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Construction Tier 2

Rotterdam-based Straatman Koster Advocaten is a substantial niche construction and real estate firm that has 'in-depth knowledge of the building industry regulations and law' and also has 'a sharp sense of urgency and the essentials of a case'. Oliver  Vermeulen offers a blend of construction, real estate, and litigation expertise, while Frederik van Nouhuys is recommended for his public procurement and broad construction law experience. Thijs Straatman is advising a group of clients on the development of a project to produce residential, retail, schools, and commercial buildings together with an ecological zone and a new access road. Wilfried Koster and Marinda de Smidt are advising the Municipality of Rotterdam on the Hart van Zuid urban regeneration project.

Environment and planning Tier 2

Straatman Koster Advocaten is a specialist real estate and construction firm with a substantial environment and planning team which is headed by Marinda de SmidtJoost Hoekstra and Maaike de Wit. The team advises government and corporate clients on a wide range of issues including soil pollution, permit and enforcement issues, sustainable urban developments and nature conservation as well as zoning matters. It advised Green Park Gebiedsontwikkeling on matters such as zoning plans, building and environmental permits and The Soil Pollution Act. Paul Heijnsbroek and Anne Marie Ferwerda joined the team from Houthoff and HabrakenRutten respectively.

Real estate Tier 3

Thijs Straatman, Wilfried Koster, Joost Hoekstra and Marinda de Smidt are the key team members at Straatman Koster Advocaten which specialises in construction and real estate. The team is advising Feyenoord Rotterdam  (Stadion Feijenoord) on the drafting of the co-operation agreement, option agreement and sale and purchase of land between Feyenoord and other parties and the municipality of Rotterdam. The project includes the construction of a new football stadium together with housing, office, and other facilities.

Department Name Email Telephone
Contract Wilfried Koster +31(0)102400447
Contract Thijs Straatman +31(0)102400447
Contract Marinda de Smidt +31(0)102400447
Contract Joost Hoekstra +31(0)102400447
Contract Maaike de Wit +31(0)102400447
Contract Simon Tichelaar +31(0)102400447
Contract Bas Razenberg +31(0)102400447
Rental Olivier Vermeulen +31(0)102400447
Rental Violet Acar +31(0)102400447
Procurement Frederik van Nouhuys +31(0)102400447
Procurement Thijs Straatman +31(0)102400447
Procurement Caroline Lagendijk +31(0)102400447
Procurement Simon Tichelaar +31(0)102400447
Procurement Matthijs van Leeuwen +31(0)102400447
State aid Frederik van Nouhuys +31(0)102400447
State aid Thijs Straatman +31(0)102400447
Construction Thijs Straatman +31(0)102400447
Construction Frederik van Nouhuys +31(0)102400447
Construction Angela Minderhoud +31(0)102400447
Construction Olivier Vermeulen +31(0)102400447
Construction Matthijs van Leeuwen +31(0)102400447
Construction Daan Timmerman +31(0)102400447
Construction Marinda de Smidt +31(0)102400447
Real estate Thijs Straatman +31(0)102400447
Real estate Wilfried Koster +31(0)102400447
Real estate Joost Hoekstra +31(0)102400447
Real estate Marinda de Smidt +31(0)102400447
Real estate Angela Minderhoud +31(0)102400447
Real estate Maaike de Wit +31(0)102400447
Real estate Bas Razenberg +31(0)102400447
Real estate Simon Tichelaar +31(0)102400447
Land policy Joost Hoekstra +31(0)102400447
Government liability Joost Hoekstra +31(0)102400447
Government liability Marinda de Smidt +31(0)102400447
Government liability Bas Razenberg +31(0)102400447
Planning and zoning Joost Hoekstra +31(0)102400447
Planning and zoning Marinda de Smidt +31(0)102400447
Planning and zoning Simon Tichelaar +31(0)102400447
Planning and zoning Maaike de Wit +31(0)102400447
Planning and zoning Bas Razenberg +31(0)102400447
Company Wilfried Koster +31(0)102400447
Environmental Marinda de Smidt +31(0)102400447
Environmental Bas Razenberg +31(0)102400447
Rental Thérèse Fraai +31(0)102400447
Planning and zoning Erina Baljić +31(0)102400447
Planning and zoning Anne Marie Ferwerda +31(0)102400447
Construction Hugo Strang +31(0)102400447
Procurement Paul Heijnsbroek +31(0)102400447
State aid Paul Heijnsbroek +31(0)102400447
Rental Thérèse Fraai +31(0)102400447
Procurement Anne de Jong +31(0)102400447
Rental Marleen van Dijkman +31(0)102400447
Environmental Valerie de Gier +31(0)102400447
Procurement Hugo Strang +31(0)102400447
Construction Hugo Strang +31(0)102400447
Environmental Tosca van Halsema +31(0)102400447
Planning and zoning Paul Richter +31(0)102400447
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr J.J Hoekstra  photo Mr J.J Hoekstra
Mr W.J.H Koster  photo Mr W.J.H Koster
Mrs C.R.V. Lagendijk  photo Mrs C.R.V. Lagendijk
Mr M Straatman  photo Mr M Straatman
Mr O. Vermeulen  photo Mr O. Vermeulen
Ms M.C de Smidt  photo Ms M.C de Smidt
Ms M.Y.C.L. de Wit  photo Ms M.Y.C.L. de Wit
Mr J.F van Nouhuys  photo Mr J.F van Nouhuys
Number of lawyers : 24