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Fraud and white-collar crime Tier 1

De Roos & Pen remains one of the strongest boutique firms in the Netherlands for white-collar criminal law, focusing primarily on defence in criminal cases, on behalf of individuals as well as large corporates. Lisa van der Wal specialises in fraud cases, representing those accused of fraud in criminal cases, as well as helping victims of fraud to file complaints with public prosecutors. Niels van der Laan is another key name within the team, handling a broad range of white-collar criminal law cases, though he is particularly notable in the field of cybercrime, before all levels of the Dutch court system. At the associate level, Brendan Newitt and Jantien Dekkers are names worth noting.

Other key lawyers:

Lisa van der Wal; Niels van der Laan; Thomas Felix; Brendan Newitt; Jantien Dekkers


‘Preparation of files are of a very high standard. A lot of time and effort has been put into the case.’

‘Key strengths are honesty, preparation and reliability. Communication is easy and direct and brought down to an understandable level for clients that have no experience with the judicial system.’

‘Lisa van der Wal has proven to be a top partner at De Roos & Pen. Direct communication and able to think about the scenario.’

‘De Roos & Pen provided state-of-the-art specialist advice and reassurance from the first contact through to the conclusion of the case.’

‘Thomas Felix has a sharp eye for details. He is creative and persuasive and when a case comes to court he has proven to be an excellent litigator. These discerning qualities make him top of his class.’

‘I want to note the high knowledge in the IT field of the company’s employees, in particular Brendan Newitt, who was able to identify all the tricks of the investigation.’

‘They have built themselves up to be the leading white-collar crime firm in the Netherlands. They have extensive understanding and experience of the investigation and prosecution of business crime worldwide, they have great connections, are well-known and collaborative to work with.’

‘Lisa van der Wal is a leading light.’

‘Niels van der Laan is very well known and well liked in this field and he has a very good reputation as being knowledgeable, experienced and collaborative.’

‘I really enjoy working with Lisa van der Wal. She is always on the ball, but also very businesslike and realistic. Lisa has a deep knowledge of financial and economic criminal law and has earned wide recognition there. Lisa is always very accessible and responsive’

‘Lisa van der Wal has a deep knowledge of financial and economic criminal law and has earned wide recognition. Lisa is extremely accessible and responsive.’

‘Quick response and high level of knowledge.’

‘Niels Van De Laan: excellent to deal with and always available to help.’

‘De Roos & Pen is a respectable firm with professionals who are experts in the field of fraud and white-collar crime.’

‘Lisa van der Wal is a professional with in-depth knowledge and a proven track record. She delivers solid results and it is a pleasure to work with her.’

‘De Roos & Pen has consistently been one of the best law firms in the Netherlands because of their deep interest in the law and the facts of the case. I have always seen them give their all for every single case and client, for cases big and small. Their knowledge of the law – and their ability to use it well – is without a doubt top-tier level. ’

De Roos & Pen specialises in financial economic and criminal tax law and is recognised both internationally and within the Netherlands as an authority in this field. As a result, the office also has a great deal of expertise and experience in handling complex fraud cases. Lawyers from De Roos & Pen have supported a variety of clients, individuals as well as companies, in for example the ‘Clickfonds’ case, the Construction Fraud (‘Bouwfraude’) and the more recent Real Estate Fraud (‘Vastgoedfraude’).

Additionally, lawyers from De Roos & Pen conduct internal investigations, mainly on behalf of the financial sector, and offer advice about compliance and corporate governance. As a result of this specialization, De Roos & Pen frequently serves international (often American) companies that have interests in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe.

Yet De Roos & Pen has never forgotten its social roots. The office expanded in the 1980’s when it made its name supporting squatters, among others. As a result of its history, the general criminal practice has never lost its place at the heart of the office. De Roos & Pen still frequently assists clients in cases of money laundering, drugs and/or cases involving violence.

Thanks to the scale of the office – De Roos & Pen is regarded as a (medium) large criminal law office – the office is always ready to put together a reliable team of lawyers for every acute criminal law problem.

Department Name Email Telephone
Fraud, white-collar crime and financial criminal law Thomas Felix
Fraud, white-collar crime and financial criminal law Niels van der Laan
Fraud, white-collar crime and financial criminal law Lisa van der Wal
Corruption Lisa van der Wal
Corruption Niels van der Laan
Corruption Lian Mannheims
Money-laundering Lisa van der Wal
Money-laundering Niels van der Laan
Money-laundering Thomas Felix
Criminal tax law Lisa van der Wal
Criminal tax law Niels van der Laan
Banking, compliance and corporate governance Niels van der Laan
Banking, compliance and corporate governance Lisa van der Wal
Internal investigations/audits Lisa van der Wal
Internal investigations/audits Niels van der Laan
International criminal law Lian Mannheims
Confiscation cases Lian Mannheims
Confiscation cases Thomas Felix
(Air) traffic criminal law Lian Mannheims
Environmental criminal law Niels van der Laan
Environmental criminal law Lisa van der Wal
Criminal litigation practice at the Supreme Court Niels van der Laan
Bankruptcy fraud Niels van der Laan
Bankruptcy fraud Lisa van der Wal
Criminal Law Thomas Felix
Criminal Law Lian Mannheims
Criminal litigation practice at the Supreme Court Marnix van der Werf
Environmental criminal law Marnix van der Werf
Criminal Law Marnix van der Werf
Confiscation cases Marnix van der Werf
Photo Name Position Profile
Advocate Jantien Dekkers  photo Advocate Jantien Dekkers Jantien Dekkers LL.M. represents individuals and companies in both financial-economic and general…
Advocate Thomas Felix  photo Advocate Thomas Felix General criminal practice, economic criminal practice, international and cross-border cases, fraud, corruption…
Advocate Menco Rasterhoff  photo Advocate Menco Rasterhoff Mr. Menco Rasterhoff has been a lawyer at De Roos & Pen…
Advocate Annerieke Stronkhorst  photo Advocate Annerieke Stronkhorst Mr. Annerieke Stronkhorst has been working as a lawyer at De Roos…
Advocate Lisa van der Wal  photo Advocate Lisa van der Wal Partner at De Roos en Pen. Area of practice: fraud, white collar…
Advocate Marnix van der Werf  photo Advocate Marnix van der Werf complicated (criminal) cases, complex fraud and money laundering cases (including Fiscal Intelligence…
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