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Poland > Healthcare and life sciences Tier 1

Czyzewscy Kancelaria Adwokacka is recognised as a go-to advisor on issues relating to reimbursement of medicinal products; pricing of healthcare services; and advertising of drugs, food, medical devices or cosmetics. The firm is instructed by many leading international pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer and Sanofi. Katarzyna Czyzewska heads up the practice. Maciej Huzior, who regularly advises clients on pertinent matters involving new technologies, is another name to note. In March 2022, senior associate Agnieszka Kulawiak joined the team from an in-house position at Aflofarm Group.

Practice head(s):

Katarzyna Czyżewska

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Izba Gospodarcza Farmacja Polska



Advanced Accelerator Applications

CSL Behring





Laboratoires Expansciences

Poland > Intellectual property Tier 3

The boutique law firm Czyzewscy Kancelaria Adwokacka has a strong emphasis on soft IP law, including copyright mandates, personal rights issues, and unfair competition cases. Its clients include companies in the film, TV, publishing, video games, and music industries. Krzysztof Czyżewski leads the practice, supported by senior associate Dariusz Tarabasz.

Practice head(s):

Krzysztof Czyzewski

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Akson Studio

Apple Film Productions


Wydawnictwo Literackie

Paprika Studios

Wydawnictwo Poznańskie


Edipresse Polska

Ringier Axel Springer


Work highlights

  • Advised Aktiv Media on issues concerning the TVN/Discovery TV series Chylka and Behawiorysta.
  • Assisted East Studio with the process of inserting a Broad Peak movie into the Netflix catalogue.
  • Assisted Fabryka with organising a Polish pavilion and Polish days at the World Expo in Dubai.

Poland > TMT Tier 4

Czyzewscy Kancelaria Adwokacka’s TMT group has a strong focus on supporting clients from the film and TV industry with the development and production of content, as well as key players from the internet and gaming sectors. Practice head Krzysztof Czyżewski is well known in the film and TV market, and handles a range of transactions and disputes. Senior associate Kamil Rzeczkowski assists clients with new technology laws and IT contracts.

Practice head(s):

Krzysztof Czyzewski

Other key lawyers:


‘Highly professional and well-educated team.’

‘Willingness to help, kindness, and competence are strengths of the team.’

Key clients

Akson Studio

Apple Film Productions

Swedish Match North Europe

Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce

Paprika Studios





Northgate Logistics

Work highlights

  • Supported a filmmaker with the organisation and running of multiple education projects.

Czyżewscy kancelaria adwokacka has been established based on our experience in providing services to entities operating in the life sciences sector on one hand, and in the intellectual property and media sector on the other. While forming our law firm, we adopted a unique model of a boutique law firm with a view to providing our clients with bespoke legal services, taking into account not only legal regulations, but also the specific nature of markets they operate on.

We have an extensive experience in working for the pharmaceutical industry, covering all aspects of medicinal products on the market. We are also recognized specialists in the legal aspects of financing health care services, food law, cosmetics and medical devices. We actively participate in public consultations regarding newly created legal acts in the field of law of our interest.

We also provide legal assistance to participants of the film, media, publishing and advertising market. We offer comprehensive support for film and television production, we support press publishers, advertisers, we help clients in all matters related to the protection of their personal rights and know-how. We are also active in the area of ​​new technologies.

We run complicated and often precedent court trials, including trial before courts of appeal and the Supreme Court.

Our efforts to create a highly specialized law firm, dedicated to the clients have been appreciated by the market already in the first year of our business and continue to be appreciated. Every year Czyżewscy law firm is distinguished by the most important rankings of law firms, both national and international, as well as appreciated by customers and key industry organizations (Chambers&Partners Europe and Global, The Legal 500, Media Law International, IP Stars, WTR, Who’s Who Legal, “Rzeczpospolita”).

Areas of practice:

Pharmaceuticals: We have extensive experience in working for the pharmaceutical industry, covering all aspects of medicinal products on the market. Our advice to pharmaceutical companies includes regulatory issues, pharmacovigilance and compliance. We advise our clients on matters related to the production of drugs and their distribution, as well as on advertising and promotion of medicinal products. We support them in crisis situations in media. We offer specialist advice on particular categories of medicinal products: biologicals, radiopharmaceuticals, blood drugs, veterinary medicines, vaccines, homeopathic medicines.

Reimbursement: We are recognized experts in the field of legal aspects of financing of health care services. We support clients at all stages of reimbursement, including assistance in completing and submitting reimbursement applications, price negotiations, developing risk-sharing instruments and interpretation of the Reimbursement Act provisions. We also advise on matters related to the financing of the services by NHF (National Health Fund). Our legal services in this field cover reimbursement of medicinal products and of medical devices.

Food / Food supplements:  The legal consultancy provided by the Law Firm on matters connected with food and nutrition primarily covers the issues of safety of food marketed in Poland. In this respect we offer services that mainly comprise consultations concerning food composition and contamination or enrichment of foodstuffs. We advise on health and nutrition issues, food labeling regulations and on marketing and manufacturing of particular food types. We assist Clients in matters related to distribution.

Clinical tria:  The law firm provides legal assistance in conducting clinical trials, particularly for research sponsors. We draft contracts for conducting of clinical trials and advise on matters relating to obtaining permits and reviews necessary for their conduct. We deal with the issues of liability for damage arising in connection with the research and related to research funding. We support our clients in regulatory issues, and in the protection of personal data in clinical trials context.

Cosmetics: The Law Firm provides legal assistance to companies operating in the cosmetics industry, specifically focusing on regulatory matters connected with marketing and using of cosmetics, as well as on distribution. Our services comprise legal advice on the rules of operating and placing products on the market, as well as their labeling and advertising. In our practice, we take a special interest in the borderline products, and the application of the relevant provisions of law falling within the scope of regulations concerning various product categories: cosmetics, drugs, food and medical devices.

Medical devices:  The Law Firm offers legal assistance to entities engaged in manufacturing or marketing of medical devices. We advise on the issues of marketing and use of medical devices, as well as on their clinical evaluation. We deal with questions of medical devices safety, including liability for medical incident issues. We offer assistance in matters connected with suspending or restricting medical devices from being placed on the market or put into service, and with recalling them.

Healthcare services / Medical law:  As part of healthcare services and market specialisation, the Law Firm offers legal assistance to entities involved in the healthcare services sector, both to healthcare facilities, companies operating on the market of products and services addressed to hospitals, and to individuals. We advise on legal aspects of rendering medical services. Our interests cover both patients’ rights and their protection issues, as well as liability for medical malpractice and the principles of medical practice.

Public procurement: We offer legal assistance to our clients involved in the procedures for the award of a public service contract, with particular emphasis on tenders for the supply of medicinal products to hospitals. In addition, we represent clients in the appellate proceedings before the National Board of Appeal.

Legislation:  We actively participate in the public consultation on the newly created legal acts concerning areas of law we are particularly interested in. We monitor legislation for our Clients, as well as consult new legislative solutions. The Law Firm advise on the matters of legislative process.

Litigation: Our Law Firm devotes its full commitment to services in the area of protecting the interests and rights of its clients before administrative, civil and criminal courts. We represent our clients before the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. We provide comprehensive litigation services, from trial strategy development, advice on securing evidence, through the pre-trial call stage, protective proceedings, to participation in the main proceedings.

Competition:  We represent clients in disputes relating to the protection of their interests in dealings with competitors. We advise how to combat manifestations of unfair competition, misleading advertising, imitation, parasitic use of reputation. We help to protect customers, know-how and confidential information. We support clients in the construction of B2B and B2C co-operation schemes, as well as advise on drawing up strategies for licensing and distribution of goods or services. We also provide legal assistance for the protection of competition. We give opinions on the compatibility of distribution agreements and conditions of distribution from the point of view of compliance with competition law, as well as assess the risk of establishing of abuse of a dominant position.

Personal data:  We advise our clients how to legally process personal data. We solve problems that arise in connection with the acquisition of personal data, in particular by the entities operating on pharmaceutical, advertising, technology and e-commerce markets. We deal with legal issues related to the transfer of personal data abroad. We assist our clients in implementation of GDPR’s provisions in their organizations; in this respect, we perform extensive audits, draft all forms and clauses, perform trainings or even serve as a privacy officer at our Clients’ organizations. Our services within the GDPR implementation also include processing of personal data in digital environment.

Trademarks and patents: The Law Firm advises its clients on how to protect their reputation, brand and innovation. We support them in building effective strategies to protect their industrial property. We implement prepared strategies in this respect. We help in constructing and negotiating agreements relating to the protected elements. We represent our clients also in disputes, even at the registration stage and after obtaining of exclusive rights. We protect our clients exclusive rights, both against unauthorized use and against infringements involving a fraudulent, also parasitic use.

Advertising law: We are vastly experienced in working for the whole advertising industry. We offer comprehensive legal assistance in respect of advertising activities, both whole campaigns and their particular stages. We also secure the interests of our clients in tender procedures. The Law Firm issue opinions on advertising materials as well. We draft and negotiate documents describing the rules related to rendering of advertising services and acquiring the rights to their results. We advise on matters of sensitive products advertising, particularly medicinal products, gambling, tobacco or alcohol.

E-commerce: We provide comprehensive assistance for customers operating on the e-commerce market. We legal support both administrators of Internet services, online shops, but also service suppliers, both ordered as well as those supplied electronically. We draft regulations or other documents necessary to conduct this type of business and we take care of it, to remain consistent with the changing legal requirements. We support the creation of effective models of cooperation B2B and B2C. We assist in the compliance of consumer rights. We advise how to lawfully conduct advertising and promotional activities on the Internet and how to resist unfair competition in this field.

Commercial / civil law:  We advise our Clients on general commercial / civil law matters on daily basis. In particular, we help the companies from the life sciences sector prepare and negotiate contracts, as well as seek payments for overdue invoices in courts. We assist our Clients in commercial transactions, also in a form of due diligence analysis, and in matters concerning termination of long-term contracts.

Consumer protection law: Our scope of expertise also covers matters related to consumer protection law. We help our Clients handle consumer claims cases, we review regulations of our Clients’ eshops or promotional contests, we assist the Clients in all cases involving retail distribution or relations with patients / consumers.

Media:  While providing legal services to our Clients from the life sciences sector, we also benefit from our practice within the scope of IP / media law. For example, our legal assistance in matters related to advertising / promotion of medical devices, medicinal products, food or cosmetics is enriched by our experience from the cooperation with media providers.

IT: We provide legal advice both to entities producing or distributing software as well as to entities wishing to use such software. We draft or negotiate contracts for the implementation of comprehensive IT solutions as well as for individual programs. We advise on the issues of ordering or rendering services on the ICT market. We support computer games and mobile applications manufacturers, and administrators of entire Internet platforms.

Personal right: The Law Firm assists its clients in all matters involving the protection of personal rights, especially those concerning the protection of reputation, image, privacy, honor, and the clientele, both in terms of handling transactions as well as disputes. In litigation we act both on behalf of a claimant as well as a defendant. We navigate our Clients through media crisis incidents. We secure commercial marketing of personal rights.

Department Name Email Telephone
Pharmaceuticals Katarzyna Czyzewska
Clinical trials Katarzyna Czyzewska
Pricing and reimbursement Katarzyna Czyzewska
Healthcare Katarzyna Czyzewska
Healthcare Maciej Huzior
Food Katarzyna Czyzewska
Cosmetics Katarzyna Czyzewska
Cosmetics Dariusz Tarabasz
Medical devices Katarzyna Czyzewska
Medical devices Dariusz Tarabasz
Ecommerce Krzysztof Czyzewski
Personal rights Krzysztof Czyzewski
Competition Katarzyna Czyzewska
Film and media Krzysztof Czyzewski
Advertising Katarzyna Czyzewska
Advertising Krzysztof Czyzewski
Publishing Krzysztof Czyzewski
Music and entertainment Krzysztof Czyzewski
IT and data protection Katarzyna Czyzewska
Litigation Krzysztof Czyzewski
Competition Maciej Huzior
Photo Name Position Profile
Katarzyna Czyżewska photo Mrs Katarzyna Czyżewska Katarzyna Czyżewska heads the Life Sciences practice at Czyżewscy Law Firm. Advocate…
Krzysztof Czyżewski photo Mr Krzysztof Czyżewski Krzysztof Czyżewski, partner, head of IP and TMT practice at Czyzewscy Law…
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