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Osool Law Firm
Nimr Al Nakeel Center, Building A 1st Floor,
Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Rd,
Saudi Arabia
Riyadh 12381
Saudi Arabia

Osool is a Saudi Limited Liability Partnership LLP established in 2010 through elite, experts and authorized lawyers of more than 30, who hold high qualifications from several legally distinguished Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with substantial experience in famous international and local law firms, they witnessed shortcomings and client dissatisfaction with traditional law firm structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our lawyers at Osool have intensive local and international experience in various areas of law, though at Osool we are specialized to provide our legal services in many areas like legislation, privatization, and corporate. Moreover, the legal services at Osool provided in Arabic and English.

Legislative: At Osool, we provide Legislative services with full experience and awareness with regard to understanding the Saudi legal structure in an integrated manner, understanding international practices theoretically and practically, taking into account the economic and social aspects, harmonizing different legislations and dismantling overlap with the legislations of other entities, through experts in the field of law and the judiciary with cooperate with experts in technical, strategic and international aspects ; to achieve high quality legislation that can adapt to changes and ensure the possibility and ease of implementation according to clear mechanisms. These are according to the following:

  • Providing the full legal analysis and studying on the legislation or amendment of laws and regulations and review them.
  • Preparing and reviewing draft laws and regulations
  • Legal drafting and reviewing of regulations and policies
  • Legal drafting and reviewing of regulations and legislation

Privatization: We consider Osool LLP a pioneer in the privatization area and a leading actor in the Saudi market, Osool team has been advising sponsors, governmental and semi-governmental entities with the structuring, implementation, and delivery of major projects including PPP and PFI, in addition to its special experts on transport, water, and energy. Osool team has obtained such a huge and unique experience in privatization based on the long-standing and cooperation relationship with foreign and distinguished law firms in the required projects.

Corporate: We provide corporate services with a high level of experience in relation to all businesses of institutions and commercial companies of all their types, whether individuals or corporations. In addition to matters related to listed companies in the capital market, at the local and international levels, through our specialized legal experts. In the following areas:

  • Institutions business
  • Corporate business
  • Corporate governance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Market capital

Capital markets: We provide capital markets services with high efficiency regarding all work related to the capital markets law and its implementing regulations and issues related to securities. We also prepare, draft and review documents related to the initial public offering and listing in the capital market, whether main market or parallel (Nomu) through our specialized experts. According to the following:

  • Legal due diligence
  • IPO
  • Offering
  • Listing
  • Derivatives
  • Capital alteration of company
  • Investment funds
  • Activities of Fintech companies
  • SPV
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Wejdan Alhaid photoMiss Wejdan AlhaidPartner – Head of Corporate Department
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Osool Law Firm became one of the largest law firms in the Kingdom with more than ten lawyers and high profile clients including the largest Islamic bank in the world and different national, GCC, non-GCC and multinational companies including high profile individuals.

Osool Law Firm was founded in 2010 by Saudi and US-educated lawyers, with substantial experience with international law firms, who witnessed inefficiencies and client dissatisfaction with the traditional law firm structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our lawyers at Osool have intensive local and international experience in various areas of law with a special focus on Corporate, Capital Market, Food and Durg, Tax, Insurance, Real Estate, Foreign Investments, Banking & Islamic Finance, Litigation & Arbitration.