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Iceland > Dispute resolution Tier 1

Réttur – Adalsteinsson & Partners represents a diverse client base in a range of high-stakes cases, including commercial litigation on behalf of leading corporate groups, as well as criminal cases and matters concerning human rights issues. Jointly leading the department are Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir, a seasoned litigator with experience before the European Court of Human Rights; Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson, an expert in commercial, property, and constitutional law; and Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir, who is noted for her strength in litigating cases with a cross-border dimension. The team additionally includes Katrín Oddsdóttir, who is a thought leader on matters of human rights, immigration rights, and the protection of the environment.

Practice head(s):

Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir; Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson; Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir

Other key lawyers:


‘They have a special and unique knowledge of copyright matters, and their ability to handle these matters is exemplary.

‘We appreciate their extensive knowledge of copyright and related matters. Quick response in sensitive matters and exceptional behaviour with clients who seek their help.’

Key clients

Icelandic Water Holdings hf.

Icelandic Writer’s Association (RSÍ)

Fossatún ehf.

Flux ehf.




The Icelandic Nature Conservation Association (INCA)

Icelandic Symphony Orchestra

Skagastál ehf., At Iceland ehf. et al.

Myndstef (The Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association or IVACA)

Work highlights

  • Represented Fossatún ehf. in a landmark court case before the Supreme Court on the constitutional (negative) freedom of association and the requirements of legal clarity and precision that the legislator must fulfil, when intending to limit such fundamental rights.
  • Represented Erla Bolladóttir in pleadings before the Special Court of Reopening of Adjudicated Cases and, after a judgement rendered not in favour of our client, was able to obtain a settlement directly with the Prime Minister of Iceland, resulting in the client receiving damages for the amount of ISK32m and an apology.
  • Representing Skagastál ehf., At Iceland ehf., et al., landowners in a court case against the Icelandic State and the municipality Hvalfjarðarsveit.

Iceland > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 2

Réttur – Adalsteinsson & Partners is distinguished among insolvency and restructuring practices by its focus on representing creditors, including those based domestically and overseas. The group has a track record in acting for major clients in rescission cases and winding-up proceedings, and is regularly appointed as liquidator by the District Court. Team lead Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson is experienced in cross-border bankruptcy cases. Associate Alexander Hafþórsson is also a core team member.

Practice head(s):

Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Icelandic Water Holdings

Work highlights

  • Providing legal assistance to two joint UK-based trustees, regarding a UK bankruptcy ruling over an Icelandic individual who was declared bankrupt in the UK.

Iceland > TMT and IP Tier 2

Réttur – Adalsteinsson & Partners fields a notable TMT and IP team, with a penchant for representing artists, authors and screenwriters, as well as their respective unions. Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir, who is highly prominent in the arts sector and acts on behalf of groups such as the Iceland Symphony and the Writer’s Association, co-leads the department alongside Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir, who is an IP specialist with key strength in contentious matters.

Practice head(s):

Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir; Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir

Key clients

Reykjavik City Theatre

Icelandic Symphony Orchestra

Icelandic Writer’s Association

Icelandic Water Holdings hf


The Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association

Federation of Icelandic Artists


Work highlights

  • Acted as counsel for the Iceland Writer’s Association before an arbitration tribunal tasked with deciding the split of fair compensation between all major copyright, performers and producer’s associations in Iceland.
  • Provided legal advice to the Icelandic Writer’s Association, as well as many of its members.

Iceland > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Réttur – Adalsteinsson & Partners' strength in corporate mandates is supplemented by the firm's dispute resolution expertise, with multiple team members leveraging significant experience in contentious matters. Supreme Court Attorney Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson leads the department, and is noted for his record in commercial litigation and insolvency proceedings. Senior associate Stefán Örn Stefánsson covers M&A, tax issues, and corporate and commercial law.

Practice head(s):

Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson

Other key lawyers:

Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir; Stefán Örn Stefánsson


‘The lawyers at Réttur seems to have a strong practice of responding quickly to any client when an issue or question arises.’

‘Réttur has provided close, personal attention to three areas which are essential for us: immigration and citizenship, European intellectual property law, and business negotiations. The personal contact across those three areas, with different lawyers in some cases, makes them unique to us.’

‘They give you all their attention and make you feel like being taken care of. Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson and Stefán Örn Stefánsson have helped our company with different projects and they have really done a great job for us so far.’

‘The team is first and foremost trustworthy and ready to go the extra mile if needed.’

Key clients

Flux ehf.

Monerium ehf.

Icelandic Water Holdings ehf.

Bitfury Iceland ehf.

SÍBS, Reykjalundur endurhæfing ehf.

North Ventures ehf.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Kirton McConkie

Httpool AB

Work highlights

  • Assisted Icelandic Water Holdings hf. with various corporate law matters, including share capital increases, stock option planning, and selling shares in the company to international investors.
  • Represented SÍBS in two court cases before the District Court regarding property rights of SÍBS.
  • Acted in proceedings before the District Court for shareholders in Flux ehf. and Vesturgarður ehf., where court-appointed assessors evaluated a long-disputed matter and rendered a report.

Iceland > EEA and competition

Réttur – Adalsteinsson & Partners‘ rapidly growing team is spearheaded by Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir, who joined from the EFTA Surveillance Authority in September 2022.

The firm: Réttur traces its origins back to 1969 when Ragnar Aðalsteinsson, one of Iceland’s leading attorneys, started his private practice in Reykjavík. Today, Ragnar’s partners at Réttur include Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson, Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir, Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir and Kári Hólmar Ragnarsson.

Renowned for its high level of professionalism, ethical standards and efficiency, the firm takes pleasure in giving its clients straightforward legal advice in a timely manner.

Areas of practice: Réttur’s main area of expertise include; litigation, constitutional law and human rights, insolvency law, tort law, competition law, commercial and company law, contract law, M&A, copyright law, property rights and administrative law.

Litigation and dispute resolution: Réttur’s litigation team has excellent experience, the firm constantly ranking as a leader in this field in Iceland. The firm offers first-rate services for Icelandic and international clients, before the District Courts, the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court of Iceland. The firm regularly acts for stakeholders in high profile cases, including providing expert opinions for the media. Réttur further assists clients with settlements, negotiations and alternative forms of dispute resolution.

Commercial and corporate law: Réttur has vast experience in the field of commercial and corporate law and has represented large and small companies, financial institutions, investment funds, professional investors and individual shareholders. The commercial and corporate law team led by Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson, leading Supreme Court Attorney, provides legal advice on matters such as mergers and acquisitions, company and shareholder disputes, listing on regulated stock exchanges, corporate- and financial restructuring, due diligence, general representation of companies, shareholders and investors, large-scale business negotiations, the formation and dissolution of legal entities, drafting of contracts and other transactional documents, international trade and other cross-border transactions and debt collections.

Human rights: The ideological basis for Réttur is protection of human rights. Ragnar Aðalsteinsson, Supreme Court Attorney, founder and name partner of Réttur has for decades been considered a pioneer in terms of human rights protection in Iceland. Réttur is focused and committed to preserving this heritage to the utmost degree. Réttur’s lawyers have vast experience in pleading cases both before the domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights, most recently in the highly publicized case of nine female victims of violence against Iceland.

Insolvency and restructuring of debt: The attorneys at Réttur have extensive experience in providing legal advice on the re-structuring of debt, managing bankrupt estates, litigating rescission cases and other aspects relating to the insolvency of companies, as well as natural persons. Furthermore, the firm’s attorneys have vast experience in giving advice in relation to the international winding-up proceedings of financial institutions.

Intellectual property and copyright law: The attorneys at Réttur have extensive expertise in the area of intellectual property and trademarks, having successfully worked in those fields for decades. We specialize in the protection of all intellectual property rights such as literature, visual artwork, inventions, scientific research, trademarks and patents. Réttur provides advice to Iceland’s largest theatres, art museums, numerous artists and the Writers Union of Iceland among many other rightsholder organizations. Reviewing contracts, settling and litigating IP cases is a large part of Réttur’s attorneys’ work.

Property rights: The firm’s attorneys have vast experience in litigating private and public land disputes as well as other disputes arising from interference with private property rights. Furthermore, Réttur’s attorneys have written numerous academic articles in this area of law.

Administrative law: Réttur has wide-ranging experience in administrative proceedings with official authorities, independent administrative committees and the Althing Ombudsman. Réttur‘s creative, comprehensive and client-oriented approach to government decisions continuously yields excellent results.

Criminal defense: All defendants are entitled to a fair trial. Réttur considers defending clients an important part of the role of the attorney. Réttur’s expertise in human rights law plays an intricate role in this area. Réttur has handled various and diverse cases ranging from complex commercial and economic criminal charges, to highly publicized court cases such as the so-called “Reykjavik Nine” and the “Deportation Protesters”.

Personal injury and other torts: Réttur has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of personal injury and other liability claims, including accident claims, accident insurance claims, insurance disputes, short- or long-term disability benefit disputes and accident benefits disputes. Réttur’s attorneys continuously work with large international law firms and insurance companies, to secure cross-border tort claims, in and out of court.

Immigration law: Réttur’s expertise extends to the legislation on foreign nationals, immigrants and asylum seekers. The firm’s attorneys pride themselves on being committed to the protection of foreign nationals in Iceland. The firm’s attorneys frequently work on applications for Icelandic citizenship as well as applications for non-residents who are interested in acquiring a residence or work permit, or investing in Iceland.

Department Name Email Telephone
Constitutional law Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson sigurdur@rettur.is
Constitutional law Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir sigrun@rettur.is
Constitutional law Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir vedis@rettur.is
Commercial and company Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson sigurdur@rettur.is
Commercial and company Stefán Örn Stefánsson stefan@rettur.is
Competition Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson sigurdur@rettur.is
Competition Stefán Örn Stefánsson stefan@rettur.is
EU/EEA Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir vedis@rettur.is
Insolvency and restructuring Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson sigurdur@rettur.is
Immigration Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir sigrun@rettur.is
Immigration Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir vedis@rettur.is
Intellectual property and copyright law Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir sigrun@rettur.is
Intellectual property and copyright law Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir vedis@rettur.is
Intellectual property and copyright law Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson sigurdur@rettur.is
International human rights Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir sigrun@rettur.is
International human rights Védís Eva Guðmunadsdóttir vedis@rettur.is
Litigation and dispute resolution Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson sigurdur@rettur.is
Litigation and dispute resolution Védís Eva Guðmunsdóttir vedis@rettur.is
Litigation and dispute resolution Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir sigrun@rettur.is
Natural resources and property Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson sigurdur@rettur.is
Natural resources and property Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir vedis@rettur.is
Administrative law Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir sigrun@rettur.is
Photo Name Position Profile
Ragnar Aðalsteinsson photo Mr Ragnar Aðalsteinsson Partner and Supreme Court Attorney.
Linda Íris Emilsdóttir photo Ms Linda Íris Emilsdóttir Associate and Attorney at Law.
Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir photo Ms Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir Partner and Appeal Court Attorney.
Arnar Gauti Grettisson photo Mr Arnar Gauti Grettisson Associate and Attorney.
Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir photo Ms Védís Eva Guðmundsdóttir Partner and Attorney at Law.
Alexander Hafþórsson photo Mr Alexander Hafþórsson Associate and Attorney at Law.
Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson photo Mr Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson Partner and Supreme Court Attorney.
Katrín Oddsdóttir photo Ms Katrín Oddsdóttir Advisor and Attorney.
Jóna Þórey Pétursdóttir photo Ms Jóna Þórey Pétursdóttir Associate and Attorney.
Kristrún Ragnarsdóttir photo Ms Kristrún Ragnarsdóttir Associate and Attorney at Law.
Kári Hólmar Ragnarsson photo Mr Kári Hólmar Ragnarsson Partner and Attorney at Law.
Stefán Örn  Stefánsson photo Mr Stefán Örn Stefánsson Senior Associate and Attorney at Law.
Number of partners : 5
Number of lawyers : 12
Contacts : Sigrún Ingibjörg Gísladóttir
Contacts : Sigurður Örn Hilmarsson
Contacts : Védís Eva Guðmunsdóttir