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Konecná & Zacha attracts a varied portfolio of work from clients, which spans acquisitions and sales, development projects, finance transactions and letting, among other matters. Team head Radka Konečná advises on real estate M&A, financing and arbitrations, and is regarded by clients as a ‘first-class solicitor who understands the business side of real estate deals.’ Also recommended are Martina Tatíčková , and Achim Jähnke.

Practice head(s):


‘We believe that they are a very good, detail-oriented team, which has the drive to deliver results and they are able to make sure the results really are achieved. They are able to also co-manage our team and they know what’s important and what can be dropped if needed. We really enjoy working with them and they are our preferred legal partner for the majority of areas that we need.’

‘Radka Konecná is our go-to-partner. She is very skilled in negotiations, in determining what are the important elements of transactions, and which risks are bearable. She has a very good sense of business and helps our teams also on that side. For a partner, she is very much hands-on, which from our point of view is very comfortable and it clearly secures the quality of service.’

‘Professional and friendly approach, fast reaction time, smart cooperation.’

‘The team I work with is very focused on the case, and at the same time, thinks about the important context of “out of the box”. I appreciate that.’

‘Konecna & Zacha are a medium-sized practice where the leaders are able to stay in touch with all of the work being undertaken so as to be able to ensure a first-class service. The practice has offices across CEE and so provides a wealth of knowledge on Real Estate issues. They are often able to link different clients to the benefit of all.’

‘Radka Konecna is a first-class solicitor who understands the business side or real estate deals as much as she does the legal side of any deal. This combination means that I get added value to all of my deals.’

‘Radka Konečná is very cooperative and ready-to-help. Being a top expert in the area, she also strives to develop a deep personal relationship with the clients and peers and positive chemistry in cooperation.’

Konečná & Zacha, s.r.o. is a prestigious law firm based in the Czech Republic, with its offices located in Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. Since 2000 it has been providing top quality legal services both to international and local clients with business activities in Central and Eastern Europe. Some of the lawyers are admitted as legal counsels under several jurisdictions and the administration of all branches is appropriately coordinated to allow mutual cooperation on joint projects.

Main areas of practice
Commercial law: Konečná & Zacha provides legal counsel in variety of matters in this practice area, especially in commercial contracts e.g. insurance, banking contracts, commission contracts, dealership, transportation contracts, securities transactions, promissory notes and other securities. The team also advises on company incorporations and unfair competition.

Real estate: Konečná & Zacha’s real estate team advises on all areas of this sector: legal and title due diligence, acquisitions, sales, forward sales, facility management and asset management. In addition, Konečná & Zacha’s team regularly advises developers on financing, construction contracts, all stages of the zoning and building permit processes, project implementation and management. Konečná & Zacha also works closely with banks and financial investors in this sector.

Corporate and M&A: Konečná & Zacha provides comprehensive advice on corporate law to a range of both local and international clients. Areas of expertise include advising on shareholding structures and shareholders’ agreements, structuring local and foreign investments, mergers, demergers, minority shareholder rights, strategic partnerships, corporate restructuring and competition law. Konečná & Zacha’s experts have wide experience gained in number of M&A transactions throughout the main sectors, enabling them to provide a highly professional service. The team’s ability to act for the clients extends to: structured finance, structuring of acquisitions, conducting legal due diligence and post-acquisition implementation, corporate and financial restructuring, MBO and MBI projects and advice on competition law.

Banking and finance: Konečná & Zacha’s team provides complex services associated with banking and financial transactions, ranging from single loan facilities to complex syndicated loans, bank security instruments and other banking products. In addition, the banking and finance team advises on corporate acquisition financing, debt restructuring, project financing, and other financial transactions. Konečná & Zacha is experienced in advising both on the side of the banks and its clients.

Litigation and arbitration: Konečná & Zacha has a strong litigation and arbitration team capable of representing its clients both in front of local courts and in international arbitrations, where the lawyers have achieved a number of significant favourable outcomes for the firm’s clients. The team also advises on civil and administrative proceedings. Some of Konečná & Zacha’s partners are also member of national and international arbitral tribunals.

IP/ICT: The law firm Konečná & Zacha plays an important role in the dynamically evolving field of IP and ICT. The team provides advice in all fields of intellectual rights, including representation in registration and other associated proceedings before the Industrial Property Office, Customs Offices and Courts (including EURid proceedings). The team assists clients in the management of trademark, design and patent portfolios and establishes structures for registration and international use of IP. A number of ICT companies rely on Konečná & Zacha’s legal services covering software development contracts, licensing, copyright as well as regulatory affairs. It also focuses on providing advice in the fields of software, R&D, sourcing, telecommunication and technology law in general. Konečná & Zacha also offers to the clients the service of performing the task of a DPO for their organisations and helps its clients comply with the new personal data protection rules set out by the GDPR.

Energy: Konečná & Zacha has developed a significant level of expertise in energy law, advising clients in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. The team’s clients include multinational energy corporations and regulatory authorities, as well as private investors focused on both conventional and renewable energy sources.

Restructuring and insolvency: Konečná & Zacha has gained extensive experience in solving insolvency cases. The team’s long-term cooperation with banks and financial institutions, large holding groups, and medium businesses have helped it to develop the set of skills required to protect its clients’ interests, regardless if they are in the position of debtor or creditor. In many complicated cases, Konečná & Zacha was able to find the right solutions and effective help to protect its clients. The team’s professionals represent the clients before the Courts across all stages of insolvency and restructuring procedures.

Other: In addition to specialised practice areas of Konečná & Zacha, they provide a full range of legal business support services for its clients’ day-to-day business and compliance needs. The most frequently provided support services include: competition law, enforcement of receivables, representation in bankruptcy and settlement proceedings, PPP projects, public procurement, transportation law, administrative law, criminal law, environmental and waste management law, consumer protection, inheritance, charity and family law.

Real Estate Radka Konečná
Real Estate Petko Iliev
Real Estate Andrei Constantinescu
Real Estate Achim Jähnke
Banking and Finance Radka Konečná
Banking and Finance Martina Tatíčková
Corporate and M&A Radka Konečná
Corporate and M&A Achim Jähnke
Commercial law Tomáš Zacha
Commercial law Andrei Constantinescu
Litigation and arbitration Tomáš Zacha
Litigation and arbitration Luboš Fojtík
Litigation and arbitration Andrei Constantinescu
Energy Tomáš Zacha
Energy Petko Iliev
Intellectual Property Tomáš Zacha
ICT Tomáš Zacha
Labour and employment Andrei Constantinescu
Commercial law Tomáš Riedl
Competition Luboš Fojtík
Transportation Luboš Fojtík
Real Estate Martina Piptová
Corporate and M&A Martina Piptová
Real Estate Jakub Čermák
Commercial law Jakub Čermák
Real Estate Tomáš Kubíček
Litigation and arbitration Tomáš Kubíček
Labour and employment Tomáš Kubíček
Real Estate Martina Tatíčková
Corporate and M&A Martina Tatíčková
Real Estate Tomáš Riedl
GDPR and protection of personal data Tomáš Kubíček
GDPR and protection of personal data Tomáš Zacha
GDPR and protection of personal data Luboš Fojtík
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Number of lawyers : 45
at this office : 20
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