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The firm: Founded in 1997, Ilyashev & Partners is one of the most authoritative full-service law offices of the CEE region. We have achieved this by employing leading experts in various law practice areas, innovative thinking and strict compliance to ethical standards in relationships with our clients.

Ilyashev & Partners provides services in almost every practice area to well-known European and American companies, leading Ukrainian companies and financial institutions, government agencies, law offices and consulting companies. With offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Simferopol, Moscow and Tallinn, the firm employs 57 highly professional lawyers.

Corporate: Ilyashev & Partners has extensive experience in corporate law. The firm has advised major international corporations entering the Ukrainian market and has helped Ukrainian companies launch large-scale corporate projects. The firm’s knowledge and experience ensure the expert provision of a full range of corporate law services.

Dispute resolution: Dispute resolution is a key practice area at Ilyashev & Partners. The firm is able to litigate in any court, whether it is a local court, the Supreme Court of Ukraine or international arbitration. Furthermore, Ilyashev & Partners never stops at just obtaining a judgment; the firm also ensures its enforcement.

International arbitration: Ilyashev & Partners has many years of experience in international commercial arbitrations according to all major arbitration rules. Our lawyers are experienced in representation in multi-million dollar investment arbitrations: both according to the specialized ICSID Convention and commercial regulations (UNCITRAL, SCC).

International trade and customs: Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm renders the full scope of legal services in the sphere of international trade law to increase the cost of the client’s business and minimize the risks in the process of conducting foreign economic activities. Key areas – trade protection, WTO and anti-dumping laws, plans of applying regional preferential arrangements, customs law, settlement of disputes, customs law, rules of origin.

Banking and finance: The firm provides highly professional advice on banking, corporate finance, debt collection, investment, property assets and lease, securities. Ilyashev & Partners has successfully represented a large number of leading Ukrainian and international banks; has been recognised for the exceptional work by all international rankings. The firm has outstanding reputation and is definitely one of the top law firms in Ukraine.

Employment: Services in labour law constitute one of the key practice areas at Ilyashev & Partners. The firm provides these services to major companies, trade unions and individuals in particular, government officials, chief executives of industrial companies and representative offices.

Intellectual property: In today’s market, patents, copyrights and processes often matter more than plants or offices. Ilyashev & Partners understands the importance of intellectual property protection for business. IP protection is one of the main practice areas at the firm.

Intellectual property: In today’s market, patents, copyrights and processes often matter more than plants or offices. Ilyashev & Partners understands the importance of intellectual property protection for business. IP protection is one of the main practice areas at the firm.

Antitrust and competition: Ilyashev & Partners provides its clients with a wide range of legal services on various matters of antitrust law in Ukraine and abroad, inter alia, obtaining approvals from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for concentrations and concerted actions, protecting clients from unfair competition, anticompetitive practices of the public authorities, and representing clients in disputes related to possible violations of antimonopoly legislation.

Criminal defence: Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm actively expands criminal law practice in the field of white-collar and other crimes. Our attorneys have extensive experience of cooperation with law enforcement institutions and experience in advocacy that permits to protect and represent clients at all stages of criminal proceedings. The firm has experience in conducting independent financial investigations, including in respect of crimes committed by unscrupulous management bodies of clients.

Agribusiness: Ilyashev & Partners provides professional arrangement of contractual relations which minimizes clients’ risks and losses. The firm has valuable experience in M&A and construction in Ukrainian agriculture sector, as well as in the resolution of various disputes.

Clients: An irreproachable reputation, an unfailing professional approach and the highest standards of work draw many companies and individuals to Ilyashev & Partners’ practice. The firm’s clients range from international corporations to local government bodies.

Dispute Resolution, Corporate and M&A Mikhail 044 494 19 19
Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration Roman 044 494 19 19
International Trade Olena 044 494 19 19
Antitrust Oleksandr 044 494 19 19
Corporate Yevgen 044 494 19 19
Intellectual Property Oleksandr 044 494 19 19
Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Andrii 044 494 19 19
Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Vadym 044 494 19 19
Employment Valeriia 044 494 19 19
Employment, Compliance Leonid 044 494 19 19
International Arbitration Andrey 044 494 19 19
Real Estate & Construction Dmytro 044 494 19 19
Shipping Sergey 048 740 90 99
Tax Nina 044 494 19 19
Medicine & Healthcare Alla 044 494 19 19
Pharmaceuticals Olga 044 494 19 19
Ms Nina Bets  photo Ms Nina Bets Head of Tax Practice
Mr Mykola Burtovyi  photo Mr Mykola Burtovyi Attorney at Law
Mr Andrey Bychkov  photo Mr Andrey Bychkov Attorney at Law, Counsel
Mr Oleksandr Denysenko  photo Mr Oleksandr Denysenko Attorney at Law
Mr Oleksandr Fefelov  photo Mr Oleksandr Fefelov Partner, Attorney at Law, Head of Antitrust and Competition Practice
Mr Leonid Gilevich  photo Mr Leonid Gilevich Counsel
Mr Oleksiy Gorbatyuk  photo Mr Oleksiy Gorbatyuk Attorney at Law
Mrs Valeriia Gudiy  photo Mrs Valeriia Gudiy Counsel, Attorney at Law
Mr Dmytro Hrybov  photo Mr Dmytro Hrybov Attorney at Law
Mr Mikhail Ilyashev  photo Mr Mikhail Ilyashev Mikhail Ilyashev specialises in Corporate and M&A, International Trade Law, Employment, Intellectual…
Mr Oleksandr Kamsha  photo Mr Oleksandr Kamsha Attorney at Law, Insolvency Receiver
Mr Vadym Kizlenko  photo Mr Vadym Kizlenko Counsel, Attorney at Law, Insolvency Receiver
Mr Sergiy Kliestov  photo Mr Sergiy Kliestov Lawyer
Mr Andrii Konoplia  photo Mr Andrii Konoplia Counsel, Attorney at Law, Insolvency Receiver
Mr Kostiantyn Kryvenko  photo Mr Kostiantyn Kryvenko Attorney at Law
Mr Oleh Kulyk  photo Mr Oleh Kulyk Lawyer
Mr Dmytro Lazebnyi  photo Mr Dmytro Lazebnyi Attroney at Law
Mrs Galyna Lefor  photo Mrs Galyna Lefor Attorney at Law
Mr Andriy Lytvyn  photo Mr Andriy Lytvyn Attorney at Law, Insolvency Receiver, Head of Kharkiv Office
Ms Yevgeniia Makarenko  photo Ms Yevgeniia Makarenko Lawyer
Mr Kostiantyn Manitenko  photo Mr Kostiantyn Manitenko Lawyer
Mr Roman Marchenko  photo Mr Roman Marchenko Roman Marchenko, Attorney at Law, Senior Partner at Ilyashev & Partners, heads…
Mr Ivan Maryniuk  photo Mr Ivan Maryniuk Lawyer
Mr Magomed Mezhiev  photo Mr Magomed Mezhiev Lawyer
Mr Yurii Mosunov  photo Mr Yurii Mosunov Attorney at Law
Mr Yaroslav Mudryi  photo Mr Yaroslav Mudryi Lawyer
Mr Sergey Nedelko  photo Mr Sergey Nedelko Attorney at Law, Head of Odesa office
Mr Denys Nienov  photo Mr Denys Nienov Attorney at Law
Mr Dmytro Nikulesko  photo Mr Dmytro Nikulesko Attorney at Law
Mrs Olena Omelchenko  photo Mrs Olena Omelchenko Partner, Head of International Trade Practice
Mr Roman Protsyshyn  photo Mr Roman Protsyshyn Attorney at Law
Mr Maksym Reshtakov  photo Mr Maksym Reshtakov Lawyer
Ms Marina Riashchenko  photo Ms Marina Riashchenko Attorney at Law
Mr Oleksandr Rudenko  photo Mr Oleksandr Rudenko Attorney at Law
Ms Olga Samoilenko  photo Ms Olga Samoilenko Lawyer
Ms Olena Sereda  photo Ms Olena Sereda Lawyer
Mr Mykola Skvortsov  photo Mr Mykola Skvortsov Attorney at Law
Mr Yevgen Solovyov  photo Mr Yevgen Solovyov Attorney at Law, Partner, Insolvency Receiver
Mr Vyacheslav Sytyi  photo Mr Vyacheslav Sytyi Attorney at Law
Mr Oleh Trokhymchuk  photo Mr Oleh Trokhymchuk Counsel, Attorney at Law
Ms Alla Tsymanovska  photo Ms Alla Tsymanovska Attorney at Law
Ms Anneta Yakusheva  photo Ms Anneta Yakusheva Attorney at Law
Number of lawyers : 57
at this office : 40
Contacts : Mikhail Ilyashev (managing partner)
Contacts : Roman Marchenko (senior partner)
Other offices : Dnipro
Other offices : Kharkiv
Other offices : Odesa
Other offices : Tallinn

CLIENT: Chairman of the Board

COMPANY/FIRM: The largest European manufacturer of flexible packaging materials

TESTIMONIAL: The quality of the legal expertise is beyond compare. More importantly, Firm’s advice over the years has proved to be sound. 

CLIENT: Head of Legal Department

COMPANY/FIRM: The biggest manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers in Ukraine

TESTIMONIAL: Ilyashev & Partners acts like a business partner. Firm’s management thinks outside the box, it’s a rare quality for Ukrainian market.

CLIENT: Head of Legal Department

COMPANY/FIRM: Ukrainian state-owned aircraft manufacturing company

TESTIMONIAL: Ilyashev & Partners are great technicians as it relates to the law. The firm has outstandingly dedicated and very knowledgeable team.

CLIENT: Head of Legal Department

COMPANY/FIRM: One of the largest banks of Kazakhstan

TESTIMONIAL: Ilyashev & Partners is a big law firm with lots of resources and very service-oriented stuff. They are our first choice when seeking reliable legal advice.

CLIENT: Chairman of the Board

COMPANY/FIRM: The principal maritime operator of Ukraine

TESTIMONIAL: Ilyashev & Partners has the strongest dispute resolution team of lawyers in the country. We engaged them for high-value international disputes and arbitrations.

CLIENT: Head of Legal Department

COMPANY/FIRM: The biggest Eastern European titanium dioxide producer

TESTIMONIAL: Ilyashev & Partners has excellent knowledge of our market and a very professional output, which allows them to handle extremely challenging and complex issues with impressive accuracy and expertise.