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Holst, Advokater

The firm: Holst, Advokater was established in 2007 and provides commercial advisory services under the highest professional and ethical standards, based on the firm’s corporate culture and core values and co-operation structured to cater for its clients’ needs for flexible advice. Based in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, the firm supplies value-adding solutions in close co-operation between clients and its skilled employees.

Areas of practice: Capital markets: Holst, Advokater advises companies and shareholders on stock exchange law, and also advises financial institutions and companies on aspects including loan agreements, leasing and financing schemes.

Construction and real estate: Holst offers highly specialised advice on all stages of construction projects, with in-depth experience in litigation and dispute resolution before the ordinary Danish courts and arbitration tribunals. The firm advises on construction contracts and finance and international construction projects based on the FIDIC rules.

Corporate and commercial: the practice has in-depth experience of handling corporate matters, including incorporation of companies, shareholder and capital raising issues, and establishment of joint ventures.

Data protection law: Holst, provides advice on all matters pertaining to data protection law and assists in the preparation or review of current data protection policies, data processing agreements, etc. in order to ensure compliance with applicable legislation

Debt collection: the team provides a full range of debt collection services, including general debt collection, mortgage collection, foreign collection and the collection of tax arrears on real property.

Employment: the firm offers competent and specialised advisory services within this field. Services include advice in connection with the setting up of employment, disputes arising during the term of employment, and disputes regarding termination of employment.

Energy and utilities: Holst advises private and public energy and supply utilities, including regulatory matters, establishment and commercial activities of public utilities, and handling complaints and legal proceedings.

Environment and planning law: Holst, provides highly specialized advice in all areas of environmental and planning law.

Insurance and tort: the firm represents leading insurance companies and provides legal assistance to Danish public authorities, regions, utilities and commercial undertakings in tort and insurance law matters.

Intellectual property, marketing and competition: Holst advises on R&D-agreements, licence agreements, distribution and agency agreements, marketing and competition law, and IP rights eg trade marks.

IT, telecoms and complex contracts: the team provides specialist advisory services within IT and telecoms and has wide experience of complex contracts and projects, including outsourcing of business processes, service agreements, development and operating agreements.

Litigation, arbitration and mediation: the firm specialises in this practice and is involved in cases pending before the Danish district courts, the High Courts, the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen, the Supreme Court and various arbitration tribunals, representing some of the market’s largest interests in their respective fields of business.

M&A: Holst is widely experienced in national as well as cross-border transactions and advises on strategic, commercial and legal aspects relating to M&As in close collaboration with clients and other professionals.

Private law: the firm advises on drafting of marriage contracts and wills, division of property on divorce or legal separation, and administration of estates of deceased persons.

Public law: Holst advises several Danish municipalities and regions on liabilities incurred relating to environmental legislation, planning legislation, and public administration, as well as social and health legislation and matters pertaining to financing and the raising of loans.

Public procurement: the firm advises private and public undertakings, including the Danish municipalities and regions, in connection with outsourcing activities, public procurement and PPPs.

Restructuring and insolvency: Holst advises on undertakings facing financial difficulties, including restructuring activities, suspension of payments, bankruptcy proceedings, and creditor representation.

Taxes and duties: the firm advises on a range of corporate tax matters and conducts complaints cases before local tax appeals tribunals, the National Tax Tribunal and the Danish courts of law.

Department Name Email Telephone
Capital markets Jørgen Holst
Capital markets Thue Hagenau
Construction and real estate Carsten Led-Jensen
Construction and real estate Mogens Birkebæk
Construction and real estate Morten Fendinge Olsen
Corporate and commercial Erik Jensen
Corporate and commercial Steffen Ebdrup
Corporate and commercial Mogens Birkebæk
Corporate and commercial Anders Hedetoft
Debt collection Henrik Steen Jensen
Debt collection Henrik Chr Strand
Employment Henrik Chr Strand
Construction and real estate Holger Schöer
Energy and utilities Jørgen Holst
Energy and utilities Erik Jensen
Insurance and tort Jens Andersen-Møller
Insurance and tort Jacob Fenger
Intellectual property and marketing and competition Mogens Birkebæk
Intellectual property and marketing and competition Jakob Schmidt
Intellectual property and marketing and competition Christian Skadborg
IT, telecommunications and complex contracts Jakob B Sørensen
Litigation, arbitration and mediation Carsten Led-Jensen
Litigation, arbitration and mediation Jacob Fenger
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Jakob Schmidt
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Erik Jensen
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Anders Hedetoft
Environmental and planning law Stine Kalsmose Jakobsen
Private law Merete Simonsen
Public law Jens Andersen-Møller
Public procurement Svend Bjerregaard
Restructuring and insolvency Henrik Steen Jensen
Restructuring and insolvency Jørgen Holst
Taxes and duties Claus H Eriksen
Taxes and duties Anders Hedetoft
Corporate and commercial Holger Schöer
Litigation, arbitration and mediation Holger Schöer
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Jens Andersen-Møller  photo Mr Jens Andersen-Møller
Mr Jakob B. Sørensen  photo Mr Jakob B. Sørensen
Mr Mogens Birkebæk  photo Mr Mogens Birkebæk
Mr Svend  Bjerregaard  photo Mr Svend  Bjerregaard
Mr Steffen Ebdrup  photo Mr Steffen Ebdrup
Mr Morten Fendinge Olsen  photo Mr Morten Fendinge Olsen
Mr Jacob Fenger  photo Mr Jacob Fenger
Mr Thue Hagenau  photo Mr Thue Hagenau
Mr Claus Hedegaard Eriksen  photo Mr Claus Hedegaard Eriksen
Mr Anders Hedetoft  photo Mr Anders Hedetoft
Mr Jørgen Holst  photo Mr Jørgen Holst
Ms Stine Kalsmose Jakobsen  photo Ms Stine Kalsmose Jakobsen
Mr Erik Jensen  photo Mr Erik Jensen
Mr Carsten Led-Jensen  photo Mr Carsten Led-Jensen
Mr Holger Schöer  photo Mr Holger Schöer
Mr Jakob Schmidt  photo Mr Jakob Schmidt
Mr Kurt Siggaard  photo Mr Kurt Siggaard
Mr Søren Skov  photo Mr Søren Skov
Mr Henrik Steen Jensen  photo Mr Henrik Steen Jensen
Mr Henrik Christian Strand  photo Mr Henrik Christian Strand
Number of lawyers : 36