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EU regulatory: information technology Tier 1

time.lex's 'responsive' team has 'great knowledge of the EU regulatory framework regarding information technology' and provides 'always hands on, understandable and usable' advice. Cybersecurity matters have been prominent in the group's workload over the past year. Hans Graux and Geert Somers are 'impressively tech-savvy' and 'solution focused'; Frederic Debusseré, Jos Dumortier, Ruben Roex and Edwin Jacobs are also key practitioners.


Timelex combines a strong academic background with hands on experts. The avant-garde in IT law!

Timelex has a great team of professionals with boutique expertise in areas where technologies and law merge‘.

Jos Dumortier – his erudition in the infinite area of IT law has no limits. He is not just an experienced lawyer but a visionary and successful team leader.’

Key clients

European Commission

European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)

European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO)

Belgian Government

EU regulatory: Privacy and data protection Tier 1

time.lex's practice stands out for its 'great expertise in matters concerning international data transfers and in working with government institutions' and is 'one of the top legal experts in the area of EU data protection law', according to a client. Key names in the team include Geert Somers (a 'good communicator'); IT and data protection expert Jos Dumortier; the 'reliable advisor' Frederic Debusseré; the 'responsive' Hans Graux; Edwin Jacobs, who is very experienced in fintech matters; and Ruben Roex, who has a 'very hands-on, pragmatic and no-nonsense approach'.


Very pragmatic, quick and clear‘.

Frederic Debusseré is an outstanding partner with excellent knowledge in his area of expertise‘.

Geert Somers and Hans Graux are impressively tech-savvy, solution-focused, highly positive‘.

Geert Somers listens well for what the client needs, and has great experience in international data protection matters‘.

Key clients

The Belgian Data Protection Authority

The Belgian Government

Johnson & Johnson

The European Commission

Fintech Tier 1

time.lex has a niche focus on IT,  IP and privacy and data protection, and offers coverage of a broad range of legal, commercial and regulatory issues, with Edwin Jacobs at the helm. Jacobs has experience of the fintech and payments industry, having previously served as a General Counsel at Belgian e-services provider Isabel. Brexit has been a major driver of work for the firm: Jacobs assists international fintech companies with establishing operations in Brussels and handles their associated licence applications before the National Bank of Belgium. His workload also includes advising on GDPR compliance in the context of marketing and payments matters, mobile financial services (apps), IT contracting and cybersecurity. He assisted open platform Juru with drafting the terms and conditions of its platform and license contract.

Practice head(s):


Time.lex is my go-to fintech firm in Belgium. It delivers excellent service, knowledge of the market and also leads on themes like data protection. Edwin Jacobs has a deep understanding of the laws relevant to fintech and also really knows what fintech companies expect in terms of legal service

Edwin Jacobs is very knowledgeable, pragmatic and cost-efficient

Key clients










Industry focus: IT and telecoms Tier 2

Boutique IT and media firm time.lex is highlighted for its strength in data IT and data protection regulatory and compliance matters and also handles litigation. The group frequently advises European, national and foreign governments and governmental bodies, and is representing the Belgian Data Protection Authority in high-profile litigation against Facebook. The team has substantial sector expertise and is jointly led by Jos Dumortier, Hans Graux, Geert Somers, Edwin Jacobs, Frederic Debusseré and Ruben Roex.


Their advice is always hands on, understandable and usable. You can share advice with senior management without having to interpret and translate it to understandable language.

Their experience and knowledge of both legislation and our sector are outstanding. They know what to expect in procedures and know how to avoid certain pitfalls.

The office is a very specialised IT office with knowledgable lawyers in several areas of IT.

Timelex’s practice is unique because of their knowledge of the market and the law. The team has a firm understanding of technology and related interests.

High quality advice. Very responsive. Very competitive pricing.

The team is very knowledgeable about all aspects of IT law. They have specialised in one niche area of the law, and know that area very well.

This team is specialised in legislation, privacy, failed automation, fintech, and IT contracts.’

Edwin Jacobs is a great guy. He is kind, knowledgeable and a good leader. Stefan van Camp is not afraid to work. They both act quickly, answer thoroughly and are great to work with.

Edwin Jacobs is an exceptionally good technical lawyer. He really understands GDPR and the challenges of explaining it to clients.

Key clients

Belgian Government

Belgian Data Protection Authority

European Commission

European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)

European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO)

Cycling Vlaanderen



Intellectual property Tier 2

time.lex has 'a broad intellectual property practice with a responsive team of lawyers that provide thorough, practical and cost-efficient assistance to clients'. Frederic Debusseré ('detail-oriented and pragmatic') shares leadership of the practice with Edwin Jacobs and Geert Somers.


Geert Somers and Edwin Jacobs are not only very knowledgable but also very practical in their advice‘.

Key clients

Anagram International



Industry focus: media and entertainment Tier 3

time.lex is a niche law firm recognised for its 'strong focus on IT and privacy work' paired with IP, media and entertainment expertise. The group handles a range of contentious and non-contentious matters and is representing the Belgian Data Protection Authority in high-profile litigation against Facebook. The practice is jointly led by IT, software and e-business expert Frederic Debusseré, Geert Somers, who handles data protection, privacy and IP matters; and Edwin Jacobs, who focuses on IT and data protection work.


Strong focus on IT and Privacy. Great team of lawyers.

Frederic Debussere is focussed and friendly.

Key clients

Belgian Data Protection Authority

Anagram International



Department Name Email Telephone
Privacy and data protection Jos Dumortier
Privacy and data protection Hans Graux
IT and software Edwin Jacobs
IT and software Geert Somers
Dispute resolution (litigation, mediation, arbitration) Edwin Jacobs
Dispute resolution (litigation, mediation, arbitration) Frederic Debusseré
Internet and e-business Geert Somers
Internet and e-business Edwin Jacobs
Gambling Frederic Debusseré
Gambling Geert Somers
e-government Hans Graux
e-government Jos Dumortier
e-health Jos Dumortier
e-health Hans Graux
e-invoicing, e-payment, e-banking Edwin Jacobs
e-invoicing, e-payment, e-banking Hans Graux
Computer and cyber crime Edwin Jacobs
Computer and cyber crime Jos Dumortier
Intellectual property rights Geert Somers
Intellectual property rights Frederic Debusseré
Media and entertainment Geert Somers
Media and entertainment Edwin Jacobs
Fintech Edwin Jacobs
Photo Name Position Profile
 Frederic Debusseré photo Frederic Debusseré Partner. Contracts and litigation regarding IT services, software, internet; privacy & data…
Prof Dr Jos Dumortier  photo Prof Dr Jos Dumortier Partner. Internationally renowned expert in privacy & data protection; IT, software and…
Mr Hans Graux  photo Mr Hans Graux Partner. Privacy & data protection; IT, internet, e-signatures, e-security, e-authentication, identity management…
Mr Edwin Jacobs  photo Mr Edwin Jacobs Partner. FinTech, E-payment, e-money, e-banking and e-invoicing; IT services, outsourcing, software, internet;…
Mr Ruben Roex  photo Mr Ruben Roex Associate. Privacy & data protection; Cyber security; E-commerce and consumer protection; E-payment,…
Mr Geert Somers  photo Mr Geert Somers Partner. Contracts and litigation regarding IT services, software, internet; privacy & data…
Mr Stefan Van Camp  photo Mr Stefan Van Camp Counsel. IT services, software, internet; product safety, liability and recalls; copyright, trademarks,…
Number of lawyers : 15