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Greece > Energy Tier 1

Cementing its place among the top firms in this field through its ‘niche expertise in energy law and regulation’, the Metaxas & Associates Law Firm team advises on the development, construction and project financing of initiatives, and also assists clients in complex litigation proceedings. Providing legal assistance on the acquisition of energy companies, as well as legislative compliance and competition issues, the Athens-based outfit is co-headed by Antonis Metaxas, who has ‘leading academic credentials’ and is an expert in energy-related disputes and regulatory issues, and Efstathios Kakounis, who has in-depth knowledge of European and corporate law matters. Other key practitioners include Vassiliki Koumpli, who handles arbitration, and Polyxeni Gkaintatzi, who focuses on policy and regulation.

Practice head(s):

Antonis Metaxas; Efstathios Kakounis

Other key lawyers:

Vassiliki Koumpli; Polyxeni Gkaintatzi


‘Metaxas & Associates Law Firm is well known in the Greek legal market for its niche expertise in energy law & regulation. I was assisted by a diverse team of lawyers, which were supervised by the Managing Partner of the firm, Prof. Metaxas. Their commercial awareness and their knowledge of the inner workings of the energy industry was astounding.’

‘My co-operation with the team of associates was exceptional. They provide their services in a timely and efficient manner and their work is detailed. All team members showcased extensive knowledge and understanding of energy law issues as they are specialized in this practice area.’

‘Very high expertise in the energy sector and very keen in networking. They undertake initiatives to exchange know-how and are very active in the sector.’

‘Very responsive, quick, excellent cooperation. High expertise, updated, working long hours.’

‘The legal team has been very effective and they approach their practice in a very professional and client-oriented manner. Their level of expertise on energy regulation is indeed impressive and justifies why they keep popping up at the forefront of experts in the energy market of Greece.’

‘Our cooperation with all members of Metaxas & Associates Law Firm has always been productive, efficient, and effective. Asides from Professor Metaxas’ personal involvement in our cases, we co-operated closely with Efstathios Kakounis, Polyxeni Gkaintatzi and Vassiliki Koumpli. All attorneys were really experienced in handling complex energy and administrative law issues.’

‘The firm offers holistic and integrated solutions compliant to international standards of professional quality and client service.Their European and local regulatory understanding is of leading quality.’

‘A. Metaxas combines leading academic credentials and expertise with leading regulatory frameworks and policies understanding. Stathis Kalounis and all other members of the team we worked with were greatly experienced in energy and competition topics, efficient and above the expected standards.’

Key clients

Archirodon Group N.V.

World Bank Group

SPV Storage Crete P.C.

VSB Limited

Pelagia Energeiaki IKE

Second Foundation A.S.

Respect Energy S.A.

Cluster of RES Electricity Providers in Crete island, Greece


Energeiaki Drimou

Elpedison S.A.


Enteka S.A.

Kampakas Group (Kampakas S.A.)

ENVALUE Energie Holding Gmbh & Co. KG

3Gyian L.P.

Work highlights

  • Acts as the advisor of Arcoblue Project, the new vehicle between Simply Blue Group and Archirodon Group, which joined forces in order to mark their entry into the Greek floating offshore wind market.
  • Advised a cluster of PV plant investors which participated in the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Company’s competitive procedure for the acquisition of installation permits in the saturated grid of Crete Island and Peloponnese region.
  • Managed the passportization of the 20MW electricity trading license owned by KER TOKI POWER for the purpose of its participation in the Greek electricity market.

Greece > EU and competition Tier 1

Adopting an ‘effective and exceptional’ approach, Metaxas & Associates Law Firm has extensive expertise in matters pertaining to abuse of market dominance and related restrictive practices. The team demonstrates significant strength in acting on behalf of clients before the European Commission, as well as assisting them in general compliance with antitrust and competition requirements. In Athens, Antonios Metaxas leverages his ‘professional expertise’ when focusing on state aid law issues and intricate EU legal affairs; Efstathios Kakounis is frequently involved in high-profile competition law disputes and handles due diligence reviews; and the ’exceptional’ Polyxeni Gkaintatzi is knowledgeable in litigation.

Practice head(s):

Antonis Metaxas; Efstathios Kakounis

Other key lawyers:


‘Metaxas & Associates Law Firm are experts in complex State Aid, Competition and EU Law issues. Antonis Metaxas’ academic background and his professional expertise in those fields make all the difference in the quality of services the team provides. The firm remains consistent with European Union’s high standards.’

‘They are kind, effective and exceptional at their work. Additionally, they act in a very colleague-friendly way which is extremely important during the everyday lawyer’s practice.’

‘What makes the team of Metaxas & Associates stand out is how well they know the Greek energy market and the relevant regulatory framework. The qualities that I value in their team are their dedication, their attention to detail and their direct correspondence. Antonis Metaxas’ expertise in energy regulation is the reason why we maintain our partnership with the firm. ’

‘Antonis Metaxas himself and his team are a result- and quality-oriented firm which brings added value to every project they work on. The level of the services provided is very high and it is a pleasure and an honour to work with him.’

‘The Metaxas & Associates team has in-depth understanding and a truly remarkable ability to solve complex matters. They handled my cases with the outmost professionalism and they gladly explained everything to me in layman’s terms. They protected effectively my legal interests suggesting tailored solutions. I believe that what makes their practice stand out apart from their extensive knowledge of most issues pertaining to EU law, is their ability to truly understand the needs of their clients, their responsiveness and their reliability.’

‘Polyxeni Gkaintatzi was exceptional. She has multidimensional knowledge of EU law, tax law and property law. She expertly combines her academic knowledge with her years of experience as a litigator, bringing successful results for her clients. She is always up to date and the fact that she is multilingual enabled her to effectively research the laws of foreign jurisdictions and to communicate with the relevant authorities abroad. Antonis Metaxas advised on peripheral matters of the case, adding to the success of our claims. Aside from the aforementioned individuals I think that the whole team of Metaxas & Associates provides world-class services.’

‘Antonis Metaxas has recruited and manages a team of very charismatic and dynamic lawyers, with extensive industry experience and academically excellent backgrounds. The qualities that I value in their team are their dedication, their attention to detail and their directness.’

Key clients

Spark Legal Network

World Bank Group

Elpedison S.A.

Gianso 4 X 4


Wootis S.A.

Gen-I Athens MEPE

Selected Textiles S.A.

Hellenic Association of Energy Suppliers

Mil Oil Hellas S.A.

Enteka S.A.

Adapa Group

Work highlights

  • Acting as competition law counsel to Wootis, prepared an antitrust and competition law compliance guide to assist the BoD and the employees of a RES Aggregator in understanding antitrust and competition law issues and identifying situations that may raise concern.
  • Advised Spark Legal Network on the conformity of Law 4886/2022 which transposes into the national legal order the provisions of Directive (EU) / 2019/1 of 11 December 2018 (ECN+ Directive).
  • Representing MEL Macedonian Paper Mills in drafting and filing before Areios Pagos (the Hellenic Supreme Civil Court) a petition for annulment of an Athens Court of Appeal judgment concerning a complex judicial dispute.

Metaxas & Associates is a leading Law Firm set to deviate from the traditional general practice model, offering first class legal advice and excellent academic and practical expertise in specific, strategically selected areas of practice.

Our aim is to provide the optimum quality of legal services, tailored and integrated business-focused solutions that meet the complex needs of our clients in today’s demanding world and global markets. Our deep knowledge of the dynamics that drive the markets we are focusing on, our ability to provide strategic support and the combination of an international perspective with the profound understanding of the local market, make our firm a top choice in the practice areas of inter alia, energy law, EU caw, Competition, and state aid law.

Head of M&A Law Firm is its Managing and founding Partner, Professor Dr Antonis Metaxas, Dr. Iur. (‘summa cum laude”), Law Faculty of FU Berlin, Professor of EU Law in the University of Athens and Visiting Professor of EU Energy and Competition Law in various distinguished international universities, among others TU Berlin. Prof Metaxas is also Chairman of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute and internationally acknowledged top leading practitioner and academic in the field of EU and Energy law having largely introduced it as a distinct academic discipline in the Greek legal market.

Our team works in a collegiate, team-based way, using its collective knowledge, insight, and expertise to tackle the most challenging of cases. Our competitive advantage lies in our strong and stable commitment to the fields of our specialization. We deliver positive results due to the in depth understanding of each of our clients’ special needs as well as of the specific parameters of the concrete business environment in which they are active.

We believe in fostering personal contact and engagement with our clients, building our relationships on transparency, mutual trust and respect.

Main areas of practice

Energy law / Energy litigation and Arbitration: When it comes to the energy regulation and expert litigation field, one could objectively claim that M&A Law Firm is regarded as the pioneer of these subjects in Greece having a focused orientation in the respective fields of practice and expertise for almost 20 years now. Its Managing and founding Partner, Professor Dr A. Metaxas, is Chairman of the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute and leading practitioner and academic in the field of energy regulation, acknowledged well over the boundaries of the Greek legal market by all international independent legal directories.

M&A has over the years represented the majority or major RES producers, electricity suppliers and major industrial clients in systemic disputes which have, to a substantial extent, shaped the national energy market. M&A’s team comprises of associate lawyers with excellent academic expertise and up to date knowledge of the complex regulatory energy framework. During the last years, our Firm has been involved in a vast number of complex due diligence processes and transactions concerning the transfer of RES production licenses and plants in operation in the Greek market, acting as expert legal advisor in high-profile acquisitions in terms of MW power.

In response to the highly specialized needs of the energy industry, our legal services cover:

-Consultancy on the development, project financing and construction of energy projects

-Legal assistance during the licensing procedure, acquisitions of companies active in the energy sector, legislative compliance, and competition issues

– Expert Litigation and arbitration executed both in Greece and before EU Courts in most complex constellations and cases


EU Law and Competition Law: Metaxas & Associates Law Firm is widely acknowledged in the Greek legal market for its profound expertise and quality in EU law and state aid / competition cases. Our firm’s broad experience in EU, Competition and EU State Aid law enables us to provide high-quality legal services to Greek and international clients in competition, antitrust and state aid cases. The Firm is at the forefront of State Aid practice in Greece with a profound scientific and practical expertise in EU State Aid Rules and their enforcement procedures at european and national level, thus providing targeted legal assistance to both state aid providers in the public sector and state aid recipients in the private sector, as well as to interested third parties, including competitors wishing to challenge the alleged beneficiaries of illegal state aid measures. Moreover, M&A Law Firm acts in the most significant anti-dominance disputes in addition to mergers and acquisitions, as a competition counsel with regard to antitrust policies and regulatory strategies. In particular, our broad experience in competition law enables us to provide high-quality legal services to Greek and international enterprises regarding competition issues in Greece and the EU.

Our expertise in this specialization includes:

-Representation of clients in cases of dominance abuse and claims based on anti-competitive behavior

-Representation of clients before the Hellenic Competition Commission and the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission

-Elaboration of appropriate business strategies with a view to facilitating compliance with the antitrust, state aid and competition law implications of various business agreements and transactions

-Advising on complex state aid law cases and on the design of state aid law schemes with a special focus on network bound industries (energy, telecoms, transport).

Department Name Email Telephone
Head of Energy Law - EU Competition Law, Managing Partner Professor Antonios Metaxas +302103390748
Head of Corporate Law - Tax Law Stathis Kakounis +302103390748
Athens Bar Association


ADMIE S.A. – Independent Power Transmission System Operator
DESFA S.A. – Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator
ELPEDISON S.A. – Major electricity production and supply company
Clusters of RES producers in Greece
Cluster of Industrial Clients
Cluster of Industrial Electricity Consumers
HERACLES S.A. – General Cement Company
PPC S.A.- Public Power Corporation

COMPANY/FIRM: Metaxas and Associates
TESTIMONIAL: “We have been receiving consulting legal services by Metaxas & Associates in cases where we needed expertise in Energy Law in regard to the EU regulatory framework, and I have to say that I am delighted to have worked with them. They have been very efficient in their work in a level that was closer to European standards. Professor Metaxas’ expertise in Energy regulation has been impressive and I find that his academic background made a difference in the depth of consultation we received from them. It shall be highlighted that our perfect collaboration with Metaxas & Associates during Covid-19 pandemic remains unchanged, as our digital communication has been very direct and efficient.”

COMPANY/FIRM: Metaxas and Associates
TESTIMONIAL: “We have been cooperating with M&A primarily in relation to issues associated to Energy Law and regulation. I think that their service towards us was excellent. Their staff has been most cooperative, and I was surprised to see a high level of knowledge on Energy Law across the board of associates I have been cooperating with. In general, I cooperated largely with professor Metaxas and with Stathis Kakounis. Mr Kakounis is really a top-quality legal expert in Energy Law, and I would definitely recommend him. Having also the personal participation of Professor Metaxas has been really good, as his expertise is truly impressive and crucial to our needs. This is a highly skilled team of experts in this field.”

COMPANY/FIRM: Metaxas and Associates
TESTIMONIAL: “In the course of the year, we have worked with other firms on issues other than Energy Law. The good thing with M&A is that they specialize in very specific areas of the law so when it comes to energy regulation, both on national as well as EU level, one feels that they are the experts you need to cooperate with. They are my first choice in the field. I would definitely recommend them.”

COMPANY/FIRM: Metaxas and Associates
TESTIMONIAL: “We keep our business with M&A when it comes to Competition and EU law issues because we trust exactly the fact that they excel in these areas of the law. As far as Competition law goes, they are the firm to go if you need top expert legal advice. In general, I cooperated largely with Professor Metaxas and with Yiannis Floros. Mr. Floros is really a top-quality legal expert in State Aid and Competition Law, and I would definitely recommend him. Having also the personal participation of Professor Metaxas has been really good because his expertise is truly impressive and crucial for our needs. This is a highly skilled team of experts in this field.”

COMPANY/FIRM: Metaxas and Associates
TESTIMONIAL: “Metaxas & Associates provided legal advice whenever we had to face cases of Competition disputes connected to EU law. I have the best opinion about the M&A team after having worked with them. I felt they do high-quality, detailed work, they are true experts as far as State Aid and Competition Law goes, and that they approach their practice in a really professional and client-oriented manner. The whole team has been excellent, we got top advice, and Professor Metaxas has managed to assemble a team of really good experts that makes you feel secure that you are being treated by one of the best legal teams in EU law matters in the country.”

COMPANY/FIRM: Metaxas and Associates
TESTIMONIAL: “Metaxas & Associates provided legal advice whenever we had to face cases of Competition disputes connected to EU law. I have the best opinion about the M&A team after having worked with them. I felt they do high-quality, detailed work, they are true experts as far as State Aid and Competition Law goes, and that they approach their practice in a really professional and client-oriented manner. The whole team has been excellent, we got top advice, and Professor Metaxas has managed to assemble a team of really good experts that makes you feel secure that you are being treated by one of the best legal teams in EU law matters in the country.”

Diversity. Inclusion. They’re more than just words for us. They’re the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our team, cultivate leaders and create a company that’s the right fit for every individual. We have a global, multicultural following—we aim to reflect that in our firm. We believe diversity drives innovation. So we’re building a culture where difference is valued. We’re always growing our network of people, programs and tools, all designed to help employees self-develop and manage their careers. Our Diversity & Inclusion program has three main goals:

  • Attracting & Onboarding – create a workforce broadly reflective of the larger community.
  • Engaging & Developing – support employees in building the skills and capacity to work in an inclusive manner as a team.
  • Building the Culture – build a welcoming workplace in which employees recognize that their unique characteristics, skills and experiences are respected, remunerated and celebrated.

In addition, gender balance is one of our firm’s primary values as we strongly support the significance of different points of view. As an example 60% of our firm’s lawyers are women. We embrace and treat employees equally regardless of age, gender, disability, culture, sexuality or anything equivalent.
From building a mentality where all employees can bring their best selves to work, to deploying diversity initiatives that support everyone, we’re doing what it takes to create an inclusive world for all.

Professor Dr. Antonis Metaxas, Managing Partner, Metaxas and Associates

Managing Partner of M&A Law Firm, Professor Dr. A. Metaxas, shares his opinions on the evolution of Greek legal practice, the Firm’s successful strategies and the challenges forthcoming.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Metaxas and Associates from your competitors?

Our Firm’s distinctive feature lies in our continuous effort to combine high level academic knowledge with practical expertise in carefully selected practice areas. We have a clearly defined focus on concrete practice areas and do not aspire to be expert in all fields of legal practice. We believe that those who claim being experts in everything, simply do not understand the necessary radical adjustments and adaptations of our profession in today’s changing business landscape. We are proud of being widely recognized as the leading pioneers in the Greek legal market in the field of Energy and Energy Regulation. We are also acknowledged as perhaps the first Law Firm that systematically indicated the necessity to serve clients’ needs through the scope of possibilities that the close interdependence between national legal orders and EU Law provides.

We are not affirmed or defined by comparing ourselves to someone else. There are a lot of firms out there that are wonderful at what they do, and that is great for them. In a manner, we, are unique. We produce insights that produce results. We are a law firm that has National if not European-class insight on various topics, whether it’s a complicated Energy Regulation issue, a large State Aid project or a dispute on Corporate matters, we have insights, but we also have the ability to take the insights and help our clients execute on them. This is a unique capability and we do claim it.

In this sense, it indeed does not come as a surprise that your reputable Guide has qualified our Firm as top tier in the field of Energy, EU and Competition Law. We guide our practices with strong values and we stay committed to our clientele’s demanding needs, a mind-set that allows us to be at the forefront of achievements.

Our mentality aims on success while staying true to our work ethics of accountability, professionalism, trust and mutual respect. Our objective is to build long lasting relationship with our clients and act not only as their legal advisors but also support them with all their commercial needs and exceed their expectations. To do so, we have developed the necessary processes and systems to collect feedback, listen and understand their business objectives in order to improve the way we work with them, thus act in a more efficient way.

The primary source of our success is credited to our powerful workforce. Our team is consisted of greatly experienced lawyers with a strong resume of challenging cases. Thus, we focus on recruiting and developing the optimum candidates. We operate in an open and collegiate environment, and we encourage constructive feedback. Our ultimate goal is to keep improving our style of service.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Despite the surely devastating effects of Covid-19 in the global economy that are yet to come, there are continuous investments on Renewable Energy Sources (RES). It is a trend that is in line with the main strategic goal of the EU, which, in the context of the recovery plan and economic transformation in post-pandemic era, will focus on the energy transition towards a greener, circular and climate-neutral economy.

This gradual growth of the “green” energy market in Greece is currently reflected in the new agreements, acquisitions of wind and photovoltaic parks portfolios, as well as in new technological investments and offshore wind and energy storage, for which the institutional framework is expected to be finalized within the year 2022. Electric power grid modernization, challenges for the mass “greening” of islands and the simplification and acceleration of RES licensing procedures, constitute important prerequisites for the efficient exploitation of investments. Therefore, the main challenge that the energy policy is facing today, following the new context and status created by the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine is structuring the key priorities to achieve the European Green Deal and Europe’s green energy transition, as well as the emphasis on targeted investment initiatives of green growth.

The successful legal practice of M&A before both the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy and national courts has significantly transformed pricing standards of electricity in favour of the Greek industrial clients, thereby achieving a systemic change in this central policy field. Our law firm has built a strong reputation for representing RES companies before national courts as well as the European Commission (DG COMP), thus is ready to devote to these new challenges and maintain our place as a top tier firm in Energy Law.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

M&A Law Firm is constantly trying to keep up with the international changes and developments.

First of all, we have enhanced our working personnel with highly skilled Associates from diverse backgrounds in order to succeed a spherical view for every matter concerning our Firm’s fields of expertise. Determined to provide full services to our clients, we have expanded our dispute resolution team with a Senior Associate highly specialized in ADR in the energy sector, and overpowered our team with a skilled Associate with a high focus on energy taxation matters.

Furthermore, we are continuously aiming to improve our working conditions and space in order to accomplish the optimum environment for our workforce. Therefore in 2022 we updated our software, logistics and technological equipment.

Last, but not least we have adjusted our fee policy to meet our clients’ individual needs in the current disruptive financial circumstances.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

In this digital age, it is imperative to stay up to date with the best technology to serve your customers efficiently. This digital adjustment became mandatory due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Our Law Firm has long before invested in a fully digitalized system for teleconferences and relevant system automatization in order to communicate and further cooperate with our corporate clients by using a series of online platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. It is of our core priorities to understand the importance of resourcing innovative ideas and developing more technologically-friendly tools to assist our clientele. Therefore, we are fully prepared to serve our clients’ needs, while adopting remote working patterns (Cloud usage) and enabling efficient working conditions for our Partners, Associates and Administration personnel.

In addition, we emphasize a lot on our social media presence, since we strongly believe that it is a highly effective tool to showcase our legal and academic work and achieve a broad communication with our audience. Our Firm’s goal is to grow our network and become an acknowledged legal force even outside of national borders and, thus, we believe technology is the key for this achievement.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

Our Firm acts as legal advisor for a variety of national and foreign electricity producers, suppliers and developers as well as international investors. We support our international clients with market insights and useful advice in order to assist them in achieving their goals and benefit from their investments.

To be more specific, a leading energy company active in the Biodiesel market, only recently granted us the mandate to provide legal consulting and guidance on complex regulatory issues regarding biogas’ production costs.

Also we acted as legal and regulatory advisors for a foreign multinational investor and developer in offshore wind parks, a submarket in the broader field of Renewables that is expected to substantially develop this year in Greece.

And Metaxas & Associates successfully represented its client, a leading Greek electricity supplier, in its dispute on substantial regulatory issues with the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A. before the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) in respect of the provision of public service obligations.

In this context, our insightful input on all above had a substantial impact on the value of our client’s business. And these are but indicative examples of how we bring added value to our clients.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Our Firm has further consolidated its leading status in the Greek Legal Market, especially in the practice of Energy where it is regarded as perhaps “the” leading Law Firm of the country. As already mentioned, our distinctive feature lies on our clear strategic orientation of excellence in the selected fields of our specialization: Energy and EU Competition Law, our commitment to client service and diversity among our attorneys and staff, characteristics that have been recognized repeatedly over the years.

It is noteworthy that clients always look for stability and strategic direction. Our client’s loyalty is one of the most important factors highlighting the highly acknowledged position of our Firm. We are indeed proud for having achieved this bond and commitment.