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Litigation / Arbitration Yvonne Pieles
Business Crime Practice Yvonne Pieles
Regulatory Investigations Yvonne Pieles
Inheritance law Jacqueline Burckhardt Bertossa
Non-profit organizations Jacqueline Burckhardt Bertossa
Real estate Jacqueline Burckhardt Bertossa
Inheritance law Mark Eichner
Real estate Mark Eichner
Corporate law Mark Eichner
Non-profit organizations Mark Eichner
Start-ups Mark Eichner
Employment law Regula Hinderling
Litigation / Arbitration Regula Hinderling
Financing and leasing Stéphane Konkoly
Corporate law Stéphane Konkoly
M&A Stéphane Konkoly
Start-ups Stéphane Konkoly
Contract law Stéphane Konkoly
Inheritance law Ramon Mabillard
Real estate Ramon Mabillard
Insolvency - economic crisis Ramon Mabillard
Litigation / Arbitration Ramon Mabillard
Corporate law Rolf Wüthrich
M&A Rolf Wüthrich
Taxes Rolf Wüthrich
Start-ups Rolf Wüthrich
Ms Jacqueline Burckhardt photo Ms Jacqueline BurckhardtJacqueline’s areas of expertise are succession issues, international trust and estate planning,…
Dr Mark Eichner photo Dr Mark EichnerMark’s areas of expertise are establishing, managing and liquidating structures for transnational…
Ms Nora Gloor photo Ms Nora GloorNora Gloor’s practice focuses on litigation and dispute resolution in civil and…
Ms Stefanie Grimm photo Ms Stefanie GrimmStefanie’s areas of expertise are drafting corporate documents and real estate transactions.
Dr Regula Hinderling photo Dr Regula HinderlingRegula’s areas of expertise are litigation, employment law and contract & transport…
Mr Stéphane Konkoly photo Mr Stéphane KonkolyHead of M&A and Banking & Finance. Stéphane’s areas of expertise are…
Prof Dr Ramon Mabillard photo Prof Dr Ramon MabillardRamon’s areas of expertise are dispute resolution and litigation, corporate restructuring and…
Mr Thomas Meyer photo Mr Thomas MeyerThomas’ areas of expertise are estate planning and inheritance law, employment law,…
Ms Yvonne Pieles photo Ms Yvonne PielesYvonne’s area of expertise is litigation and dispute resolution. Her practice focuses…
Ms Sarah Salzmann photo Ms Sarah SalzmannSarah’s areas of expertise and main areas of practice are property and…
Dr Alain Schmid photo Dr Alain SchmidAlain’s areas of expertise are corporate law and contract law with a…
Mr Kaspar Schudel photo Mr Kaspar SchudelKaspar’s areas of expertise are employment law, corporate and commercial law as…
Dr Flora Stanischewski photo Dr Flora StanischewskiFlora’s areas of expertise are litigation, employment law, contract law as well…
Bastian Thurneysen photo Bastian ThurneysenBastian Thurneysen areas of expertise are national and international tax law. He…
Mr Rolf Wüthrich photo Mr Rolf WüthrichHead of Tax. Rolf’s areas of expertise are national and international tax…
Number of lawyers : 20
Other offices : Zurich