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Tax Tier 3

With a focus on domestic and international corporate taxation and tax support on real estate transactions, Basel-based boutique firm Ludwig + Partner Ltd.'s team includes several Swiss-certified tax experts and one certified VAT expert. Thomas Ziegler advised the dental clinics of the University of Basel on the acquisition, financing and construction of a new campus, while Hubertus Ludwig assisted Barnes Group Switzerland with the merger structuring of its four companies into one entity. Beatrice Van der Haegen is another name to note.

Firm Overview:

Ludwig + Partner is a boutique commercial law firm with strong focus on national and international tax planning, real estate structuring and corporate law.

The firm was established by four partners in 2011 who used to work together in the tax team of a major Swiss law firm in Basel. All tax partners have a “big 4” back ground.

The firm is built on continuity – both for client relationships as well as for employees. Using long-term relationships, the team members obtain experience from which the Clients profit daily; because good solutions are simple and pragmatic. To be able to find them is the teams’ daily challenge.

The team of the firm consists of 13 professionals and 6 assistants. 8 of the professionals are admitted attorneys at law and 5 thereof Certified Tax Experts; The firms’ competence in the fields of law and tax is strengthened by an admitted civil law notary and a chartered accountant. The team ist not only able to design tax efficient structures but also to implement and maintain them.

All our tax experts daily advise clients in various areas of tax law and have their individual focus and specializations. However, they are also all daily involved in the field of commercial law. This duality is intended because the clients can profit from the interdisciplinary knowledge and comprehensive optic which defines the firms’ advice.

Ludwig + Partner Ltd. offers comprehensive advice in the fields of tax and commercial law, on a high level at fair local conditions.

Tax Law National:

The tax experts of Ludwig + Partner Ltd. assist their clients in the sale and acquisition of companies, optimise the tax burden in national and international groups and plan reorganisations such as spin-offs, mergers, conversions and succession regulations. To do this the team members also always include the tax concerns of investors and their employees in their considerations. Where necessary all professionals negotiate with tax authorities and obtain binding tax rulings. Everyday business includes also demanding tax adjustments, obtaining tax holidays, negotiation of tax privileges or optimisation in calculating participation exemptions. Moreover the firm also represents clients in tax disputes involving complicated facts.

Tax Law International:

The firm supports international companies in particular with inbound and outbound structures as well as the establishment of international financing structures, especially for acquiring real estate. From assisting various international clients the team members have well established contacts with professionals in different countries.

Value Added Tax:

Value added tax is subject to continual change. Nevertheless clients receive current practical and understandable answers to their questions relating to value added tax. To avoid legal uncertainties in advance the team members contact the responsible authorities and arrange for binding rulings. The team prepares complete concepts to structure national as well as cross border business processes and supports in their implementation.

Real Estate:

Clients can build on the firm’s competence in all steps of the investment cycle in real estate. The team members have many years of broad experience in the tax and legal representation of institutions as well as sellers and purchasers in the real estate business. Client base reaches from domestic and foreign traded companies to private individuals who the firm comprehensively advises in portfolio transactions on the acquisition or sale of individual objects. In addition the team assists investors in the acquisition or sale of real estate companies and in the financing or refinancing of real estate investments.

Corporate & Commercial / Notarial Services:

Our corporate & commercial law practice and notarial Services are available to the clients for advice, planning and implementation of company and foundation occurrences, tailor made marital and inheritance planning, including last will and testaments and estate planning as well as regulations for succession for business or real estate companies. Also reorganisations, changes in capital, liquidation and modification of corporate and commercial register matters for clients belong to the notary services. The notary assists also in real estate transactions in the greater Basel area.


Department Name Email Telephone
Tax and international tax planning Dr Hubertus Ludwig +41 61 204 02 10
Tax and international tax planning Thomas Ziegler +41 61 204 02 20
Tax and international tax planning Daniel Dillier +41 61 204 02 40
Tax and international tax planning Dr Beatrice Van der Haegen +41 61 204 02 50
Value-added tax Angelina Sulzer +41 61 204 02 51
Real estate and construction Thomas Ziegler +41 61 204 02 20
Real estate and construction Daniel Dillier +41 61 204 02 40
Corporate and commercial Karolina Dobry Oesch +41 61 204 02 60
Corporate restructuring Dr Hubertus Ludwig +41 61 204 02 10
Corporate restructuring Thomas Ziegler +41 61 204 02 20
Corporate restructuring Daniel Dillier +41 61 204 02 40
Corporate restructuring Dr Beatrice Van der Haegen +41 61 204 02 50
Banking and finance Thomas Ziegler +41 61 204 02 20
Shipping and transport Daniel Dillier +41 61 204 02 40
Notarial services Karolina Dobry Oesch +41 61 204 02 60
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 István Bojt  photo István Bojt
Dr Hubertus Ludwig  photo Dr Hubertus Ludwig
Mr Pascal Straub  photo Mr Pascal Straub
Dr Beatrice Van der Haegen  photo Dr Beatrice Van der Haegen
Mr Oliver Wamister  photo Mr Oliver Wamister
Mr Thomas Ziegler photo Mr Thomas Ziegler
Professional Services : 13
Assistance and Administration : 7
IFA (International Fiscal Association)
IBA (International Bar Association)
Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP)