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Insolvency Tier 3

Under the leadership of Jan Bruun Jørgensen, the team at Andersen Partners is instructed on a wide range of restructuring, bankruptcy and insolvency matters. Key areas of strength for the Kolding-based practice include corporate reconstructions, insolvency proceedings, reorganisations, debt restructurings, compulsory dissolutions and solvent liquidations. It also regularly liaises with the Danish Debt Collection Agency and acts as a trustee of estates in bankruptcy cases.

Practice head(s):

Jan Bruun Jørgensen

Other key lawyers:

Rikke Licht Bøtcher; Anders Hvidberg Plum


‘Splendid teamwork; high legal capabilities; high performance.’

Insurance Tier 3

Jointly led by Kolding-based Ulrik Christrup and Christiane Feist in Hamburg, the insurance team at Andersen Partners is best known for handling insurance litigation and arbitration proceedings, particularly for clients with operations in Kolding. The practice focuses on representing clients in claims proceedings relating to fire, transport damages and product liability issues.

Practice head(s):

Ulrik Christrup; Christian Feist

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Primarily based in Kolding, Andersen Partners has comprehensive regional expertise in M&A transactions and is also adept at handling structured sales processes, due diligence reviews, and confidentiality and shareholder agreements. Headed up by Hans-Christian Ohrt, Søren Stig Langløkke Hansen, and Jon Stefansson, the department regularly acts for private equity clients and industrial corporations.

Practice head(s):

Hans-Christian Ohrt; Søren Stig Langløkke; Jon Stefansson

Other key lawyers:

Line Rasmussen


‘Excellent dialogue and understanding of requirements.’

‘Practical way of approaching the transaction. Always keep the momentum and to an agreed schedule.’

‘Partners that complement each other – see it from different angles.’

‘My perception of the whole company was that everyone was very service-oriented, with great knowledge that matched my need for advice in selling my company to a private equity fund.’

‘Our collaboration was primarily with Hans-Christian Ohrt. Hans-Christian was mainly involved in the initial negotiations with the private equity fund, and with various negotiations regarding the contracts, where Hans-Christian was really a strong partner to be involved in the negotiations, and really provided super professional handling and assistance with the entire process.’

Key clients

Arkil A/S

Lynddahl A/S

Chahm Administration 24 ApS

ITKS ApS, M.B.L. Holding ApS, OJA Holding ApS and Allan Maul ApS


Firstfarms A/S

Sam Partner A/S

Arkas A/S

Michael Nissen Holding ApS

Unit IT Holding A/S

Dispute resolution Tier 4

Andersen Partners is primarily instructed in cross-border arbitration proceedings and commercial disputes, as well as mediations. The Kolding-based practice has additional expertise in regulatory issues and liability claims, with experience conducting cases before both Danish civil courts and arbitration tribunals. Practice head Jakob Blicher Ravnsbo also advises on risk management and damage control measures.

Practice head(s):

Jakob Blicher Ravnsbo

Other key lawyers:

Ulrik Christrup; Kenneth Cramer


‘They are always available and we are given high priority. They take all our tasks seriously and perform them extremely satisfactorily. In addition, they are very fair in price.’

‘Our collaboration with Jakob Ravnsbo in particular creates value for our company.’

Key clients

Dansk Boligbyg A/S

Contiga A/S

Ewii A/S

Barslund A/S

Byens A/S

Process Engineering A/S

Lowenco A/S

Intellectual property Tier 4

Notably active in the south of Denmark, Kolding-based outfit Andersen Partners primarily advises on IP strategies and handles licence and transfer agreements. Kenneth Cramer and Lisbeth Elmgaard lead the group, which also acts for clients on the enforcement of rights before administrative complaints boards and courts, largely in matters concerning trade marks, copyrights, designs and internet domain rights.

Practice head(s):

Kenneth Cramer; Lisbeth Elmgaard

Key clients

Ellepot A/S

Mos Mosh A/S

Baby Dan A/S

Solar A/S

Lowenco A/S

Hyundai Bil Import A/S

Beirholms Væverier A/S

Ball Wholesale ApS

Yab Yum Holding ApS

Aurora Group Danmark A/S

Shipping and transport Tier 4

Led by Lissi Andersen Roost, who is an expert in freight forwarding law and multimodal transport, Andersen Partners primarily advises German and Danish insurance companies and brokers on cargo claims. With notable experience in the technology and pharmaceuticals sectors, the team also handles ship maintenance issues, transport and logistics contracts, and other litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Lissi Andersen Roost


‘Very professional and has got the answer to every question I have regarding transportation law. Also very easy to get hold of.’

‘Very qualified and seems to know everything.’

The firm: Andersen Partners is one of the leading law firms in Denmark providing clients with legal advice within all areas of law. Andersen Partners represents both national and international clients, including private enterprises, the financial sector, the public sector, organisations and private individuals.

Our teams provide high-quality services for our clients combining a strong business-orientated and pragmatic approach with efficient solutions.

Andersen Partners has around 100 employees of whom 18 are partners and 41 are lawyers located in the headquarters in Kolding and in branch offices in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Flensburg.

Areas of practice: Andersen Partners is a full-service law firm and thus, the list of practice areas is not complete.

M&A: Expertise in mergers and acquisitions, structured sales processes, due diligence reviews and the negotiation of share purchase, confidentiality and shareholder agreements.

Insolvency: Expertise in corporate restructuring, insolvency proceedings against companies and persons, distressed M&A transactions and solvent liquidations. Advice on credit protection, renegotiation of loan facility agreements and transfer of assets.

Dispute resolution: Expertise in cross-border arbitration proceedings, mediations and structured negotiations to settle disputes. Assistance in regulatory matters and liability litigation.

Intellectual property: Expertise in the preparation and implementation of IP strategies, filing of applications, administration and monitoring rights. Advice on the drafting and negotiation of licence and transfer agreements.

Insurance: Expertise in insurance litigation and arbitration, representation in claims proceedings in connection with fire, transport damages and product liability in sectors such as engineering, manufacturing of electronics, agriculture and commerce.

Tax: Expertise in all tax law areas, advising both corporate clients, private individuals and public organisations.

Competition law: Expertise all aspects of competition rules in Denmark and the EU.

Employment and labour law: Expertise in providing legal assistance to private enterprises of any size, listed companies and international undertakings, private individuals and the public sector.

Shipping and transport: Expertise in drafting and negotiation of transport and logistics contracts, cargo claims for insurance companies, carriers and owners of goods through litigation and arbitration. Assistance in licensing agreements regarding the carriage of mail.

Building and construction: Expertise in providing advice on any legal aspect within the building and construction industry.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Søren Stig Langløkke Hansen 0045 27 27 61 48
Banking and finance Hans-Christian Ohrt 0045 40 51 40 01
Building, construction and property Michael R Skovgaard 0045 40 57 53 03
Building, construction and property Jacob F Tengnagel 0045 51 99 90 13
Commercial and company Jon Stefansson 0045 40 62 63 88
Commercial and company Hans-Christian Ohrt 0045 40 51 40 01
Competition Hans-Christian Ohrt 0045 40 51 40 01
Data Protection Claus Guldager 0045 40 42 32 36
Data Protection Lisbeth Elmgaard 0045 30 35 44 92
Debt collection Jakob B Ravnsbo 0045 40 57 53 01
Dispute resolution and litigation Jakob B Ravnsbo 0045 40 57 53 01
Dispute resolution and litigation Kenneth Cramer 0045 40 52 62 28
E-commerce and marketing Jakob B Ravnsbo 0045 40 57 53 01
E-commerce and marketing Lisbeth Elmgaard 0045 30 35 44 92
Employment Jon Stefansson 0045 40 62 63 88
Employment Claus Guldager 0045 40 42 32 36
Franchising Michael R Skovgaard 0045 40 57 53 03
Franchising Line Rasmussen 0045 23 26 70 84
German desk Patrick Mader 0049 1773082782
German desk Michael R Skovgaard 0045 40 57 53 03
Insolvency and reconstruction Jan Bruun Jørgensen 0045 23 27 04 29
Insolvency and reconstruction Rikke Licht Bøtcher 0045 51 99 90 12
Insurance and tort Ulrik Christrup 0045 21 21 47 89
Insurance and tort Lisbeth Elmgaard 0045 30 35 44 92
M&A/the financial sector Hans-Christian Ohrt 0045 40 51 40 01
M&A/the financial sector Søren Stig Langløkke Hansen 0045 27 27 61 48
M&A/the financial sector Line Rasmussen 0045 23 26 70 84
Maritime and transport Michael R Skovgaard 0045 40 57 53 03
Maritime and transport Lissi Andersen Roost 0045 23 69 35 97
Real estate Michael R Skovgaard 0045 40 57 53 03
Real estate Jacob Fabritius de Tengnagel 0045 51 99 90 13
Tax Peter Stanstrup 0045 26 37 58 18
Photo Name Position Profile
 Rikke Licht Bøtcher  photo Rikke Licht Bøtcher For several years, Rikke Licht Bøtcher has been especially engaged in insolvency…
Mr Ulrik Christrup  photo Mr Ulrik Christrup Partner in Andersen Partners’ insurance department; specialist areas are insurance law, tort…
Ms Lisbeth Elmgaard  photo Ms Lisbeth Elmgaard Lisbeth Elmgaard represents clients in matters before the administrative complaints boards and the…
Mr Jan Bruun Jørgensen  photo Mr Jan Bruun Jørgensen Jan Bruun Jørgensen is engaged in two main areas: The first main…
Mr Lars Kjellsson  photo Mr Lars Kjellsson Lars J. Kjellsson provides advice within company law and commercial law, particularly…
 Søren Stig Langløkke Hansen  photo Søren Stig Langløkke Hansen Søren Stig Langløkke Hansen is primarily engaged in the acquisition and sale…
Mr Patrick Mader  photo Mr Patrick Mader Patrick Mader is primarily engaged in cross border legal relationships and thus…
 Hans-Christian Ohrt photo Hans-Christian Ohrt Hans-Christian Ohrt’s main area is mergers and acquisitions. In addition, Hans-Christian Ohrt…
Mr Morten Fauerholdt Pedersen  photo Mr Morten Fauerholdt Pedersen Morten Fauerholdt Pedersen provides advice on intellectual property law and marketing law…
Mr Anders Hvidberg Plum  photo Mr Anders Hvidberg Plum Anders Hvidberg Plum is a certified insolvency lawyer primarily engaged in insolvency…
Ms Line Rasmussen  photo Ms Line Rasmussen Line Rasmussen is engaged in the provision of general business advice, focusing…
Mr Jakob B Ravnsbo  photo Mr Jakob B Ravnsbo Jakob is the head of Andersen Partners dispute resolution department and has…
Ms Lissi Andersen Roost  photo Ms Lissi Andersen Roost Lissi Andersen Roost specialises in transport and freight forwarding law, including the…
Mrs Annika Rutschow  photo Mrs Annika Rutschow Annika Rutschow is a German “Rechtsanwältin” (lawyer) who studied law in Rostock…
Mr Michael R Skovgaard  photo Mr Michael R Skovgaard Partner in Andersen Partners’ real estate department; specialist areas are construction law,…
Mr Jon Stefansson  photo Mr Jon Stefansson Partner and Head of Dept. in Andersen Partners’ commercial and company law…
Mr Anders Yde  photo Mr Anders Yde Anders Yde is primarily engaged in the provision of advice to Danish…
Number of lawyers : 41
Number of partners : 18
Pangea Net
Other offices : Copenhagen
Other offices : Flensburg
Other offices : Hamburg
in Denmark : 39

An increasing number of our clients are operating in a global market, which requires comprehensive expertise to meet legal challenges of international character.

Andersen Partners’ German Desk combines legal and linguistic competencies regarding German-Danish legal affairs in a bilingual team. Our Danish-speaking German lawyers are experts in cross-border legal matters, and we assist both German and Danish companies and private individuals.

Andersen Partners’ Chinese Desk combines legal and linguistic competencies regarding Danish-Chinese legal affairs in a bilingual team, which includes a Chinese lawyer with thorough knowledge of Chinese law and Chinese culture.

In addition, we are a member of PANGEA NET, an international network of independent and high-profile law firms represented in more than 26 countries worldwide. Our strong international network enables us to provide excellent legal and business advice across national borders.

At Andersen Partners we embrace diversity for the benefit of our people and clients.

We strongly believe that a workforce with diverse backgrounds, thinking and personalities, combined with the right capabilities, is a key enabler to deliver excellent services to our clients.

Diversity is emphasised throughout the recruitment and selection processes, to ensure balanced teams and hire the best-suited candidates. No distinction is made whether a candidate has a particular national, social or ethnic origin, a particular gender or age, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion, belief or a particular handicap, etc.

In our advancement process we exclusively consider talents based on their competencies, attitude and commitment to contribute to the business strategy.