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Goksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership

Employment Tier 1

Led by the experienced and well-regarded employment adviser Banu MertGoksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership advises on employment and labour law issues for a combination of major corporates, international consultancy firms and developers, with a standout matter being its involvement in the Istanbul Airport project, handling work concerning 36,000 employees. The firm also handles litigation and collective bargaining support, as well as work permit issues for foreign employees.

Practice head(s):

Banu Mert


‘Banu Mert is worth mentioning – she has strong lawyering skills and her experience in employment is very assuring.’

Key clients

May Group

Abduljawad Holding

İlko İlaç

Enerco Enerji

Kalyon Holding

Gezer Holding

Uludağ Elektri̇k Dağitim

Mckinsey Danişmanlik Hizmetleri

Çalik Holding

Iga Havali̇mani İşletmesi̇

Yeni̇ Dunya Foundation

Integral Media

Turk Kenesi

Energy Tier 1

Goksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership has a strong record in the energy sector, advising key Turkish producers and investors on procurement, transactions, commercial and operational considerations, and on project financing and development matters. The firm has expertise in conventional and renewable energy work, including wind, oil & gas, hydroelectricity, and solar power. The team is led by the 'exceptionalAli Göksu, alongside Ali Sefa Turkmen and Hasan Akıcıoglu.

Practice head(s):

Ali Goksu; Ali Sefa Turkmen; Hasan Akıcıoglu


‘They have an excellent record of work experience in energy, which is most valuable. They are a very modern and professional firm. You always receive the same standard of quality of in all legal and non-legal matters.’

‘The key capability of Goksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership that makes it different from other firms is that it runs any complex deal or project with ease, and with the right methodology. They provide legal expertise but also experience, organisational capacity and a strong firm culture.’

‘As a company, we have a long history with GSI. We know their expertise and experience. They are well-known in energy law and their key strength is their comprehension of the sector, from natural gas to electricity and from production to distribution.’

Key clients

Enerco Enerji

Kalyon Enerji Yatırımları

Kuzey Mumara

Overseas Enerji

İGA Havalimanı Akaryakıt

Akfel Gaz

Kibar Enerji

Avrasya Gaz

Batı Hatt


Cengiz Enerji

Automative & Machinery Trading Center

Botas International

Project finance/projects Tier 1

Goksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership is active in major state-led projects and financing matters, with standout involvement in the Istanbul Grand Airport development. The group also advises on energy and infrastructure projects, integrating risk management, regulatory and operational advice through its Newmind AI and digitalisation programme. The team is overseen by experienced project-focused lawyers Ali Göksu and Fatma Gozde Kardes.

Practice head(s):

Ali Goksu; Fatma Gozde Kardes


‘They are our lawyers from the very first day of our project financing and continue their role in our financing projects. Since they have proven their success in the biggest projects of Turkey, their contributions cannot be compared with the others.’

‘GSI has a very dynamic team with extraordinary experience in important projects. For me, what makes them unique is their know-how about how to best manage very complex and complicated projects involving many different practice areas and diverse stakeholders. Therefore, they can provide more customised and case-special solutions.’

‘GSI consistently provides high quality service. Their punctuality, industry knowledge and to the point advice are just some of the reasons why we continue to work with GSI. Their professional conduct is highly standardised and is high quality in terms of response times, quality of format and reporting systems and the like.’

Key clients

Kmo Anadolu Otoyol

Kalyon Güneş Enerjisi

Kl Yapi Çeli̇k

Etki̇ Li̇man İşletmeleri̇

Mapa İnşaat

Fıratcan İnşaat Sasa Polyester

Cengiz İnşaat

Kolin İnşaat Turizm

Çanakkale Otoyol

Enerco Enerji

İga Havalimanı İşletmesi

Real estate and construction Tier 1

Goksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership handles large-scale construction projects, primarily in the energy, commercial real estate and aviation sectors. The group is notably involved in the Istanbul Grand Airport project, where it handles all legal issues including procurement and EPC contracts. Other clients include private equity investors, constructors and state affiliates. Key names in the team are Ali Göksu and Fatma Gozde Kardes.

Practice head(s):

Ali Göksu; Fatma Gozde Kardes


‘They are a very dynamic team. They have excellent communication and professional standards. They are always available and responsive. You can find special experts in all areas, yet they give you a coordinated service. You do not need to see and speak to every expert for every single issue. Their reporting system and client relations are faultless.’

‘I think everybody I worked with at GSI stands out. They are all professional.’

‘What makes GSI unique and makes them standout in a competitive market is its organised and detail-oriented approach to complex matters especially in real estate and construction. Their team of expert lawyers commit themselves with utmost dedication to every challenge thrown at them and are able to speedily resolve issues. GSI has always proven itself to be reliable regarding their knowledge of the law and quality of service.’

Key clients

Protecd İnşaat İhracat

Avrupa Otoyolu Yatırım ve İşletme

KMO Anadolu Otoyol İşletmesi

IGA Havalimanı İşletmesi Anonim Şirketi

Kalyon Yatırım Holding

Limak Holding

Fıratcan İnşaat Turizm

KRP Otoyol İnşaatı Adi Ortaklıği

Hanwha Kalyon Güneş


Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Goksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership advises major energy and infrastructure-sector clients, including Istanbul Grand Airport, on transactions and various other corporate issues, including commercial contracts and leasing, employment issues, governance. The team also has experience of acquisition finance. Hasan AkiciogluMutlu Ozturk Yurdakul, and Emre Ulcayli lead the team.

Practice head(s):

Hasan Akıcıoglu; Mutlu Yurdakul; Emre Ulcaylı


‘GSI provides full service. GSI differentiates itself with its quality of the team and truly inspiring professional organization and technological strength.’

‘We worked with GSI in different projects in the past and recently we continue to working both for our corporate issues and in joint projects with other partners.

‘The team is over qualified in the context of Turkish market and responsive. They look into each single matter from different perspectives and make good risk analysis. The whole team is highly experienced in management of big projects such as ours, which enables them to assess the issues with a wholistic approach as well and this experience played an important factor in our choice to work with GSI . They understand the needs of the business and provide solutions to our day-to-day corporate matters. Their commercial law and M&A practice is far beyond our expectations.’

‘Ali Goksu is an excellent partner to work with. He has a tremendous experience in commercial and corporate life due to his roles in many different projects. He can therefore make most possible contributions from legal perspective with a business mind as well.’

Key clients

Iga, Istanbul Grand Airport

Bank Of China

Demirören Holding

Cengiz Holding

Kalyon Grup

Limak Group

Kolin Group

Sbi Bilişim

Ulusal Radyo Yayincilari Derneği

Overseas Energy

Efs Ebrex


Sasa Polyester

Ecotherm End

Power Equipment & Materials

Asteksan Makina Ve Madeni Eşya

Fleetcorp Operasyonal

Mapa Holding

Grandx Diş Ticaret

Uludag Elektrik

Akfel Grup

Kuzey Marmara Otoyolu

Tarim Kredi

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 4

Goksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership is active in public and private financing transactions, where it regularly advises investors, development companies, and major banks such as Bank of China. The firm is particularly strong in project financing for energy and infrastructure developments. The team is led by Ali Göksu and Fatma Gozde Kardes.

Practice head(s):

Ali Göksu; Fatma Gozde Kardes

Key clients

Kmo Anadolu Otoyol

Bank Of China

Kl Yapi Çeli̇k

Etki̇ Li̇man

Mapa İnşaat

A Ali Investment

Tarim Kredi̇

Cengiz İnşaat

Kolin İnşaat

Çanakkale Otoyol

Is Private

Enerco Enerji

İga Havalimanı İşletmesi

Dispute resolution Tier 5

Goksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership handles corporate disputes, IT and IP litigation, and employment proceedings for a number of corporate clients. The firm is also active in international arbitration and mediation proceedings. Key team members include Ali Taşar and Esra Sumer.

Practice head(s):

Ali Tasar; Esra Sümer


‘Esra Sumer is an outstanding litigation lawyers whose experience helps us make better decisions in managing our disputes in terms of risk management.’

The firm: Göksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership provides legal services in a wide range of areas. The firm advises both national and international companies doing business in Turkey and the region.

The team is comprised of more than 120 lawyers, counsellors and administrative staff who are recognised for expertise in their fields as well as their professional skills. The firm’s attorneys are all graduates of reputable universities in Turkey and abroad. Along with Turkish, the lawyers offer services in English as well as other major languages.

Göksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership is committed to providing clients with sector-specific expertise and the best legal practice in Turkish jurisprudence and international law within professional ethics and its corporate values are reflected in the motto of ‘delivering peace of mind’.

Areas of practice: As a full-service attorney partnership firm, Göksu Safi Isik Attorney Partnership’s practice covers a wide range of legal services and sectors. It provides legal advice to multinational companies investing in Turkey or doing business with Turkish companies, in addition to many large Turkish industrials, governmental bodies, banks and other financial institutions in their domestic and cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other equity investments.

The firm’s practice areas cover energy, competition, real estate, corporate and M&A, privatisation, taxation, intellectual property, capital markets, banking and finance, and employment and labour.

Department Name Email Telephone
Construction and real estate Ali Göksu
Corporate and M&A Hasan Akıcıoglu
Corporate and M&A Emre Ulcaylı
Dispute resolution Esra Sumer
Energy Ali Göksu
Intellectual property İsmail Safi Isik
Banking, finance and capital markets Demet Dogan Akin
Competition Basak Goksu Sari
Penal Law Ali Tasar
Labour and employment Banu Mert
IT & Telecommunication Emre Ulcaylı
Media Ali Tasar
Projects and project finance Ali Göksu
Projects and project finance Fatma Gozde Kardes
Projects and project finance Ali Sefa Türkmen
Restructuring Ezgi Eylül Bora
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Hasan Akicioglu  photo Mr Hasan Akicioglu Managing Partner
Ms Ecem Evin Baytun  photo Ms Ecem Evin Baytun Partner
Ms Ezgi Eylul Bora  photo Ms Ezgi Eylul Bora Partner
Ms Ozge Cevik  photo Ms Ozge Cevik Partner
 Demet Dogan Akin  photo Demet Dogan Akin Partner
 Ali Göksu  photo Ali Göksu Founding Partner
Ms Cansev Erinc Incekas  photo Ms Cansev Erinc Incekas Partner
Mr Ismail Safi Isik  photo Mr Ismail Safi Isik Partner
Ms Fatma Gozde Kardes photo Ms Fatma Gozde Kardes Partner
Mrs Banu Mert  photo Mrs Banu Mert Partner
Mrs Mutlu Ozturk Yurdakul  photo Mrs Mutlu Ozturk Yurdakul Partner
 Basak Goksu Sari  photo Basak Goksu Sari Partner
Ms Esra Sumer  photo Ms Esra Sumer Partner
Mr Ali Tasar  photo Mr Ali Tasar Partner
Mr Ali Sefa Turkmen  photo Mr Ali Sefa Turkmen Partner
Mr Emre Ulcayli  photo Mr Emre Ulcayli Partner
Founding Partner : Dr. Ali Goksu
Managing Partner : Hasan Akicioglu
Partner : Fatma Gözde Kardes
Partner : Demet Dogan Akin
Partner : Basak Goksu Sari
Partner : Ismail Safi Isik
Partner : Ali Sefa Turkmen
Partner : Banu Mert
Partner : Emre Ulcayli
Partner : Mutlu Öztürk Yurdakul
Partner : Esra Sümer
Partner : Ali Tasar
Partner : Ecem Evin Baytun
Partner : Ezgi Eylül Bora
Partner : Özge Çevik
Partner : Cansev Erinç İncekaş