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Taher Group Law Firm (TAG)
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Kuwait > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 2

Taher Group Law Firm (TAG) is a key name in the construction sector and has advised on hospitality, healthcare and recreational development projects. Founding partner Khalid Alkhateeb has strong experience in commercial and corporate governance work; fellow practice head Fawaz Alkhateeb specialises in assisting international clients with corporate and commercial matters.

Practice head(s):

Fawaz Alkhateeb; Khalid Alkhateeb


‘The founders themselves are what makes the practice unique especially due to the vast exposure and experience in the field of law from the pre-oil era till date. ‘

‘The advice what we get from them is exceptional in comparison to other firms Online web consultations and sms alerts on case updates. The team’s approach to the issue is more pragmatic with a view to all the pros and cons.’

‘They are well versed with risk management which eliminates disputes to a large extent. Their strengths are that they are prepared and cannot be cornered. Glad to have them on our side. ‘

Key clients

Al-Khonaini General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L.

M/S Stadium Al Oula for General Trade

Marafie Group

Hilton Kuwait Resorts

Ci-net (Credit Information Networks)

Hadi Hospital Company

Hilton Garden Inn

Seeds Economic Financial Marketing Consultancy (Seedskw)

Kuwait > Dispute resolution Tier 2

Construction disputes are a particular strength of Taher Group Law Firm (TAG), particularly cases relating to payment issues between different parties. Outside of construction, the team is particularly active in the healthcare and hospitality sectors. Abdulaziz Alkhateeb is a well-known name in dispute resolution, with expertise in a range of litigation and arbitration. The firm maintains close relationships with law firms around the world through its membership of TAG Alliances.

Practice head(s):

Khalid Alkhateeb; Abdulaziz Alkhateeb

Key clients

Al-Khonaini General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L.

Assaquib&Alhusseini General Trading & Contracting Company

Ali Naqi International General Trading & Contracting Company

Taher Group Law Firm (TAG) was set up in 1969 on Fahad Al Salim Street, Al Sharq Al Awsat Building, Kuwait. Upon establishment, the group was headed by Dr Jamal Eddin Ateyyah, attorney at law, holder of a PhD in the International Law from the French Sorbonne University, and one of the founders of the first Islamic bank worldwide in Luxembourg County.

Mr Abdul Aziz Taher Al-Khateeb is one of the Kuwaiti lawyer forerunners as he was enrolled in the Kuwaiti bar for practising the legal profession in 1969. Afterwards, the group was joined by Mr Khaled Taher Al-Khateeb, Mr Jamal Taher Al-Khateeb and Mr Fawaz Khaled Al-Khateeb along with other expert lawyers.

Throughout its fifty-year existence the group has taken up tens of thousands of lawsuits and consultancies in all legal aspects, proving its track record. (The first premises of the group was on Fahad Al Salim Street 1969).

Mr Ahmed Tawfiq joined the group as an executive partner in the Cairo office in the Arab Republic of Egypt to extend the group’s legal services within the region. Taher Group Law Firm provides full services before all courts of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Kuwait, including the Supreme and Constitutional Courts. The group currently represents many individuals, companies, in various fields of law including investments, corporate, real estate, taxation, labor and employment laws in addition to other legal disciplines both in Kuwait and Cairo.

The international department in the group is headed by Mr Vinson Vaz who has more than 17 years of PQE in law.

Our mission and vision: To render Taher Group Law Firm as a leading local, regional and international law firm with global standards in terms of provision of service through high quality and advanced legal standards with its main objective being to ensure the continuous development in its performance in a sustainable manner.

With the intention to diffuse justice through a consolidation of the principles of the rule of law through raising awareness and disseminating the legal culture between the components of society, individuals and institutions. To find its correct understanding and respect for the law and to comply with the same by establishing a stable society which shall be interdependent and secure.
Work in the support of the profession to evolve into modernity, and to continually generate professional ethics in order to ensure its push to an elevated position in modern society.

Our publications: The group exercises annual activities aiming at upgrading the level of the community legal culture, including issuing various legal publications and research papers, which contributes in dispersing the legal awareness, paramount among which are the following.

Criminalization and Penalty in non-penal codes by Mr Abdul Aziz Taher Al Khateeb, “the group founder”. The encyclopedia of Terms and Deadlines in Kuwaiti Laws by Mr Abdul Aziz Taher Al Khateeb.

This in addition to more than twenty legal research papers made in depth by the collaboration of the group’s lawyers, where these papers handle various legal perspective areas. Such papers are published in various places, eg the Lawyer Magazine, Kuwait University, daily and weekly newspapers and websites.

TAG has one of the largest legal libraries in Kuwait. The library includes more than 5,000 legal books in the field of law. It is renewed periodically with all the literature and modern legal books obtained from local, regional and international jurisprudence. It has rare collections of fundamental original legal works that extend to the early 20th century.

Taher Group also provides legal services to Fortune 500 listed companies as well as leading small and medium-sized companies in their field. The group also offers its services directly through its law firm based in the Arab Republic of Egypt in Cairo.

Department Name Email Telephone
International Department Vinson Vaz 1803020
Litigation Fawaz Alkhateeb 1803020
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Khalid Alkhateeb photo Mr Khalid Alkhateeb Founding Partner & Managing Partner
Mr Abdulaziz Alkhateeb photo Mr Abdulaziz Alkhateeb Founding Attorney
Mr Fawaz Alkhateeb photo Mr Fawaz Alkhateeb Senior Partner & Attorney
Mr Jamal Alkhateeb  photo Mr Jamal Alkhateeb Senior Partner & Attorney
Abdulaziz Alkhateeb : Founder & Partner
Khalid Alkhateeb : Founder & Managing Partner
Jamal Alkhateeb : Senior Partner & Attorney - Personal Status & Employment Law
Fawaz Alkhateeb : Senior Partner & Attorney - Criminal & Corporate and financial crimes
Mohammed Alkhateeb : Senior Attorney
Amal A Alkout : Of Counsel
Magdy Mujahid : Counsel
Vinson vaz : Senior legal adviser/consultant at the International Department
Abdul-Rahman Ismail : Counsel
Mahmoud Nour-Eldin : Counsel
Hani Abdul Hafiz : Counsel
English (fluent)
Hindi (and several Indian regional languages)
Farsi (Persian)
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