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TMT Tier 1

Nikolinakos & Partners Law Firm is considered by some to be 'the number one team in telecoms and technology law', with a 'top-notch practice for data privacy and cybersecurity matters'. Nikos Nikolinakos is 'very experienced, knowledgeable, and provides a first class service', while co-head Dina Kouvelou is 'an excellent strategist'. Recently, the firm has been advising Vodafone on the operation of base stations and masts in Greece. Other clients include AT&T and the Greek National Opera.

Dispute resolution Tier 2

Nikolinakos & Partners Law Firm has an 'impressive dispute resolution team with deep understanding of the local and international markets' that is 'extremely experienced before the regulatory authorities and administrative courts'. Nikos Nikolinakos is 'an effective strategist and outstanding litigator', while the 'exceptional and solution-orientedDina Kouvelou is an 'impressive agency litigator, with vast experience in both competition law and TMT'.  The firm is especially strong on the TMT side, with major clients including Vodafone, Rural Connect and Intrasoft.

EU and competition Tier 2

Nikolinakos & Partners Law Firm is 'one of the leading players in competition law consulting and litigation, abuse of dominance and cartel matters, mainly in highly regulated industries'. Managing partner Nikos Nikolinakos is 'a very experienced competition law litigator', while the 'efficient and reliableDina Kouvelou 'has great experience litigating before regulatory authorities'. The firm successfully appealed a decision by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority on behalf of Vodafone, concerning alleged competition law violations by OTE.

Intellectual property Tier 2

Nikolinakos & Partners Law Firm has 'a superb IP practice, which covers a range of issues, mainly new technologies, digital media, trade marks, patents, unfair competition and copyright'.  Marie-Daphne Papadopoulou, formerly head of legal at the Hellenic Copyright Organisation, shares leadership of the team with Nikos Nikolinakos. Major clients include Vodafone, Pronet and Estée Lauder.

Employment Tier 3

Nikolinakos & Partners Law Firm advises several major clients in heavily-regulated sectors such as TMT and energy on their employment issues. Dionysis Asimakopoulos and Marilena Athanasiadi are both active in this area.

Tax Tier 3

Nikolinakos & Partners Law Firm has a strong background in administrative law and regulatory issues, and its tax team compliments this expertise considerably. Michael Skordis and Andreas Tsourouflis jointly lead the well-regarded practice.

The firm: Nikolinakos & Partners is an Athens-based law firm built upon a strong regulatory, transactional and litigation foundation.

It has in-depth, genuine and proven expertise in a wide range of legal areas and specific sectors and has gained a reputation for vigorous representation of clients before courts and governmental agencies. The firm’s lawyers have substantial in-house industry experience and have filled senior positions in regulatory authorities.

The firm’s specialisation covers the following areas: Telecommunications, Media & Technology (TMT); Digital Business; Data Protection & Cyber Security; Antitrust/Competition Law; Intellectual Property; Administrative Law & Litigation; Agency Litigation.

Areas of practice:  Telecommunications, Media & Technology (TMT) & Digital Business: The TMT practice has gained a strong reputation for providing expert advice (and litigating) on a range of issues, including: electronic communications; digital business;  data protection & cybersecurity; on-line gaming & betting; electronic financial services (e-banking, e-wallets etc); e-commerce (retail, ticketing, services); artificial intelligence; cloud-related services; IoT; big data; technology-related services; digital media; interactive entertainment; computer gaming; software licensing; IT outsourcing agreements; automotive connectivity issues (regulatory, IP, consumer protection etc); network sharing agreements/projects; spectrum auctions, spectrum sharing/trading.

Data protection, privacy and cybersecurity: The Data Protection & Cybersecurity Practice works across many sectors, having a strong focus on the technology, medical, pharma and leisure areas. It offers a full complement of counseling, regulatory and litigation services. It handles data breaches, GDPR compliance and Binding Corporate Rules. It regularly appears before agencies and relevant regulatory authorities, such as the Hellenic Data Protection Authority – “DPA” and the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy – “ADAE”.

Antitrust & Competition Law: The practice has substantial expertise and experience in the application of competition law in specific sectors (especially in the technology-related fields and in regulated industries) and vast experience in Agency Litigation (i.e. application of competition law before National Competition/Regulatory Authorities and Administrative Courts).

It covers, inter alia: Antitrust Litigation; Competition Law Compliance; Anticompetitive Agreements; Abuse of Dominance; Competition & Regulatory Investigations; Mergers, Joint Ventures & Acquisitions; Antitrust & Intellectual Property; Cartels; State Aid. It has litigated, inter alia, claims of refusals to deal; monopolization and market dominance; price discrimination; rebate schemes; predation; leveraging & bundling; exclusive dealing & tying; vertical and horizontal price fixing; non-compete agreements; interface between IP rights protection and competition law.

Intellectual property:  Due to its unique TMT and digital business expertise, the firm handles a wide range of IP matters – both contentious and non-contentious –, including complex cases related to the technology and digital business sectors. It consults on (and litigates) on the full array of IP law, such as copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, IT law, IP transactions, cultural property, anti-piracy, plant variety rights, software licensing and digital platforms.

Dispute resolution & Agency litigation: the practice has an impressive track record for successfully representing clients before courts and regulatory authorities. Based on the firm’s TMT, antitrust/competition law, data protection and administrative law expertise, the litigation practice focuses on: i) competition law litigation; ii) TMT / technology-related litigation; iii) data protection & cybersecurity litigation; and iv) Administrative law litigation, i.e. litigating both before National Regulatory Authorities and Administrative courts (mainly court of Appeals and Council of State).

Administrative law and public procurement: the team represents clients seeking to challenge or defend government regulation or to bring about appropriate regulatory action. The public procurement team advises on planning; negotiation; short-listing; contract award; and contract management.

Energy:  the practice has a proven track record in energy regulatory/legislative matters, corporate transactions, litigation/arbitration and environmental matters across all segments of the sector. The team represents its clients before the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) and before administrative courts. It also provides energy law advice to international law firms, which are looking for energy regulatory experts in Greece. Apart from its ex-ante energy regulatory, competition law and administrative law expertise, the team has developed a particular strength in structuring renewable energy projects.

Corporate and commercial: the practice serves as general counsel for corporations and advises on a wide variety of commercial agreements and all aspects of trading law, including unfair contract terms, consumer law, product liability and trading standards. It is active in corporate transactions and has considerable expertise in dispute resolution proceedings.

Department Name Email Telephone
TMT & Digital Business Dr Nikos Nikolinakos +30 2130020020
TMT & Digital Business Dina Kouvelou +30 2130020020
TMT & Digital Business Alexis Spyropoulos +30 2130020020
Data Protection & Cybersecurity Dr Nikos Nikolinakos +30 2130020020
Data Protection & Cybersecurity Dina Kouvelou +30 2130020020
Data Protection & Cybersecurity Alexis Spyropoulos +30 2130020020
Intellectual property Dr Nikos Nikolinakos +30 2130020020
Intellectual Property Alexis Spyropoulos +30 2130020020
Administrative law and public procurement Alexis Spyropoulos +30 2130020020
Dispute Resolution & Agency Litigation Dina Kouvelou +30 2130020020
Dispute Resolution & Agency Litigation Dr Nikos Nikolinakos +30 2130020020
Dispute Resolution & Agency Litigation Alexis Spyropoulos +30 2130020020
Corporate and commercial Dina Kouvelou +30 2130020020
Corporate and commercial Alexis Spyropoulos +30 2130020020
Antitrust & Competition Law Dr Nikos Nikolinakos +30 2130020020
Antitrust & Competition Law Dina Kouvelou +30 2130020020
Energy Dr Nikos Nikolinakos +30 2130020020
Energy Dina Kouvelou +30 2130020020
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 Dina Kouvelou  photo Dina Kouvelou
Dr Nikos Th Nikolinakos  photo Dr Nikos Th Nikolinakos
 Alexis Spyropoulos  photo Alexis Spyropoulos
Number of lawyers 15 : 17
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