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The firm: The firm was founded in 2007. Jason Reeve joined the team in 2012 to complete the firm’s expertise incorporate restructuring and insolvency procedures.

Because they previously operated in some of the most renowned international and niche market law firms, the partners share a common culture and strive to ensure that the firm is a strategic partner for each of its clients.

From the beginning, the firm has developed a litigation practice just as strong as the advisory and transactional practice, asserting our commitment to be our clients’ favored partner.

Our synergies and the fully integrated way in which the firm operates allow us to offer tailor-made and creative solutions to our clients, which include industry or services companies, corporate officers and managers, investment funds or shareholders.

The firm has doubled in size since its creation and has developed strong relationships with specialists in labor law and white-collar crime.

Types of work undertaken: Renault Thominette Vignaud & Reeve’s practice encompasses the fields of M&A/private equity/corporate, litigation, corporate restructuring/insolvency procedures, commercial law and IP.

The synergy between all of the partners of Renault Thominette Vignaud & Reeve enables to firm to cover its practice in both counselling and litigation.

Mergers and acquisitions – venture capital – private equity: Our legal services include advice and assistance with:

    • acquisitions of companies, businesses or assets, on behalf of both buyers and sellers
    • private equity deals (LBOs, MBOs and OBOs), during both the initial and build-up phases, on behalf of investment funds, sellers or management teams
    • venture capital transactions

Commercial, contracts and intellectual property: Our legal services include advice and assistance with:

    • the forming of pre-contractual relations;
    • the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts of all kinds (in particular distribution contracts, franchise contracts, trademark license, assignment and acquisition agreements, as well as commercial leases)
    • managing and terminating established commercial relations

Litigation: Indeed, the firm’s philosophy is that litigation, when properly handled, can be leveraged as an asset for its clients.

Thus, whenever necessary, the firm represents its clients before both judicial courts and arbitration panels in connection with simple or complex business litigation.

We have developed a strong expertise on litigation cases involving shareholders, in particular.

Corporate restructuring and insolvency procedures: The firm advises businesses that are at insolvency or pre-insolvency stages, as well as investors, creditors and shareholders, both French and non-French, by giving close support in specific circumstances that are usually urgent and complex, due to the number and variety of stakeholders involved.

Department Name Email Telephone
Restructuring and Insolvency Procedures Jason Reeve
Litigation Renaud Thominette
Litigation Maxime Vignaud
Mergers & Acquisitions Olivier Renault
Mergers & Acquisitions Jason Reeve
Corporate Olivier Renault
Corporate Renaud Thominette
Corporate Jason Reeve
Commercial, Contract and Intellectual Property Maxime Vignaud