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The team at ZABALDANO AVOCATS is experienced in civil and criminal litigation. Arnaud Zabaldano leads and oversees all matters within the law office. Senior associate Nicolas Robert leads the corporate, commercial and M&A practice, he regularly offers consulting services and intervenes in civil litigation. Cécile Peltier-Gauci is a key name for work in the real estate and construction space.

Practice head(s):

Arnaud Zabaldano; Valerie Zoccola; Cecile Peltier Gauci; Sophie Couturier; Nicolas Robert; Valerie Mufraggi; Arnaud Cheynut

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The practice at ZABALDANO AVOCATS acts for high-net-worth clients on real estate matters as well as in financial disputes, divorce proceedings and criminal litigation. Arnaud Zabaldano and Valerie Zoccola lead on private client matters.

Practice head(s):

Arnaud Zabaldano; Valerie Zoccola; Cecile Peltier Gauci; Sophie Couturier; Nicolas Robert; Valerie Mufraggi; Arnaud Cheynut

The firm: Zabaldano Avocats was set up by Arnaud Zabaldano, a Barrister at the Monaco Bar, practising since 2001. It is a leading Monaco based firm handling complex domestic and international litigation and transactional matters. Zabaldano Avocats represents private clients and ultra-net-worth individuals who require dedication, professionalism and commitment. Originally specialised in litigation, the firm has rapidly built a solid corporate and transactional practice group as well as consolidating a substantial real estate and construction group. The wide scope of competencies and in-depth knowledge of the team enables the firm to create a synergy between its different practices and draw from the expertise and know-how of each of its lawyers to best serve its clients on complex, cutting-edge matters, combining legal excellence, availability and innovation. The firm regularly collaborates with magic circle firms on cross-border matters.

Areas of practice: The multi-disciplinary team have extensive experience in practice areas such as banking and finance, commercial and business law, international law, real estate and construction as well as employment law and criminal law.

Dispute resolution and litigation: the team is led by the founding partner Arnaud Zabaldano and assisted by several senior associates. The firm has a first class and fully fledged litigation practice. Providing exceptional client care constitutes a major priority for the team. The key players are: Valerie Zoccola, who has an extensive track record in representing and advising clients on matters relating to family law, wealth management and inheritance, enforcement of foreign decisions, estate planning and private international law. Cecile Peltier-Gauci, who has gained solid experience and expertise in real estate litigation and construction law as well as in civil procedures. Sophie Couturier, an internationally educated lawyer who tackles civil, penal and white-collar criminal cases of both local and international dimensions. Valérie Mufraggi, an experienced lawyer acknowledged for her professionalism handling complex employment cases. Nicolas Robert, a senior lawyer who has extensive experience in Monaco and handles complex real estate and commercial law matters

Real estate and construction: the team is led by the founding partner Arnaud Zabaldano and senior associate, Cécile Peltier-Gauci. Cécile Peltier-Gauci is a leading Monaco based senior associate who has acquired solid experience in real estate issues, construction and civil procedures. They are able to provide an array of expert legal services including project support, counselling, dispute avoidance and litigation in all real estate and construction matters and offer a complete and comprehensive service handling complex cases for a broad range of clients – promoters, constructors, landowners and tenants – acting in their long-term interests.

Corporate/M&A: the team has developed a particular know-how in corporate and commercial law and transactional matters across borders, jurisdictions and practice areas. The team is best known for its ability to represent and advise institutional clients, domestic and foreign companies, ultra-net-worth individuals and other private clients, as well as family offices.

Recent hires include managing associate Fabrice Garcin who specializes in corporate governance issues (shareholders’ agreements, executive compensation…), negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts (distribution contracts, service contracts, terms of sale) and the valuation and protection of their intangible assets.

Frédérique Reynertz,  managing director and managing associate in charge of the regulatory and compliance department, also brings her extensive experience advising private and corporate clients on drafting and negotiation of complex international agreements in IP, media rights, licencing, image rights, sponsorship, major events organisation, risk assessment and risk management, productions of audiovisual content, rights acquisition and licensing/assignment, ip assets management, (including licensing strategies and enforcement programmes) certification/labelling, merchandising, results database management, procurement and service provider agreements, general terms and conditions.

Private client, ultra-net-worth individuals and family offices practice group: the team is led by Arnaud Zabaldano and Valérie Zoccola. Valerie Zoccola is a leading Monaco based senior associate with an extensive track record in the area of family law, civil procedures and private international law. She tackles complex cases of both local and international dimensions. The firm represents and advises clients on matters relating to all the aspects of family law, wealth management and inheritance, enforcement of foreign decisions, estate planning and private international law. The team meets its clients’ specific needs on the personal, business, legal, contentious and non-contentious issues they face, through its solid experience and its broad perspective.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Arnaud Zabaldano +377 97 98 06 80
Private international Valerie Zoccola +377 97 98 06 80
Commercial Arnaud Zabaldano +377 97 98 06 80
Commercial Nicolas Robert +377 97 98 06 80
Employment Arnaud Zabaldano +377 97 98 06 80
Employment Valerie Mufraggi +377 97 98 06 80
Administrative Cecile Peltier-Gauci +377 97 98 06 80
Recovery procedures and enforcement Cecile Peltier-Gauci +377 97 98 06 80
Criminal cases Arnaud Zabaldano +377 97 98 06 80
Criminal cases Sophie Couturier +377 97 98 06 80
Human rights Arnaud Zabaldano +377 97 98 06 80
Human rights Sophie Couturier +377 97 98 06 80
Real estate and construction Cecile Peltier-Gauci +377 97 98 06 80
Real estate and construction Nicolas Robert +377 97 98 06 80
Family and inheritance Valerie Zoccola +377 97 98 06 80
Regulatory and Compliance Frédérique Reynertz +377 97 98 06 80
Corporate/M&A Fabrice Garcin +377 97 98 06 80
Photo Name Position Profile
Miss Elodie BIANCHINI  photo Miss Elodie BIANCHINI Elodie BIANCHINI is an Associate in the Private Clients division, Zabaldano Lawyers,…
Mrs Sophie COUTURIER photo Mrs Sophie COUTURIER Sophie Couturier is Managing Associate in charge of the Criminal law and…
Me Arnaud Cheynut photo Me Arnaud Cheynut Arnaud CHEYNUT is Lawyer in Zabaldano Lawyers in Monaco. He is a…
Mr Fabrice GARCIN  photo Mr Fabrice GARCIN Fabrice is Managing Associate in charge of the Business Law Advisory department.…
Miss Pierrine GIORNI  photo Miss Pierrine GIORNI Pierrine GIORNI is Associate in the Criminal law and Human Rights department…
Mr Nicolas GUILLAUME  photo Mr Nicolas GUILLAUME Nicolas GUILLAUME is Junior Associate in the Employment law division, Zabaldano Lawyers,…
Mrs Valerie MUFRAGGI photo Mrs Valerie MUFRAGGI Valerie Mufraggi is Managing Associate in charge of the Employment law department…
Mrs Cecile PELTIER-GAUCI photo Mrs Cecile PELTIER-GAUCI Cecile Peltier-Gauci is Managing Associate in charge of the Real Estate department…
Mrs Frederique REYNERTZ  photo Mrs Frederique REYNERTZ Frédérique Reynertz is Managing Director and Managing Associate in Zabaldano Lawyers With…
Mr Nicolas ROBERT photo Mr Nicolas ROBERT Nicolas ROBERT is Managing Associate in charge of the Private and Public…
Me Arnaud ZABALDANO photo Me Arnaud ZABALDANO Founder and Managing partner of Zabaldano Lawyers, he oversees the multi-disciplinary team…
Mrs Valerie ZOCCOLA photo Mrs Valerie ZOCCOLA Valerie Zoccola is Managing Associate in charge of the Private Clients department…
Number of lawyers : 13
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Zabaldano Lawyers are experienced in handling matters in cross-border disputes especially in international private law , employment issues and enforcement procedures. 

The law office has also developed expertise in advising its corporate and individual clients on international business deals, extradition proceedings and with international arrest warrants in Monaco and also assists persons who are the subject of Red Notices issued by Interpol. 

The clients 

Zabaldano Law Office has established a first-class international client base  

  • Main operators in building, construction and real estate in Monaco 
  • High profile individuals 
  • International banks 
  • Insurance companies 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Industrial sector 
  • Start-ups 

The Team 

The team have an international background and have extensive experience in international law offering clients a broad range of services in high profile familycorporate, commercial and criminal matters. 

The firm works fluently in French and English. Some members also speak Italian, German, Russian, Dutch and Spanish. 

The network 

Their prestigious, global resources enable them to offer the best available client cross border support and operate efficiently and effectively when required. 

Arnaud Zabaldano, Managing Partner

Managing Partner, Arnaud Zabaldano explains how his law office is adapting to client’s changing needs

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Zabaldano Avocats from your competitors?

Commitment to excellence combined with forceful litigation. Our accomplished, multidisciplinary team offers our clients a broad range of high-quality dispute resolution services and carefully designed strategies to achieve the best outcome in high profile corporate, commercial, civil law and criminal matters.

Our team have acquired extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Monaco and international law and is also fluent in a range of languages. In addition to French and English, our team also speaks Russian, German and Italian, allowing us to work effectively with our international clients.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Due to the ever-increasing client base and client needs, we will be extending our Business Criminal Law, Labour law, Real Estate and Construction, Private international law (family, estates and successions) and Corporate departments. The firm has been constantly growing since its inception and will continue its expansion in the coming year.

Compliance, especially with respect to Anti-Money Laundering and data protection has evolved a lot recently and this practice is likely to continue growing in the coming year.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

We have installed a new client and file management software to ensure increasing efficiency and organization. This software will allow clients remote online access to their own files.

We’ve also developed the team on the advisory side of our activity in order to support our clients with their corporate and regulatory issues.

4) Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

This year, with the Covid pandemic forcing teleworking, interaction with clients through remote means has had to become more efficient and focused. We have invested in equipping the office and associates with cutting edge technology and equipment to facilitate the speed of communication, reach and exchanges and be able to continue providing the best service to our clients.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We assist clients and secure settlements, transactions and successful results for them every day. By way of example, we successfully achieved for a client the refinancing of an amount of 50 M€ with a foreign bank including many guarantees taking place in Monaco (amongst others: a conventional real estate mortgage).

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

We are confident that our firm will strengthen its position as a leader in all aspects of white-collar crime, Labour law and private client litigation and will remain the go-to firm for established corporate clients and start-ups alike, looking for first-class corporate and business advice.