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France > Construction Tier 1

Alerion’s team frequently advises contractors and engineering companies, but also acts for insurers and contracting companies. The practice assists clients with the drafting of construction contracts and is experienced in advising on construction damage, additional cost and delay claims proceedings involving court-ordered surveys. The varied caseload includes a range of construction and renovation projects, spanning offices, commercial centres, luxury hotels, industrial plants and public sector infrastructures. Philippe Mathurin and Nathalie Dupuy-Loup are in charge. Gérald Lagier left for Aries Avocats at the end of 2020.


‘The firm has great litigation expertise in the field of construction and insurance. The team devises extremely efficient insurance construction litigation strategies.’

‘Philippe Mathurin is available, diligent and has high-level expertise in dealing with construction and insurance construction disputes.’

France > Insurance Tier 3


‘Alerion organises its activity around being close to its clients for maximum efficiency: precise assessment of the legal or judicial situation, definition of objectives, joint development of the means to achieve them, execution of services in accordance with the commitment made, including in terms of availability, deadlines, etc. The size of the firm helps maintain the culture of respect for the client in the broadest sense. Of course, the mastery of the different branches of insurance is excellent.’

‘We consider that the Alérion team does not act as a team of scholars whose knowledge and skills in the management of legal issues are imposed on their clients. On the contrary, their insight into current legal and judicial practices allows us to build the team that is essential to meet client expectations and to follow a well thought-out and effective strategy. The files which concern several branches of law are followed by the lawyer in charge of the main file, who steers the optimisation of the advice or the procedure with the ad hoc team.’

France > Dispute resolution: White-collar crime Tier 4


Practice head(s):

France > Tax Tier 5


Practice head(s):

Christophe Gerschel; Philippe Pescayre; Stanislas Vailhen


‘Very competent, efficient and available. They are proactive and very collaborative.’

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123 IM

Abénex Capital

Groupe Baelen



Alerion is an independent law firm created in 2003, specialising in international business.  Constantly growing, it now has 18 partners and a total of over seventy lawyers. Based in Paris, the firm works both for French clients who are expanding internationally and foreign clients investing in France, advising them and assisting them in disputes. Over time, the firm has developed skills in the main areas covered by business law. The firm’s partners advise clients operating in most sectors of French and international economic life. Over the years, they have also developed specific and cross-disciplinary knowledge of certain areas of activity such as sports, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, the digital economy, real-estate, and aerospace. The firm works for a wide variety of clients (large French and international groups, French subsidiaries of large international groups, listed companies or small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, investment funds, associations, public institutions, local authorities, family offices, etc.). To fulfil its client’s foreign law requirements, Alerion has correspondents in most countries.

Department Name Email Telephone
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Jacques Bouyssou  photo Mr Jacques Bouyssou Partner, Head of Litigation, arbitration and white-collar crime department and the Spanish…
Mr Pierre-Olivier Brouard  photo Mr Pierre-Olivier Brouard Partner, head of Corporate law department
Mr Jean-Christophe Brun  photo Mr Jean-Christophe Brun Partner
Mr Stanislas Curien  photo Mr Stanislas Curien Partner
Mme Nathalie Dupuy-Loup photo Mme Nathalie Dupuy-Loup Partner
Mr Christophe Gerschel  photo Mr Christophe Gerschel Partner
 Nicola Kömpf  photo Nicola Kömpf Partner
Mme Sibylle Mareau photo Mme Sibylle Mareau Partner
Mr Philippe Mathurin  photo Mr Philippe Mathurin Partner, head of department
Mr Jacques Perotto  photo Mr Jacques Perotto Partner
Mr Philippe Pescayre  photo Mr Philippe Pescayre Managing Partner
Mr Gilles Podeur  photo Mr Gilles Podeur Partner, Head of the Restructuring & Insolvency department
Mr Vincent Poirier  photo Mr Vincent Poirier Partner
Mme Catherine Robin photo Mme Catherine Robin Partner
Mr Antoine Rousseau  photo Mr Antoine Rousseau Partner
 Frédéric Saffroy  photo Frédéric Saffroy Partner
 Corinne Thiérache  photo Corinne Thiérache Partner, Head of department
Mr Stanislas Vailhen  photo Mr Stanislas Vailhen Partner
Number of partners : 18
Number of lawyers : 70
IBA (International Bar Association)