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Tax Tier 1

LEADELL Pilv has an extensive tax litigation practice, defending corporate clients and private persons against claims for unpaid taxation. The team also advises on day-to-day tax matters and handles multi-jurisdictional disputes. Experienced litigator Aivar Pilv is praised for his work in tax disputes, with Jaak Siim also noted for his advisory and litigation work.

Practice head(s):


Extensive practical and professional experience.

Key clients

Saarek AS

Kruuson Kaubandus OÜ

Raivo Nirk

Applaford ES Transport & Logistics

TMS Ehitus OÜ

Dispute resolution Tier 2

LEADELL Pilv has a strong track record handling white-collar criminal defence cases, where it is sought out by several high-profile clients of significant public interest. Practice co-head Aivar Pilv is recognised as one of Estonia's top disputes lawyers, and is 'an outstanding performer in court' who is active in civil, administrative, and criminal law cases. Fellow co-head Pirkka-Marja Põldvere is also well-regarded across the disputes field. The firm has defended multiple individuals accused of corruption, most notably Alexander Kofkin, implicated in the bribery allegations against former Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar.


The team is professional, with great experience in the legal and court system.’ 

Key clients

Mr Karl Liivapuu

AS Saarek

Mr Allan Kiil

Mr Alexander Kofkin

Enefit Kaevandused AS

AS Saaremaa Laevakompanii and Mr Vjatšeslav Leedo

Randomer OÜ

Newco Safety Technologies GmbH

Mr Artjom Suvorov

Mr Leonid Dulub

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

LEADELL Pilv advises clients on a range of corporate issues, bringing its litigation experience to bear in contentious issues such as shareholder relations, management obligations, and competition, alongside advising on corporate governance, restructuring, and public procurement. Pirkka-Marja Põldvere leads the practice, providing key services regarding shareholder and management concerns. The group's broad offering is demonstrated by its advice to Holostovi Kinnisvarahaldus, which includes handling day-to-day legal matters, as well as assisting with the sale of a majority share in Wris AS.

Practice head(s):


This firm has great specialists and very pleasant client service, which is everything you need from a law firm.

We have found Leadell to be extremely responsive, producing detailed and sensible advice on a complex legal issue at speed.’ 

Key clients


Kinnisvarahaldus AS

Surgitech AS

Paxful OÜ

OÜ Lesven

Vinmark Grupp OÜ

Ida-Viru Jahimeeste Selts

Agal Kinnisvarad OÜ

Kaarel Jalakas

Straf OÜ

LVM Kinnisvara OÜ

Real estate and construction Tier 3

LEADELL Pilv represents clients in real estate and construction-related disputes, including breach of contract, access to land and transactional cases. The team is led by the 'extremely committedMerilin Ojasaar and Pirkka-Marja Põldvere, both experienced litigators and transactional advisers. The team also provides advice to clients on day-to-day considerations, rental contracts and infrastructure acquisitions. Britta Oltjer is now with Cuesta Law Office.

Key clients

Straf OÜ

Linford AS

Kruuson Kaubandus OÜ

Marko Märjamaa

Taivo Luik

Maksiprojekt OÜ

Heli Tuulik

BREM Kinnisvarahooldus OÜ

Infraroad OÜ

MTÜ Ida-Viru Jahimeeste Selts

LEADELL law offices – Pilv in Estonia, Fogels & Vitols in Latvia, and Balčiūnas & Grajauskas in Lithuania – are among leading law firms in the Baltic countries providing services to business clients and bringing together best experts.

LEADELL Pilv, being one of the oldest law firms in Estonia, is best known for its profound experience in all kinds of dispute resolution. We have represented various high-profile clients in complex litigations and arbitrations on a wide range of subject matters, and our partners regularly act as arbitrators. Many of our cases have principally changed the interpretation of law, being often also of interest to the general public. A clear confirmation of the competence of the firm is that The Legal 500 has recognised 4 of the firm’s attorneys in dispute resolution (Hall of Fame – Aivar Pilv, Leading Individual – Pirkka-Marja Põldvere, and Rising stars Marko Pilv and Anneli Aab).

Other areas of practice include:

Tax – The firm is also highly valued for its extensive practice and knowledge in the tax advising and litigation. Experienced litigator Aivar Pilv is praised for clients for his excellent work in solving tax disputes and has also represented the Republic of Estonia and other public sector entities in tax related disputes.

Corporate, Commercial and M&A – LEADELL Pilv specialists headed by Pirkka-Marja Põldvere provides top-quality counselling on various aspects of corporate and commercial law: shareholder relations, management board member obligations and liability, corporate governance, insolvency, employment, transactions and trade (including M&A), public procurement, public-private partnerships, competition etc. Our clients range from some of the largest companies in the market to small start-ups, and thus the advised issues vary respectively.

Real Estate and Construction – Our practice includes counselling on a variety of real estate related issues: real estate development (i.a. zoning & planning, permits, infrastructure, construction contracts, financing, environment), rights and obligations stemming from ownership (e.g. co-ownership, servitudes, access roads), as well as rent and lease of immovables. Aivar Pilv, Merilin Ojasaar and Pirkka-Marja Põldvere are well-known specialists on the market and their skills are highly valued amongst clients. They have represented clients in various complex construction disputes and advised many business entities in real estate project developments.

IP, IT & Telecoms – Our team provides advice on all aspects related to information technologies and intellectual property. Our attorneys (some of which have are a strong background as an in-house counsel in telecommunication) are recognised for having wide knowledge and experience related to, e.g., copyright, software licencing, patents.

Regulatory – Firms specialists are frequently representing clients from public and private sector in various regulatory issues from (e.g. taxation, public procurement, environment, mining, immigration etc). When combining our knowledge with litigation experience you get a unique combination oriented to delivering results for the clients.

Medical & pharmaceuticals – Our attorneys, starting with Aivar Pilv, have a comprehensive practice in representing clients in medical malpractice cases.

Department Name Email Telephone
Bankruptcy Aivar Pilv
Bankruptcy Pirkka-Marja Põldvere
Corporate Pirkka-Marja Põldvere
Corporate Merilin Ojasaar
Corporate Marko Pilv
Contracts Anneli Aab
Banking and finance Merilin Ojasaar
Banking and finance Anneli Aab
Property Ilmar-Erik Aavakivi
Property Pirkka-Marja Põldvere
Property Merilin Ojasaar
Intellectual property Anneli Aab
Labour Pirkka-Marja Põldvere
Labour Marko Pilv
Administrative Aivar Pilv
Customs Aivar Pilv
Taxation (tax law) Aivar Pilv
Telecommunications Aivar Pilv
Telecommunications Anneli Aab
Competition Pirkka-Marja Põldvere
White-collar crime Aivar Pilv
White-collar crime Marko Pilv
Arbitration and litigation Aivar Pilv
Arbitration and litigation Pirkka-Marja Põldvere
Photo Name Position Profile
 Anneli Aab photo Anneli Aab Being an attorney-at-law at LEADELL Pilv Law Office, Anneli Aab’s main fields…
 Ilmar- Erik Aavakivi  photo Ilmar- Erik Aavakivi Being a senior associate at LEADELL Pilv Law Office, Ilmar-Erik Aavakivi’s main…
 Raini Nõu  photo Raini Nõu Raini Nõu’s main fields of practice are litigation and administrative proceedings. He…
 Merilin Ojasaar  photo Merilin Ojasaar Being a partner at LEADELL Pilv Law Office, Merilin Ojasaar’s main fields…
 Pirkka- Marja Põldvere  photo Pirkka- Marja Põldvere Being a partner at LEADELL Pilv Law Office, Pirkka-Marja Põldvere’s main fields…
 Aivar Pilv photo Aivar Pilv Aivar Pilv is the founding and managing Partner of LEADELL Pilv Law…
Mr Marko Pilv photo Mr Marko Pilv Marko Pilv is a partner in LEADELL Pilv Law Office and his…
 Reelika Rohi  photo Reelika Rohi Being a lawyer at LEADELL Pilv Law Office, Reelika Rohi’s main fields…
 Katarina Talumäe  photo Katarina Talumäe Katarina Talumäe advises clients mainly in the field of law of obligations…
Number of lawyers : 29
at this office : 9
German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia
American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Allan Kiil

Aivar Pilv and Marko Pilv are defending Allan Kiil, the former member of the management board of Tallinna Sadam AS (Tallinn City Harbour), which is one of the biggest companies owned by the Republic of Estonia, in a criminal proceeding where A. Kiil is being accused of taking a bribe and in money laundering. The dispute is notable because it is the first time in Estonian court practice that a person has been accused of taking a bribe in millions of euros in exchange for concluding contracts for purchasing 4 passenger ferry’s from Polish and Turkeys ship manufactures. It is also legally a very challenging and complicated case which shall probably set a number of new precedents in Estonian court practice.

In addition to before mentioned Aivar Pilv and Britta Oltjer are also representing the interest of A. Kiil in another dispute with AS Tallinna Sadam. The company agreed to end A. Kiil’s Management Board Member Agreement, but did not pay him compensation as agreed in the prohibition of competition contract referring to the alleged criminal offences. The case is still on-going, but it will set a new court precedent in interpreting and applying law to prohibition of competition contract regulation in case of alleged infringements which have not been proven.

Karl Liivapuu

Transcom AS and Green Window OÜ filed a claim for compensation of damages in excess of 2,5 million euros against it’s former member of the management board Karl Liivapuu, who allegedly sold a factory and different equipment under it’s market value by causing damages to the companies. Litigation expert Aivar Pilv successfully represented K. Liivapuu in this complex civil dispute which ended positively for the client, because the claim was not satisfied and the client received reimbursement for legal fees.

Aivar and Marko Pilv also defended the interest of the K. Liivapuu in a criminal proceeding where K. Liivapuu was accused of unequal treatment of creditors and a civil claim in the sum of 200 000 euros was filed. The criminal case ended positively for the client – without a conviction.

Saarek AS and Raul Kets

LEADELL Pilv is advising and defending the interest of AS Saarek and it’s member of the management board
(Raul Kets) in a major criminal proceeding where the company and Mr R. Kets are accused of concealment of tax liability and unfounded increase of claim for refund in excess of 440 000 euros. AS Saarek is one of the biggest whole seller of frozen berries in the region and feels that they are wrongfully accused. The case has been on-going for almost 7 years and it’s a complex dispute involving several companies and individuals from neighbouring countries as well. Our tax and litigation expert Aivar Pilv is defending both AS Saarek and R. Kets.

CLIENT: Chemi-Pharm AS
TESTIMONIAL: “Chemi-Pharms AS no 1 legal partner in Estonia since 2005”

CLIENT: AS Saaremaa Laevakompanii
TESTIMONIAL: “LEADELL Pilv stands out for high quality work and fast response times“

CLIENT: Mr Karl Liivapuu
TESTIMONIAL: “They provide very professional legal services in corporate-business law and dispute resolution – flexible and personal approach to the client always set’s client’s interest first. In-depth legal analysis, outstanding and convincing performances in court. Definitely the best law office”

TESTIMONIAL: “Very good argumentation and presentation skills in different disputes, profound legal knowledge and high quality of legal services.”

CLIENT: Tiiu Järviste
TESTIMONIAL: “Definitely very deep knowledge, new technologies, they know EU regulatory very well, no boundaries for them at all, all our investors highlight the professionalism, due to which, the collaboration and financing projects are smooth without surprises. They are always in contact. Quickly offering several solutions for the situation, they know our business. Thus, 24/7 available. “

CLIENT: Mr Allan Kiil
TESTIMONIAL: “They are very experienced and know relevant court practice. Well thought through valuations and solutions in variable questions and professional performance in courts”

LEADELL PILV values security, trust and passion which also reflects in our everyday work and organisation culture. We do our best in creating a secure and trustworthy atmosphere for our employees and clients, while encouraging lawyers to approach every task with passion and do their best for the client.

We are also firm believers of charity and it’s great effects in society. As LEADELL Pilv has grown over the past 25 years, so have our ambitions in different charity projects. For example, we have been a long standing sponsor of Päikeselaager – a summer camp organised by Tallinn Reval Rotary Club for children with limited opportunities. Our law firm annually sponsors student practice court sessions in Estonia and abroad (for example in Vienna, Austria) and we have not forgotten animals as well! Company also supports upkeep of our pet lynx Riina in Tallinn Zoo to make sure she is well fed. We feel it is important to have long standing partner relations to ensure continuance of charity projects, but also to be constantly open for new challenges and opportunities.