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Boutique life sciences firm LexCase handles both advisory work and litigation for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. The firm is known for its ‘excellent understanding of pharmaceutical regulations’. Having undertaken secondments with key players in the industry, the team has a real insight into the issues faced by their clients. The firm is assisting clients of the Conference Bleue network, comprising mostly US and Asian medical devices manufacturers with EU subsidiaries, with their endeavours to obtain marketing rights in France. Diane Bandon-Tourret handles complex regulatory issues, sanitary police decisions issues and serial product liability matters. Alain De Belenet and Raphaël Apelbaum are experts in public law.

Other key lawyers:


‘Great knowledge and expertise, and willingness to adapt to the concrete issues of the company.’

‘The quality of the legal analysis, the availability of the team, the speed of execution, the pragmatic nature of the analyses, the command of English, the teamwork stand out. Simplicity in the approach. Ability to listen and understand operational issues with business.’

‘It is a real pleasure to work with Diane Bandon-Tourret and Victoire Storksen, whatever the subject. I highly recommend this team.’

‘A very expert, pragmatic and responsive team. Adapts to changing practices with excellent interpersonal skills. A dynamic and very involved team.’

‘Diane Bandon-Tourret: great expertise in health, pharmaceutical and cosmetics law. Very good responsiveness and excellent interpersonal skills. She who knows how to surround herself with complementary skills.’

‘Excellent knowledge of pharmaceutical regulations and regulatory subtleties. Excellent ability to advise by weighing the benefits and risks and being objective. Strength of proposal. Great availability.’

Key clients




Pierre Fabre Groupe

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique

Pierre Fabre Médicament


Essilor International

Colgate Palmolive



Horizon Therapeutics


Work highlights

  • Acted for a pharmaceutical group in prosecution proceedings directed against it, working in close cooperation with a recognised Luxembourg criminal lawyer.
  • Providing day-to-day legal and regulatory assistance to Olympus group to implement the integration of FH Ortho.
  • Assisting several Clients of the Conference Bleue Network, a multi-jurisdictional network of specialist European law firms in the health sector, with their discussions with the French authority to obtain marketing rights for the French market.

LexCase has been founded in 2009 as an entrepreneurial project to establish a multidisciplinary law firm, located in Paris, Lyon and Marseille having close links with several foreign law firms as well.

Regional, national and international, LexCase relies on proximity to its clients with a view to excellence.

On the strength of its recognized expertise, LexCase continues to grow by acquiring leading-edge experts to advise and support their private and public clients in implementing many various projects successfully.

With LexFormation, LexCase experts regularly conduct professional legal trainings, related to the use of law as well as to best practices.

Complementary skills

LexCase has responsive, available and expert teams offering a broad range of legal competences close to your projects.

Privileged partners

LexCase has an informal network of independent foreign law firms, enabling a rapid and pragmatic response to local issues and cross-cutting international solutions.

Specialized correspondents

In areas requiring specific sector local expertise and in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment and authorities in other countries, LexCase has good working relationships with specialized lawyers in a number of countries.

Public Business Law Raphaël APELBAUMrapelbaum@lexcase.com
Immigration and international mobility Raphaël APELBAUMrapelbaum@lexcase.com
Business Law Department Alain de BELENETadebelenet@lexcase.com
Business Law Department Maxime BÜSCHmbusch@lexcase.com
Life Sciences Department Diane BANDON-TOURRETdbandontourret@lexcase.com
Corporate Law Department Christophe BLUMcblum@lexcase.com
Corporate Law Department Guillaume PIERSONgpierson@lexcase.com
IP/IT/Data Department Iliana BOUBEKEURiboubekeur@lexcase.com
Tax Law Department Amaury DE CARLANadecarlan@lexcase.com
Tax Law Department Philippe DROUILLOTpdrouillot@lexcase.com
Employment Law Florence DRAPIER FAUREfdrapierfaure@lexcase.com
Insurance Law Delphine LOYERdloyer@lexcase.com
Commercial Litigation Department Hubert MORTEMARD de BOISSEhdeboisse@lexcase.com
Business Law Department Sébastien SEMOUNssemoun@lexcase.com
Real Estate Law Departement Aurélie POULIGUENapouliguen@lexcase.com
Christophe BLUM photo Christophe BLUMChristophe BLUM joined LexCase in January 2018 and head the Corporate Law…
Iliana BOUBEKEUR photo Iliana BOUBEKEURPartner at LexCase since 2020, Iliana BOUBEKEUR heads the IP/IT/Data department. She…
Maxime BÜSCH photo Maxime BÜSCHAs a partner at LexCase since 2022, Maxime BÜSCH leads the Public…
Diane Bandon-Tourret photo Diane Bandon-TourretAttorney at law registered at the Paris Bar, Diane BANDON-TOURRET leads the…
Florence DRAPIER FAURE photo Florence DRAPIER FAUREFlorence DRAPIER FAURE joined LexCase in 2010 as Partner in the Employment…
Philippe DROUILLOT photo Philippe DROUILLOTPhilippe DROUILLOT has been a partner at LexCase since 2009 and co-heads…
Alain De BELENET photo Alain De BELENETPartner at LexCase since 2010, Alain de BELENET leads, alongside Raphaël APELBAUM,…
Amaury De CARLAN photo Amaury De CARLANAmaury DE CARLAN is a partner at LexCase since 2018 and heads…
Delphine LOYER photo Delphine LOYERPartner since 2021 at LexCase, Delphine LOYER heads the Insurance Law Department.…
Hubert MORTEMARD de BOISSE photo Hubert MORTEMARD de BOISSEIn May 2009, Hubert MORTEMARD de BOISSE founded LexCase. He is responsible…
Guillaume PIERSON photo Guillaume PIERSONPartner at LexCase since November 2009 Guillaume PIERSON heads the Corporate Law/Mergers…
Aurélie POULIGUEN photo Aurélie POULIGUENAs a lawyer since 2007, AuréIie POULIGUEN has been practicing exclusively in…
Sébastien SEMOUN photo Sébastien SEMOUNSébastien SEMOUN has been a partner at LexCase since December 2014 and…
Partners : 14
Of Counsel : 7
Support staff : 30
Back office : 10
International Bar Association (IBA)
« La Conférence Bleue » (In Healthcare and life Sciences)

French litigation relating to the healthcare sector – legal trends (https://www.legalbusiness.co.uk/analysis/disputes-yearbook-2020/sponsored-briefing-french-litigation-relating-to-the-healthcare-sector-legal-trends/)
Diane Bandon-Tourret and Esther Vogel discuss healthcare regulation in France

LexCase lawyers are experienced in advising our clients about many aspects of their international activities.

We have developed an expert network outside France in our various specialty fields and business sectors, with whom we have established close working relationships.

The clients:

LexCase accompanies its clients in their international development, both for inward investment into France, and for French companies expanding their business abroad.

The team:

The firm has created an international desk, combining different legal and linguistic skills, available to rapidly respond to enquiries on international questions.

The LexCase International Desk is composed of: Diane BANDON-TOURRET, Iliana BOUBEKEUR, Raphaël APELBAUM, and Philippe DROUILLOT.

The role of the international desk is to be the direct interface between our clients and the specialist teams within LexCase, within contacts of its national network of other specialist firms, and within best friend law firms abroad.

The network:

The members of our International Deks are active members of the International Bar Association (IBA) – the foremost organisation for international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies – who regularly participate in international conferences in various fields of expertise.

Our core legal skills are in business law, both in the private and public sectors, advising clients on their legal affairs and representing their interests in contentious matters, whether in national, European or international laws.

LexCase is the French member of “La Conférence bleue”, the European network of law firms specialized in pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical law.