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The firm: Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm has 28 years of experience in providing legal services. The firm provides full legal assistance to its clients, offering consultancy and litigation. The firm’s effective mixture allows the company to provide clients with comprehensive protection of their legal interests.

The law firm was founded in 1989 during the change of the political regime in Bulgaria and successfully introduced and developed its practice in different sectors of the reforming economy.

The company is constituted and operates in accordance with the Bar Act. Its office is located in Sofia and it has a network of associate firms in the main cities of Bulgaria.

Areas of practice: Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm provides high-quality, focused, responsive and cost-effective services to its selected client base, which includes renowned names in the main sectors of economy.

The firm provides legal services in the fields of company law, custodian services, restructuring, acquisition and liquidation of companies. Dobrev & Lyutskanov Law Firm offers legal services to companies in bankruptcy proceedings. The firm’s attorneys-at-law have been registered on the list of trustees approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria. The firm provides legal services in the acquisition of assets, conduct of negotiations and drafting of contracts.

The team’s professionalism in providing legal services in the implementation of projects in energy, infrastructure, transportation and insurance is well-known to the companies in these sectors.

Financial law and banking law are also part of the firm’s areas of practice. The firm offers legal services to local and foreign banks, assisting them in the financing and implementation of various projects and related collateral.

The firm provides advice to banks and financial institutions in extending inter-bank and syndicated loans and in establishing inter-bank consortia.

The firm assists clients in the registration of trade marks, industrial designs and patents and offers legal defence to its clients in the sphere of intellectual property.

Consultancy, participation in negotiations and drawing up of contracts in all spheres of economic life are important elements of the firm’s legal services. The firm takes part in negotiating insurance contracts and defends clients against insurance companies, including defence in international insurance cases.

Property law and construction law are an important part of the practice. The firm offers advice to clients on the acquisition, design, construction, supervision, development and management of real estate.

Maritime law is an important aspect of the firm’s activities. The practice includes consultations on the conclusion and implementation of maritime transportation contracts, claims, litigation and arrest of vessels.

The firm represents clients before all Bulgarian courts and before domestic and international arbitration tribunals. Lawyers of the firm specialise in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. The firm’s practice areas include recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments and arbitration awards.

Banking and finance Roumen Lyutskanov
Banking and finance Gergana Ilieva
Capital markets Grozdan Dobrev
Competition Hristo Kazarmov
Corporate and M&A Grozdan Dobrev
Energy Grozdan Dobrev
Energy Mariya Endreva
Employment and immigration Roumen Lyutskanov
Employment and immigration Gergana Ilieva
Environment and utilities Roumen Lyutskanov
Environment and utilities Mariya Endreva
Insolvency Roumen Lyutskanov
Insurance, transport and communication Roumen Lyutskanov
Intellectual property Grozdan Dobrev
Intellectual property Lyuben Todev
Litigation and ADR Roumen Lyutskanov
Litigation and ADR Gergana Ilieva
Real estate and construction Roumen Lyutskanov
Real estate and construction Mariya Endreva
Taxation Grozdan Dobrev
Taxation Mariya Endreva
Telecommunications, media and technology Grozdan Dobrev
Telecommunications, media and technology Lyuben Todev
Number of lawyers : 12
American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Green Building Council
German-Bulgarian Industry and Commerce Chamber
Contacts : Roumen Lyutskanov
Contacts : Grozdan Dobrev

Transfer of copyright in architectural works for purposes of reworking architecture projects and making alterations to finished buildings

Subject to copyright is any work of literature, the arts and science that is the product of a creative process carried out in any manner of expression and in any objective form.

The Taxonomy Regulation – the Framework to Facilitate Sustainable Investment in the EU

On 22 June 2020, Regulation (EU) 2020/852 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2020 on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment, and amending Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (the Taxonomy Regulation) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The EU Approach to the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

The advancement of technologies leads to increasing application of various algorithms that can develop on the basis of machine learning. Therefore, an issue of special importance is the approach to the regulation of artificial intelligence and its application in various spheres of economic and administrative activities.

The Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts – The Next Steps Towards the European Future

One of the main goals of the European Union is to expand digitalization as a means to promoting a dynamic economy and efficient governance while also attaining the environmental targets of the Member States.

Protection of a Partner in a General Partnership

The general partnership is an arrangement among natural and/or legal persons to pursue a common business objective. When traders take part in the arrangement, the group is called a consortium and it is subject to the provisions of Article 357 et seq. of the Obligations and Contracts Act concerning general partnerships or the relevant company, depending on its legal form.

Green Public Procurement

The successful transformation of the economy of the European Union towards a sustainable future, which underlies the European Green Deal, builds on a number of pillars and has an impact on practically all spheres of the EU economy and policies. From the supply of clean, affordable and secure energy to the acceleration of the transition to sustainable and smart mobility, the European Commission envisions various strategies to pursue the sustainable development pathway. An important role in this process is entrusted to public authorities, including the institutions of the European Union, and green public procurement is considered as part of the toolkit planned to promote this transformation.

Convertible Loan

In Bulgaria, like in other countries, convertible loan becomes an increasingly common instrument to have start-ups financed by an investor who is a party external to the company.

Competition exercised by a former partner or manager in a company, according to the practice of the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition

It is common practice for company managers to be required, either with the contract for management and representation, or with later declarations or agreements, to undertake the obligation not to exercise competitive activity after they no longer occupy their position. Similar obligations and prohibitions may also be directed at the company partners or at the members of the board of directors or the management board. It is usual for a penalty to be provided for non-compliance with the ban on competition exercised by a former partner.