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burckhardt Ltd
Steinentorstrasse 23
P.O. Box 258
4010 BASEL

Employment Tier 2

The employment team at burckhardt Ltd in Basel handles contracts, working time regulations, international assignments and work permit matters, compensation and bonus plans, collective agreements, restructurings, data protection and dispute resolution. Regula Hinderling and Gudrun Österreicher are the key contacts.

Dispute resolution: litigation Tier 4

Basel-based firm burckhardt Ltd covers a range of international disputes, including banking, medical negligence, inheritance and transport. Practice head Piera Beretta continues to represent an Egyptian resident in a $400m forex manipulation dispute against a Swiss bank, while Ramon Mabillard acts for a logistics company in its CHF3m claim against an oil refining company in liquidation. Regula Hinderling and Gudrun Österreicher cover employment-related litigation.

Leading firms: German-speaking Switzerland Tier 4

Boutique firm burckhardt Ltd advises on litigation, employment, private client and tax matters. The key contacts are Jacqueline BurckhardtRolf WüthrichMark EichnerRegula Hinderling and Piera Beretta.

Private client Tier 4

'Highly professional firmburckhardt Ltd 'demonstrates competence, experience and absolute dedication to the client', and is best known for dispute resolution related to international succession matters, advising on client and asset relocations, as well as the foundation of philanthropic organisations. Jacqueline Burckhardt and Mark Eichner are renowned for their 'thoroughness, efficiency and cross-border knowledge', while attorney Michelle Bruni is 'able to deal with complex problems at speed'.

Tax Tier 4

The 'broadly skilled team' at burckhardt Ltd has 'in-depth knowledge of major business- and tax-related fields in Swiss law, providing practical and executable advice'. It mainly handles transactions and cross-border restructuring matters, as well as long-term tax planning. 'Precise analystRolf Wüthrich is the main practitioner at partner level.

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation / Arbitration Piera Beretta
Malpractice (defence) Piera Beretta
Public procurement Piera Beretta
Professional practices Piera Beretta
Inheritance law Jacqueline Burckhardt Bertossa
Non-profit organizations Jacqueline Burckhardt Bertossa
Real estate Jacqueline Burckhardt Bertossa
Inheritance law Mark Eichner
Real estate Mark Eichner
Corporate law Mark Eichner
Non-profit organizations Mark Eichner
Start-ups Mark Eichner
Employment law Regula Hinderling
Litigation / Arbitration Regula Hinderling
Financing and leasing Stéphane Konkoly
Corporate law Stéphane Konkoly
M&A Stéphane Konkoly
Start-ups Stéphane Konkoly
Contract law Stéphane Konkoly
Inheritance law Ramon Mabillard
Real estate Ramon Mabillard
Insolvency - economic crisis Ramon Mabillard
Litigation / Arbitration Ramon Mabillard
Corporate law Rolf Wüthrich
M&A Rolf Wüthrich
Taxes Rolf Wüthrich
Start-ups Rolf Wüthrich
Photo Name Position Profile
Dr Piera Beretta  photo Dr Piera Beretta
Ms Michelle Bruni  photo Ms Michelle Bruni
Ms Jacqueline Burckhardt  photo Ms Jacqueline Burckhardt
Ms Simone Burckhardt  photo Ms Simone Burckhardt
Dr Mark Eichner  photo Dr Mark Eichner
Ms Stefanie Grimm  photo Ms Stefanie Grimm
Ms Regula Hinderling photo Ms Regula Hinderling
Mr Stéphane Konkoly  photo Mr Stéphane Konkoly
Dr Anina Kuoni  photo Dr Anina Kuoni
Prof Dr Ramon Mabillard  photo Prof Dr Ramon Mabillard
Mr Thomas Meyer  photo Mr Thomas Meyer
Mr Alain Schmid  photo Mr Alain Schmid
Mr Kaspar Schudel  photo Mr Kaspar Schudel
Mr Rolf Wüthrich  photo Mr Rolf Wüthrich
Mr Mark Walther  photo Mr Mark Walther
Number of lawyers : 19
Other offices : Zurich