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Kacprzak Law Firm

Kacprzak Law Firm is a reputable Law Firm with over 20 years of experience in representing and advising Polish and foreign clients.

We offer our advice on the law in force in Poland, with particular emphasis on conflict law of private international law, international conventions, as well as analysis and interpretation of applicable laws, in the light of the practice used by courts and public administration bodies, and views of legal academics and commentators.

We specialize in providing innovative and effective legal solutions at the highest level. The team of Kacprzak Law Firm consists of the best specialists who ensure the highest quality of services and full pursuance of clients’ interests.

Kacprzak Law Firm assists its clients at all stages of their economic involvement in Poland. We provide comprehensive services for domestic and international business transactions. In this regard, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal assistance to entities operating in Poland, including entities with foreign capital, covering matters related in particular to their internal organization as well as their day-to-day business operations.

To ensure the highest possible standard of services provided and comprehensive protection of our clients’ interests, also outside of Poland, we cooperate with renowned, foreign law firms in Europe and other parts of the world. We provide legal services in Polish, German and English.

We are active members of Polish and international legal organizations. We are committed to supporting initiatives aimed at improving the quality of law and increasing legal awareness of the public.

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Department Name Email Telephone
Office in Gdansk +48587693636
Office in Warsaw +48221228725
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Monika Jóźwik-Arbszajtys  photo Ms Monika Jóźwik-Arbszajtys
Mr Marek Kacprzak  photo Mr Marek Kacprzak
Mrs Sylwia Kacprzak  photo Mrs Sylwia Kacprzak
Ms Michalina Kos-Kaczyńska  photo Ms Michalina Kos-Kaczyńska
Ms Malwina Rychter-Walczak  photo Ms Malwina Rychter-Walczak
Ms Ewa Sprada  photo Ms Ewa Sprada
Ms Magdalena Włodarska  photo Ms Magdalena Włodarska
Mr Dariusz Zdanowicz  photo Mr Dariusz Zdanowicz