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The firm: KP is an independent, wide-niche, Athens-based firm established by a team of experts with recognised credentials in complex and cross-border disputes, finance, restructuring and insolvency, corporate and commercial, procurement, construction and real estate, IP, competition and antitrust, with a strong international orientation and an established track record in high-impact contentious and non-contentious matters.

The firm aims to stand out among legal service providers for its partner-performed work, the taking of ownership over mandates, and the consistent outcomes it is able to deliver by combining leading-edge disputes capability with transactional and advisory services hardened by strong insight into the foundations of resilience to disputes.

The firm maintains close professional ties with established global and regional legal service providers, finance and operations consultancies, and industry/subject matter experts, and is thus able to draw from a significant pool of knowledge and experience, and tailor high-end professional teams across disciplines promptly and cost-efficiently to the requirements of each matter.

Areas of practice: Disputes: the firm operates a leading-edge disputes practice, encompassing domestic and cross-border litigation and arbitration, domestic and cross border restructuring and NPL remedial and enforcement proceedings, enforcement of security interests, discovery, asset tracing and recovery, strategic planning and dispute risk management.

The firm’s partners have litigated or arbitrated most types of industrial, commercial, financial and restructuring dispute, domestically and internationally, acting for plaintiffs, defendants and interested third parties, private and public, in most types of domestic and cross-border litigation and arbitration proceedings, institutional and ad hoc, in a variety of sectors including energy, industrial projects, procurement and construction, life sciences, distribution and supply chain, and general commercial disputes, as well as in complex proceedings involving multiple parties, parallel multi-forum tactical litigation, and multi-jurisdiction enforcement of arbitral awards.

From 2012 to 2016, the firm obtained significant superior and Supreme Court judgments on the setting aside of arbitral awards, as well as a ground-breaking Supreme Court decision on the limitation of the right to a trademark in consequence of acquiescence. In 2014 the firm also obtained the first-ever Greek court judgment against an acting MP for slander against a foreign financial institution.

Transactions and advice: the firm places the hard and disciplined methodologies behind its disputes practice at the heart of its transactional and advisory work, aiming at the most-robust and self-enforcing transactions feasible in any given circumstances, in a wide array of niche and ordinary banking, finance, corporate and commercial law matters.

The firm operates a leading-edge finance practice and regularly acts for international strategic investors, investment banks, private equity, hedge and distressed funds, in cross-border investment, and financing and refinancing transactions. The firm is at the forefront of international restructuring, NPL and distressed investment and insolvency law and finance across sectors and industries. Following the liberalisation of the Greek NPL market, the firm is among the first providers of comprehensive legal support to prospective NPL managers, servicers and investors on portfolio due diligence, NPL management and acquisition agreements, segmentation based on available remedial strategies, and the design and implementation of menu, standardized and one-off remedial plans.

Building on its strength in property finance and commercial contracts, the firm advises clients in ordinary and complex commercial, industrial and special (e.g. private islands) real estate transactions.

KP Law Firm’ s IP, competition and antitrust practice has significant experience in vertical agreements, abuse of dominant position, private enforcement, distribution and supply chain structuring and implementation, transaction terms, unfair practices, merger control, interim relief, and strategic management of intangibles.

Department Name Email Telephone
Disputes (litigation and arbitration) Constantinos Klissouras
Disputes (litigation and arbitration) Dionysios Gavounelis
Banking and finance Christina Papachristopoulou
Restructuring and insolvency Constantinos Klissouras
Restructuring and insolvency Christina Papachristopoulou
Corporate and commercial Dionysios Gavounelis
Non-performing loans (NPL) Constantinos Klissouras
Real estate Domna Kyrzopoulou
Real estate Christina Papachristopoulou
Procurement and construction Dionysios Gavounelis
Competition and antitrust Domna Kyrzopoulou
Intellectual property Domna Kyrzopoulou
Media and entertainment Domna Kyrzopoulou
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Dionysios Gavounelis  photo Mr Dionysios Gavounelis
Mr Constantinos Klissouras  photo Mr Constantinos Klissouras
Ms Domna Kyrzopoulou  photo Ms Domna Kyrzopoulou
Ms Christina Papachristopoulou  photo Ms Christina Papachristopoulou
Other office : Thessaloniki


KP is a broad niche practice serving international and domestic commercial and industrial corporates, financial institutions, and natural persons facing critical and high impact situations, in contentious and non-contentious matters within its fields of expertise.

We operate two distinct lines of service, comprising disputes and non-dispute matters. We enjoy challenging mandates and aim to exceed expectations. Every time.

We take pride in the depth, breadth and track record of our disputes practice, encompassing domestic and cross-border litigation and arbitration, discovery, asset tracing and recovery, strategic planning and dispute risk management, in a wide array of sectors, industries, and one-time, non-recurring, dispute circumstances.

We derive our edge from the combination of good black letter law, the rich experience of disputes partners in advocacy before a wide array of courts, tribunals and authorities, commitment to working with leading forensic, industry and subject matter experts, and structured analytical methodology for preparing, documenting, pleading and proving contentious matters.

Our aptitude for bringing core disputes capabilities together instantly and decisively places us at an advantage in circumstances of injunctive and conservatory measures, multiple concurrent proceedings or parties, and cross-border matters.

Finally, our principled and proactive conflicts, independence and anti-corruption policies allow us to take ownership of the disputes entrusted to us and pursue them rigorously to the maximum extent prescribed by law.

Disputes test the resilience and expediency of non-dispute work. For this reason, we place the hard and disciplined methodologies behind our disputes practice at the heart of our transactional and advisory work. We aim to transgress encyclopaedic information on laws and regulations, or the mechanical replication of transactional trends, structures and forms.
We invest time and effort to achieve a deep understanding of our clients’ specific business, markets and industries. We work programmatically to integrate into the guidance we provide the potential impact of factors seemingly extrinsic to a legal question or transaction, such as eventual disputes, conflicts of laws or the likelihood and potential impact of reforms, through the prism of the most critical or latest jurisprudence.

At the heart of the firm’s vision lies a simple idea: to discipline the provision of advice with the knowledge of what passes the stringent tests of litigation or arbitration; and to enrich the methodologies for the resolution of disputes with the analytical understanding of the economics and business intricacies of sectors and industries, and of each specific entity and set circumstances, where the firm is retained to act.

We strive to bring this vision to bear in every matter entrusted to us. We draw on the solid foundations of technical excellence, comprehensive analysis and relentless implementation, guarded by rigorous independence and ethics policies, to provide a state-of-the-art, ethical and responsible service.