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Slovakia > Employment Tier 3

CLS Cavojsky & Partners handles employment and labour matters for corporates in a broad cross-section of industries, such as insurance, pensions, fund management, gaming, real estate and construction and healthcare. Its recent work included advice on employment terminations, internal regulations and Covid-19 issues. Vladimír Grác heads up the practice.

Practice head(s):

Vladimír Grác

Key clients

ESA LOGISTIKA, s.r.o. (a member of Hitachi Transport System Group)

H & M Hennes & Mauritz SK

BK group

TIPOS, národná lotériová spoločnosť

ACCES Group, s.r.o.

Comus Technology s.r.o.

Beauty Shop s.r.o.

Work highlights

  • Assisted BK, a.s with review of internal regulations.

Slovakia > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 5

CLS Cavojsky & Partners undertakes a wide variety of corporate and M&A work for clients in sectors such as pensions, fund management, construction, healthcare, retail, IT, automotive and real estate, among others. The practice is led by Peter Čavojský, who has expertise in M&A, public procurement, competition, gaming law and regulatory matters.

Practice head(s):

Peter Čavojský


‘We know that we can rely on this law firm completely because they know our business activity perfectly and therefore there is no need for a long explanation of the assignment. They are able to provide us with tailor-made solutions.’

‘We appreciate the professionalism of the entire team of lawyers of the firm and also the pro-client approach. The solutions we need are offered clearly within the agreed deadlines. We can also rely on them in our international activities. They have always been able to advise, and thanks to the international cooperation they maintain with other law firms, provide legal support in other legal jurisdictions.’

‘Experienced, reliable service provider with dynamic business approach providing tailor-made services to client’s needs’

‘Peter Cavojsky – extremely experienced professional with a very strong focus on delivering practical solutions’

‘We found the team as trustworthy and reliable. They are very often one step ahead and reminding us about forthcoming deadlines and legal news in the country.’

‘We have very good relationship with Peter Cavojsky. The cooperation with Peter is a pleasure for us.’

‘Responsible approach, prompt response time and comprehensive task assessment.’

Key clients

TIPOS, národná lotériová spoločnosť

BK group

International Investment Platform


H & M Hennes & Mauritz SK

TITANS freelancers

NN Group

Youplus Insurance International


Work highlights

  • Advised UNIQA on the acquisition of AXA group (SK/CZ) by UNIQA group.
  • Advised BK, a.s. on its acquisition by ZSE.
  • Acted for PORONDA Immobilier, s.r.o on its reorganisation.

Effective solutions are based on individual approach focused on the client´s needs – that is how we work in CLS Cavojsky & Partners.

Individual treatment is one of the key issues that can characterize our legal services. This contains not only how we treat our clients but also understanding of specifics of the industry in which they operate.

We believe in the long-term relationships – and we are proud that the majority of our clients stay with us for many years. We provide legal advice for not only national but also multinational corporations operating in Slovakia or whose business interests are in Slovakia.

We operate in many cases as a key contact point and integrator for the full scale of advisory services that our clients require and therefore we can contribute to make the business life of our clients easier.

We are innovative and that does not mean only when speaking about modern technologies. Innovation in our view means looking for effective solutions, trying to look at the issues from the global perspective and making it as simple as possible, following the modern trends.

Last but not least – we believe in open relations with our clients, built on mutual trust.

Areas of practice
Corporate law:
Our law office provides complex legal services in the area of corporate law for our clients. Our work consists mainly of the following:

  • mergers and acquisitions, including the preparation of transaction documentation and representation of the investor/seller
  • realization of due diligence
  • implementation of corporate governance principles
  • implementation of compliance standards
  • legal support for the risk management
  • management of contractual relationship in terms of internal corporate standards
  • adjustment of work processes of the company
  • shareholder disputes
  • post-acquisition support
  • startup projects.

Labour/employment law: CLS Cavojsky & Partners provides legal services to Slovak and foreign employers in the area of labour and employment law. Our work consists mainly of the following:

  • legal advisory through effective setting of HR relations
  • elaboration of internal rules of a company and preparation of its control   system
  • legal advisory in the area of management contracts
  • preparation and performance of an HR audit of a company
  • representation in labour law disputes and in collective bargaining
  • comprehensive legal support for employers in making collective redundancies
  • due diligence in the area of HR.

Banking and Insurance law: CLS Cavojsky & Partners cooperate with Slovak and foreign banks with office in Slovak Republic. Our law office also provides legal services to insurance companies in Slovak republic. Our work consists mainly of the following:

  • legal advisory on banking and insurance products in term of Slovak and European legislation
  • reviewing activities of financial markets from the point of view of legal consumer protection
  • legal support of compliance
  • legal consumer protection
  • preparing legal analyses in the financial market area
  • preparing contractual documentation for several companies operating on the financial intermediation market as well as representing such companies in relation to the regulator.

Competition: Competition law has an impact on each business entity. In order to provide complex consultancy this legal field is an integral part of our services. Our work consists mainly of the following:

  • legal advisory in unfair trade
  • legal representation of client in proceedings related to unfair competition
  • legal advice for a central government authority in the area of state aid
  • legal advice for a foreign investor in the area of state aid
  • legal assessment of potential product substitutability
  • legal assessment of relationship setting in the sale of products of a competitor holding a dominant position on the market
  • legal support for a client in the area of cartel agreements and their elimination.

Insolvency law: Our law office provides legal services to clients related to insolvency law. We are using experiences with bankruptcy procedures, when we provide our legal services to our clients. Our work consists mainly of the following:

  • legal advice for crisis management of client during restructuring process
  • legal advice for debtors during the restructuring process
  • legal representation of a bank as a creditor in incident disputes in insolvency proceedings
  • legal support for insolvency administrators during insolvency proceedings
  •  legal support for debtors during informal restructurings.

Real estate and construction: CLS Cavojsky & Partners provides complex legal services in the area real estate and construction law for clients. Our work consists mainly of the following:

  • comprehensive legal services in developer projects
  • preparing templates of agreements on the transfers of estates
  • representation in administrative procedures
  • settlement of estate, referring to the rights of property
  • legal advice related to the possibility and form of acquiring agricultural land, support for proposing a change to the Land – Use Plan.

Intellectual property rights: Intellectual property law is not the advisory that is generally provided by the law firms, so we take it as our benefit that we offer to clients a legal support in this area. Our work consists mainly of the following:

  • trademark registration
  • preparation of contract documentation in the field of copyright
  • opposition, revocation and other proceedings relating to the validity of trademarks, patents, designs
  • transfers, licenses and liens to trademarks, the patents, resp. utility model
  • enforcement of trade mark rights and other contentious matter of the trade mark
  • advisory and consultancy activities in the issue of industrial rights including prevention and restriction of violations of intellectual property rights
  • legal support in transfers of international patents;
  • preparation a license agreement
  • legal advice for production of audio – visual works.
Competition Peter
Insolvency Peter
Intellectual Property Rights Peter
Labour/Employment Law Vladimír Grá
Corporate law Zuzana Stadtruckerová
Real Estate & Construction Andrea Borsányiová
Banking and Insurance law Jakub Kováč
Litigation Kristína Chrenková
Slovak Bar Association
American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM)

CLIENT: Mr. Peter Nagy
COMPANY/FIRM: JESSENIUS – diagnostické centrum, a.s.
TESTIMONIAL : At the very beginning, there was a great reference to the work of a law firm from Bratislava given by a good friend being a lawyer. It has been several years since the first meeting and cooperation with this office, and today we can say that we had a lucky hand in choosing “our” law firm. The provision of quality legal services, highly specialized knowledge, quick response to changes in space and time, flexibility, excellent communication and the ability to solve a very wide range of problems from the portfolio of our activities is a matter of course. The result is our sense of deep confidence, as a client, in the ability of CLS.

CLIENT: Mr. Marek Greško
COMPANY/FIRM: TITANS freelancers, s.r.o.
TESTIMONIAL: Cavojsky & Partners is a team of experienced professionals we can always rely on. All the projects that we have realized together were always finished within a defined time frame, agreed budget and with very high quality. We appreciate their individual professional approach, detail-orientation and great measure of involvement in any case of cooperation. During each project they realized for us they looked at the topic/issue from several different angles, used applied approaches and always highlighted pros and cons of every possible solution. We value our cooperation with Cavojsky & Partners and we can only recommend them as a reliable partner.

CLIENT: Ms. Silvia Cegielka
COMPANY/FIRM: H & M Hennes & Mauritz SK s.r.o.
TESTIMONIAL: Highly competent lawyers, quick response-rate, prompt solutions and professional approach

CLIENT: Mr. Radek Boček
COMPANY/FIRM: Párovské lúky, a. s.
TESTIMONIAL: We have been cooperating with the law firm Čavojský & Partners since 2017. Throughout our cooperation, it has been our valuable support in legal matters, especially in the area of commercial law and law in relation to real estate. We have always been very satisfied with the quality of the law firm’s services. We especially appreciate the flexibility on the side of a team of excellent lawyers, the speed with which they always solve our requirements. We highly appreciate the professional approach, flexibility, complexity, flexibility in solving problems and language skills. Last but not least, we appreciate the clarity and accuracy of the billing.

CLIENT: Ms. Eva Kucháriková
COMPANY/FIRM: Johns Manville Slovakia, a.s.
TESTIMONIAL: You have been working for JMS since 2008, while providing legal services mainly in the field of labor and employment law, including occupational health and safety and participation in collective bargaining, administrative law, including environmental protection, contract law (commercial and civil), archiving and registration. If necessary, you also represent JMS in court and administrative proceedings.

We perceive the added value of your work in JMS mainly in the fact that, in addition to legal advice in the above areas, you provide us also with business cooperation in solving individual tasks. This means that you not only provide quality detailed legal analysis of the respective tasks, but also suggest possible optimal solutions with an indication of possible risks and their consequences.

We highly appreciate the fact that you are helping to set up standard system procedures, contracts, internal regulations and various other documents, the application of which prevents redundant work, errors and overload on both contracting parties. With this approach, you improve your work and our work as well and increase its efficiency.

Your way of working is not only professional, but also very human. The result is that you have become part of our teams, our work and our success.

CLIENT: Mr. Richard Novák


TESTIMONIAL: CLS Čavojský & Partners has been our law office already for a long term (since 2008), which in itself testifies our satisfaction with the services provided. We are provided with valuable legal counselling particularly in the area of labour and employment law and contractual law, we also collect our receivables through them. We have always been satisfied with the provided services beyond measures and we may say that law office CLS Čavojský & Partners provides legal services expertly and professionally but on the other hand also comprehensibly, particularly in more complex matters.

CLIENT: Mr. Bratislav Chynoradský

COMPANY/FIRM: NN Životná poisťovňa, a.s.

TESTIMONIAL: We have been cooperating with the law firm CLS Čavojský & Partners basically almost since the beginning of its operation on the legal counselling market (since 2008) and the services are at a highly professional level. It mainly covers our representation in court proceedings arising from life insurance, over the time, the cooperation has grown to include active court proceedings in debt collection and legal advice in the field of contract law. We very often use the services of CLS Čavojský & Partners in various in-depth legal analyses, where we need a comprehensive view of the problems that arise during business also in connection with the insurance sector.

CLIENT: Ms. Sabina Rehušová
COMPANY/FIRM: TIPOS, národná lotériová spoločnosť, a. s.
TESTIMONIAL: As a state-owned company that has a monopoly on the provision of certain types of gambling, it is extremely difficult to get acquainted with legal regulation (both domestic and foreign). We are glad that we have found an office that managed to get into this specific area extremely quickly and in recent years it has been an irreplaceable part of our daily business. It provides us with legal services in the area of compliance, contract law, public procurement law, data protection law, employment and labour law, corporate law, regulatory and competition law, we can rely on them when drafting the internal directives or general term conditions and gaming operation plan. A large part of the provided counselling is also legal analysis, in which we get a comprehensive view of the issues we require while maintaining the agreed deadlines.

CLIENT: Mr. Stanislav Kalinay
TESTIMONIAL: The law firm CLS Čavojský & Partners has been providing us with legal services since 2006. We usually contact them when we are in need of an advice in the area of contracts – drafting or review, in the area of waste management, and they also manage for us a complete receivables agenda. During those years of cooperation, we can say that the team of the law firm CLS Čavojský & Partners is looking for ideal solutions according to our assignments and we can only recommend cooperation.

CLIENT: Mr. Tomáš Káčer
TESTIMONIAL: Since our company and its subsidiaries are engaged in both construction activities and facility management, we need a legal partner, especially in the area of contract law. Especially with regard to the scope and complexity of our legal agenda, we receive precise work from CLS Čavojský & Partners as soon as possible, and since we cooperate intensively for a long term, they have an excellent knowledge of our agenda, which significantly contributes to easy cooperation even in complicated assignments.