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Machas & Partners Law Firm is well recognised for its representation of corporations and individuals before criminal courts. The firm regularly represents clients abroad through co-operation with local criminal specialists and representations before the European court of human rights. The practice is also adept at handling extradition cases, and is led by Petros Machas and Alexandros Androutsopoulos.

Practice head(s):

Petros Machas; Alexandros Androutsopoulos


‘Machas and Partners is an extremely competent legal firm, consisting of very knowledgeable and well-trained legal experts. Each Division within the firm maintains a very specialized body of legal expertise which is a safety factor as to the outcomes of their cases and their successful completion.’

‘Machas & Partners has been handling white-collar crime cases since its inception, considering that many prestigious clients were actively involved in the management of large, private companies or state-owned companies. Hence, it has been providing its full legal support that pertained either to consulting services aiming at the best service of their clients’ interests within the framework of a complex Greek legal environment or tackling penal issues that have arisen during their activities.’

‘Machas & Partners is known for being an unconventional and progressive thinking firm focusing on the needs of its commercial and private clients across a number of industry sectors. They manage complex cross border transactions and investments that require ingenuity and business acumen enabling their clients to meet their goals.’

‘The firm offers high-value litigation services and sophisticated advice.’

‘The team deploys a comprehensive range of strategic and tactical options to deliver optimal solutions on the most sensitive and demanding mandates.’

‘The Machas Firm is highly professional with international exposure. Always on time in meeting deadlines, very well-prepared at court, with wide and long experience. The firm has the capacity to handle complex and difficult cases.’

‘Highly motivated personnel. Petros Machas, the main partner, is a very well-educated and talented professional.’

Work highlights

Machas & Partners Law Firm was established in Greece in 2011 by Petros Machas. The firm is rewriting the model of the full-service law firm in Greece. As an independent, corporate, and commercial law firm with a strong presence in Greece and worldwide, the firm is distinguished for its global perspective, commercial pragmatism and pro-business approach.

The firm’s practice is focused on servicing both corporate and private clients in the broad spectrum of their legal affairs. Corporate clients are provided with specialised advisory and top-notch representation in matters related to their day-to-day operations, commercial transactions, financing, structuring, compliance, disputes etc., while private clients benefit from the team’s extensive experience in handling complex disputes, including criminal matters, as well as from its expertise in servicing the needs of HNWIs.

The firm’s set of values is simple: professional excellence, service with added value and ethical integrity. These values, together with the implementation of internationally acknowledged best-practices, has allowed the firm to grow organically, acquire a sterling reputation in Greece and abroad amongst peers and clients and gradually but steadily become a major legal service provider in Greece.

Its multi-jurisdictional exposure as a law firm that operates and is qualified to practice in both Greece and in London UK, goes side by side with a team of lawyers who are qualified to practice under Greek, UK and US law.

Main areas of practice

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Antitrust and competition law
  • Corporate/commercial
  • M&A
  • Banking and finance
  • Energy/infrastructure
  • Labor/employment
  • Real estate
  • Civil law and litigation
  • Criminal law and white-collar crime
  • Investment law
  • Administrative law/ public procurement and PPP
  • Crisis management
  • Tax

Alternative dispute resolution

Machas & Partners’ alternative dispute resolution team of lawyers is internationally trained and has extensive experience in ADR proceedings, especially in negotiating disputes and exploring the possibility of out-of-court settlements, as well as representing clients in local and international courts of arbitration.

Driven by a result-oriented approach, the firm allocates the most appropriate lawyers considering the underlying cause of each specific dispute. The firm’s services include apart from assisting clients in timely and efficiently resolving their disputes, representation in ADR proceedings (ICC Rules, Greek Code of Civil Procedure, Greek Chamber of Commerce, OMED, LCIA, AAA), and tailor-made arbitration agreements based on the specific needs and requirements of each transaction.

Antitrust and Competition law

Machas & Partners offers top-level, client-focused services, in close collaboration with associated counsel in Brussels, providing transaction support on all aspects of EU and Greek competition law. Given the strictness and complexity of the relevant legal framework, antitrust advice is of paramount importance to businesses, as cartel activity can entail substantial regulatory fines, dominant undertakings and controlled mergers can be disallowed and State aid may have to be refunded. In this context, the firm also advises clients on business practices, antitrust audits, and compliance.


Machas & Partner’s corporate/commercial team has a successful track record of leading some of the most innovative transactions in the market. The team is specialised in international trade and cross-border transactions and has a wide experience in all types of the relevant arrangements, including agency and distributor agreements, hotel management and licensing agreements, franchise agreements and export licensing.

Based upon training and prior professional experience, the team has the know-how to form joint ventures and private equity schemes in a compliant and tax efficient manner in Greece and abroad. The team has extensive expertise in corporate and project financing transactions, having represented companies established in Greece in their negotiations and dealings with international banks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Machas & Partners’ mergers and acquisitions team of lawyers has allowed the firm to maintain a leadership position, representing a broad array of public and private, local and foreign companies, private equity firms and financial sponsors, investment banks, governmental entities, and other institutions and individual investors in every type of M&A situation. The firm’s breadth of M&A practice has led to numerous outward and inward investment transactions, privatizations, and domestic reorganizations. With impressive experience leading on complex cross-border transactions, the firm’s M&A team has provided seamless advice through local expertise, deep sector knowledge, commercial acumen and refined transactional techniques to maximize deal certainty and the desired value and synergies to some of the markets top transactions.

Banking & Finance

Machas & Partners represents lenders and borrowers in all types of financing transactions including credit facility arrangements and related security packages, structured and project finance deals, and also transactions relating to OTC derivatives. The firm’s team also advises individuals and legal entities in connection with consumer protection cases. The firm’s banking and finance services include integrated advice across the entire credit cycle, from the debt origination to amendments, debt buy-backs, distressed re-financings and the restructuring and renegotiation of debt instruments in capital structure.

The firm’s clients include all major Greek credit institutions, some of the world’s largest commercial banks, investment banks, investment banking firms, private investment funds and other institutional lenders and investors, as well as LBO sponsors, private equity funds, hedge funds, strategic buyers, borrowers, and issuers of securities.


Machas & Partner’s highly trained and experienced employment/labor lawyers provide high-quality services on all types of labor and employment law matters. Developments in Greek labor law underlined the need for a professional and strategic handling of corporate employment matters. The so-called flexible labor relations, labor reserve and the incentives provided to the employers for the stimulation of employment are issues that are been carefully addressed by the firm’s qualified employment specialists. Furthermore, the firm handles executive compensation and benefits matters both at the contractual level and also with respect to litigation and ADR.

Real Estate

Machas & Partner’s real estate practice advised for the past ten years on some of the largest and most high-profile real estate acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, financings, and restructurings in Greece. Apart from the customary due diligence and contract drafting for real estate S&P transactions, the firm undertakes the formation of new structures and vehicles used globally for real estate projects, in order to facilitate financing and to securitise the tax aspects of the projects. The real estate market has traditionally been one of the key-factors of the Greek economy. Greece’s geographical and geopolitical position attracts international investors not only for business ventures, but also for private recreational purposes. The firm’s team is uniquely qualified to assist clients with complex matters because of its “one firm” approach to the practice of law.

Civil law/ Litigation

Machas & Partners is acknowledged as one of the leading litigation firms in Greece, having a team with extensive and unparalleled experience in all types of litigation and ADR. The firm’s team comprises talented, well-trained, and experienced lawyers, able to represent and defend clients before the criminal, civil and administrative courts of Greece in a wide range of cases. Also, the litigation services include handling cross-border cases before Greek and foreign courts while the team also represents local and foreign clients before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Furthermore, the firm provides its clients with skillful and professionally structured representation in a broad range of specific types of litigations, such as corporate litigation, sports litigation, malpractice litigation, insurance litigation, trademark and copyright litigation, privacy litigation, securities and financial institutions regulations litigation, environmental litigation and class action litigation.

Criminal law /White-Collar Crime

Machas & Partners’ criminal litigation and white-collar crime practice is recognised for its outstanding performance in the representation of corporations and individuals with regard to a broad range of criminal matters in Greece and abroad. The firm defends corporations and professionals of the private or the public sector, against allegations in various business contexts and all stages of criminal proceedings, including investigations, trials and appeals. The firm also defends all levels of professionals before the relevant disciplinary procedures according to law, code of ethics, public or private disciplinary codes. The firm’s practice is not limited in Greece as the team also renders its services to Greek and foreign clients abroad, either on consulting and coordination level in cooperation with local criminal specialists or, by representing them before the European Court of Human Rights.

Investment law

Machas & Partners highly values commercial pragmatism and pro-business approach, and in this context, its investment law team is competent not only in providing clients with quality legal services, but also to distinguish, assess and indicate the most interesting business opportunities in the market. Generous incentives provided by law the recent years seem to efficiently address investors’ core expectation for a stable, non-bureaucratic and rewarding business environment from a political, legal and tax standpoint.

Administrative law/Public Procurement & PPP

Machas & Partners’ public procurement and PPP team has advised on the EU and national legislative and regulatory framework, the preparation for and participation in public tenders, the drafting and negotiation of the relevant documentation and the execution of public procurement contracts. EU and Greek law closely regulate public procurement to prevent fraud, waste, corruption, or local protectionism. Concessions and PPP projects require minimum state contribution, thus their application becomes more and more attractive for infrastructure and large-scale projects.

Crisis Management

Machas & Partners’ crisis management team is the indispensable partner of its strong litigation practice. The team provides clients with professional, accurate and immediate response to the critical moments of their major legal crises. The press, or whistleblower-leak of a criminal involvement, or a serious litigation of an individual or a company, a biased and strenuous press attack, a publicised dawn-raid and compliance failure or a disaster in the business context constitutes for the client an independent crisis, which may prove much harsher than the underlying legal controversy itself. The firm’s crisis management team has broad experience in the successful representation of several individuals and legal entities in crisis situations. Together with international specialised advisers, the provides its clients with targeted strategies for responding to these attacks.


Machas & Partners’ tax practice team is an integral part of the firm and is directly involved in all taxation matters. Its goal is to provide clients, both in Greece and abroad, with cost-effective solutions in structuring their investments, transactions, and businesses with the aim of tax compliance while reasonably mitigating tax exposure and risk. The firm’s team also represents clients before tax audits and Greek tax courts.

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Civil Law/Litigation Maria Antoniadou +30 210 7211100
Litigation Alexandros Androutsopoulos +30 210 7211100
Alternative Dispute Resolution Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Criminal Law & White-Collar Crime Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Criminal Law & White-Collar Crime Alexandros Androutsopoulos +30 210 7211100
Antitrust & Competition Law Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Corporate/Commercial Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
M&A Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Banking & Finance Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Energy/ Infrastructure Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Labor/Employment Maria Antoniadou +30 210 7211100
Real Estate Maria Antoniadou +30 210 7211100
Investment Law Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Administrative Law/ Public Procurement & PPP Anastasios Virvilios +30 210 7211100
Crisis Management Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
Tax Petros Machas +30 210 7211100
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TESTIMONIAL: “Machas & Partners designs the structure of the contract, fast and in an efficient manner with attention to detail.”

TESTIMONIAL: “The team negotiates and structures the sales agreement documents.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Machas & Partners is delivering its tasks assigned by the PPF team in a timely manner. The law firm is dedicated to the projects assigned to it and manages to propose feasible solutions to the problems that arise as well as to identify the risks of the projects’ implantation.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Petros Machas is very sharp, quick and helps you understand the issues and guides you through them.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Tom Kyriakopoulos is a highly sought-after private wealth practitioner. He is noted for his work on cross-border matters. He advises on commercial matters including corporate structuring as well as personal tax and inheritance work.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Ioannis Charalampopoulos is a great asset for Machas & Partners, and he had a significant contribution during the closing process of the Ellinikon project!”

TESTIMONIAL: “Ioannis Charalampopoulos has very good knowledge of the law and the business at hand, he is very analytical in his communications.”

Petros Machas, Founding Partner, Chairman

Petros Machas, Founding Partner and Chairman of Machas & Partners Law Firm explains what distinguishes the firm in the competitive market of legal services and what footprint it can leave in the forthcoming years.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Machas & Partners law firm from your competitors?

 At Machas & Partners we are rewriting the model for a full-service law firm in Greece, serving our clients locally according to international standards and in compliance to the sector’s globally acknowledged best-practices.

Our practice is focused on serving both corporate and private clients in the broad spectrum of their legal affairs.

Our core purpose is to become an agent for change in the Greek legal community, providing our clients with the service they deserve, in terms of quality and timing, and creating true and measurable value for them by our legal advice and insight. We strive to grow, together with our clients, and the best way to achieve this is by creating value and enhancing the prospects and the impact of the matters we handle for our clients.

We believe that the roots of a company are its culture. As a law firm, we have developed at the opposite of the “family business” model. With all that entails. Our recruitment is done through open, transparent procedures, and this is a principle, a characteristic of our law firm that represents where we stand. It is our stable goal to invest and attract excellent partners and associates – qualified lawyers; you need their many years of experience and deep knowledge of legal matters and law, but at the same time you also need new, fresh minds, lawyers who have the drive and willingness to work in the legal field, to learn and at the same time to forge new paths.

Uncompromising ethical decision making, integrity, diversity, respect for our clients, colleagues, communities and profession and always putting the client’s best interests first are not only distinguishing characteristics; they are the core values of our firm.

We are deal-makers, not deal-breakers. Machas & Partner’s cohesive core team has experience of working together and a proven track record of delivering successful and efficient results for clients. We use this experience and approach to find new and better ways of solving challenges and moving past transaction impasses. Our attentive promptness ensures clients’ transactions move forward; our industry knowledge of deal structures and region-wide market expertise keeps them from leaving money on the table or exposing them to unnecessary risk. Anyone can assess risk or state a position; we find solutions for our clients and get deals done.

On the other hand, let’s not forget that our clients are people who trust us with their real estate, their shares, their business, their savings, their future, important parts of their lives. For this reason, if the mission of a law firm – which for us is to successfully respond to the needs of our clients – is not translated into specific measurable results, then our mission is as if it does not exist. This is the reason why we like to say that we are a unique business, based on law, in order to make a living but we also need effective management to succeed and grow. That’s why we have invested in tools and infrastructure to not only ensure sustainability, but above all, to achieve prudent management and profitability, which will reflect not only the company as an organization but also each individual partner as an active participant in corporate success.

And as a business, we equally need strategy and measurable goals to be able to first, record and evaluate what we have achieved, and second, to redefine and set the next tangible goals that will get us where we see ourselves in the future.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Greece’s geographical and geopolitical position has always attracted international investors for business ventures, as well as high-income private investors to invest in Greece. However, in recent years, the Greek market has been a pole of attraction for investors with an emphasis on the real estate market, but also in the energy and infrastructure sectors, as well as for start-ups and innovative entrepreneurship.

It is a fact that investment from foreign buyers has increased in recent years, allowing many to realize their dream of owning a summer holiday resort in Greece. The five-year residence permit through the ‘Golden Visa’ program adopted by Greece helped in this direction and accelerated the procedures. It is estimated that 1 billion euros have been invested in the overall real estate market in Greece since the start of the program in 2013.

In a recent report, the Bank of Greece praises the positive development of the Greek real estate market and the maintenance of its high standards, despite critical changes in the status quo of the international scene – let’s not forget the global health crisis with COVID-19, the war in the raging Ukraine, an energy crisis, the peak of which is still ahead of us, the skyrocketing cost of living. All these developments have shaped a new reality in the market, the consequences of which, however, have not had a catalytic effect on the market.

In the midst of this investment wave, we would say that our company has “ride the wave” as the surfers say in their language. And it is important at the given time, to be on the cutting edge of this wave.

Our company with our dynamic Real Estate team has contributed to projects of national importance, most notably the Elliniko project, the largest urban development project in the modern history of Greece. At the same time, we have a long history of cooperation with Israeli real estate companies or individual investors, playing a catalytic role in the development and exploitation of business opportunities in Greece for the benefit of our clients.

In addition, our company’s specialized corporate transaction teams (Corporate and M&A, Banking, Finance and Capital Markets, Start-up & Investment Funds, Energy & Project Development) manage daily domestic and complex cross-border transactions of acquisitions, corporate transformations, private and bank financings, development of renewable energy projects and other infrastructures, but also in general, investments in start-ups or innovative businesses, with a high degree of specialization and a “business oriented” approach to create goodwill and generate compounding effects in every transaction.

Looking ahead to market trends as they take shape and the opportunities they create, one of our strongest points has been and is the strong, strategic alliances we have built over the years. By winning and deepening trusting relationships with our customers, we aspire to be by their side as valuable and reliable business partners. To identify on their behalf the best possible opportunities in the market and guide them reliably and safely in their investments, giving added value to their cases.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Our firm strengthened its administrative structure with specialized and highly experienced professionals from the market in the fields of Planning/Financial/Performance management, HR, Communications and Marketing.

So now, we are in the position of assessing the performance of each department and attorney vis-à-vis each client including in particular assessing the aggregate time for the completion of the engagement and the efficiency of our services. In the context of the application of this process, we have increased our response times by addressing any delays in the engagement processes in respect to our clients’ time and investment. In that respect, our firm has introduced various flexible remuneration schemes proving our confidence to our work’s results as well as our dedication and trust to the success of our clients’ ventures. That’s why Machas & Partners appropriately staffs matters and guarantees Partner involvement and personal attention to transactions at cost-efficient rates.

Recognizing that effective lines in communication are essential for establishing a clear understanding of expectations, we have established direct communication channels with our clients. To that effect we ensure that all clients have direct line access to the Partner responsible for their case as well as any Associate lawyer actively involved in the various assignments. In this way we ensure that the supply of legal services to the client is partner-led both at client service level and day-to-day management as well as that any urgent matter will be addressed in a timely manner.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Digitalization and technological innovations are changing the way businesses communicate with our clients, making the relation faster and highly customized. A decade ago, communication with customers was limited to phone calls, letters, and emails. Today, with the rise of AI, IM tools, and social networks, interactions with customers have become faster, data-backed, and highly personalized. We are facing a digitalization process that is evolving faster and faster, caused by the rise of technologies ever more refined and, at the same time, by a change in the behavior of clients.

One thing is certain, there will always be a need for legal services. Less certain, however, is the way these services will be bought and sold moving into the future. Much like every other service provider, law firms are at the behest of the client.  At Machas & Partners it’s crucial that as a firm we put all our efforts into differentiating ourselves in the legal market and from our competition by carving out a niche.

The pandemic has assisted us demonstrate that our business model and firm offers efficiency and production of world-class work product that ultimately results in significantly greater value, benefit and satisfaction for our clients when compared to our competitors. These conditions have reshaped the traditional operational approach of the law firms, but have not retracted us from the personalised approach in which address every single client and case. That being said, technology has made our operation more robust allowing the instant and collaborative interaction with the client from any place at any time and have allowed us to expand our cross-border practice and close several transactions without in-person meetings.

We have also commenced with some long-lasting clients the trial operation of a smartphone application which provides a useful interface for the continuous progress update of on-going projects and the notification of pending actions.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

There are various ways to generate value for a client that commence from the legal reassurance of their legal interests from adverse implications of an investment, which we concern the minimum value of our services. Far beyond that, we approach our role as intermediates with an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset of fairly aligning interests with a view to assisting in the creation of new opportunities or additional value to existing ventures. In that respect, there were several occasions that we have identified the possibility of commercial transactions between sophisticated counterparties contributing in the serendipity factor of business opportunities which would otherwise have not been brought into the purview of neither of the involved parties.

A practical value enhancing mechanism with remarkable success for significant clients has achieved in several occasions by way of the legal and operational restructuring of their enterprises with the use of holding structures and intra-group commercial agreements upon the identification and segregation of different lines of business or flows of revenue. These restructurings intrinsically enhance the overall return of the investment and simultaneously provide opportunities for transactions concerning a district segment of the overall business.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Definitely. There is no substitute for comprehensively understanding clients’ businesses, industries and the markets in which they operate.

Machas & Partners, having a proven track record of successfully guiding clients through different business cycles, and expansion into new business lines and markets gives them the confidence that a lawyer is an advisor that can be trusted with their core business. Clients know that our experience in representing many industry leaders throughout Greece in their particular sector enables us to provide advice and offer innovative solutions to solve business challenges that result in successful outcomes for strategic decisions, especially in unchartered waters or frontier markets. In many instances, the need for strategic direction and the clients’ confidence and trust that we can deliver with the proper guidance is the very reason they engage our firm.

Most of our client relationships are long standing and have been in place for over a decade; they have been nurtured over the years by a meticulous level of personal attention and detail born out of a sincere desire for the clients to succeed personally and professionally. The ongoing and increasing strength of these interpersonal relationships is evidence that we value our clients and always put their best interests first, which is a core value of our firm.

Regarding Machas & Partner’s position in 3 years’ time and potential expansion, our carefully vetted network of trusted colleagues has been selected and integrated into our firm; we will continue to refine this network as necessary, as we mandate working with like-minded individuals who share our commitment to ethical decision making, diversity and respect for our clients, colleagues and profession. Sacrificing adherence to these principles for expansion is not an option; we are extremely selective in both our internal hires and external clients with integrity, energy, intelligence, and lateral thinking mindset being of primary importance. We will continue to be guided by these principles in the future to concentrate on our growing clientele and industry sectors with a particular focus on banking and financial services, energy, infrastructure, technology, and hospitality sectors as well as on the innovative and disruptive ecosystem of start-ups and venture capital investments.

In the forthcoming three years, we see Machas & Partners Law Firm as maintaining and further expanding an exceptional track record of successful outcomes for our clients in the corporate, finance, high-net worth individuals, project development and real estate practices, as well as in litigation and white-collar defense, built by an unwavering focus on the firm’s distinguishing characteristics and values mentioned above. Our law firm’s integrity, flexible remuneration structures and innovative attitude will provide tremendous and exponential value making it a marketplace model for client satisfaction and establishing its prominent position as a market-leading firm in transactions and dispute resolution.