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Al Oula Law Firm (Adel Abdulhadi & Partners)

Dispute resolution Tier 1

Al Oula Law Firm (Adel Abdulhadi & Partners) handles civil and commercial, criminal and administrative disputes. In a particularly significant matter, practice head Adel Abdulhadi successfully challenged legislation which imposed the mandatory collection of DNA samples from all Kuwaiti residents. Abdulhadi is also representing Yiaco Medical Company in an $18m recovery claim following the termination of a contract by the opposing side. Also recommended is Fayez Al Dosari, who is acting for a real estate company in litigation against a construction company arising from delays in the construction of a resort project.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 2

Al Oula Law Firm (Adel Abdulhadi & Partners) has extensive experience advising on distribution agreements, corporate structuring, real estate and M&A transactions, and regulatory compliance. Fayez Al Dosari acted for welding equipment manufacturer Ador Welding in the negotiation of sub-contracting agreements for the provision of fuel pipeline equipment. Director Sanabil Jafar heads the practice and advised Al Taer Taxi Company and its shareholders on the sale of a 49% stake in the company.

Banking and finance Tier 3

Al Oula Law Firm (Adel Abdulhadi & Partners) advises on shari’ah-compliant financing structures such as murabahah and sukuk certificates, real estate finance, banking disputes and financial restructuring. Director Sanabil Jafar provided Commercial Bank of Kuwait with a legal study on bounced cheques, which included advice on civil and criminal liabilities imposed on the issuer of those cheques.

Al Oula Law was founded in 2002 by Adel Abdulhadi and was initially involved in litigation practice. Gradually Al Oula Law developed and expanded to become a full service law firm offering an extensive range of legal services in all aspects of the law whether civil, commercial, corporate, criminal, financial or administrative.

The International law department of Al Oula Law was established in 2008 and handles all the firm’s transactions and legal matters bearing a foreign element. The firm represents domestic and international clients assisting with their legal needs in Kuwait and other jurisdictions. Al Oula Law’s team is comprised of committed, deeply knowledgeable and well informed attorneys and legal consultants with extensive hands-on experience in the legal field. The firm works in close cooperation with reputable international law firms in order to provide first class advice for clients seeking to do business or resolve their legal affairs in other jurisdictions.  

The firm is active in the field of constitutional law. The local department, headed by Adel Abdulhadi, has submitted many challenges before the Kuwait constitutional court seeking to revoke various laws deemed unconstitutional, being in contradiction with the principles of Kuwait constitution, rules of international law and terms of treaties signed by Kuwait. To name a few of these: Law of Public Meetings and Gatherings (No. 65/1979), Legislative Decree on the establishment of the Public Anti- Corruption Authority and the provisions on financial disclosure (No. 24/2012), DNA law (No. 78/2015) and lately the Law on Conflict of Interest (No. 13/2018). 

Al Oula Law worked on one of the largest human rights cases of the century, ‘the detainees in Guantanamo Bay’. The firm represented one of the detainees, a Kuwaiti citizen, who was held in Guantanamo Bay since 2002. In January 2016 the firm’s client was released and returned to Kuwait after 14 years of imprisonment in Guantanamo.

Al Oula Law’s aim is to provide timely, effective, excellent and affordable legal services to clients, putting their interests first at all times. The firm’s commitment to its clients is based on integrity, excellence and a deep understanding of the law which continues to guide Al Oula Law’s practice.

Department Name Email Telephone
Arbitration & ADR Adel Abdulhadi +965 22650640
Arbitration & ADR Fayez Al Dosari +965 22650640
Agency & Distribution Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
Agency & Distribution Dolly Sleem +965 22665620
Banking & Finance Fayez Al Dosari +965 22650640
Banking & Finance Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
Commercial & Corporate Sameh Al Serwi +965 22650640
Commercial & Corporate Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
Criminal Matters Mohammad Shaaban +965 22650640
Criminal Matters Adel Abdulhadi +965 22650640
Employment Relations Ali Al Rifai +965 22650640
Employment Relations Dolly Sleem +965 22665620
Intellectual Property Sameh Al Serwi +965 22650640
Intellectual Property Dolly Sleem +965 22665620
Islamic Finance Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
Islamic Finance Ali Al Rifai +965 22650640
Litigation Adel Abdulhadi +965 22650640
Litigation Fayez Al Dosari +965 22650640
Litigation Duwaim Al-Muwaizri +965 22650640
Mergers & Acquisitions Adel Abdulhadi +965 22650640
Mergers & Acquisitions Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
Privatization & PPPs Adel Abdulhadi +965 22650640
Privatization & PPPs Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
Oil & Gas Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
Oil & Gas Dolly Sleem +965 22665620
Real Estate Fayez Al Dosari +965 22650640
Real Estate Ali Al Rifai +965 22650640
Maritime & Shipping Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
Maritime & Shipping Sameh Al Serwi +965 22650640
International Law Matters Sanabil Jafar +965 22665620
International Law Matters Dolly Sleem +965 22665620
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Mr Adel Abdulhadi  photo Mr Adel Abdulhadi
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Mr Duwaim Al-Muwaizri  photo Mr Duwaim Al-Muwaizri
Ms Sanabil Jafar  photo Ms Sanabil Jafar
Mr Barry Wingard  photo Mr Barry Wingard
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