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Cyprus > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Michael Damianos heads the practice at Michael Damianos & Co LLC which receives a sizeable number of referrals from international law firms to assist on the local law aspects of international transactions. The team is well-placed to handle a broad range of corporate matters, from joint ventures through to take-overs and restructurings, and also possesses considerable expertise in private equity deals and energy-related projects. The practice is recommended for its commercial work, as well as frequently advising on an array of contracts such as agency and franchising agreements, in addition to advising on privacy and data protection matters.

Practice head(s):

Michael Damianos

Other key lawyers:

Maria Anastasiadou


‘I like working with Michael and his team. They are always available, deliver timely and to-the-point advice. Great value for money. Recommended Michael on multiple occasions’.

‘I worked with Michael Damianos and Maria Anastasiadou. Michael is always hands-on. Like his availability and readiness to do the work himself. Maria helped us a lot on a number of due diligences. Very smart and good with details.’

‘Responsive. Commercial. Michael Damianos’ efficiency and clarity is appreciated’.

‘Very responsive. Michael Damianos is very responsive and practical. Whenever we need something in Cypriot jurisdiction, he is the first contact we think about’.

‘Michael’s team is highly responsive and reliable, they always comply with deadlines and listen and hear the feedback’.

‘Very high level of responsiveness distinguishes Michael Damianos & Co LLC from other Cyprus law firms’.

‘Michael Damianos & Co LLC stands out for their commercial and pragmatic approach. Never have I ever came across such a result-oriented law firm in Cyprus’.

‘Michael Damianos himself is always available and hands-on. It feels that the partner is dedicating your matter sufficient amount of time and does not leave the matter to the firm’s associates only. He is efficient and pragmatic’.

Key clients

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Resolute Asset Management LLP

Cyprus > Banking and finance Tier 4

The team at Michael Damianos & Co LLC covers all aspects of banking and finance work such as asset financing, refinancing, corporate financing and debt restructuring. It also excels in real estate and acquisition financing and is led by Michael Damianos. The majority of the firm’s banking and finance work comes from referrals from international law firms, though a steady flow of work is also received from domestic companies in relation to their legal work in Cyprus and abroad.

Practice head(s):

Michael Damianos

Other key lawyers:

Maria Anastasiadou; Andrea Petridou


‘Excellent. Responsive. Commercial. Michael Damianos is very service orientated’.

‘Excellent boutique firm of corporate and finance lawyers, and very responsive to their clients’.

‘Partner Michael Damianos is highly skilled: a great transactional lawyer who knows the law, but also quickly gets to the heart of the relevant commercial questions’.

‘Associate Maria Anastasiadou is very thorough and very responsive to client demands’.

‘Partner led, super responsive. They provide practical solutions and provide the information speedily and are always happy to discuss on the telephone’.

‘I find them really responsive and knowledgeable, with a good understanding of how English transactions operate’.

‘The team provides clear advice and is responsive to the demands of multi-jurisdictional transactions’.

‘Andrea Petridou and Maria Anastasiadou are highly responsive and provide clear pragmatic advice. Michael is highly commercial and having practised himself in London, understands the needs of his instructing counsel and their clients’.

Key clients

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Resolute Asset Management LLP

The firm: Michael Damianos & Co LLC is a Cyprus law firm based in Nicosia. The firm’s founder is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. He is a graduate of the University of Southampton with the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with First Class Honours and a graduate of Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge with a degree of Master of Law (LLM). Before practising in Cyprus he qualified as a solicitor at the London office of Simmons & Simmons and then moved to the London office of Lovells LLP (now Hogan Lovells), where he was mainly involved in mergers and acquisitions (general), energy-related mergers and acquisitions and energy-related commercial and regulatory work.

The firm has grown in size considerably since its formation in 2010.  It now employs six lawyers and four paralegals.

The firm’s objective and commitment is to provide best-quality, practical and cost-effective advice/services to its clients and to rapidly respond to their instructions and needs. It has an expanding client base ranging from financial institutions, to high-net-worth individuals, a variety of corporate entities and multinational organisations (private/public company and funds), but despite the diversity of its clients, it recognises that each client is unique with particular business concerns and needs and, therefore, it exercises a personal commitment to all of its clients.

Areas of practice: The firm’s practice is highly international with a strong commercial, corporate, M&A, banking and finance, and energy focus.  Although a full-service Cyprus law firm, our main areas of practice are: (a) banking and finance (such as asset finance, refinancing and debt restructuring, real estate financing, acquisition financing and corporate financing), (b) international and local mergers and acquisitions, (c) corporate (such as joint ventures, takeovers and restructurings), (d) private equity, (e) energy related projects (including the drafting of acquisition documents and commercial agreements), (f) general commercial work (such as preparing all types of commercial contracts, such as agency, distribution, franchising, supply of goods/services, outsourcing, manufacturing and licensing contracts), (g) real estate (including advice and negotiation on the terms of sale-purchase agreements and drafting of lease agreements), (h) shipping, and (i) privacy and data protection.

The majority of the firm’s work comes from referrals from international law firms in relation to the Cypriot element of international transactions that are usually run by overseas counsel, or by clients of such international law firms in relation to transactions that the firm will run itself for them directly from Cyprus. The firm, therefore, specialises in this type of transactions. Local corporate and banking work comes from Cypriot groups of companies (in various sectors) in relation to their legal work in Cyprus (and sometimes abroad) and also with respect to their advisory role with Cypriot banks as outsourced consultants.

In addition to the firm’s purely legal work, it also practices in the area of company formation and administration/corporate services. The firm incorporates Cyprus companies (along with companies in various other jurisdictions, mainly offshore) to suit its clients’ needs and provides a complete range of fiduciary/corporate services to such companies (such as the provision of company secretarial services, registered office address, company directors, company nominee shareholders and bank account opening). The firm is also able to assist its clients to establish representative offices in Cyprus and, through its associated companies, provide them with all relevant services for such purpose.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Banking and finance Maria Anastasiadou manastasiadou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Corporate and M&A Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Corporate and M&A Maria Anastasiadou manastasiadou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Corporate and M&A Christina Charalambidou ccharalambidou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Corporate and M&A Andrea Petridou apetridou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
EU and competition Maria Anastasiadou manastasiadou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
EU and competition Andrea Petridou apetridou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
IP & Data protection Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
IP & Data protection Christina Charalambidou ccharalambidou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
IP & Data protection Evelyn Ioannou eioannou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Real estate Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Real estate Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Real estate Evelyn Ioannou eioannou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Real estate Christina Charalambidou ccharalambidou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Capital markets Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Capital markets Maria Anastasiadou manastasiadou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Capital markets Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Commercial Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Commercial Evelyn Ioannou eioannou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Immigration Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Immigration Evelyn Ioannou eioannou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Immigration Andrea Petridou apetridou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Cyprus International Trusts Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Cyprus International Trusts Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Cyprus International Trusts Evelyn Ioannou eioannou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Dispute resolution Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Dispute resolution Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Employment Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Employment Evelyn Ioannou eioannou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Employment Christina Charalambidou ccharalambidou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Employment Andrea Petridou apetridou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Private client Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Private client Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Shipping Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Shipping Maria Anastasiadou manastasiadou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Shipping Andrea Petridou apetridou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Energy Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Energy Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Energy Christina Charalambidou ccharalambidou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Energy Andrea Petridou apetridou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Insolvency Michael Damianos michael@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Insolvency Maria Anastasiadou manastasiadou@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
Insolvency Christina Aloupa caloupa@damianoslaw.com +357 22021212
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Maria Anastasiadou photo Ms Maria Anastasiadou Μaria Anastasiadou is a senior associate at Michael Damianos & Co LLC. Her…
Christina Charalambidou photo Ms Christina Charalambidou Christina Charalambidou is an associate at Michael Damianos & Co LLC.  Her…
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Andrea Petridou photo Ms Andrea Petridou Andrea is an associate at Michael Damianos & Co LLC. Her practice…
Lawyers : 6
Paralegals : 4
Cyprus Bar Association
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Michael Damianos & Co LLC is committed in promoting diversity and inclusion and for this purpose it provides equal opportunities to individuals of all genders, different age groups, and from different cultures. In particular, the firm employs individuals from different age groups ranging from 25 to 60 years old as well as individuals from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

The firm is also committed in providing a supportive work environment where employees feel inclusive, confident, and listened to and for this purpose the firm communicates goals with each employee and holds productive meetings where employees discuss with the management of the firm the firm’s various affairs and share their opinion on various matters.

The firm further promotes healthy work-life balance since it allows for flexible working hours, the employees’ ability to work remotely, and the grant of annual leave on short notice.

Recently, the firm has been more gender-balanced, noting that we have always had a higher number of female lawyers and employees. The firm has also incorporated the English language in its daily communication between its employees so that non-Greek native speakers are able to communicate with all members and employees of the firm equally and efficiently. In addition, the firm is, for the first time since its establishment in 2010, engaging Erasmus students from the University of Cyprus, from various ethnic backgrounds, to complete internships at the firm’s corporate and commercial department as part of their academic qualification in the Erasmus program.

Michael Damianos, Managing Partner

Michael Damianos, founder and managing partner of Michael Damianos & Co LLC, explains how the firm is adapting to clients’ changing needs.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Michael Damianos & Co LLC from your competitors?

We are an internationally minded law firm and the majority of the work that we do is international, being instructed by international law firms, financial institutions or other international organisations that do work in or via Cyprus.

The firm provides practical, commercial and non-academic advice which tends to be to the point. As the firm’s founder and managing partner is an English qualified solicitor and has spent time in the City of London with two international law firms, the firm has been set up and grown to satisfy the needs of instructing counsel, such as to be responsive and to make instructing counsel feel that the firm is their own office presence in Cyprus (just like having an office in another part of the world).

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

We see growth in demand mainly in international acquisitions work in the technology sector. Having said that, we also see a lot of demand in foreign corporations setting up offices or even moving their headquarters in Cyprus, which is something that provides growth for real estate, commercial, employment law and immigration work.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

As the firm has grown over the years, it has been spilt into different departments such as the transactional department (dealing mostly in corporate and finance work), the advisory department (dealing with all types of commercial and related business work), the private client department, the corporate services and the immigration departments.

This is very beneficial and important for clients who different needs and need to be serviced via different departments and not merely by specific lawyers on all matters.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Technology has, especially during recent years, facilitated to a great extent our way of interacting with our clients. Meetings are now taking place online through various channels and this provides value to the client, in terms of not losing time in going back and forth in physical meetings unless this is essential.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We have recently acted for a prop-tech start-up company. The start-up was founded and is being managed by an experienced team of real estate and technology professionals, but with no experience in corporate and contract related matters or matters concerning start-up business capabilities. We assisted with the legal and commercial aspects of pulling of investors in the said start-up, which resulted in having a successful Cypriot prop-tech start-up with multiple investors.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

We see the firm expanding in the services it provides, in the regions that it is active in, and growing in numbers of employees, clients and of course revenue and profits. We see it growing and expanding its energy practice but also its private client services.