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Finland > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Lieke Attorneys Ltd.‘s commercial, corporate and M&A team has been involved in a range of complex energy transactions and auction processes for corporate clients both in Finland and abroad. The department is led by Ville Vyyryläinen and Jussi Ekonen. Vyyryläinen is a key contact for all corporate-related matters and has carried out several domestic and cross-border financing and M&A transactions; and Ekonen, who made partner in January 2023, advises on M&A processes, especially within the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Practice head(s):

Jussi Ekonen; Ville Vyyryläinen


‘The merger support we got was exceptional.’

‘The team works well and grasps my needs quickly.’

‘The Lieke team is highly experienced and dedicated to providing the right advice at the right time. They focus on excellent client experience and always ensure that assistance is available even in urgent needs. They are committed, highly professional, and always work relentlessly to support our team. What differentiates them from their competitors is the cross-understanding of different areas of law and technology with the capability of combining these into valuable legal advice.’

‘Lieke deploys an impressive, international-focused team, with great experience and knowledge of the Finnish legal system. Their outlook is modern and progressive, and the team functions in an effective and relatively informal manner. Team diversity is high, and results are strong.’

‘Ville Vyyryläinen is a standout individual, working seamlessly with a wider team of transactional and dispute attorneys. He is approachable and committed and is a pleasure to work with.’

Key clients

DEAS Property Fund Finland I

Bittiriihi Oy

Cactos Oy

Luxid Group Oy

Winda Energy Oy

IVALO Creative Agency Oy

Ouman Oy

Amua Oy

DigiFinland Oy

Ministry of Finance

Ekorosk Oy Ab

SF Power Company

Sharper Shape Oy

Nordic Biotech Group Oy

Straightforward Capital Fund Ky

MAXA Holding Limited

Temet Group Oy

Haminan Energia Oy

Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy

Puhuri Oy

Vantaan Energia Oy

Suomen Voima Oy (Finnish Power Ltd)

Keravan Energia Oy

Vitec ALMA Oy (former ALMA Consulting Oy)

Work highlights

  • Assisted a UK-headquartered listed medtech company with the streamlining of its group structure in the Nordics.
  • Advised Haminan Energia Oy on the sale of Haminan Kaasuverkko Oy, a gas distribution company, and a gas customer portfolio to Auris Energia.
  • Providing legal services to the Ministry of Finance across several practice areas.

Finland > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Lieke Attorneys Ltd.’s dispute resolution expertise ranges from cases involving large construction projects to IT contract, shareholder agreement and IP claims; the group also has notable experience in employment and occupational safety matters, and claims in the construction and energy sectors. Marja Norrena leads the department and represents clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings as well as conflict management work.

Practice head(s):

Marja Norrena


‘Lieke keeps the team lean and focused on getting the assignment through as efficiently as possible.’

‘Marja Norrena – very experienced and focused on what matters.’

‘Expertise, flexibility in services when needed.’

‘Expertise, nice co-operation skills.’

‘Lieke deploys an impressive team, with strong credentials in the Finnish court disputes space in particular. Arbitration support is also very good, with Marja Norrena effortlessly bridging local legal practice with wider international strategy.’

‘Marja Norrena is a stand out individual. She is committed, and shows great energy, and delivers strong results. She is approachable and international in her outlook. Very impressive all round.’

‘Marja Norrena is cool, calm and analytical, a very good lawyer.’

Finland > Employment Tier 3

Lieke Attorneys Ltd. advises clients on all aspects of daily HR matters, including handling contractual questions, data protection issues, workplace discrimination matters and pension arrangements, as well as the employment elements of M&A, collective negotiations and occupational safety matters. Marja Norrena leads the practice.

Practice head(s):

Marja Norrena

Finland > TMT Tier 3

Lieke Attorneys Ltd.‘s TMT team is headed by Rosa Lång and assists internet and mobile service providers, software and web services providers, computer and video games developers, consumer device manufacturers and technology providers. Lång advises clients on IT related commercial agreements as well as data privacy and GDPR matters. Paul Durac is praised for his ‘deep understanding of data privacy matters’.

Practice head(s):

Rosa Lång

Other key lawyers:


‘Their depth of knowledge is remarkable. They have a knack for applying that knowledge in a practical context that benefits clients immensely.

‘The team is highly experienced and dedicated to providing the right advice at the right time. They focus on excellent client experience and always ensure that assistance is available even in urgent needs..’

‘Rosa Lång is excellent at providing clear advice, even to the most challenging questions, and she has a strong understanding of ICT and data privacy-related issues. Rosa ensures that you will be supported with focused advice on time.’

‘Paul Durac has a deep understanding of data privacy matters with the capability of providing working solutions to complex data privacy matters. Paul is dedicated, cooperative and reliable.’

Key clients

Silta Education Oy

Bittiriihi Oy

IVALO Creative Agency Oy

Cactos Oy

MAXA Holding Limited

Tramigo Ltd

Temet Group Oy

Ministry of Finance

Ouman Oy

Keravan Energia Oy/ Kerava Energy Ltd

Luxid Group Oy

Digi Finland Oy

Vitec ALMA Oy

Parma Consolis Oy

Trevian Asset Management

Work highlights

  • Legal counsel for Project Cirrus, a national public cloud privacy and contract terms development project owned by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Assists an ICT vendor in a procurement process of system development with a total value of +/- 100 M€. The assignment consists of contract review, negotiations and legal consultation throughout the procurement process.
  • Providing on-going consultation as an outsourced legal department for one of the leading ICT service providers in Finland.

Finland > Real estate and construction Tier 4

Lieke Attorneys Ltd is a law firm with focus on energy and infrastructure, construction and public sector. We have also a solid dispute resolution practice complementing our service offering for clients.

Our services include advisory on commercial contracts, corporate law, M&A and compliance, employment matters, public procurement, environmental matters and land use as well as privacy and data protection matters.

Our professionals are experienced lawyers with diverse backgrounds and hands-on skills. We are committed to developing unique solutions for businesses of all sizes regardless of the duration or scope of the assignment.

Our services are always based on a client-centric approach, which aims to produce efficient solutions for our clients’ unique challenges. We agilely combine a team of professionals with the adequate experience and knowledge to meet our clients’ needs.

We value quality, efficiency, and carefully tailored solutions.

Main areas of specialisation
Energy and infrastructure: We are familiar with the regulation, procedures, and best practices of the energy industry.

We have experience in the largest projects in the industry – from nuclear power to wind energy, from biofuels to waste-to-energy and from LNG to energy storage. Our expertise also covers issues related to permitting as well as to transactions and financing.

Construction: We advise clients on a broad range of real estate and construction matters.

We offer significant experience in energy project development. We also advise on public procurement issues in the construction sector and have further experience in zoning and environmental topics. In addition, we often represent clients in construction litigation and arbitration, and real estate related transactions.

Public sector: We provide public sector operators with support and solutions in a challenging operating environment, when needed, in cooperation with the private sector.

We act as a strategic partner for ministries, municipalities, wellbeing services counties and publicly owned companies.

Dispute resolution: We approach disputes by forming an overall picture of our client’s goals and strengths, and identifying possibilities of settlement. Our experts analyse each assignment and create a clear and straightforward strategy with a specific goal – win it or avoid it altogether.

In addition to dispute resolution, we help our clients in criminal procedures related to trade secrets, environmental law and occupational safety

Commercial agreements: We are experts in contract law and understand the different situations and business strategies of our clients. We identify potential risks, assess practicality and offer solutions.

Company law, M&A and compliance: We have vast experience in various areas of company law and mergers and acquisitions. We help our clients in matters related to corporate and financial arrangements, private equity, shareholder agreements and corporate governance.

We act as a strategic partner for our customers in all corporate responsibility and compliance matters. We advise customers eg building compliance strategies, implementing, and building follow-up programs to ensure continuing compliance work.

Employment: Our services in employment matters cover operational consulting, management of co-operation procedures, employment law litigation and the organization of occupational safety matters.

Our goal is to ensure the efficiency of our client company in all situations. We assist especially in situations of change, where we provide – in addition to legal advice – assistance in internal and external communication.

Public procurement: We have in-depth knowledge of public procurement legislation and practice. We assist all parties involved in public procurement, such as public authorities, municipalities, joint municipal authorities, government agencies and businesses, communities and companies.

Environment and land use: Our comprehensive experience in environmental assignments and licensed projects guarantees the right solutions for even the most challenging situations related to environmental matters and land use.

We advise our clients on environmental law issues related to land use planning, transactions and energy projects, among others. In addition to preparing agreements that focus on real estate investment and the purchase, sale and rental of real estate, we assist in environmental permit processes, and in disputes and criminal matters related to environmental law.

Privacy and data protection: Our extensive expertise enables us to solve our clients’ privacy and data protection challenges, taking into account the requirements of different industries.

We develop data protection know-how and act as a strategic partner who is involved in implementing and monitoring of the latest solutions.

Managing partner: Ville Vyyryläinen
Number of partners: 6
Number of lawyers: 32

Department Name Email Telephone
Energy & infrastructure Ville Vyyryläinen
Energy & infrastructure Aimo Halonen
Construction Juho Lönnblad
Construction Rosa Lång
Public sector Aimo Halonen
Public sector Juho Lönnblad
Dispute resolution Marja Norrena
Commercial agreements Ville Vyyryläinen
Company law, M&A and compliance Ville Vyyryläinen
Employment Marja Norrena
Public procurement Aimo Halonen
Environment and land use Aimo Halonen
Privacy and data protection Rosa Lång
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Paul Durac photo Paul Durac Paul Durac specializes in data privacy and commercial agreements. Durac assists Lieke’s…
Jussi Ekonen photo Jussi Ekonen Jussi Ekonen is specialized in energy and infrastructure sector-related contract drafting, negotiation…
Aimo Halonen photo Aimo Halonen Aimo Halonen specializes in energy and infrastructure sector projects, including related procurement…
Krista Hautakoski photo Krista Hautakoski Krista Hautakoski specializes in dispute resolution, employment and company law. Before joining…
Mona Jortikka photo Mona Jortikka Mona Jortikka is specialized in commercial agreements, company law, M&A and prevention…
Helena Kalmanlehto photo Helena Kalmanlehto Helena Kalmanlehto specializes in commercial dispute resolution. Kalmanlehto’s dispute resolution assignments typically…
Valmari Keskimäki photo Valmari Keskimäki Valmari Keskimäki specializes in Dispute resolution and Commercial agreements. Keskimäki also advises…
Iida Kivilähde photo Iida Kivilähde Iida Kivilähde specializes in assignments related to energy and infrastructure sector. Prior…
Heidi Krootila photo Heidi Krootila Heidi Krootila specializes in assignments related to commercial agreements, company law, M&A…
Rosa Lång photo Rosa Lång Rosa Lång specializes in construction and IT law, project management and various…
Ida Lindfors photo Ida Lindfors Ida Lindfors specializes in company and contract law. Lindfors assists our clients…
Mikael Lindqvist photo Mikael Lindqvist Mikael Lindqvist specializes in public procurement and assists Lieke’s public sector customers.…
Juho Lönnblad photo Juho Lönnblad Juho Lönnblad specializes in real estate, construction and project law issues and…
Michelle Merlich photo Michelle Merlich Michelle Merlich specializes in assignments related to energy and infrastructure and construction…
Alisa Montonen photo Alisa Montonen Alisa Montonen specializes in the drafting, negotiation and risk management of projects…
Essi Niitynpää photo Essi Niitynpää Essi Niitynpää specializes in real estate and construction, as well as company,…
Marja Norrena photo Marja Norrena Marja Norrena specializes in litigation and arbitration. Norrena regularly works with large…
Amanda Olmo photo Amanda Olmo Amanda Olmo specializes in assignments related to energy and infrastructure and construction…
Riina Pajala photo Riina Pajala Riina Pajala specializes in assignments related to energy and infrastructure and construction…
Henna Pajulammi photo Henna Pajulammi Henna Pajulammi specializes in dispute resolution and white-collar criminal cases. She has…
Markus Pulkkinen photo Markus Pulkkinen Markus Pulkkinen is specialized in public procurement, commercial agreements and IT law.…
Mira Rantamoijanen photo Mira Rantamoijanen Mira Rantamoijanen is specialized in dispute resolution, employment and company law. She…
Anniina Rantasalo photo Anniina Rantasalo Anniina Rantasalo specializes in dispute resolution and employment law assignments. She assists…
Roosa Suutari photo Roosa Suutari Roosa Suutari specializes in dispute resolution. Before joining Lieke, Suutari worked as…
Maija Tevajärvi photo Maija Tevajärvi Maija Tevajärvi specializes in assignments related to energy and infrastructure and construction…
Hanna Tolonen photo Hanna Tolonen Hanna Tolonen specializes in M&A transactions as well as company and contract…
Hanna Tuominen photo Hanna Tuominen Hanna Tuominen specializes in contract, energy and environmental law. Tuominen also assists…
Kristiina Välimaa photo Kristiina Välimaa Kristiina Välimaa specializes in assignments related to energy and infrastructure and construction…
Panu Vasama photo Panu Vasama Panu Vasama specializes in the law, contracts and projects regarding the operating…
Kia Vuorenvirta photo Kia Vuorenvirta Kia Vuorenvirta specializes in company law, M&A and commercial agreements. Before joining…
Ville Vyyryläinen photo Ville Vyyryläinen Lieke’s Managing Partner Ville Vyyryläinen has over 15 years’ experience in advising…
Number of lawyers : 32
Contacts : Managing Partner Ville Vyyryläinen