil aviation and logistics; construction projects.

Practice head and managing partner Peter Vrabel is the counsel in charge. His previous experience in Slovakia’s anti-monopoly offices means that he has extensive contacts with regulatory bodies, which prove especially helpful in merger filings. Peter offers extensive experience in securities law and mergers and acquisitions. He is a licensed trustee, securities broker, mediator and listed arbitrator of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Energy work is a key area of focus for the firm. The firm advises four of the 20 largest non-financial enterprises in Slovakia, all of which are major energy players. The firm’s practice extends to assisting multinational, pan-European oil and gas companies and public entities. The firm handles ‘pure’ energy work, meaning the practice covers EPC contracts, construction contracts, and related arbitration. The practice does not rely on transactional work that happens to take place in the energy sector. The firm’s familiarity with EU energy regulations is crucial to its practice: the firm advises new plants on compliance, and ensures that new projects match EU specifications.

Within the employment practice area, the firm handles a wide range of matters including designing comprehensive and appropriate employment models for the largest companies in Slovakia, as well as for organisational units and subsidiaries of multinational companies established in Slovakia, general employment counselling and pre-litigation employment strategies.

The firm’s litigation track record includes achieving successes in some of the largest cases in recent Slovakian history, such as successfully defending its client, the second largest company in Slovakia, against a €66m claim raised by a private equity house. The claim concerned the price of gas supplied to a million households, and therefore attracted significant media attention. The firm has acted as counsel in arbitral proceedings at the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and the Arbitration Court in Prague, the International Court of Arbitration in Paris and the Vienna International Arbitral Centre. It possesses a thorough acquaintance with the local legal and judicial environments, resulting in a swiftness of the decision-making process incomparable to that offered by international law firms.

As a member of GLOBALAW, international law group and network of independent law firms, LEGATE is in permanent connection with legal professionals from more than 108 different jurisdictions, making the law firm more accessible to eminent international clients.

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation & ADR Peter Vrábel +421262527561
Energy & Projects Alena Plánavská +421262527561
Mergers & Acquisitions Miroslav Dudlák +421262527561
Real estate & Construction Lucia Staronová +421262527561
Antitrust & Competition Viktória Draškaba +421262527561
Employment & Labour law Michal Mistrík +421262527561
Commercial law Norbert Havrila +421262527561
Corporate agenda Michaela Bašistová +421262527561
Public Procurement Viktória Draškaba +421262527561
Insolvecny & Restructuring Michaela Bašistová +421262527561
Tax law Peter Vrábel +421262527561
Transport, Cargo & Infrastructure Michal Mistrík +421262527561
Photo Name Position Profile
 Ivana Šaková QC photo Ivana Šaková QC Senior Associate: Since joining the LEGATE team, Ivana mainly focuses on corporate…
 Michaela Bašistová QC photo Michaela Bašistová QC Junior Associate: Michaela has joined LEGATE team in January 2016 and since…
JUDr Viktória Draškaba, MEconSC  photo JUDr Viktória Draškaba, MEconSC Junior Partner: Viktoria joined the LEGATE team in 2008 and specializes for…
Mgr Miroslav Dudlák, MBA  photo Mgr Miroslav Dudlák, MBA Of counsel: Miroslav became part of the LEGATE team in October 2019…
 Norbert Havrila photo Norbert Havrila Senior Associate: Norbert has joined LEGATE team in August 2017, while previously…
 Michal Mistrík photo Michal Mistrík Junior Partner: Michal joined the team in 2006 and is mainly responsible…
JUDr Alena Pláňavská  photo JUDr Alena Pláňavská Senior Partner: Since joining the team in 2001 Alena secured a long…
JUDr Lucia Staroňová  photo JUDr Lucia Staroňová Senior Associate: Since joining the LEGATE team, Lucia mainly focuses on real…
Mr Peter Vrabel photo Mr Peter Vrabel Managing Partner: Practice head and firm managing partner Peter Vrábel is a…
Number of lawyers : 11
IBA (International Bar Association)
EALA - European Aviation Law Association

LEGATE is fully aware of its social responsibility, necessity to involve in community activities and being instrumental in positive social contribution.

Therefore, we actively support educational activities and programmes within multiple schools via the 2% annual income tax contribution.

Moreover, we pursue distinctive programme covering and resolving the private legal matters of our clients and private legal matters of their family members. The track record of LEGATE also involves the cooperation with NGO supporting the high standards of ethics and social equality in Slovak Republic.

Nevertheless, LEGATE supports gender diversity within the structures more than half of our legal team is comprising of women.


As a medium-sized law firm in Bratislava, Slovakia, LEGATE has a great amount of flexibility at its disposal.  

The local presence of this law firm in Slovakia guarantees swiftness of decision-making, which can hardly be matched by large international law firms.  

The high degree of flexibility is also confirmed by the very open approach to any price model cooperation. 

LEGATE professionally renders the legal services for four companies rated among the top 20 non-financial enterprises in the Slovak Republic with strong international expertise.  

The clientele of LEGATE ranges from subsidiaries of strong energy market players through to transnational industrial players and also includes the public sector. 

The cross-border matters are in particular ensured via LEGATE’s steady position within Globalaw network having more than 89 independent partner law firms at its disposal located in 76 jurisdictions around the world in three Globalaw regions which cover the globe (America (including Canada. USA, Central America and South America); Asia, Pacific and Oceania and EMEA (Europe, Africa and Middle East). 

All LEGATE legal counsels speak fluent English. Other lingual abilities of counsels are comprised of the German, Russian and French languages. 

Peter Vrábel, Manging Partner

The Slovak legal market is really saturated with so many law firms where consolidation continues dramatically. The size of law firms is still prerequisite for traditional law firms while adoption of new technologies allows streamline of legal services provided by boutique law firms through other sales channels. COVID however resulted in decrease of demand for legal needs at its beginning, however then it even accelerated the changes for provision of the legal services and offered new opportunities to be taken from legal market.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate LEGATE from your competitors?

Legate acts as solution provider for its clients and not just legal operator. We offer frontier attitude keeping hands-on approach for the projects we were mandated for. We also focus on certain sector industries to get deep insight into modus operandi of our clients to monitor the trends and advise them from broad perspective. The clients often engage us as one-stop shop provider to also cover tax and accounting issues. The flexibility, outcome-driven approach and tailored made solutions form corner stones of our values.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Cyber-security law, data protection law and all-in services should not be overlooked. Development of blockchain technologies and 4.0 internet of smart things shall be followed by significant requirements for legal support to these sectors. The clients would prefer to have solution from one provider to track clear responsibility line and therefore call for all-in or package services should be rolled out.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

The radical move was to offer majority of clients predictability in their budgets by offering cap fees for the projects. The remarkable benefits for the clients might be drawn from automation of documents and contracts by launch of online application for corporate matters and implementation of files sharing service, which provides mirroring litigation files for the clients with those as recorded with the court and with us.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Web application (automation tool) for corporate matters saves time for us and money for our clients. The shared files offer high comfort with respect to upload of the documents by the client and download of certain deeds if updated by us as representative at the court case. Moreover, we were registered for several international platforms in Italy, USA which operate as law firms panel for specific practice areas for registered clients. Webex, Teams and Zoom platforms are used on daily basis for communication with the clients due to COVID.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We have convinced our long-term client to commence the sale process of his company for finding the investor and we set up a consortium with financial advisor and succeeded to find strategic investor for our client. We have introduced some of our clients to the other clients and they became business partners in agriculture and commodities business. We co-operate with the banks and are registered for their business platforms where we can offer to our clients the investments targets generated by the banks.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

The clients listen to us when they lack family successor for their firms as we my provide for them solution, however the clients would be surprised if we as lawyers recommend business strategy to them. On the other side we are involved in strategic decision-making when the clients face to big issues as they accept our role of problem solver. We plan to be high-end provider of legal services for energy, disputes, real estates, and M&A (to enhance ranking from tier 2 into tier 1) and one-stop shop operator for all-in advisory services within three years´ time. We will focus on development of unique value proposals in niche segments for our clients and extend number of our branches.