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Dispute resolution Tier 2

Kinkin & Partners frequently acts on insolvency proceedings on behalf of both the creditor and the debtor; it continues to represent former depositors harmed by the collapse of the Corporate Commercial Bank in 2014, and has defended a client in insolvency proceedings brought by a partner due to alleged non-payment of receivables. Energy disputes (a specialism of Adriana Nacheva) are another strength of the practice, which has represented hydroelectric power producers against the regulatory authorities regarding the withdrawal of water-use permissions. The firm also advise on intellectual property, and unfair competition mandates. Vladimir Kinkin leads the team, while Silviya Spasova and Nikolay Radev are key contacts.

Practice head(s):


‘All individuals in the Kirkin & Partners Law Firm have an excellent knowledge of Bulgarian and European Law.’

‘They were very fast in responding to my questions and to my complicated demands and they were sending me continuous and detailed written briefings.’

Key clients

Agroteka Ltd.

Association of the Depositors Harmed by the Corporate Commercial Bank

Belvi Ltd.

Injectosond Bulgaria Ltd.

Kaigrup Ltd.


Paladium Ltd.

Praeda Ltd.

RGK Group LP

RVB Bulgaria Ltd.

The Bakers JSC

Tombou Bulgaria Ltd.

VEZ Svoghe

Intellectual property Tier 2

Kinkin & Partners assists clients with trade mark applications, oppositions and defence procedures in food production, financial services, and fashion industries. The team, led by Adriana Nacheva, also drafts agreements for the transfer of intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry, and has experience in protecting trade secrets and industrial designs from infringing competitors. query inclusion

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Alexandrova Design EOOD

Asclepion Medical centre – Humane Medicine Researches ltd.

Manol Kourdalanov

The Bakers Jsc.

Transport (including shipping) Tier 2

Kinkin & Partners focus on maritime shipping and transport, advising on marine insurance, shipping finance, preparation of contracts of carriage, licence acquisitions for cargo transfer, and cross-border transport regulation. The firm is particularly experienced in contentious matters arising from breach of contract, ships arrest and cargo retention. Vladimir Kinkin leads the team, with Nikolay Radev advising on tax and insurance aspects.

Practice head(s):

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Kinkin & Partners, which is known for its ‘creative solutions’, has a successful track record in amending shareholders’ agreements, structuring transfers of ownership, and altering company structures. The firm has extensive experience in advising on business reorganisations for companies with complex and cross-border ownership structures, as well as advising on cross-border M&A deals for small and medium-size businesses Vladimir Kinkin leads the team. Senior associates Tsvetelina Stoilova and Nikolay Radev are also noted.

Practice head(s):


‘The whole team of Kinkin & Partners consists of highly educated and experienced professionals, who are well versed and fully cover all aspects of our needs, especially in corporate law.’

‘They are experienced, knowledgeable and efficient in their work. They provide us with comprehensive protection of our legal interest.’

‘We appreciate their quality expertise and thorough work on complicated legal matters.’

Key clients

Bulavto-Lada Ltd.

Elvistar Trading Ltd.


J.K. Management S.R.L.

Kampo 2007 Ltd.

Logimoda Ltd.

Nelas Auto Parts Ltd.

Penguin U.N. Ltd.

Real Fruit Ltd.


Projects and PPP Tier 3

The team at Kinkin & Partners  provides 'a high quality of service' in the provision of advice on all aspects of infrastructure projects and related investments and finance. In addition to its expertise in commercial developments such as shopping centers and office buildings, it also advises on power plant, road and other municipal developments. It covers related areas such as real estate and planning issues. Adriana Nacheva leads the team, with senior associate Tsvetelina Stoilova - Valkanova bringing expertise in project financing, and associate Dilyana Tsoleva playing a key role in public procurement considerations.

Practice head(s):


‘We are very content with the firm’s performance and the high quality of the services they provide.’

‘The quality of the legal services provided by Kinkin & Partners is excellent. The lawyers have shown vast knowledge and skill. Another strength I would point out is the ability to combine individual attorneys’ qualities in order to provide the most accurate, grounded and efficient legal services.’

Key clients


Chuchuline Trading Ltd.

Energy – KA Ltd.

Glass Chem Ltd.

Hydroenergy Ltd.

Laurea Nadezhda Ltd.

Laurea Ltd.

Mime Ltd.

Proekta Tanya Mitakeva Ltd.

Quattro Properties Ltd.

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 4

Kinkin & Partners has a strong track record in acting for clients seeking to recover debts and withheld funds. In addition to ongoing litigation for former depositors with the now-defunct Corporate Commercial Bank, the firm has acted for international clients whose accounts have been frozen, and for several clients seeking the release of payments made through electronic payment services. The group also advises on share acquisition finance, real estate and project finance, and amending existing loans. Adriana Nacheva leads the team.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Association of the Depositors Harmed by the Corporate Commercial Bank


JLB One Power team

Laurea Ltd

Lewey Marketing Aktiengesellschaft


Wilson Workover

Energy and natural resources Tier 4

Kinkin & Partners specialises in advising on water use regulations for hydroelectric power producers. The firm has experience of advising on obtaining and renewing water usage permits, and litigating against water usage permit withdrawals, acting against the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment and Waters, and river basin management commissions. The team (led by the ‘excellent strategist’ Adriana Nacheva) also acts for the Hydroenergy Association on drafting amendments to the Water Act. The group also provides ongoing regulatory advice to solar power producers. Siyana Veleva is another name to note.

Practice head(s):


‘We appreciate the extensive and complex experience of the lawyers, their comprehensive knowledge in all legal areas and their well-balanced approach to each legal issue.’

‘The team is highly experienced, knowledgeable and efficient in their work. They are very communicative and take care of their client’s interests.’

‘Our closest contact is Adriana Nacheva, who is one of the partners in the firm, and also Mrs. Siyana Veleva, a senior attorney-at-law at the firm. They are very skilful and experienced professionals.’

Key clients

Agria Jsc.


Belvi Ltd

Energy Invest JsC

Hydroenergy Association

Hydroenergy Construction Ltd.

KK-Hydro Ltd.

Lucky Energy Sole JsC

MVEZ Glojene Ltd.

MVEZ Michailovo Ltd.


Runo-Kazanlak JsC

Solar Power Park Ltd.

Venture Equity Bulgaria JsC

Real estate and construction Tier 4

Kinkin & Partners chiefly assists individuals and investment vehicles in complex real estate transactions, with a track record in achieving positive outcomes where ownership is unclear or contested. Its experience covers negotiating with regulatory and municipal authorities regarding zoning issues, planning permissions, and errors and ambiguities in cadastral maps. Amendment and structuring of leasing and rent agreements are another strength. Adriana Nacheva, practice head, has expertise in drafting tender documents, and assisting with bidding processes, and senior associate Siyana Veleva takes the lead on due diligence matters and structuring transactions.

Practice head(s):


‘We would like to highlight their in-depth knowledge in the area and their ability to foresee all relevant aspects of the cases and look for the appropriate solution.’

‘Kinkin & Partners has fully supported our legal needs and their work was always excellent.’

‘The level of the legal services provided by Kinkin & Partners is excellent. The lawyers have showed vast knowledge and skill.’

Key clients

Agria JsC

Alexandrova Design LtD



Bernhard Held

Edward Pontchek

Industrialna 13

Joana Deneva

Laurea Nadezhda LtD

Laurea LtD


Proekta Tanya Mitakeva Ltd

Project Partners Ltd.

Quattro properties Ltd.

Tanya Beldi

Terratrust LtD

Trust Control

Kinkin & Partners has extensive experience in providing high-quality legal advice relating to every day work and procedural representation for Bulgarian and foreign corporate clients.

We provide complex legal advice to clients working in different sectors of the economy, and cover all legal areas affecting different aspects of business activity. We work with leading law firms in the execution of international projects. As a result of our long-standing history, which began in 1989, our lawyers enjoy a wealth of experience which distinguishes us as one of the leading law firms in Bulgaria. We are widely recognized for our competent, modern and business-led work.

The partnership provides day-to-day legal assistance with an integrated organizational structure, which allows for high quality professional legal advice. Client satisfaction is guaranteed with a team that is tailored to each individual case and managed by a partner who remains highly committed at all stages of the project.

Among our clients are leading market participants in economic sectors such as banking, real estate, agriculture, industry, IT sector, commerce, production of electric energy and etc. One of our main aims is to provide long-term cooperation and legal assistance to clients in all aspects of their business, some have been clients for more than 30 years.

We provide an individual approach to maximise results, taking into account the general economic climate and the specifics of our clients’ business.  This enables us to offer comprehensive and long-term solutions.

Our lawyers have extensive practical experience in various legal spheres.    In summary, we offer:

  • Experienced corporate team: our team is involved in M&A transactions with an international element. We provide an in-depth and cost effective service with a wide range of solutions, always getting the best result for the client.
  • Due diligence expert team: we have undertaken multiple deals in different sectors of industry. We provide detailed due diligence taking into account the needs of the client.
  • Management process: we aim to provide each client with their desired final result and all the services we provide are undertaken with this in mind.
  • Team of specialists dedicated to the client and its needs: our team is extremely committed and focused in getting the deal through and providing the client with the desired result.  We have been proving our professionalism for more than 30 years. We collaborate with leading global law firms in the implementation of international projects. Our experiences and opportunities allow us to assist our clients and help them realize their goals
Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance. Capital markets Adriana Nacheva +359 2981 91 96
Banking and finance. Capital markets Dilyana Tsoleva +359 2981 91 96
Corporate law. Mergers and acquisitions Vladimir Kinkin +359 2980 34 75
Corporate law. Mergers and acquisitions Dilyana Tsoleva +359 2981 91 96
Competition law Vladimir Kinkin +359 2980 34 75
Competition law Silviya Spasova +359 2980 34 75
Competition law Bozhana Adjilarska +359 2980 34 75
Energy Adriana Nacheva +359 2981 91 96
Energy Siyana Veleva +359 2981 91 96
Energy Dilian Kolev +359 2981 91 96
Environment Adriana Nacheva +359 2981 91 96
Environment Siyana Veleva +359 2981 91 96
Environment Dilian Kolev +359 2981 91 96
Insurance, marine and transport Vladimir Kinkin +359 2980 34 75
Insurance, marine and transport Nikolay Radev +359 2980 34 75
Insurance, marine and transport Penka Popova +359 2980 34 75
Intellectual property Adriana Nacheva +359 2981 91 96
Intellectual property Silviya Spasova +359 2980 34 75
Intellectual property Bozhana Adjilarska +359 2980 34 75
Labour and social security Adriana Nacheva +359 2981 91 96
Labour and social security Siyana Veleva +359 2981 91 96
Labour and social security Dilian Kolev +359 2981 91 96
Liquidation and Insolvency Vladimir Kinkin +359 2980 34 75
Liquidation and Insolvency Nikolay Radev +359 2980 34 75
Liquidation and Insolvency Penka Popova +359 2980 34 75
Real estate, urban planning and construction works Adriana Nacheva +359 2981 91 96
Real estate, urban planning and construction works Siyana Veleva +359 2981 91 96
Real estate, urban planning and construction works Dilian Kolev +359 2981 91 96
Tax law Vladimir Kinkin +359 2980 34 75
Tax law Nikolay Radev +359 2980 34 75
Tax law Dilyana Tsoleva +359 2981 91 96
Business Transactions Vladimir Kinkin +359 2980 34 75
Business Transactions Dilyana Tsoleva +359 2981 91 96
Public procurement. Auctions and competitions Adriana Nacheva +359 2981 91 96
Public procurement. Auctions and competitions Siyana Veleva +359 2981 91 96
Public procurement. Auctions and competitions Dilian Kolev +359 2981 91 96
Litigation Vladimir Kinkin +359 2980 34 75
Litigation Silviya Spasova +359 2980 34 75
Litigation Bozhana Adjilarska +359 2980 34 75
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Bozhana Adjilarska  photo Mrs Bozhana Adjilarska Associate
Mr Vladimir Kinkin  photo Mr Vladimir Kinkin Partner
Mr Dilian Kolev  photo Mr Dilian Kolev Associate
Mrs Adriana Nacheva  photo Mrs Adriana Nacheva Partner  
Ms Penka Popova  photo Ms Penka Popova Associate
Mr Nikolay Radev  photo Mr Nikolay Radev Senior Associate
Ms Silviya Spasova  photo Ms Silviya Spasova Senior Associate
Ms Dilyana Tsoleva  photo Ms Dilyana Tsoleva Associate
Ms Siyana Veleva  photo Ms Siyana Veleva Senior Associate
Number of lawyers : 16

CLIENT:Mrs. Dimova
COMPANY/FIRM: Veliki Preslav Muncipality
TESTIMONIAL: The projects on which we work with Kinkin & Partners are in the litigation area. We are extremely grateful to the team for their hard work, irreconcilability and the efforts made for reaching the final solution of the dispute. I wish future professional success to the whole team because professionals like them so well-informed and knowledgeable who love their work will be always needed!

CLIENT:Jakub Gacek
TESTIMONIAL: I am thankful that Kinkin & Partners are keeping hand on everything. I fully trust them. This is a small part of what I could say to the whole Kinkin & Partners team that was always there for me. Being honest I must admit that I am calm with the fact that they take care of all.

CLIENT: Tuan Nguyen
TESTIMONIAL: Based on my work with Kinkin & Partners team I could say that they definitely met my expectations. I am thankful for their efficiency and reactivity

CLIENT: Tony Swinnerton
COMPANY/FIRM: Hill Dickinson LLP
TESTIMONIAL: I much appreciate their assistance to date.

CLIENT: Jamal Hammoud
TESTIMONIAL: I thank very much to the Kinkin & Partners team for their time and efforts.

CLIENT: Radostina Todorova
TESTIMONIAL: Regarding the cassation complaint, I would like to thank Kinkin & Partners for their time and effort. It exceeded my expectations and I am extremely satisfied with the work done. I am thankful for doing their best in my case!

CLIENT: Alexandra Pavlova
COMPANY/FIRM: Indukern Chemi AG
TESTIMONIAL: We will for sure come back to them again.

CLIENT: Greta Stoyanova
COMPANY/FIRM: Grestocommerce
TESTIMONIAL: We are grateful for the achievement of this favorable result for us in the case. We are extremely pleased with their work and the result they achieve!

CLIENT: Andrey Rumyantsev
TESTIMONIAL: I would like to send them my personal thanks as the lawyers part of the team of Kinkin & Partners seem to be high professionals who paid a lot of attention to our issue. As I have contacted many companies I can say that for sure.

CLIENT: Tanya Vasileva
TESTIMONIAL: The services provided by Kinkin & Partners were highly professional. They always have the right team for the right case. The teams we have worked with are excellent in finding the appropriate solution and never give up.

CLIENT: Angel Lingorski
COMPANY/FIRM: Kaliakria Property Management
TESTIMONIAL: Bravo! Venceremos!!! Great Team !