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Dragne & Asociatii SCA

Dispute resolution Tier 1

Dragne & Asociatii SCA has an excellent reputation for commercial arbitration, litigation and investment treaty disputes. The multi-faceted litigation practice covers a range of areas, including administrative, civil and criminal disputes. The firm's standing on the arbitration front was demonstrated by its successful role representing the claimant in a major dispute with the Romanian state. Managing partners Ion Dragne and Stelian Garofil respectively handle arbitration and litigation matters. Daniel Cirstea regularly acts on commercial, administrative and employment disputes, while Delia Bosman is experienced in tax and real estate claims. Ioana Oprea and Andreia Dumitrescu have experience in arbitration and litigation.

Practice head(s):

Ion Dragne; Stelian Garofil; Delia Bosman; Andreia Dumitrescu; Daniel Cirstea; Ioana Oprea

Key clients


Hidroelectrica SA

Alpha Bank SA

Sind Tour Trading SRL

Deutsche Bahn Cargo Romania SRL

Iridex Group Import Export S.R.L

Raimondo de Rubeis

Amerocap LLC

Servicii Salubritate Bucuresti S.A

Restructuring and insolvency Tier 1

Dragne & Asociatii SCA has established itself as one of the top choices for complex insolvency proceedings and restructurings. The team is especially experienced in litigation, regularly representing creditors and debtors in insolvency-related court proceedings. Clients include banks, trade creditors, debtors and administrators, who ensure a strong flow of mandates, including major liquidations. Key partners include litigator Daniel Cirstea, versatile managing partner Stelian Garofil, and Andreia Dumitrescu , who has a good track record in domestic and international arbitrations. Managing associate Gabriel Paraschiv is another name to note.

Practice head(s):

Stelian Garofil; Andreia Dumitrescu; Daniel Cirstea

Other key lawyers:

Gabriel Paraschiv

Key clients

BNP Paribas Personal Finance SA Paris Bucharest Branch

Garanti Bank SA

Authority for Financial Supervision (ASF)

Patria Bank SA

Banking and finance Tier 3

Dragne & Asociatii SCA has good experience of refinancings and restructurings, and recently was involved in several significant debt recovery proceedings. The team, which includes managing partner Stelian Garofil, Delia Bosman, Andreia Dumitrescu, and Daniel Cirstea, also brings strong contentious and regulatory expertise.

Practice head(s):

Stelian Garofil; Delia Bosman; Andreia Dumitrescu; Daniel Cirstea

Real estate and construction Tier 4

Dragne & Asociatii SCA has an excellent reputation for contentious real estate and construction matters. Its partners regularly appear in major infrastructure-related international arbitration claims. The team also has good expertise on the transactional and development front, particularly in respect of risk mitigation and dispute avoidance strategies. Delia Bosman, Andreia Dumitrescu and Ioana Oprea are the lead partners.

Practice head(s):

Delia Bosman; Andreia Dumitrescu; Ioana Oprea

Key clients

West Gate Studio SA

S+B Plan & Bau Bukarest S.R.L

The firm: Dragne & Asociatii was founded in 2010 and has rapidly grown to become one of the most trustworthy law firms in Romania. With 33 lawyers, Dragne & Asociatii is a full-service law firm renowned for its vast expertise in the dispute resolution area, commercial litigation, domestic and international arbitration. Ion Dragne, the law firm’s managing partner, is one of most experienced and respected litigators in Romania. The law firm has a growing international clientele, among which are various commercial banks, investment funds, and foreign investors in a wide range of industries.

Due to the numerous cross-border projects in which Dragne & Asociatii has been involved, the firm has developed strong links with European and US law firms. The team is co-ordinated by six equity partners and includes former judges, university teachers and dedicated young practitioners.

Areas of practice: Dragne & Asociatii works across eight areas of practice: litigation and arbitration, restructuring and insolvency, tax, corporate and commercial, M&A, intellectual property, competition and antitrust, real estate and construction, employment, and banking and finance.

The firm is one of the few in Romania with experience in international commercial arbitration, investment arbitration and high-profile cross-border dispute resolution. It has advised, and continues to advise, two individual foreign investors and their companies in ICSID arbitrations against the republic of Romania, one of which is being awarded damages of more than $250 million. Dragne & Asociatii also handles numerous litigation and arbitration files for state-owned companies and private companies.

The firm is highly experienced in dealing with complex transactions, general corporate issues, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

It has also co-ordinated various multimillion-euro restructuring and insolvency projects, both for debtors and creditors, especially in the real estate and telecommunication sectors.

In the field of real estate and construction, the law firm assisted multinational multimillion-euro companies investing in Romanian plots of land and commercial centres. The work ranges from due diligence to sale-purchase contracts, lease agreements and FIDIC contracts.

The firm covers all sorts of tax matters in transactions and proficiently advises its clients in day-to-day relationships or disputes with the tax authorities.

In the employment field, the law firm has assisted numerous multinational companies with advice on sensitive matters of termination of executives’ contracts, collective dismissals and claims for compensation.

The banking and finance department has worked for many of the commercial banks in Romania and insurance companies in relation to various regulatory matters, enforcement of securities or negotiation of major financing contracts.

Dragne & Asociatii is one of the few law firms appointed by the Romanian Competition Council to advise it in relation to the investigation and compliance procedure of one of the biggest telecommunication and internet providers in Romania.

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation and arbitration Ion Dragne
Litigation and arbitration Andreia Dumitrescu
Litigation and arbitration Stelian Garofil
Litigation and arbitration Daniel Cirstea
Litigation and arbitration Ioana Oprea
Litigation and arbitration Delia Bosman
Litigation and arbitration Gabriel Paraschiv
Litigation and arbitration Bogdan Toma
Litigation and arbitration Mihai Costea
Litigation and arbitration Zoe Lungu
Litigation and arbitration Catalin Barbu
Litigation and arbitration Bogdan Iordache
Real estate and construction Delia Bosman
Real estate and construction Ioana Oprea
Real estate and construction Bogdan Toma
Real estate and construction Camelia Floca
Corporate and commercial/M&A Stelian Garofil
Corporate and commercial/M&A Ion Dragne
Corporate and commercial/M&A Daniel Cirstea
Corporate and commercial/M&A Zoe Lungu
Corporate and commercial/M&A Camelia Floca
Corporate and commercial/M&A Ana Maria Filip
Employment Daniel Cirstea
Employment Ion Dragne
Employment Mihai Costea
Tax Delia Bosman
Tax Ion Dragne
Tax Ioana Oprea
Tax Bogdan Toma
Tax Catalin Barbu
IP, competition and antitrust Stelian Garofil
IP, competition and antitrust Andreia Dumitrescu
IP, competition and antitrust Ioana Oprea
IP, competition and antitrust Camelia Floca
Banking and finance Andreia Dumitrescu
Banking and finance Daniel Cirstea
Banking and finance Mihai Costea
Banking and finance Camelia Floca
Banking and finance Bogdan Iordache
Restructuring and insolvency Stelian Garofil
Restructuring and insolvency Daniel Cirstea
Restructuring and insolvency Andreia Dumitrescu
Restructuring and insolvency Gabriel Paraschiv
Restructuring and insolvency Mihai Costea
Restructuring and insolvency Ana Maria Filip
Number of lawyers : 33
Contacts : Ion Dragne (
Contacts : Stelian Garofil (
Contacts : Delia Bosman (
Contacts : Andreia Dumitrescu (
Contacts : Daniel Cirstea (
Contacts : Ioana Oprea (

CLIENT: Mrs. Simona Opris


TESTIMONIAL: Dragne & Asociatii’s approach is unique, in our view, due to their capability of identifying the most advantageous legal solutions for our needs. They are fast-thinking, straightforward and they adapt very quickly to any changes of circumstances. Due to their capacity to adapt to changes, the team is very responsive to changing strategies depending on our specific needs at a moment in time.

The lawyers we have worked with were very skilled, efficiently blending the legal solutions provided with the economic and business interests of our companies. Their approach in court is particularly satisfying, since they always carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each and every measure recommended to us.

CLIENT: Mrs. Raluca Visan

COMPANY/FIRM: Asirom Vienna Insurance Group

TESTIMONIAL: Our general view regarding the overall level of service is that the lawyers involved in solving our legal issues displayed a professional, advantageous and cost-effective approach. Also, they responded swiftly and promptly to our requests and addressed every issue arising out of the disputes with great care to preserving our advantages. Based on our experience, this practice is unique due to their ingenuity in court and outside of court. The lawyers we have worked with are very responsive to our requests, excellent in court, being very ingenuous and fast-thinking.

CLIENT: Mrs. Mihaela Nagoda


TESTIMONIAL: The team who handles our insolvency cases has a well-earned reputation for innovative thinking. All the lawyers that worked with us display a very professional approach and provide innovative solutions to legal issues.

Ion Dragne, Managing Partner

Managing Partner Ion Dragne explains which are the long-term goals of Dragne & Asociatii and how the company brings additional benefits to the clients’ business

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Dragne & Asociatii from your competitors?

Dragne & Asociatii is recognized among the top law firms in Romania and in order to maintain this position we are focused on our clients’ needs. We seek to understand their business and offer them legal services at the highest quality and with the best allocation of the resources.

Our lawyers are renewed not only for very good knowledge of the law, but also for skills as business fluency and a good understanding of the market in which the clients activate, being proactive and able to find the small differences that can change the course of the litigation and ensure the success of the projects.

Dragne & Asociatii has grown constantly in the past years due to its numerous successful dispute resolution cases, either in field of litigation or of arbitration. The main fields in which our lawyers are highly specialized are restructuring and insolvency, exequatur and enforcement proceedings, commercial and corporate fights, labor disputes or white-collar crime. This “hyper specialization” resulting both from the theoretical knowledge but also from practicing in many and various complex projects and disputes differentiates Dragne & Asociatii from the competitors. This reputation proved to be one of the most powerful advantage.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

So far, our areas of expertise and our clients’ portfolio have grown constantly from year to year. The Litigation & Arbitration are really busy departments which we expect to grow also in the next 12 months. The Real Estate, and Corporate/M&A departments have also an important role to our clients’ business considering the day-to-day advice we offer, the implementation of several transactions/transfers and the due diligence reports carried on by the firm, therefore we reasonably expect that such areas will maintain their growing tendency throughout the next year.

In view of the pandemic of the last year, which changed the way of doing business and the working conditions of various companies, we have seen and we expect even more requests addressed to the Employment department. As the working conditions are changing, different amendments to the employment agreements are requested to be implemented. In this context, different types of disputes between employers and companies have arisen. We also expect the demands on restructuring and insolvency departments to increase, given that many companies have been economically affected by the lockdown.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

We try to offer our lawyers independence in their relations with clients, in accordance with the level of seniority they have. Also, our intention is to keep the client’s relationship with a lawyer as long as possible, given that we know how important is the stability for our clients. We also continuously develop and improve the professional skills of our lawyers. The proper specializations of the lawyers involved in the projects handled and also the stability of the relationship between the lawyer and the client are definitely in the benefit of the latter.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Technology is evolving exponentially lately, which, of course, has effects on the way our company interacts with our clients.

The technology helped us increase the efficiency of our company. Online meetings and negotiations which are frequently required allowed us to easily, quickly and cost-effectively provide advice to international clients and to help them close different transactions.

Also, we implemented different procedures which are more cost effective for the benefit of our clients, by using online platforms and digital certificates for submitting and resolving different corporate changes. Specific software facilitated the awarding of contracts in the public sector, others enhance contract management, while other make legal research be a much easier job even when looking into millions of similar cases. Our company also interacts with the best online platforms for searching efficiently international and national case-law.

We understand the important role of technology when rendering legal services because everyone
wants rapid results.

In the last year, also the way to interact with the courts of law and arbitral tribunals have changed. The online interactions have grown significantly as the court claims and requests for several procedures to be considered in a litigation are nowadays submitted mainly online.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

Besides having a good legal expertise, we know how important is also to understand the client’s business, therefore we always carefully consider the market sector in which they operate. Generally speaking, we add value to our customers business with every legal advice that we offer, which helps them to be compliant with the law provisions and to avoid any unsuccessful litigations. With respect to our dispute resolution department, we add value with every award rendered by the courts of law in favor of our clients.

A concrete example for adding value to the client business was when our firm offered legal assistance services for implementing a complex business transfer in the field of oil and gas, in an efficient manner, which allowed the client to grow his business and extend it to other areas of activity.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

As Dragne & Asociatii celebrated 11 years of activity this year, we know how important is to develop strong long-term collaboration relationships with our clients. Our long-term target is to constantly evolve, by growing our team and our clients’ portfolio. We also aim to extend our expertise to other areas which are increasingly required due to technology development, such as Privacy & Cybersecurity law.

Therefore, in the next years we intend to continue the development of our firm, by making our existing clients even more satisfied as we intend to cover additional areas of expertise applicable to their business and by growing the firm’s portfolio with new customers. I see Dragne & Asociatii as a law firm that will be permanently ready to adapt to a rapidly shifting world and our flexibility and good expertise would make us adapt quickly and accommodate changing client needs.


Dragne & Asociatii was founded 11 years ago and has rapidly manage to become one of the most trustable law firms in Romania. Dragne & Asociatii legal services cover eight main areas of practice: Litigation & Arbitration; Restructuring & Insolvency; Tax; Corporate & Commercial, M&A; Intellectual Property, Competition & Antitrust, Real Estate & Construction, Employment, Banking & Finance.

Dragne & Asociatii is one of the few law firms in Romania with experience in alternative dispute resolution and in arbitration cases under ICC, UNCITRAL, VIAC, ICSID or domestic rules. The core areas in which the firm offers legal advice and representation in arbitration are: construction arbitration; general commercial arbitration; business combinations; investment arbitration; interim and conservatory measures. In the field of international arbitration, Dragne & Asociatii advised two individual foreign investors and their companies in an ICSID arbitration vs the Republic of Romania with awarded damages of more than USD 250 million.

Within the litigation department, the law firm handled numerous litigation files exceeding €450m for one of the biggest state-owned companies and leader in the energy field. The firm also assisted one of the main developers and investors on the Romanian market in complex litigation cases (insolvency, claims for damages, enforcement procedures etc.) deriving from the building of the largest commercial centre in the South of Romania.

In the field of in Real Estate & Construction, the law firm assisted international multi-million EUR companies investing in Romania in plots of land and commercial centres. The work ranges from due diligence to sale-purchase contracts, lease agreements, FIDIC contracts.

Dragne & Asociatii also carried on a broad range of corporate and commercial matters, assisting local and international clients through all phases of a business life cycle, from setting-up and joint ventures to winding-up and restructuring.

In the Employment field, besides day-to-day employment advice, the law firm assisted numerous companies with advice on sensitive matters or termination of executives’ contracts, collective dismissals and claims for compensations.

The Banking and Finance department is also a very busy one, our lawyers usually advising the clients on general banking, finance, debt restructurings, re-financings, funds and other financial services. Such matters often involve input from our specialist teams in other areas of law, such as tax, real estate and dispute resolution. The department worked for many commercial banks in Romania and insurance companies, in relation to various regulatory matters, enforcement of securities or negotiation of financing contracts. Among projects, the firm advised one of the major Romanian banks in relation to a €8,5m matter, arising out of an insurance policy related to a loan agreement.

Germany and Austria: Forerunners of 5G security measures?

The subject of cyber security of 5G networks is currently on the discussions table in all European countries. Preliminary steps for the implementation of 5G network security measures should have been completed by 30 April, according to the timetable initially proposed by the European Commission[1]. Subsequently, a joint report was to be released by each state on the implementation of these measures.

Germany and Austria: Forerunners of 5G security measures?

The subject of cyber security of 5G networks is currently on the discussions table in all European countries. Preliminary steps for the implementation of 5G network security measures should have been completed by 30 April, according to the timetable initially proposed by the European Commission[1]. Subsequently, a joint report was to be released by each state on the implementation of these measures.

Compatibility of 5G cyber security measures with free trade

At the beginning of year 2020, the NIS[i] Cooperation Group has published a set of cyber security measures as means to implement the 5G system (titled 5G Network EU Toolbox Risk Mitigating Measures) containing a set of technical and strategic measures recommended to be taken by the member states of the European Union[ii].