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Aviation Tier 3

The team at 8pointlaw is experienced in matters related to the aviation industry. Led by John Bonello, the practice assists operators within the aviation industry with contentious as well as non-contentious matters, including the drawing up of complex agreements and several negotiations involving close collaboration with local and international firms.

Practice head(s):

John Bonello

Key clients

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Malta Industrial Parks Limited

Malta Enterprise

Government of Malta – Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business

Dispute resolution Tier 3

The 'natural problem-solvers' at 8pointlaw handles matters regarding family law, inheritance claims, real estate claims, debt collection and government briefs. The team is led by John Bonello.

Practice head(s):

John Bonello

Other key lawyers:

Elian Scicluna; Marthese Grech


‘Our tight schedule makes it difficult for us to leave our workplace, and team at 8Point Law is always available to meet up at our premises. John and his associates have great organisational skills which are essential due to the number of issues which crop up during our day to day negotiations. They are flexible and make themselves available and are natural problem-solvers.’

‘Dr John Bonello has followed all our legal matters since engagement of services and has always delivered stellar results even in the most complex of matters. Dr Elian Scicluna assists Dr Bonello with several matters related to debt collection and continues to closely follow up and solve any disputes efficiently even out of court.’

‘The key strengths are that all individuals within the team are knowledgeable on the case at hand. They answer any queries in a timely manner in a concise way without any vagueness.’

‘I have worked with Lawyer Dr John Bonello and his associate Dr Marthese Grech. They have been very knowledgeable on the areas I required expertise on and handled the situation on a timely and efficient manner.’

‘Experience within the field, accessibility and approach and practicality.’

Key clients

Malta Industrial Parks Limited

S & S Bathrooms Limited

MLR Imports Limited

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

D.D.E Attard Limited

General Workers Union

George & Rocco Car Centre Limited

LBV Limited

Falbra Limited

Saniclean Joint Venture

Private client Tier 3

The boutique practice at 8pointlaw offers 'creative solutions'. The team assists clients with citizenship by investment applications, matrimonial issues and succession planning. John Bonello heads the practice and is 'very efficient in dealing with complex international situations'.

Practice head(s):

John Bonello


‘Efficiency, personalised approach of the client, creative solutions ’

‘John Bonello. Very updated about the legal practice, internationally oriented, very efficient in dealing with complex international situations.’

Real estate Tier 3

The team at 8pointlaw has continued assisting Malta Industrial Parks with various development projects including negotiating lease agreements and negotiating contracts. The firm has also represented an individual in a contentious real estate issue against The Commissioner of Police. The practice is led by John Bonello.

Practice head(s):

John Bonello

Key clients

Malta Industrial Parks Limited

MLR Imports Limited

Falbra Limited

AR Properties Limited

Cammast Properties Limited

Malta Life Sciences Park (Malta Enterprise)

The firm: 8Point Law is an accomplished multi-disciplinary law firm, with an acutely developed knowledge of corporate, commercial and civil law within the Mediterranean region and beyond. The firm prides itself in delivering a tailor-made service to meet each of its client’s needs, servicing any matter any given client may have.

The firm’s offices, located in Malta’s capital city, Valletta, are a stone’s throw away from the local law courts, making it very convenient for clients to access, and hold meetings in the heart of Malta’s business, culture and heritage. While retaining its traditional set-up, the firm has grown into a strong practice in various fields of law.

As a boutique partnership, 8Point Law focuses on providing a personal touch to all clients’ needs, and is renowned for having an approach towards providing flexible services that put clients first at all times.

8Point Law is committed to providing high-quality, professional services within reasonable time-frames that are designed to meet client’s ever-evolving legal and business requirements. The firm’s client base includes local and foreign individuals and companies, and its aim is offering a cost-effective and specialised service every step of the way.

As a result, 8Point Law’s portfolio is extensive, encompassing a range of clients that includes individuals, corporate set-ups, highly respected global organisations, public agencies, embassies, as well as businesses and individuals with very unique requirements.

Areas of practice: 8Point Law’s specialisation is to serve the needs of high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals as well as their families and businesses. In particular, the firm focuses on the relocation of expats in Malta – assisting them and their families in all legal matters including family law, wealth management as well as the lease and acquisition of real estate. 8Point Law provides a range of services relating to citizenship and residency, including Investment Migration, Citizenship by Investment (CBI), access to Schengen, and visa free travel. The firm’s concierge service team manages and facilitate on a one-to-one basis every aspect of an individual’s or family’s relocation including bespoke property search, removals and shipping, home set up, schools sourcing and ongoing concierge.

A focal point of the practice lies in real estate and property law, having assisted many long-standing clients with complex property transactions, both locally and abroad. The firm provides services in all matters relating to property, ranging from leases, both residential and commercial, and the sale and purchase of property.

The firm’s strengths lie in all matters relating to civil law, litigation, and dispute resolution, wherein it assists clients from start to finish with any matter they may have at hand. 8Point Law has had a long standing in the Maltese law courts on a vast array of complex issues, involving both personal and corporate clients, coming from the local and international sphere.

The firm also excels in matters of family law, namely separations, divorce, and issues relating to the care and custody of minors, both local and cross-border, and patrimonial issues relating thereto.

Succession law and inheritance is another forte of the firm, when such services are valued at a highly sensitive time. In today’s cosmopolitan world, succession matters are often international and complex, and 8Point Law’s professional team offers guidance and advice on the simplest solution to the client’s issues.

The team also offers comprehensive legal advice in relation to all aspects of Maltese company law that include: company formation/redomiciliation; corporate structuring and general transactions; mergers; acquisitions; division and reorganisations.

The firm’s legal consultancy expertise extends to the marine, yachting and the aviation sphere. In particular, 8Point Law has tendered advice to international organisations which represent, lead and serve the aviation industry in general.

The firm guarantees a multi-disciplinary service to all corporate clients and strives to provide a one-stop service to them. In order to achieve this, it provides professional services in areas and sectors that are contingent upon a business concern. This includes employment and industrial relations wherein the firm provides advisory services and assists clients in industrial litigation including employment disputes.

At 8Point Law, the team works directly with clients to assess the most appropriate course of action. The firm gives a thorough and clear assessment of the current position and the various options available, as well as a recommendation of the best way forward. 8Point Law strives to provide truly commercially focused legal advice of the highest quality, which, in turn, ensures that clients reach their goals every step of the way. Essentially, the firm seeks to conform in all respects with clients’ legitimate instructions while ensuring a value-added professional service to each of them.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dr John Bonello
Dr Marycien Vassallo
Dr Elian Scicluna
Dr Nicola Carbonaro
Photo Name Position Profile
Avv Dr John Bonello  photo Avv Dr John Bonello Partner
Avv Dr Nicola Carbonaro  photo Avv Dr Nicola Carbonaro Lawyer
Avv Dr Elian Scicluna  photo Avv Dr Elian Scicluna
Avv Dr Marycien Vassallo  photo Avv Dr Marycien Vassallo
Number of lawyers : 7
Malta Chamber of Advocates
The Legal 500

International Practices

8Point Law provides a wide range of legal services to international clients and continuously provides legal advice to clients who are based, or who have or want to have business interests across the globe. The firm has worked with a diverse range of issues for international clients, including:

  • Assistance and counsel on competition law matters to global aviation players;
  • Assistance to various UK-based Law firms on various cross-border family matters and succession and inheritance issues;
  • Assistance with the enforcement of foreign judgments in Malta to EU and South-East Asian clients;
  • Residency and citizenship services for several clients, including American citizens;
  • Services for the incorporation of various FDI start-ups in Malta, including pharmaceutical companies with Israeli and Canadian interests.

Network and programmes

8Point Law has access to an extensive global network of law firms, businesses and associations.

Dr John Bonello is a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, wherein he frequently attends and participates in international conferences held all over the globe.

8Point Law is also an approved agent for Malta’s citizenship by Investment Programme. The global mobility of high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals is on the rise and a growing number is looking at investment migration in order to broaden horizons and expand business interests in Malta. Potential applicants for the Malta Individual Investor Programme must make use of the services of approved agents, and 8Point Law are fully-qualified to assist international clients in such matters.

The firm is also a member of IR Global, consisting of the world’s leading legal, accountancy and financial advisers, recommended exclusively by jurisdiction and practice area.

CLIENT: Dino Bossa, Area Manager Southern Europe, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
COMPANY/FIRM: International Air Transport Association (IATA)
TESTIMONIAL: “We have full trust in 8Point Law as we find their level of service effective and valuable. The team at 8Point Law understand the key issues related to aviation compliance in Malta and the support needed by international organisations.”

The firm is, and has always been, committed to promoting equal opportunities across the board, and we have engaged and retained students, professionals and supporting staff from all backgrounds, be it race, religion, ethnicity, sex and/or sexual orientation. At 8Point Law, we believe that inclusion is the key to our success, and our strengths lie in offering flexibility at the place of work in order to ensure that everybody’s needs are met. This platform encourages every member of our team to put their strengths together to create a strong and harmonious team which tackles issues together as one, each contributing giving their fortes to complement one another.

Our ethos is that the pooling of differences adds wealth to the firm’s output and renders us able to tackle today’s cosmopolitan needs in the most wholesome of ways.

We firmly believe in staying true to our roots and contributing to our society. In this respect, we provide several services pro bono very willingly, and aim to carry on expanding the number of such files as we grow. Our aim is to implement measures so as to enrich our social policy and safeguard interests which are not limited to our own.