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Hammouri & Partners Attorneys At-Law
PO BOX 93004, AMMAN 11193

Dispute resolution Tier 2

Hammouri & Partners Attorneys At-Law fields a 'highly qualified, well-informed and responsive' disputes team. The firm handles the full range of disputes, but stands out for the infrastructure it has set up to handle commoditised debt recovery and insurance claims. Omar Sawadha heads the team.

Practice head(s):

Omar Sawadha

Key clients

Promedz – Jordan

Marwan Al Kurdi & Partners Co Ltd

Al Rakaez Company

Societe Bank -Jordan

The International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities – Jordan (“VNG”).

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Hammouri & Partners Attorneys At-Law regularly advises public and private sector clients on complex commercial negotiations. The firm's links to the government were cemented by the fact that former managing partner Tariq Hammouri is now the Minister of Industry Trade and Supply. The team is now jointly led by Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer and Ahmed Khalifeh.

Practice head(s):

Ahmed Khalifeh; Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer


‘All team members are well-informed of the case details at all times. Updates are easy to obtain, laying out different scenarios and discussing proposals with the client on how to tackle each.’

‘Ahmed Khalifeh is very thorough and has a great attention to detail, he is creative in finding solutions when we face certain issues.’

Key clients

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company

Electronic Health Solutions


Jordan Renewable Energy Efficiency Fund

Al Rakaez Company

The firm: Hammouri & Partners Attorneys At-Law is a leading multi-practice law firm in Jordan, Middle East. The firm’s offices are located in the capital of Jordan, Amman. The firm was established in 1994 by Professor Mohammad Hammouri, who is a renowned attorney in Jordan, both as a litigator as well as a former Minister of the Government of Jordan. Professor Mohammad Hammouri was the founding Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Jordan. Today, the firm is overseen by Professor Hammouri assisted by a Management Committee, following the departure from the firm of the former Managing Partner, HE Dr. Tariq Hammouri due to HE’s tenure as the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply at the Jordanian Government.

Since its incorporation in 1994, Hammouri & Partners offers sophisticated legal services to both domestic and international clients, with a focus primarily in the wider MENA region. Its client base includes the majority of Jordanian banks as well as various ministries and/or governmental bodies in Jordan and the firm is serving an array of industries and sectors such as healthcare, engineering, power, financial services and technology in Jordan. The firm’s solid client base includes public and privately held companies, insurance companies, as well as the government of Jordan and state-owned entities, who are instructing Hammouri & Partners to advise on day-to-day or more complex business matters or to represent the clients in all types of financial transactions and dispute resolution proceedings.

Hammouri & Partners has gained significant traction in recent years and is considered currently one of the fastest growing law firm in Jordan. The firm employs today a dynamic team of 26 fee-earners, each of them an expert on his/her field, whether legal or paralegal.

Areas of practice: Hammouri & Partners’ multi-discipline practice includes the provision of legal services on corporate and commercial law, banking and finance law, energy and natural resources law, project development, labour and employment law, intellectual property law, dispute resolution and litigation at all levels, enforcement of foreign judgement and arbitral awards as well as legal advice to the industries of construction and infrastructure, insurance, information technology and telecommunications.

Hammouri & Partners represents a broad client base in Jordan, both domestic and international. The firm’s litigation team advises a significant number of insurance companies in Jordan and the firm’s corporate team provides its services to major industries in Jordan as well as governmental organisations. The firm’s addition of the international department provides sophisticated services to a broad international client base, primarily from the MENA region and Europe, as well as a number of multinationals. Hammouri & Partners’ proven capability on the above areas of law together with the provision of efficient and professional legal services has earned the firm a solid client base and an unparalleled reputation in the legal services industry.

Department Name Email Telephone
Commercial and healthcare Ahmed Khalifeh
Corporate Ahmed Khalifeh
Corporate Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer
Energy and infrastructure/ Telecommunications and IT Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer
Energy and infrastructure/ Telecommunications and IT Ahmed Khalifeh
Projects Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer
Litigation Omar Sawadha
Litigation Kalid Moussa
Arbitration and dispute resolution Prof Mohammed Hammouri
Banking and Finance Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer
Banking and finance Ahmed Khalifeh
Banking and finance Ala'a Bilbissi
Labour and employment Ahmed Khalifeh
Real estate and construction Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer
Real estate and construction Ahmed Khalifeh
Insurance Omar Sawadha
Insurance Mohammad Al-Husamieh
International trade/Legal education Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer
Intellectual property Khalid Moussa
Intellectual property Rawan Alameddin
Legal translation Ruba Madi
Legal translation Rawan Alameddin
Number of lawyers : 20
International Bar Association

The firm

Hammouri & Partners (the “Firm”) is a prominent law firm in Jordan with a global outreach. The Firm accounts over 25 years of presence in the legal market with legal services that span across an array of industries and sectors. Since its establishment the Firm has been serving both the local and the international client for mandates pertinent to Jordan through the Firm’s Corporate and Litigation Departments. In 2015 the Firm took an innovative decision to expand its international capabilities with the addition in its structure of the International Department; a department dedicated to the international client (individuals or legal entities) or to the local client that is involved in international business activities, with the aim of providing tailor made services to its client; combining local know-how with international best practices expertise and cross-cultural competence.

The clients

The Firm’s international client base includes clients from different parts of the world, for example large and medium size corporations and financial institutions from:

· the MENA region (Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and others), and from

· the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands, and from

· the U.S.A.,

in various sectors such as:

· Banking and Finance,

· Pharmaceuticals and health sciences,

· Renewable energy,

· Hospitality,

· Manufacturing,

· Non-governmental organizations and local government associations and others.

The Firm’s international client base also includes a number of prominent foreign law firms from various jurisdictions that instruct the Firm on behalf of their client for legal support and advice under Jordanian laws.

The team

The Firm’s personnel is made up of a diverse team that includes legal experts that have completed their graduate and/or postgraduate studies in law in leading Jordanian Universities and/or in non-Jordanian Universities, primarily UK Universities. It also includes team members that possess international working experience both in law and/or other domains. The international capabilities of the firm are also demonstrated by the fact that the following languages are spoken as a working language by one or more team members: Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Greek.

The network

A number of the Firm’s clients are involved in projects with an international element, in which they often instruct Hammouri & Partners to handle the Jordanian law side of the project or to work together with their legal counsel in other jurisdictions on agreement drafting, regulatory requirements, agreement negotiations, project coordination and other. Furthermore, the Firm has in place a network of established law firms worldwide to advise its clients on legal matters related to other jurisdictions or to coordinate with the Firm in various international mandates such as arbitration, FIDIC contracts, settlement negotiations, court representation or enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitral awards in Jordan.

Hammouri & Partners Attorneys at-Law (the “firm”) is a prominent Jordanian law firm with an international outreach. The firm operates under a set of core principles that embrace respect for the individual and inclusion of diversity:


The firm’s diversity strategy is expressed in practice through our team of legal experts and support personnel that includes a well-balanced representation of male and female employees, as well as individuals from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Team members at Hammouri & Partners cooperate in a harmonious coexistence, which is underpinned by mutual respect and tolerance, while at the same time maintaining individuality and personal beliefs and values.


All members of the team at Hammouri & Partners are given the opportunity to progress on their own merits and contribute to the firm’s growth. A clearly-defined and transparent career pathway strategy sets out the career progression steps that our lawyers can follow from internship and training to senior positions within the firm. The solid leadership at the firm encourages professional development opportunities and provides the necessary support from continuous professional development for all team members at Hammouri & Partners.


The firm actively seeks and welcomes opportunities to network with various professional groups and organisations, both locally and internationally. As part of this approach, in the past years members of the firm’s team have attended various networking events organised by different industries and networking groups, including of the IBA Conference organised in Amman, Jordan by the Arab Women International Forum on “Jordanian Women in legal professions: challenges and opportunities”.


As part of Hammouri & Partners’ Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and stemming from our desire to genuinely engage with the local communities, the firm offers pro bono legal advice and support to the civic and social organisation Hamzet Wasel, as well as to the community where the organisation operates.

Hamzet Wasel ( and is a hybrid social venture that works to revive and enrich the cultural identity of the capital of Jordan, Amman.