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Tax Tier 2

RASK Attorneys-at-Law's 'very professional and highly motivated' group is led by Villy Lopman, who has 'extensive experience' in this area. The team recently filed a group action challenging the constitutionality of Estonia's land tax, and is representing the successful claimant in Estonia's Supreme Court.  Other key clients include Pärnu Sadam and Estonian Autosport Events.

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 3

At RASK Attorneys-at-Law, the 'always available' attorney-at-law Timo Kullerkupp heads the practice, which is notable for its 'precise' advice and 'quick responses'. Ramon Rask recently advised Digital Sputnik on securing new funding for a business expansion from several industry-leading companies. The group also assisted state investment fund manager SmartCap with the restructuring of the Estonian Development Fund. Other key clients include Magnetic MRO and Arealis.

EU and competition Tier 3

RASK Attorneys-at-Law is noted for its 'proactive attitude' and 'expertise' in procurement disputes. The firm recently represented Artes Terrae and Alkranel in disputing an unrealistically low tender awarded by the State Support Center. Tarmo Peterson heads the practice, and Gea Vendel is 'a true professional with an outstanding track record and experience'. Other key clients include Alter Group and Skarcon.

Real estate and construction Tier 3

RASK Attorneys-at-Law recently advised Riigi Kinnisvara on the auction process for Patarei Sea Fortress. The firm has also represented clients including Alkranel and AB Arts Terrae in disputing the results of public tender processes. The practice is headed by Ramon Rask, and Märt Rask is noted for his 'hard work' and 'experience'.

Shipping and transport Tier 3

Timo Kullerkupp and Tarmo Peterson head RASK Attorneys-at-Law's shipping and transport practice, which 'impresses with its skills and knowledge'. The firm has recently been engaged in drafting documents for the Port of Pärnu, as well as representing the company in a dispute over the arrest of a foreign vessel. Gea Vendel is noted for her experience in transport-related procurement disputes.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

At RASK Attorneys-at-Law, the corporate and transactional practice recently acted for Euro Oil's shareholders on Alexela's acquisition of the company, a deal which was one of the largest Estonian energy transactions in recent years. Ramon Rask, who is noted for his 'very good legal knowledge and business acumen', heads the practice, which combines both legal work and 'understanding' of business needs in its advice to clients. Other key clients include SmartCap and Riigi Kinnisvara.

Dispute resolution Tier 4

RASK Attorneys-at-Law's 'extraordinary' team is representing two clients in disputing the results of a public procurement connected with Est-For Invest's planned biorefinery. Practice head Tarmo Peterson is 'incredibly persistent' in securing positive outcomes for his clients, such as defending Transcom against a monetary claim following a failed share issue. Ramon Rask and Villy Lopman are also recommended.

IP, IT and telecoms Tier 4

RASK Attorneys-at-Law recently represented Allfilm as a third party in a court dispute between Factory, a film company which lost a film contest to Allfilm, and the Estonian Film Institute. Tarmo Peterson heads the practice, which also advises Transcom Vara and Nordlin Ehitus.

RASK Attorneys-at-Law is a full-service, fast-growing business law firm. An experienced and valued advisor in sophisticated cross-border transactions with an enviable reputation in complex dispute resolution proceedings.

The distinct reputation of RASK attorneys is evidenced by the abundance of its loyal clientele as well as the rapidly growing number of new clients, mostly based on recommendations. The firm’s client base includes local, regional and international companies; investors (private and venture capital); financial institutions; as well as administrative and state institutions.

RASK’s advisors are well known and appreciated for their genuine passion and dedication when representing the interests of their clients. The firm boasts some of the best Estonian legal experts in a variety of fields – including corporate, tax and constitutional law.

RASK Attorneys-at-Law was established in 2012 by two ambitious attorneys-at-law, Tarmo Peterson and Ramon Rask. The third partner Märt Rask, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Estonia and Minister of Justice, joined the firm in 2013.


Corporate, mergers and acquisitions:
RASK´s corporate law team has strong references in all economic sectors, including real estate, IT and telecommunications, medicine, energy, commerce, advertising and film.

RASK offers comprehensive on-call legal consulting to leading Estonian and Baltic investment funds and advisers, such as BaltCap, SmartCap, Zenith Family Office and Spring Capital. RASK is also the legal adviser of choice for internationally recognised, rapidly growing companies such as Cleveron (Estonian Entrepreneur of the Year 2018), Magnetic MRO (Entrepreneur of the Year 2017) and Ridango (the leading provider and developer of public transport ticketing systems in the region).

Banking, finance and capital markets:
RASK has multiple strong references in dealings with M&A houses, VC and PE investors, banks, crowd-funding platforms and private investors. The firm also helps clients in communicating with regulators and permitting matters – e.g. acquiring a qualifying holding or creditor activity licences, bond issues or establishment of funds.
With its competences in the area of banking, finance and capital markets, RASK also participates legislative initiatives in the field.

Dispute resolution:
Dispute resolution and representing clients in complicated business conflicts, state and local government affairs as well as civil disputes, has been one of the focal points and key strengths at RASK since its inception. The firm has time and again shown courage to take on complex and controversial cases where other law firms have considered it impossible to deliver.

Administrative and constitutional:
Due to its unique experience, RASK’s constitutional law team ranks among the best in Estonia, with its outstanding analysis and litigation skills in constitutional matters. RASK consults local governments, including the cities of Tallinn and Tartu, professional associations as well as the private sector. The firm has seen repeated success in representing clients in many heated disputes before the Supreme Court and raising questions of constitutionality concerns in disputes over taxes, health care and other fields.

The high quality of RASK’s work in tax law is confirmed by the fact that the firm’s clients include some of Estonia’s largest law firms as well as leading private-sector companies. RASK has also provided or continues to provide tax consulting to Estonian ministries and local governments, including the city authorities of Tallinn and Tartu, representative bodies and umbrella organisations, such as the Estonian Association of Car Dealers and Service Companies, the Estonian Traders Association and the Estonian Autosport Union, as well as major festivals and events in the Baltics, including Rally Estonia (FIA European Rally Cup and Official WRC event).

IP, IT and telecommunications:
RASK has diverse experience in consulting complex technology projects and start-ups, including on legal matters related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. The team also deals with regulatory questions (such as product compliance) as well as protection of intellectual property, copyright and personal data.

RASK is the legal adviser of choice for internationally recognised Estonian technology companies such as Cleveron (Estonian Entrepreneur of the Year 2018), Ridango (the leading provider and developer of public transport ticketing systems in the region), Navirec (a tracking systems provider active in a dozen countries), Modera (IT solutions provider in more than 20 countries) and Digital Sputnik (manufacturer of lighting tools for Hollywood blockbusters).

Construction and real estate:
RASK offers legal consulting on commercial real estate projects, real estate portfolio investments, day-to-day management and administrative affairs as well as advising exits from major investment funds and projects.

RASK provides comprehensive on-call legal consulting to several major construction companies, helping them with procurement and planning issues and day-to-day management, including employment relations and foreign labour. RASK also represents its clients in construction disputes.

Shipping and transport:
RASK has diverse experience in the aviation and shipping industries, serving as a comprehensive legal consultant to some of the most prominent operators in the field.

Since 2012, RASK has acted as legal consultant to the aircraft maintenance provider Magnetic MRO (Estonian Entrepreneur of the Year 2017) and has experience in consulting for various operators. Legal consultancy for the aviation sector involves communicating with the authorities, impact assessments and legislation, addressing infrastructure, authorisation and staffing issues, and providing comprehensive consulting on contracts and corporate law, including acquisitions, pledges, and aircraft leases.

Since its establishment, RASK has been actively involved with the shipping industry. Some of our long-term clients include Pärnu Sadam (the most important cargo port in western Estonia), and Kihnu Veeteed (one of the largest Estonian ferry operators). Sector-specific legal consulting covers complex tax and procurement disputes, planning and infrastructure issues, as well as corporate law.

Competition, public procurement and energy:
RASK consults both contracting authorities and tenderers, guaranteeing a solid legal competence throughout all the stages of public procurement. RASK has carried out state aid-related legal analyses of a number of large-scale projects. One example is an analysis for the Estonian National Audit Office of how the support measure for new-generation broadband networks complies  with the European Union rules for state aid.

Department Name Email Telephone
Business Consulting and M&A Ramon Rask
Finance and Banking Timo Kullerkupp
Dispute resolution Tarmo Peterson
Technology Timo Kullerkupp
Construction and Real Estate Ramon Rask
Aviation and Shipping Timo Kullerkupp
Health Care Timo Kullerkupp
Tax Law Villy Lopman
Public Procurement Tarmo Peterson
Competition and State Aid Tarmo Peterson
Insolvency and Reorganisation Tarmo Peterson
State and Local Government Villy Lopman
Infrastructure and Energy Ramon Rask
Criminal Law Ramon Rask
International Recruitment and Employment Relations Siret Saks
Family and Inheritance Siret Saks
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Number of lawyers : 16
at this office : 15
Estonian Bar Association
Other offices : Tartu

CLIENT: Mr Jaak Parre, general counsel of Cleveron AS

COMPANY/FIRM: Cleveron AS (Estonian Enterprise of the Year 2018) Weblink

TESTIMONIAL: “Cleveron is a fast-growing, innovative tech company with global reach. This sets the level to our legal partners who must know our business, be able to advise on international level and provide services flexibly. RASK attorneys-at-law meets those expectations. Our cultures are alike and we are very pleased with RASK’s services. In addition to providing excellent legal solutions, RASK has a sound appreciation for the business model of starting companies – often providing constructive feedback that takes and drives us forward.”

CLIENT: Mr Risto Mäeots, CEO of Magnetic MRO AS

COMPANY/FIRM: Magnetic MRO AS (Estonian Enterprise of the Year 2017) Weblink

TESTIMONIAL: „RASK attorneys have assisted Magnetic MRO in many of its legal affairs for more than 6 years, during the time of which MRO has become one of the leading airplane technical maintenance providers in the region. We’ve always received competent and prompt advice from RASK, regardless of whether the matter concerns aviation or state subsidies, corporate matters or foreign employees. They know and they care what their clients do. For us this is the key component of a successful partnership.”

CLIENT: Ms Vilma Sool, Head of the Estonian Branch at TF Bank AB


TESTIMONIAL: “TF Bank has been working with RASK for more than 2 years now. As we operate in the consumer credit industry we are facing a very high level of regulation governing both our everyday activities and the legal relations with our clients. We are very pleased with RASK’s finance team headed by Timo Kullerkupp. They are accessible and punctual and have a good grip with business. As far as project finance goes, RASK’s contributions have been constructive and insightful. A definite recommendation.”

CLIENT: Mr Allan Selirand, Director of Estonian Investment Agency at Enterprise Estonia

COMPANY/FIRM: Enterprise Estonia (EAS) Weblink

TESTIMONIAL: „RASK attorneys have assisted Enterprise Estonia in different legal matters, mostly related to foreign investors. They’ve shown highest demands towards the service they provide and fluent communication with any potential investor from any part of the world. We’re happy to have them as our legal partner.”

CLIENT: Mr Aivar Brock, CEO of Unitree Industrial OÜ

COMPANY/FIRM: Unitree Industrial OÜ

TESTIMONIAL: „RASK attorneys and Ramon Rask in particular have assisted me in all the major transactions I’ve executed during the last 10 years. Whether it’s the sale of leading pan-Baltic market research company to NORSTAT or one of the largest lift rental companies in Poland to RIWAL, Ramon and RASK attorneys have done an amazing job in executing these transactions. Due to his deep knowledge in M&A and business oriented approach, I can assure that Ramon Rask can easily adapt with different jurisdictions and play with remarkable ease on the same playfield with any attorney of any world’s leading law firms.”

CLIENT: Mr Erki Lipre, CEO of Ridango AS

COMPANY/FIRM: Ridango AS Weblink

TESTIMONIAL: „RASK attorney’s led by Ramon Rask have assisted Ridango in variety of legal matters, starting from corporate issues and ending up with litigations. Regardless of the matter, it’s size and nature, they’ve always been committed to deliver their very best. Their devotion to their work is inspiring and their skills undisputable.”